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Advanced Tutorials, The attribute must be contained between square This code produces the output shown in below It s. brackets or curly brackets The code be a basic table using the Default style definition and. low changes the font typeface to Arial Narrow No is very similar to the PROC PRINT table we modi. tice the use of quotes around the typeface name fied earlier. Because Arial Narrow contains spaces these quote,marks are necessary. ODS HTML BODY tables htm,proc print data tables noobs label. STYLE Header FONT FACE Arial Narrow,var Type Material Price. ODS HTML CLOSE,The results are shown below Now each of the table.
headings takes up less width This makes the overall. table narrower allowing you to fit more information. on the page or screen This technique can be used, to change any of the column heading attributes Once again we re going to change the heading font. We do this with the exact same technique as we,used for PROC PRINT We add a STYLE Header. option to the PROC REPORT statement,ODS HTML BODY tables htm. proc report data tables nowd,STYLE Header FONT FACE Arial Narrow. column Type Material Price,define Type group,define Material group.
define Price analysis mean,ODS HTML CLOSE,EXAMPLE 2 CHANGING TABLE HEADING. STYLES FOR PROC REPORT The new results are shown below Again we get a. Next we ll run through the same column heading table with narrower headings This technique can be. modification for PROC REPORT output We ll start used to change any of the column heading attributes. with a table similar to the previous example,ODS HTML BODY tables htm. proc report data tables nowd,column Type Material Price. define Type group,define Material group,define Price analysis mean. ODS HTML CLOSE,EXAMPLE 3 CHANGING TABLE HEADING,STYLES FOR PROC TABULATE.
To round out these examples we ll run through,making the same change for a table produced by. PROC TABULATE,Advanced Tutorials, Once again we will add a STYLE option to the change This is because these are the class level. part of the output we wish to change We ll start value headings not the class variable headings. with a table similar to the previous examples,ODS HTML BODY tables htm. proc tabulate data tables f dollar8,class Type Material. table Type Material,Price Mean,ODS HTML CLOSE,This code produces the output shown below It s a.
basic table using the Default style definition and is. very similar to the previous tables created with,PRINT and REPORT. To make all of the headings match we need to add,one more statement to our code The CLASSLEV. statement is used to apply options to class level val. ues You can use the STYLE option on the,CLASSLEV statement to change the fonts to match. the top headings,ODS HTML BODY tables htm,proc tabulate data tables f dollar8. class Type Material,STYLE FONT FACE Arial Narrow,classlev Type Material.
STYLE FONT FACE Arial Narrow, This time instead of adding a STYLE Header STYLE FONT FACE Arial Narrow. option to the main procedure call we need to do table Type Material. things variable by variable With TABULATE you Price Mean. specify styles for the row and column headings in run. the VAR and CLASS statements that identify the ODS HTML CLOSE. ODS HTML BODY tables htm,proc tabulate data tables f dollar8. class Type Material,STYLE FONT FACE Arial Narrow,STYLE FONT FACE Arial Narrow. table Type Material,Price Mean,ODS HTML CLOSE,The results are shown below Notice how the three. top headings now show the new narrower font,However the row headings do not show the same.
Advanced Tutorials, The new results are shown below ODS HTML FILE tables htm. proc print data tables noobs label,var Type Material. STYLE BACKGROUND traffic,ODS HTML CLOSE,It s the same code from our previous example The. only difference is that the VAR statement has been. split into two statements That s so the STYLE, option can be applied to just the variable Price The. style attribute we are modifying is,BACKGROUND which controls the background.
You could just specify a single background color,here such as Red or cxCC0000 which would. make the entire column of results red Instead we, This technique can be used to change any of the row will use our format This allows us to have a condi. or column headings You can also use different style tional background color Depending on the value of. attributes for each classification variable by creat each table cell the background will be set as green. ing multiple CLASS and CLASSLEV statements yellow or red The results are shown below. one set for Type and one set for Material Then,you could use a different STYLE option for each. variable The same technique also works when you,have two analysis variables you can use two VAR. statements with two different STYLE options,EXAMPLE 4 APPLYING TRAFFIC LIGHTING TO.
PROC PRINT RESULTS,What do traffic lights have to do with SAS Output. The answer is that the familiar red yellow and, green lights can be used to highlight results in your. output You use red for bad results yellow for neu,tral results and green for good results If you re. creating a large table this technique is great for fo Now the low prices show up in green the high. cusing the reader s attention on the key results prices in red and the ones in between are in yellow. However with these dark backgrounds the price, In this example we will take our familiar table and values get a bit hard to read The default font weight. use traffic lighting to mark low prices in green high is a bit light for these intense backgrounds To fix. prices in red and prices in between in yellow that we ll make the fonts bold as shown in the code. The first step is to set up a format with the colors below. we d like to use The three color settings are RGB,ODS HTML FILE tables htm.
values for red yellow and green,proc print data tables noobs label. proc format var Type Material, value traffic low 100 cx006600 STYLE FONT WEIGHT BOLD. 100 300 cxFF9900 var Price,300 high cxCC0000 STYLE BACKGROUND traffic. run FONT WEIGHT BOLD, The next step is to set up the code for the table and. ODS HTML CLOSE,then apply the format The code is shown below.
