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An Annotated Bibliography,of Bird themed Picture Books. Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved,Published by AFCC Publications. National Book Development Council of Singapore, The book covers are the copyright of the respective publishing companies Selected and compiled by. The illustrations that appear on pg 9 20 26 30 40 and the front cover are the Evelyn Sue Wong and. copyright of Chee En Cui Coco Chew Ke Ying Gan Siang Hong Huang Zijin. Song Yijia and Zhong Shaohong under the supervision of Ang Tze Qi Rhoda Myra Garces Bacsal PhD. 3 Foreword e invite you to let your imagination soar with Take Flight this year s. collection of children s picture books on the theme of birds which we are. 4 Introduction launching at the 2016 Asian Festival of Children s Content AFCC. 6 The 5 Themes This is our fourth annotated bibliography of beautifully illustrated children s stories. on a common theme featuring Asian content Splash Asia All About Rice Forest. 9 Birds of a Feather, of Stories and Take Flight are a celebration of our natural environment that provides. 20 Flying Against the Odds nourishment and joy everywhere in the world They are also a celebration of the. authors illustrators publishers and everyone involved in the creation of children s. 26 On the Wings of Enchantment content not only in printed books but in all media forms Our appreciation and. 30 Myths Folklore Fables thanks to all who have shared with us titles and books for this collection. Well illustrated children s picture books not only inspire the development of visual. 40 Transnational Non fiction and Universal Themes, literacy but also inspire the translation of wonderful stories into other languages to.
48 Acknowledgements share with the world s children We are happy to include stories that are in their native. language in two languages and many that have been translated into English and other. Take Flight like our other annotated bibliographies will be available online as a. resource for parents educators researchers librarians authors illustrators publishers. and everyone who loves books We will be creating a dedicated website for these. themed collections to make them more easily accessible and look forward to inviting. you to share your favourite stories and new titles to be included. Enjoy reading stories from this collection and let your imagination Take Flight. Claire Chiang,Chairperson Board of Advisors,Asian Festival of Children s Content. ntroduction, e hope you have enjoyed dipping and diving into Splash Asia We have featured over 350 children s. sampling stories in All About Rice and exploring the Forest of Stories picture books from Asia and around the. our annotated bibliographies of children s picture books about water world in four publications that have been. rice and trees from and about Asia and around the world In this collection we introduced each year at the annual Asian. have gathered stories about and inspired by the most loved and wondrous of living Festival of Children s Content AFCC. creatures birds,since 2013 They can be downloaded from. Birds live close to us but also travel far and wide They are a reminder that we are this link. connected to a much larger world inspiring us to do what we can together with our http afcc com sg 2016 page publications 2016. children and grandchildren to preserve its beauty,These annotated bibliographies can help. We all dream of flying free to see the world and beyond Many of us have found that parents and book lovers who are looking. freedom through books and are happiest helping others especially children take flight for engaging stories and provide a useful. through their imagination,resource for teachers The call numbers.
We highlight 130 wonderful children s picture books about birds that will be enjoyed are included for books that can be loaned. for their often humorous and touching reflection of our own lives gathered under five from public libraries in Singapore. themes Birds of a Feather Flying Against the Odds On the Wings of Enchantment. If you would like to share your favourite, Myths Folklore Fables and Transnational non fiction and universal themes This. stories or new titles to add to this, collection features many award winning books and authors illustrators and publishers. who are actively involved in AFCC collection please contact. afcc bookcouncil sg, We would like to thank the teachers and students from Raffles Institution for their. original artwork for the cover and the five themes and contributing a story about. a young boy and his grandfather who explore an island in Singapore while helping Evelyn Sue Wong. a lost hornbill find its way home We invite you to find the title of this story in the. Take Flight Committee,bibliography,4 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 5. THE 5 THEMES THE 5 THEMES,Birds of a Feather On the Wings of Enchantment.
