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Acknowledgements 3,Introduction 5,Using Data 7,Literacy A data driven approach 7. Cross Panel Planning 9,Cross panel literacy strategies 9. Peer tutoring across panels 11,Bridging the gap Supporting Grade 7 9 teachers 13. Cross Curricular Strategies 14,Content area literacy strategies 14. Learning to navigate text 17,Professional reading and support 19.
Literature circles for staff and students 20,System strategies and school initiatives 21. Making meaning in math and science 23,Literacy in the science classroom 25. This publication is available on the Ministry of Education. website at www edu gov on ca,Information Technology in Action 27. Literacy online Monday morning e mail tips 27,Technology as a support for literacy learning 28. Webquests as a literacy strategy 30,Literacy Outside the Classroom 33.
Literacy workshops for families 33,Tips for parents 34. Parents and students on the Web 35,Catch the Fever 36. SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, The ministry acknowledges the contributions of the following school. boards to this publication,Avon Maitland District School Board. Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board,Durham District School Board.
Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board,Keewatin Patricia District School Board. Limestone District School Board,Near North District School Board. Ottawa Carleton Catholic District School Board,Rainy River District School Board. Simcoe County District School Board,Thames Valley District School Board. Toronto District School Board,Upper Grand District School Board.
Waterloo Catholic District School Board,Waterloo Region District School Board. York Region District School Board, The successful strategies and programs collected in this booklet. represent only a small sample of the many excellent initiatives. developed by boards and schools across the province The Ministry. of Education extends its thanks to all the educators who contributed. to the development of this literacy resource, You are invited to share your own tips techniques and strategies by. filling out and submitting the form on the last page of this booklet. Literacy is the key to lifelong learning, SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2. INTRODUCTION, A commitment to student success lies at the core of our education.
system Giving students the best education possible and preparing them. for their future are goals shared by parents teachers and community. members Working in partnership these three groups can help students. succeed by helping them develop the learning skills that will equip. them for success in school and after they graduate. Educators across the province are continually expanding their professional. expertise seeking new ways to work with other educators parents and. community members to support student learning inside and outside. the classroom This booklet informs teachers and board staff about. successful literacy strategies currently in use in Grade 7 12 classrooms. and in district school boards across the province By sharing successful. strategies teachers and board staff can enhance their expertise in. reading and writing instruction and offer stronger literacy programs. that will better support student learning and student success. By working together we can accomplish great things. The teacher is the key to a child s success in learning to read. Expert Panel on Early Reading in Ontario Early Reading Strategy. The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Reading in Ontario. Toronto Ontario Ministry of Education 2003 p 4, Direct instruction in reading and writing is provided routinely in the. primary grades Grades 1 3 and junior grades Grades 4 6 However. students in Grades 7 12 are often required to use subject specific. vocabulary without the benefit of direct instruction to demonstrate. their understanding of highly detailed textbooks Textbooks frequently. contain a complex text structure formulas graphs and charts If students. are to succeed in content area subjects such as science mathematics. geography health and physical education the arts and literature. teachers must provide them with direct instruction about strategies. that they can use to construct meaning while reading and writing. The wide range of successful literacy strategies outlined in this booklet. can be readily adapted by content area teachers to provide students. with meaningful literacy experiences that will strengthen students. ability to succeed in all subject areas, Literacy instruction must be embedded across the curriculum All teachers. of all subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are teachers of literacy. Expert Panel on Students at Risk in Ontario Think Literacy Success. Grades 7 12 The Report of the Expert Panel on Students at Risk. in Ontario Toronto Ontario Ministry of Education 2003 p 10. This booklet is organized into five sections each containing strategies. that can be implemented at the classroom school and or board level. The section themes are described below, Using Data focuses on the importance of using data such as that. published by the Education Quality and Accountability Office EQAO. report card data and teacher observation data on a system and. school wide basis to identify areas in need of change and to confirm. that literacy strategies are succeeding, Cross Panel Planning shows how elementary and secondary school. teachers can work in partnership to create and deliver programs that. provide students with a continuum of skill and content development. Cross Curricular Strategies highlights successful literacy strategies. that can be used in all subject areas and provides examples of. school and board wide approaches to professional development. that focus on incorporating literacy instruction into the teaching. of content area subjects, Information Technology in Action focuses on the ways in which.
some schools and boards have used technology to enhance literacy. learning for staff and students, Literacy Outside the Classroom provides examples of the ways in. which some schools and boards are tapping into student interests. to enhance literacy learning and helping parents understand their. important role in supporting their child s learning. SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2. USING DATA,Literacy A data driven approach,AVON MAITLAND DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD. Using system wide data to target literacy,focused professional development and. instructional strategies, For the past four years the Avon Maitland District School Board. has used a comprehensive data tracking system to monitor student. performance to identify the need for professional development. and to fine tune instructional strategies at the board school and. individual student levels, The board bases its data tracking program on the belief that capacity.