Advanced Tutorials, The font is changed to bold in both VAR statements The resulting table is shown below It looks much. so that the table will look consistent The new out like the PROC PRINT results. put is shown below,By the way you can also do traffic lighting by. changing the foreground values Instead of making EXAMPLE 6 APPLYING TRAFFIC LIGHTING TO. the cell background red yellow or green you can PROC TABULATE RESULTS. make the cell text red yellow or green The code is. For PROC TABULATE the technique for doing,the same except instead of using BACKGROUND. traffic lighting is a bit different The STYLE op,in the STYLE option you use FOREGROUND. tion settings are the same as the previous two exam. One additional note regarding this example you ples but the way to apply the STYLE option is. may have noticed that the price amounts were not different. formatted as dollar amounts That is because there is. You might thing that to apply a style to the values of. a bug in version 8 2 that prevents the use of a format. Price you would add the STYLE option to the, in this way on a variable that is already formatted.
VAR statement for Price However that would only,The problem affects only the PRINT procedure and. affect the heading for Price,not the REPORT or TABULATE procedures. To change the appearance of values within a table, EXAMPLE 5 APPLYING TRAFFIC LIGHTING TO you need to apply the STYLE option in the. PROC REPORT RESULTS TABLE statement The following code shows how. For PROC REPORT the technique for doing traffic this is done. lighting is almost the same ODS HTML BODY tables htm. You add the STYLE options to the DEFINE proc tabulate data tables f dollar8. statements that set up each table column For the class Type Material. Price column the background color is set to the var Price. format we defined previously For all of the col table Type Material. umns the font weights are set to bold to increase Price Mean. readability The code is shown below STYLE BACKGROUND traffic. ODS HTML BODY tables htm FONT WEIGHT BOLD,proc report data tables nowd run. column Type Material Price ODS HTML CLOSE, define Type group The STYLE option is added to the TABLE state.
STYLE FONT WEIGHT BOLD ment by using an asterisk operator Notice that it is. define Material group added to specification for the variable Price in the. STYLE FONT WEIGHT BOLD column dimension This can be a little confusing to. define Price analysis mean see because the statistic MEAN is also applied to. STYLE BACKGROUND traffic the variable Price Another thing to notice is that. FONT WEIGHT BOLD this time the STYLE option uses two sets of brack. run ets The additional brackets surround the entire. STYLE option These are required when adding,ODS HTML CLOSE. STYLE options within a TABLE statement,Advanced Tutorials. The resulting table is shown below Instead of using STYLE we will use a CALL. DEFINE statement This allows us to call up the,row style element and modify its attributes The. CALL DEFINE has three parameters the name of,the element being modified ROW the descrip. tion of what is being modified STYLE and the,STYLE code to make the change.
The resulting table is shown below,EXAMPLE 7 CREATING ALTERNATE ROW. SHADING FOR PROC REPORT RESULTS,While most everything you can do in PRINT and. TABULATE can be done in REPORT a few tricks, work best in PROC REPORT This is because you EXAMPLE 8 ADDING A LOGO TO A PROC. can use a COMPUTE block to calculate the output REPORT TABLE. formatting, Changing fonts and colors goes a long way to liven. A good example of this is creating a table with al ing up your output but adding graphics takes your. ternate row shading This means that the rows of results to a new level This example will show how. data alternate light and dark colors making them to add a heading with a logo to your PROC. easier to read The code for doing this is shown be REPORT results. The first thing you need to do is set up the heading. ODS HTML BODY tables htm This is done with a COMPUTE BEFORE PAGE. proc report data tables nowd statement and a LINE statement. column Type Material Price,ODS HTML BODY tables htm.
define Type group,proc report data tables nowd,define Material group. column Type Material Price,define Price analysis mean. define Type group,compute Material,define Material group. define Price analysis mean,if mod count 2 then do,compute before page LEFT. CALL DEFINE ROW STYLE,LINE Totally Tables Inc,STYLE BACKGROUND cxFFFFFF.
ODS HTML CLOSE, ODS HTML CLOSE The result is that a new row is added to the top of. the table and it contains the text given in the LINE. What this code does is figure out whether each row statement as shown in the output below Unfortu. is an even or odd number For odd numbered rows nately the row is created using the default table cell. the background color is assigned to white the de style attributes which makes it rather faint in ap. fault color is gray pearance,Advanced Tutorials,Note This example is set up for HTML output and. gives the font size using a number which represents. an HTML font size If you are creating RTF or, printer output list the font size in points for exam. EXAMPLE 8 ADDING A LOGO TO A PROC,TABULATE TABLE,Adding a logo is even easier using PROC. TABULATE You can easily place a graphic image,in the top left corner of the table using the BOX.