These stories describe birds and other creatures coming together and The books in this section contain an element of magic encompassing. becoming friends often embarking on a journey of discovery and learning stories that tell of the transformation of humans into birds and others that. mutual trust and understanding tell of rebirth and magical discovery. At the Bird Park Guji Guji Ibong Adarna Adarna Bird The Nightingale. by David Seow and by Chih Yuan Chen by Virgilio S Almario and by Stephen Mitchell and. illustrated by Enrico Sallustio illustrated by Jordan Santos illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Flying Against the Odds Myths Folklore Fables, Loneliness grief and death are all touched upon in the books in this section These stories often provide creative explanations for why birds behave. With determination the help of friends or family and sometimes just a little the way they do Sometimes they are fanciful tales whose origin is lost in. bit of luck the birds in these stories are able to overcome their situations time but have become an integral part of the storytelling tradition of each. culture often with moral lessons interwoven,The Bear and the Wildcat The Fox and the Crow. by Kazumi Yumoto and by Manasi Subramaniam and, illustrated by Komako Sakai Sadako s Cranes illustrated by Culpeo S Fox The Secret Message. by Judith Loske by Mina Javaherbin and,illustrated by Bruce Whatley. 6 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 7,THE 5 THEMES.
Birds of a Feather,Transnational Non fiction and Universal Themes. The gorgeous illustrations and fascinating true stories of birds from around the. world as well as inspiring biographies of bird lovers will engage young readers. and expose them to a wide range of experiences,Bird Songs. by Betsy Franco and,illustrated by Steve Jenkins,Swan The Life and Dance. of Anna Pavlova,by Laurel Snyder and,illustrated by Julie Morstad. 8 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 9,At the Bird Park Bluebird.
Author David Seow Author Bob Staake, Illustrator Enrico Sallustio 2013 New York Schwartz Wade. 2000 Singapore Educational Publishing House ISBN 9780375870378. ISBN 9789814046565 Call No English JP STA,Call No English J 482 6 SEO. This is a beautiful and moving tale about a young boy a. This is an endearing story about the importance of doing good bluebird and the true meaning of friendship A tender. deeds for others Three children went to the bird park with their wordless picture book which explores such themes as. parents They helped a sparrow build its nest The least desirable isolation bullying and sacrificing one s life for one s friend. and in fact the worst nest as adjudged by the other birds the. sparrow s nest won the competition in the end for being the best. nest in the bird park built with the help of the children. Burung Kenek kenek Puisi lukisan dan lagu,kanak kanak. A Bird in Winter The Little Bird Poetry art and song for children. Inspired by a Painting by Pieter Bruegel Author Hadijah Rahmat. Author Helene Kerillis Illustrator S Mohdir,Illustrator Stephane Girel 2010 Singapore HS Yang. 2011 Munich Prestel ISBN 9789810852979,ISBN 9783791370804 Call No Malay J 899 281 HAD.
Call No English JP KER This book colourfully showcases the distinctive Malay heritage. Taking its inspiration from Pieter Bruegel s painting The Hunters in terms of culture arts and values It is printed with bilingual. in the Snow this lovely picture book tells of a peasant girl named texts and infused with images of the rich elements of Malay. Mayken who finds a hurt bird one wintry day She takes the bird way of life including the Jawi script its traditional poetry folk. home and nurses it until it can fly on its own again The beautiful song and kampong life English and Malay. illustrations take the readers to snowy valleys hills and woods and. a glimpse of Bruegel s painting itself,Caged Bird of Singapore. The Bird Who was Afraid of Heights Author Helene Gaborit. Illustrator Claude Sauquet, Author Farah Bagharib Kaltz 2011 Phnom Penh Open Book Editions. Illustrator Eeshaun ISBN 9789996359736, 2008 Singapore Straits Times Press Call No English J SING GAB. ISBN 9789814266017, Call No English J SING BAG A little girl rescues an injured bird along the banks of the. Singapore river The beautiful story ushers the reader to. This is the delightful tale of a mynah bird named Eddie who was interesting insights into the way of life in this city state as well. afraid to fly but was forced to learn in order to rescue his friend as provides some important insights about friendship. from a crow With enjoyable drawings this book will resonate well. with children who are trying to cope with their fears as it celebrates. courage heroism and friendship,The Cat and the Bird.
Inspired by a Painting by Paul Klee, Biyahe ng mga Ibong Dayo Author Geraldine Elschner. The Flight of the Migratory Birds Illustrator Peggy Nille. Author Luis Gatmaitan MD 2012 Munich Prestel,Illustrator Pergylene Acuna ISBN 9783791370996. 2013 Cebu City OMF Literature Call No English JP ELS. ISBN 9789710092574, Deriving inspiration from the painting of Paul Klee this. For young Nilo the arrival of migratory birds in his hometown beautifully illustrated picture book tells of the tale of a cat and. means it is time for his father s return to Dubai The child sees a bird and presents the themes of freedom and friendship. parallels between the migratory birds and his parents flying to Klee s inspiration can be gleaned from the bright colours. places far from home in search of better opportunities This is a in images that are associated with the painter as well as a. touching story about a child of Overseas Filipino Workers who is reproduction of his Cat and Bird in the book. left under the care of his grandmother English and Filipino. 10 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 11,Danao the Parrot The Forever Flowers. Author Rachel L Shaw Author Michael J Rosen, Illustrator Jonathan G Ranola Illustrator Sonja Danowski.