building must happen at all levels from senior staff principals and. vice principals to coordinators department heads and teachers. Accordingly data is gathered each year on student performance from. Kindergarten to Grade 10 both to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. at the board and school levels and to identify students who require. additional support The data is made available to teachers and school. leaders using Fathom Dynamic Statistics software which allows data. to be presented at a variety of levels and in a variety of formats to suit. the specific needs of the data user, Each year the data is presented at two secondary level Leader s Council. meetings and successful practices that have emerged from an analysis. of the data are shared At the elementary level Grades 7 and 8 the. data is presented at staff meetings where there is a particular emphasis. on identifying effective instructional strategies As well all board level. professional development activities for principals vice principals and. teaching staff are selected using this data as a quantitative measure of. strengths and weaknesses, For example as a result of data analysis the board trained Grade 7 9. teachers in the use of guided reading strategies for fiction and non. fiction texts Similarly Grade 9 applied mathematics teachers were. trained in the use of reading strategies in mathematics instruction. The tracking and analysis of the literacy program data has resulted. in the following,targeted in service programs,development of literacy goals by teachers. literacy strategies being used in content area classrooms. dialogue within families of schools that focuses on the sharing. of successful literacy practices,What data is collected How is the data used. After each reporting period the following key The gathered data is used in the following ways. longitudinal data for students from Kindergarten It is regularly shared with teachers principals. to Grade 12 is collected and superintendents who use it to establish. report card marks school goals that focus on eliminating identified. information on learning skills weaknesses, statistics on absences and lates Teachers also use the data to develop instructional.
strategies and supports for individual students,data on Individual Education Plans. School leaders including principals vice principals. reading assessment data,and subject leader councils meet regularly to. EQAO Grade 9 mathematics assessment data analyse the data and to establish targets for. Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test OSSLT professional development at both board and. results individual school levels, University co op students assist board staff in Principals and subject leaders have been trained in. amalgamating data and in ensuring that the the methodologies of data collection analysis and. database is comprehensive interpretation to ensure that the data collected by. the board leads to maximum benefits at the board,school and classroom levels. Contact Superintendent of Program 519 527 0111 ext 116. SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2. CROSS PANEL PLANNING,Cross panel literacy strategies.
LIMESTONE DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD,Supporting literacy development with both. school level and board wide programs, The Limestone District School Board has implemented a multifaceted. approach to literacy that includes both board wide and school based. School based tutoring, The Limestone board s Queen Elizabeth Collegiate and Vocational. Institute has created a partnership with Grade 8 feeder schools that. enables students with weak literacy skills to begin their secondary. school careers with additional support, Feeder school teachers identify students who are experiencing difficulties. to Queen Elizabeth staff who conduct a reading inventory in September. that is designed to identify student weaknesses in comprehension and. word recognition, For the duration of the school year participating students have one.
75 minute period each day that is focused on reading and writing. skills During this period they work with both a teacher and senior. student tutors who have received prior training in reading strategies. Using high interest low ability level reading materials the program. allows students to choose the texts they want to read newspapers. magazines books or instructional materials The program therefore. gives students time to practise reading at a comfortable level while. enhancing their motivation to read, Remaining with the same teacher throughout the year creates a safe. environment for students where they can gain confidence in their. ability to take risks in reading and writing and develop a clear under. standing of academic expectations Student tutors also benefit from. the program enhancing their own reading skills and fluency through. the additional practice they receive in preparing for and reading to. the Grade 9 and 10 students,System wide tutoring, During the last two months of each school year the board hires literacy. tutors to work full time in each of the board s high schools. Tutors are trained at the end of April begin work in early May and. remain until the end of the school year Many are continuing education. students or students planning to become teachers Some remain during. the summer and work in the board s summer literacy programs. Tutors may be engaged in a variety of activities such as the following. providing one to one tutoring one to three times a week for twenty. minutes to Grade 9 and 10 students who are struggling or to. students who were unsuccessful on part or all of the OSSLT. developing a summer package, How are tutors supported of reading and writing tasks for. For the May June tutoring program tutors receive parents and students to work. three full days of training in late April at the board on over the summer break. office before their placement in the school begins assisting teachers in developing. Tutor training focuses on how to use reading and,literacy exercises. writing strategies with students in a one to one,setting providing mini lessons or.
workshops on cross curricular,For the duration of the tutoring program tutors. return to the board office every second Friday, for debriefing and follow up training Contact Secondary Curriculum. Summer tutoring staff receive similar training toward Department 613 544 6925. the end of June, SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2. Peer tutoring across panels,KAWARTHA PINE RIDGE DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD. Offering tutoring programs that benefit both,students and tutors.