The style attribute information is added with a,STYLE suboption on the BOX option The. To fix the appearance of the title and add a graphic PREIMAGE style attribute allows you to name an. we can use the STYLE option on the COMPUTE image that precedes the text in the cell. statement First we ll add the graphic using the, PREIMAGE attribute This example assumes that In this example the title is added using a LABEL. the graphic is stored in the same file location as the option and then is followed by the STYLE option. HTML page we are creating The second fix we Note the unusual syntax In order to have both a. need to make is to make the font bolder bigger and LABEL and a STYLE suboption both need to be. in a brown color that coordinates with the graphic enclosed in brackets following the BOX option. compute before page LEFT ODS HTML BODY tables htm, STYLE PREIMAGE table gif proc tabulate data tables f dollar8. FONT WEIGHT BOLD class Type Material,FONT SIZE 5 var Price. FOREGROUND cx993300 table Type Material,LINE Totally Tables Inc Price Mean.
endcomp BOX LABEL Totally Tables Inc,STYLE PREIMAGE dining gif. The new results are shown below run,ODS HTML CLOSE. This code produces the following table,Advanced Tutorials. Now our table contains the logo and title in the top cluded in the Guide to the SAS Output Delivery. left corner However the headings look funny be System in the Online Documentation. cause the title is sitting at the bottom of the table. This paper has not covered how to apply a style at. cell but the heading Average Price is in the mid, tribute to the entire table or report The syntax is. dle of the cell We can use another STYLE option,actually quite simple For PROC REPORT use the.
to fix this,following code,ODS HTML BODY tables htm. PROC REPORT DATA dataset,proc tabulate data tables f dollar8. STYLE style attribute s,class Type Material, var Price STYLE VJUST B For PROC PRINT the syntax is very similar. table Type Material,PROC PRINT DATA dataset,Price Mean. STYLE style attribute s,BOX LABEL Totally Tables Inc.
STYLE PREIMAGE dining gif For PROC TABULATE the syntax is different. run You use a STYLE option at the end of the TABLE. ODS HTML CLOSE statement, The VJUST B style attribute added to the VAR TABLE page definition. statement for Price causes the heading for this vari row definition. able to be vertically justified to the bottom of the column definition. table cell The new results are shown below STYLE style attribute s. CONCLUSION,I hope this paper has encouraged you to start ex. perimenting with the new STYLE options avail,able for the PRINT REPORT and TABULATE. procedures The possibilities for output enhance,ment are endless Have fun with these techniques. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, SAS is a registered trademark of SAS Institute Inc.
in the USA and other countries indicates USA,registration. Other brand and product names are registered, trademarks or trademarks of their respective compa. CONTACTING THE AUTHOR,OTHER STYLE ATTRIBUTES YOU CAN MODIFY. Please direct any questions or feedback to the author. These few examples have only scratched the surface. at info laurenhaworth com,as far as what you can do with ODS and the PRINT. REPORT and TABULATE procedures There are, dozens of style attributes you can modify and many.
places to use them within each procedure s output, In general the same style attributes are available for. use with the STYLE options for these three proce, dures The table in Appendix A lists the attributes. and what they do,The examples in this chapter have shown how to. modify individual cells rows columns or headings,More examples of this type of modification are in. Advanced Tutorials,APPENDIX ODS STYLE ATTRIBUTES,Can be used for.
individual cells Can be used,columns rows for entire. Attribute What it affects headings table,ASIS leading trailing spaces and line breaks. BACKGROUND background color,BACKGROUNDIMAGE background image. BORDERCOLOR border color,BORDERCOLORDARK dark border color for 3 D borders. BORDERCOLORLIGHT light border color for 3 D borders. BORDERWIDTH width of border,CELLHEIGHT height of table cell.
CELLWIDTH width of table cell,CELLPADDING space between cell text and borders. CELLSPACING space between cells,FLYOVER text to display for mouse over HTML. FONT font definition face size weight style,FONT FACE font typeface. FONT SIZE font size,FONT STYLE font style,FONT WEIGHT font weight. FONT WIDTH font width,FOREGROUND text color,FRAME table frame type.
HREFTARGET window or frame to open for link,HTMLCLASS name of stylesheet to use. JUST horizontal justification,NOBREAKSPACE handling of spaces at line breaks. OUTPUTWIDTH width of table,POSTHTML HTML code to add at end of item. POSTIMAGE image to display at end of item,POSTTEXT text to display at end of item. PREHTML HTML code to add at beginning of item,PREIMAGE image to display at beginning of item.
PRETEXT text to display at beginning of item,PROTECTSPECIALCHARS handling of and characters. RULES lines between table cells,TAGATTR string to insert in HTML tag for the item. URL URL to link to when item is clicked,VJUST vertical justification.

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