2015 Makati City Bookmark 2014 Mankato Minnesota Creative Editions. ISBN 9789715698252 ISBN 9781568462738,Call No English JP ROS. Danao is the adventurous parrot who travelled across the. Philippines in a quest to find the best place to live In this This affectionate story tells of a grouse its favourite Forever. journey he crosses paths with other animals which are Flowers and the bond that grew with new found friends It. only found in this country These include Philippine eagles explores the themes of discovering happiness serenity and. crocodiles cloud rats and the small primates the tarsiers satisfaction even in the midst of moments of gloom such as the. dreariness of winter It tackles the poignant themes of nurturing. and letting go,Emily the Duckling says Humph,Author Ka Lim Froodle. 2006 Singapore SNP Author Antoinette Portis, ISBN 9789812481344 2014 New York Roaring Brook Press. Call No English J 428 6 LIM ISBN 9781596439221, Emily is a duckling who is easily exasperated She is mostly Call No English JP POR. unhappy while her mom and older siblings are quite the This is a funny book about a little brown bird who simply. opposite This is a simple tale about focusing on the brighter got tired of singing the same old song which its fellow. and positive side of every situation and the value of making neighbourhood birds expect him to sing each day As the little. the decision to be happy each day even if not everything falls in brown bird started spouting off a sound different from its. place as perfectly as we wish everyday song the other birds started singing something different. too making the neighbourhood livelier and funnier,Flora and the Flamingo.
Author Molly Idle Grandmother Ptarmigan, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Books Authors Qaunaq Mikkigak Joanne Schwartz. ISBN 9781452110066 Illustrator Qin Leng,Call No English JP IDL 2013 Toronto Inhabit Media. This is an engaging and interactive wordless picture book ISBN 9781927095522. depicting the friendship between a girl named Flora and an Call No English JP 398 2 MIK. elegant flamingo The illustrations in this book possess a This children s story about a baby ptarmigan whose. charming and endearing appeal as the characters are shown grandmother s tale stirred him to fly away is an imaginatively. in various turns twists and moves as they try to dance in illustrated version of a traditional Inuit story It gives insights into. synchrony and harmony why baby ptarmigans tend to fly so young and why the female. bird cry nauk nauk,The Foolish Crow and The Talking Cave. Author Sheila Gandhi The Great Duck and Crocodile Race. Illustrators Srividya Natarajan Greystroke Author Robert Magnuson. 2010 Chennai Karadi Tales 2011 Mandaluyong Manila OMF Literature. ISBN 9788181902542 ISBN 9789710091058,Call No English JP 398 240954 GAN. Awarded as one of the best children s reads in the 2012 National. This book deals with such themes as pride vanity Children s Book Awards The Great Duck and Crocodile Race is. resourcefulness and quick thinking made more creative and about two friends who challenge one another to a race trying to. interesting by the bright and colourful illustrations by Srividya outsmart each other along the way Children are sure to enjoy this. Natarajan and Greystroke book filled with fun illustrations and deals with fairness ethics in. competition respect and friendship,12 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 13.
The Greedy Eagle Hoot Owl Master of Disguise,Author Hasniah Hussain Author Sean Taylor. Illustrator Arthur S Siowou Illustrator Jean Jullien. 2013 Kuala Lumpur Integra Majujaya 2015 Somerville Massachusetts Candlewick Press. ISBN 9789670481050 ISBN 9780763675783,Call No English JP TAY. A delightful story of a family of doves and a greedy eagle who tried. to trick and devour the little doves when their parents went to the This picture book is about an extraordinary owl called Hoot Owl. jungle to forage for food The clever little doves managed to save who claims to be a master of disguise as he devises different ways. themselves by following their parents instruction to hide behind to catch his prey in the dark night This is a hilarious book with. their tiny bird house superbly funny illustrations as Hoot Owl takes us on his comical. nightly adventures,Guji Guji I Am Pangoo the Penguin. Author Chih Yuan Chen Author Satomi Ichikawa, 2004 La Jolla California Kane Miller Book Publishers 2006 New York Philomel Books. ISBN 9781929132676 ISBN 9780399233135,Call No English JP CHE Call No English JP ICH.