At Norwood District High School three literacy tutoring programs. have been effective at helping students improve their reading and. writing skills while providing valuable leadership opportunities to. student tutors Grade 11 12 tutors are given the option of selecting. the tutoring program as a course during their senior course selection. process Tutors undergo extensive training during the first few weeks. of school During the course they work closely with a teacher and. receive weekly training Tutors and students are paired on the basis of. personality interests and academic characteristics Over the course of. the semester tutors and students have typically become more responsible. dedicated and passionate about their shared tutoring time. Peer Associates for Literacy Success PALS, This tutoring program pairs Grade 8 students with Grade 11 12 tutors. called PALS During intensive daily sessions PALS work one to one. with their Grade 8 partners to help the Grade 8 students achieve rapid. gains in their reading and writing abilities The students read scripts. from popular movies and television shows explore creative writing. or simply become immersed in a good book, Before qualifying for the program the Grade 8 students receive. extensive diagnostic testing using the Gates MacGinitie Reading. Tests and individual reading assessments, Following initial implementation in the fall of 2003 retesting revealed. that every Grade 8 student in the program scored higher in vocabulary. comprehension and total grade level equivalency with an improvement. in some cases of two to three grade levels,Associates in Learning and Literacy ALL. ALL pairs senior students who have passed the OSSLT with Grade 9. students who are struggling in English and who are working towards. a Grade 9 applied English credit, Grade 9 student participants have benefited substantially from the.
program They show improved reading rates and accuracy a reduced. number of miscues improved comprehension writing and social. C R O S S PA N E L P L A N N I N G,PALS and ALL training topics. The following are examples of PALS and ALL training topics. characteristics of learning disabilities accessing prior knowledge. accommodations literacy test preparation,miscues and miscue analysis motivation. reading rate checks effective communication,reading conferences learning styles. phonemic awareness, skills and in some cases improved spelling organization and typing. skills They also show increased confidence and greater willingness to. engage in new learning experiences Similarly the associates senior. students who have participated have found the program highly. rewarding and have gained valuable experience that will enhance. their postsecondary education and careers,Peer Tutors.
Through the Peer Tutors program Grade 11 and 12 students tutor. elementary students in local feeder schools The tutors receive train. ing through the Encouraging Young Readers Program developed by. the Faculty of Education at Trent University for upper year teacher. candidates in the Queens Trent Education program The faculty has. made this program available to all Grade 11 and 12 secondary school. students who would like the opportunity to mentor developing readers. in Grades 1 4 at local public schools, Peer Tutor candidates attend a one day intensive in service course at. Trent where they receive training in the following. reading prompts, theoretical approaches to reading instruction and phonemic mor. phemic word study and comprehension strategies,learning styles. recognition of various learning disabilities and strategies for helping. students who have them, The program has been beneficial for the Grade 1 4 students and for. the tutors who report a sense of satisfaction at seeing the progress of. their students in both reading ability and confidence. Contact Norwood District High School 705 639 5332, SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2.
Bridging the gap Supporting,Grade 7 9 teachers,RAINY RIVER DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD. Facilitating board wide successful literacy,teaching practices from Grade 7 to Grade 9. and building cross panel partnerships, The Rainy River District School Board has developed a resource manual. Bridging the Gap to provide support for intermediate teachers as part. of its literacy training initiatives, Prepared by teachers and administrators to facilitate a continuum of. successful teaching practices from Grade 7 to Grade 9 the manual. provides resources that can help teachers prepare students for secondary. school and the OSSLT, The user friendly document outlines key knowledge and skills in the.
following three subject areas,language English,mathematics. Samples of completed work with exemplars of OSSLT writing tasks. are provided for teachers to use in classroom instruction In addition. an essay manual that blends the Modern Language Association and. American Psychological Association formats provides Grade 7 and 8. students with a framework for their research projects and papers. The process of creating the manual itself provided benefits intermediate. teachers from both panels came together to discuss critical topics. such as assessment the student who needs additional support and. successful teaching practices Equally important the project fostered. cross panel partnerships and provided highly effective professional. development,Contact Program Support Department 807 274 5366. C R O S S PA N E L P L A N N I N G,CROSS CURRICULAR. STRATEGIES,Content area literacy strategies,THAMES VALLEY DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD. Implementing dynamic approaches to,cross curricular literacy in two schools.
Clarke Road Secondary School, At Clarke Road Secondary School all teachers in all classes are. accountable for teaching reading and writing skills to all students. That underlying philosophy has led to the creation of a Code of. Literacy as well as cross panel professional dialogue on literacy. and a strong program of professional development,Code of Literacy. The school s Code of Literacy reads as follows, At Clarke Road Secondary School effective teachers recognize that. Literacy is developmental Concepts skills and strategies must be. Not all students reach the same development explicitly taught and modelled. phase at the same time Reading and writing tasks must be linked. Attitude can play a large part in the success to prior knowledge and experience. of students as they acquire more deeply Learning language requires social interaction. embedded literacy skills and collaboration, SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS IN L I T E R A C Y G R A D E S 7 1 2.

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