The story begins with a crocodile egg finding its way into a duck s This is about Pangoo a stuffed penguin whose sense of assurance. nest Guji Guji as the baby in the egg is named by the mother and love by the little boy Danny resounds in the first line of. duck eventually faces an existential dilemma Is he a duck or is he the book I love Danny and Danny loves me However Danny. a crocodile Should he embrace his true nature and do what the receives many new toy animals on his birthday The touching. crocodiles ask him to or should he go on waddling like the duck that tale speaks about search for one s identity the feeling of being. he thinks he is neglected the joy of being accepted and reunited with one s. Happy Birthday Mr Kang Kotori Little Birds,Author Susan L Roth Author Susumu Shingu. 2001 Washington D C National Geographic Society 2007 Tokyo Bunka. ISBN 9780792277231 ISBN 9784579404346, Call No English ACL ROT This beautifully illustrated wordless picture book is by renowned. During his 70th birthday celebration Mr Kang s three wishes Japanese sculptor and author illustrator Susumu Shingo whose. are to paint to read the New York Times daily and to own a works celebrate harmony with nature Two birds raise a family. hua mei bird The bird which he eventually set free symbolized from building a nest to caring for the hungry young who hatch. Mr Kang s connection to his grandfather A touching tale with from their shells with mouths wide open until they learn to fly. underlying themes of freedom and choice treasuring one s heritage first near home and then high into the clear blue sky Japanese. while acknowledging diversity in the environment in which new. migrants live,The Lion and the Bird,Author Marianne Dubuc. A Home for Bird 2014 New York Enchanted Lion Books. Author Philip C Stead ISBN 9781592701513, 2012 New York Roaring Brook Press Call No English JP DUB. ISBN 9781596437111, Call No English JP STE A lion found an injured bird in his garden He nurtured it to.
recovery This is a touching tale about the friendship that was. This is an affectionate tale about Vernon the toad who resolved to forged between two unlikely creatures the lion and the bird the. help his silent blue bird friend find its home Written by Caldecott sorrow of letting go the silence in waiting and the joy of being. awardee Philip Stead the book is a wonderful evocation of the reunited once again. journey in search for home and friendship forged along the way. 14 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 15,The Magic Bird Pardon Me. Author Ken Spillman Author Daniel Miyares, Illustrator Malavika PC 2014 New York Simon Schuster. 2015 Petaling Jaya Selangor Magicbird ISBN 9781442489974. ISBN 9789671171998 Call No English JP MIY, Written in down to earth prose combined with haunting A little bird would like to have his own quiet space in the swamp. illustrations this is a persuasive picture book which speaks about Other creatures encroach on this tiny space one after another a. the importance of telling stories and sharing them as a way of heron a frog and a turtle They all say pardon me to the little bird. going beyond one s narrow confines Sharing stories with others Sadly the little bird s space is actually a hungry creature s back Poor. and allowing them to appreciate them is likened to spreading one s little bird Burp. wings like a bird, The Naughty Mynah Tiao Pi de Ba Ge Peggy A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure. Author Evelyn Sue Wong Author Anna Walker, Illustrator Tee Sieok Bing 2014 New York Clarion Books.
2014 Singapore AFCC Publications ISBN 9780544259003. ISBN 9789810903381 Call No English JP WAL, Call No English J WON This picture book tells of a chicken named Peggy who one windy. This is a humorous tale about a visiting art teacher befriending day got swept by a big blast of wind away from her home and into. a clever but mischievous mynah who agrees to help him learn an adventure in the city This charmingly illustrated picture book. Mandarin It goes with him on the first day of school to surprise narrates Peggy s bravery as she treaded unfamiliar streets met. the students but translates the opposite of everything the teacher strangers and found her way back home. says Children will appreciate the importance of bilingualism in. their daily lives English and Chinese,Penguin in Peril. Nicolas Where Have You Been Author Helen Hancocks,2013 Dorking Surrey Templar. Author Leo Lionni ISBN 9781848778627, 1987 New York Dragonfly Books Call No English JP HAN. ISBN 9780375855498, Call No English JP LIO Three red hungry cats run out of food They find three gold coins.
Instead of going to the grocery store they watch a movie Even. A tale about mice and birds and trust Nicolas is a mouse in more famished they come up with a brilliant scheme to steal a. search of the juiciest berries His quests brings him to a close penguin from the zoo There is a subtle interplay between the. encounter with birds he and his fellow mice regard as enemies amusing and detailed imagery and text This is an impeccably. thus allowing them the opportunity to realise the generosity of designed picture book that was shortlisted for several awards. these creatures they once thought of as adversaries In the process. Nicolas and his friends learn to trust the birds,Sasha Visits the Bird Park. Oh Mateo 10 Teo s Cockatoo Author Shamini Flint,Author Grace D Chong Illustrator Alpana Ahuja. Illustrator Beth Parrocha Doctolero 2005 Singapore Sunbear. 2007 Mandaluyong Manila OMF Literature ISBN 9789810538583. ISBN 9789710495054 Call No English J SING SHA, In this book one in a series about Mateo a farmer s son Teo One of a series of books a young girl Sasha continues her journey. meets a captive and ill treated green cockatoo who loves to spout of learning and adventure this time at the Jurong Bird Park. off bad words As always Teo s friendship will leave a deep mark where she encounters diverse species of birds Her visit to one of. in this lonely bird s life once their encounter begins English and the best bird parks in the world is captured in colourful and fun. Filipino illustrations,16 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 17. Seed Magic Tibby and Duckie,Author Jane Buchanan Author Emily Lim.
Illustrator Charlotte Riley Webb Illustrator Jade Fang. 2011 Atlanta Peachtree 2014 Singapore Epigram Books. ISBN 9781561456222 ISBN 9789814615716,Call No English JP BUC Call No English J LIM. A delightful story of how a little girl s wish to see a garden of Duckie unlike other ducks could not swim Tibby the tiger bunny. flowers comes true Singing birds of different colours fly to a tries to help With charming and colourful illustrations this is a. beautiful garden by her window that grows from magic seeds tale of persistence friendship tolerance and acceptance as Duckie. given to her by an old man discovers her real self through the help of her friend Tibby. The Stone Hatchlings,Author Sarah Tsiang Xiao Ya Ya Zhui Fei Ji. Illustrator Qin Leng Little Yaya Flies After the Aeroplane. 2012 New York Annick Press Author Wan Yiguang,ISBN 9781554514335 Illustrator Jin Ya. Call No English JP TSI 2002 Singapore Pan Asia, Abby finds two stones in her backyard She imagines they are ISBN 9789812222176. two eggs and cares for them until they hatch and become little Call No English J WXG. chicks One day Abby realizes it is time for her to let the birds An amusing bilingual story about a little crow named Yaya who. go A beautifully illustrated book that celebrates the wonders of a thinks very highly of himself He wants to catch and bring down. child s imagination for whom all things are possible an airplane because he found it noisy Yaya s friends allow him to. indulge in his desire and efforts fully knowing the futility of his. quest English and Chinese,The Story About Ping,Author Majorie Flack Kurt Wiese.
2014 New York Grosset Dunlap,ISBN 9780448482330,Call No English JP FLA You Been to Ubin. Authors Chia Yun Ze Choo Xin Yi Gregory Yap Melissa Chia. Children will relate well with Ping an adventurous duck who Pearlynn Sim Terh Shin Huoy. wanted to avoid a spanking and so set out to explore the Illustrator Lim Zhi Jie. interesting world near his home along the Yangtze River This is 2013 Singapore Raffles Institution. a touching tale of how it feels to be away from home and loved ISBN 9789810763886. ones and the joy of being reunited Call No English J CHI J 577 82095957 CHI. A young boy named Lloyd and his grandfather are exploring Pulau. Ubin They meet a hornbill Tomo who is lost and can t find his. way home They travel the island together learning much along the. way This is an enjoyable guide for children that raises awareness of. Telephone threats to marine life,Author Mac Barnett. Illustrator Jen Corace,2014 San Francisco Chronicle Books. ISBN 9781452110233,Call No English JP BAR, A mother bird asks a friend to tell her son to come home for. dinner Her message gets passed along again and again to birds. sitting on a telephone line each with its own understanding of. mama bird s message A hilarious picture book with delightful. illustrations which children are sure to enjoy,18 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather 19.
Ang Mahiyaing Manok The Shy Rooster,Author Rebecca T Anonuevo. Illustrator Ruben de Jesus,Flying Against 2000 Quezon City Adarna House. ISBN 9789715080743, This is the tale of a shy young rooster who simply could. not seem to crow in the same way as other roosters The shy. rooster eventually managed to overcome his shyness with the. help and encouragement of kind friends and his mother An. uplifting story about overcoming one s insecurities through the. patience love and acceptance of the community,English and Filipino. Are You My Mother,Author P D Eastman,1960 New York Random House.
ISBN 9780394900186,Call No English JP EAS, A baby bird emerged from its egg while mama bird was. looking for food When he saw that he was alone he naturally. looked for his mother He tried to fly and landed smack on the. ground asking everyone he sees the question Are you my. Mother This is a touching tale of the sense of longing and. determination in the midst of vulnerability and fragility. The Bear and the Wildcat,Author Kazumi Yumoto,Illustrator Komako Sakai. 2011 Wellington Gecko Press,ISBN 9781877467707,Call No English JP YUM. A tender tale about a bear who has been mourning the death. of a beloved little bird He finds the strength to let go of the. sadness with the help of a wildcat The bear decides to keep. the bird s memories safely in his heart and to try to be happy. again He leaves to travel the world with his new friend. The Birdman,Author Veronika Martenova Charles, Illustrators Annouchka Gravel Galouchko Stephan Daigle. 2006 Canada Tundra Books,ISBN 9780887767401, The Birdman is a beautifully illustrated tale based on a true.
story It tells of a man who lost his children because of a tragic. accident He nursed a sick caged bird he bought from the. market back to health and eventually set it free helping him to. grieve more fully and be freed from his loss and pain. 20 Flying Against the Odds Flying Against the Odds 21. Blackbird En Nho Little Swallow,Author Suzy Lee Author Le Phuong Lien. 2007 Seoul Chondung Books Illustrator Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa. ISBN 9788990025302 2013 Hanoi Kim Dong,ISBN 5131104140007. Encased in monochromatic black and white lithographic. crayon transforms a drawing of a sad little girl a dog and a A young girl rescues a sparrow who fell off a window Nursing. huge black bird into something timeless and surreal A sad the little bird until it recovers she learns profound lessons as. girl derives comfort from a huge blackbird who flew her away she realises that to be able to fly like a sparrow she should. from quarrelling parents and a home filled with tension On equip herself with knowledge and learning Vietnamese. the wings of this magical bird the girl flies lets go and comes. back whole and smiling Korean,Author Cao Wenxuan,Illustrator Roger Mello. The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh 2015 Tokyo MightyBook. Author Frederick Lipp ISBN 9784902617344,Illustrator Ronald Himler. 2001 New York Holiday House This beautifully illustrated story is a Japanese version. ISBN 9780823415342 of the book written by Cao Wenxuan through the. Call No English ACL LIP translation of Kyoko Hamano The touching journey of. the feather in search of where it came from brings it face to. This picture book is filled with symbols as it tells of Ary a face with various birds both kind and unkind until. young girl s longing to have the best for her family The birds the moment of painful separation comes between the. symbolise this hope as they are believed to help dreams be feather and a kind bird Japanese. fulfilled by carrying wishes to the sky Ary is a symbol of. determination and strong will as she holds on to her heart s. Author Margaret Wild,Crow Boy Illustrator Ron Brooks.
Author Taro Yashima 2000 Sydney Allen Unwin,1976 New York Puffin Books ISBN 9781864489330. ISBN 9780140501728 Call No English JP WIL, The title refers to a reclusive Japanese boy named Chibi This book is a story of how two broken creatures found each. who is perceived as slow and unintelligent by most of his other and gave each other the stuff of their dreams Dog and. schoolmates until a nurturing school teacher decides to Magpie discover what is beautiful and bright in each of their. uncover his hidden talents and skills A touching tale about wounded beings keeping the darkness represented by the. the struggles of a child who may have special needs the joys of Fox somewhat at bay The ending could also be a spark for. discovering his strengths and finding acceptance thoughtful discussions on what constitutes loyalty and betrayal. among friends,Duck Death and the Tulip The Little Humming Bird. Author Wolf Erlbruch Author Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. 2011 Wellington Gecko Press 2010 Vancouver Greystone Books. ISBN 9781877579028 ISBN 9781553655336, Call No English JP ERL Call No English JP 398 2 YAH. Death materializes in a form that is similar to Erlbruch s earlier This beautifully illustrated children s book by internationally. picture book holding a red tulip While this book may not be renowned Haida artist Yahgulanaas is a moving tale about a. for all young readers and parents it portrays death in a matter fearless hummingbird who tried to save the rainforest from. of fact manner that can be sensitively discussed with children fire even as the rest of the other animals doubted she could. through this story make a difference It is based on a South American indigenous. story and is a modified version of the award winning Flight. of the Hummingbird that upholds heroism and responsibility. towards one s homeland, 22 Flying Against the Odds Flying Against the Odds 23.
Momoko and the Pretty Bird Rudi s Pond,Author Chihiro Iwasaki Author Eve Bunting. 2012 Tokyo Shiko Sha Illustrator Ronald Himler,ISBN 9784783400516 1999 New York Clarion Books. ISBN 9780395890677, A child s longing for company a little bird s warm presence Call No English JP BUN. through its songs freedom the joy of keeping and the pain. of letting go these are some of the heart warming subjects of A girl loses her best friend to illness but discovers some solace. this lovely picture book One of the most poignant moments is from a hummingbird which is drawn to a birdfeeder that they. when the little girl realizes the unhappiness of the bird inside made together before he died This book beautifully and. the cage and her decision to set it free Japanese touchingly illustrates the overcoming of loss at a young age. Na Zhi Shen Lan Se De Niao Shi Wo Ba Ba,That Deep Blue Bird is My Daddy Sadako s Cranes. Author Wei Jie Author Judith Loske, Illustrator He Yunzhi 2011 Hong Kong Michael Neugebauer.
2011 Jinan Shandong Tomorrow ISBN 9789881512604,ISBN 9787533267544 Call No English JP LOS. Call No Chinese JP WIJ, This book is a stirring tale about Sadako Sasaki s struggle with. An amusing tale about a father and his son who both revel in leukaemia In her hope to recover and live Sadako started folding. the presence of the birds hovering around the tree The boy cranes believing in the Japanese legend that says anyone who folds. takes delight in his dad as he assumes the role of a deep blue a thousand paper cranes will have her wish granted This moving. bird tirelessly orchestrating the flight of birds The story could story is made more compelling by the beautiful coloured pencil. also be used as a fun way to learn simple math facts illustrations. The Nightingale Who Couldn t Sing,Author Angie Featherstone Six Crows. Illustrator Stephanie Wong,2012 Singapore Epigram Books Author Leo Lionni. ISBN 9789810726188 2010 New York Alfred A Knopf,Call No English J SING FEA ISBN 9780375845505.
Call No English JP LIO, This is the touching story of Holly the nightingale who wanted. to be able to sing like her brothers and sisters but couldn t so This is a story of the power of dialogue and reasoned conversation. she ran away from her family Lost and afraid in the forest her A farmer who is bent on protecting his wheat from being eaten by. mother found her and assured her that she was deeply loved six crows finds peace with them It is a delightful account of how. for who she was and it did not matter whether or not she amicable settlements can be possible by openness and a willingness. could sing as beautifully as other nightingales to listen. The Rock and the Bird,Author Chew Chia Shao Wei Xun Zhao The Search. Illustrator Anngee Neo Author Lee Kow Fong, 2013 Singapore Epigram Books 2015 Singapore Lingzi Media. ISBN 9789810755553 ISBN 9789814671347,Call No English Y CHE Call No Chinese J SING AXG. A stirring tale about friendship this award winning book A lonely boy finds company in a friendly penguin whose cheery. presents the antagonistic beginnings between a rock and a presence brings him much delight as he searches for what it means. bird and how it evolves into a beautiful camaraderie The rock to be not alone A warm story of simple joys that can be derived. comes to cherish the friendship deeply sensitively captured in from the beauty of nature as well as the presence of a friend. the images as time passed, 24 Flying Against the Odds Flying Against the Odds 25.
Bai Niao Yu Yi,Author Cai Gao, 2013 Hangzhou Zhejiang Shao Nian Er Tong Chu Ban She. ISBN 9787534276613,Call No Chinese JS CIG, Ah Zhuang is a hardworking farmer He marries the beautiful Ah. Cai who has come to life from a painting The selfish king forces. them to weave him a robe of feathers from one hundred birds. but he is vanquished when Ah Cai breathes life into the robe. which carries the king away and Ah Zhuang and Ah Cai are able. to live their lives in joy and freedom together,The Bird with the Golden Wings. Stories of Wit and Magic,Author Sudha Murty,Illustrator Ajanta Guhathakurta. 2009 New Delhi Penguin,ISBN 9780143331032,Call No English J 398 2 MUR.
This book puts together some favourite age old fables. amusingly told by Sudha Murty and presented with entertaining. illustrations for children to enjoy The book highlights such. enduring themes as trust the tragic effects of greed the. importance of respect for one s elders and the advantages of a. quick mind,The Boy in the Garden,Author Allen Say,2010 New York Houghton Mifflin Books for Children. ISBN 9780547214108,Call No English JP SAY, This thoughtful quiet book is a prime example of how. intertextuality works in children s literature It is based on a. Japanese folktale about The Grateful Crane which was read to a. young boy Jiro The strange and magical folktale left such a deep. imprint that when Jiro and his father visited the huge home of. Mr Ozu a family friend during the New Year he could still hear. the echoes of his Mother s story ringing in his ears. On the Cenderawasih yang Kecewa The Disappointed Bird. Authors Norul Azila Arifin Mimi Samuel,2014 Kuala Lumpur Pustaka Karya Intelek. ISBN 9789670653013,Call No Malay JP NOR JP 398 2 NOR. Enchantment This bilingual story tells of a young woman Cenderwasih who. was disappointed with her husband when he changed his ways. after marriage She turned into a bird and flew to fairyland. leaving her husband and baby Realising the loss for his son. and himself Kamat her husband searched for her and finally. reunited her with the family The tale imparts lessons on family. life and faithfulness to marital responsibilities,English and Malay.
26 On the Wings of Enchantment On the Wings of Enchantment 27.

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Digital Front-End Signal Processing with Widely-Linear Signal Models in Radio Devices Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology to be presented with due permission for public examination and criticism in Tietotalo Building, Auditorium TB109, at Tampere University of Technology, on the 14th of October 2011, at 12 noon.

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Multi-standard RF/microwave transceiver systems have ... research interests in reconfigurable receiver front-ends [4, 6]. ... essential requirements for adaptive and RT multi-standard communications (such as in satellite systems that must swap between networks and missions) [11, 13, 15]. ...

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Also a sign up sheet will be started for those that can attend and help man the booth. Scott Phillips posted on his Facebook page that he will be having shop openhouse on May 5th 2018 to celebrate 25 years of the American Woodshop. Pizza and Pop at noon. This is not a club event. Scott Phillips shop! 901 Piqua Troy Rd., Piqua, OHIO 45356

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Optimal Integration in the Single Market A Synoptic Review

April 2013 Optimal Integration in the Single Market: A Synoptic Review . Europe Economics is registered in England No. 3477100. Registered offices at Chancery House, 53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QU. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information/material contained in this report, Europe Economics assumes no responsibility for and gives no guarantees ...

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B Sc HONOURS Electronic Science

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through Barclays Bank UK PLC and Barclays Bank PLC and its subsidiaries (including BBI). Both operate alongside, but independently from one another as part of the Barclays Group under the listed parent company, Barclays PLC. About Barclays Barclays is a British universal bank. We are diversified by business, by different types of customer and client, and by geography. Our businesses include ...

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Cyber Security curriculum binus ac id

Cyber Security program designed to adapt to changing cyber attack and defend landscape while ensuring a solid academic foundation and aligned to industry and government expectation. Cyber Security focuses on cyber security assurance and cyber defense. Course structure its program allow students to gain valuable concept and practical experience in conducting penetration test and also apply ...



Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS). The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Office of Naval Research, the U.S. Army Research Lab, the Department of Defense or the U.S. government. Report Documentation Page Form Approved ...

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Introduction Theories of terrorist organizations Network Analysis and CT Conclusions My experience in the Intelligence Community DISCLAIMER:All views and opinions expressed today are my own, and not those of U.S. Department of Defense or O ce of the Director of National Intelligence Currently, a fourth year PhD student in Politics, research interests include... I Terrorism, low-intensity con ...

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ANNUAL REPORT Fudan University

2014 Annualreport 09 President of Fudan University, Academician Ningsheng XU delivered a speech at the forum. He ex-pressed his welcome to members of the International Advisory Board on behalf of Fudan University.