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Community Unit School District 200,Administration and School Service Center. 130 West Park Avenue,Wheaton Illinois 60189 6400, Phone 630 682 2000 www cusd200 org Fax 630 682 2068. Congratulations You ve decided to substitute teach aide in Wheaton Warrenville. Community Unit School District 200 As a substitute you are a valuable contributor to. the success of the District Principals teachers parents and students value a good. substitute teacher Skilled substitute teachers aides can have a significant positive. impact on our student learning We appreciate the skills and experience you bring into. the classroom each day On behalf of the administration faculty parents and students. of the District we thank you, We hope your experiences in District 200 are positive Please take a moment to read. the information contained in the substitute handbook If you have any questions please. call the Human Resources Office or the Help Desk,Dr Jeffrey Schuler. Superintendent,QUALIFICATIONS,Substitute Teachers, Substitute teachers must possess a Professional Educator License registered with the DuPage.
County Regional Office of Education You can contact them at 630 407 5800. Substitute Aides, Instructional classroom Library and Computer substitute aides as well as Special Education. substitute aides must possess a Educator License with Stipulations ELS Individuals must. apply for a license through the Illinois State Board of Education website at www isbe net under. the ELIS Educator Credential area Additional assistance is available through the DuPage. County Regional Office of Education at 630 407 5800. Substitute Calling Procedures, To report employee absences and notify substitutes the District utilizes SubFinder an. automated substitute calling system You can access the system at the phone number or web. address below to search for available jobs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. SubFinder Phone 877 763 6405 toll free, 570 651 4588 will appear on your caller ID when SubFinder calls you for a job. SubFinder Online http cusd200 subfinderonline com, Help Desk 630 682 2404 available from 6 30am 3 00pm. GENERAL PAY INFORMATION,Compensation Paychecks, Paychecks will be distributed twice per month A notation is made on your paycheck stub to.
reflect the days you are being paid for Paychecks and direct deposit pay stubs will be emailed. 2014 2015 Pay Schedule, Please refer to your paycheck stub which clearly indicates the dates for which you are being. paid After checking your paycheck stub if you still have questions about your paycheck. contact Mary Jane Schaaf in Human Resources at 630 682 2405. Substitute teachers will not generally be asked to substitute for less than 1 2 day but will be. compensated for a minimum of 1 2 day, Substitute Teachers are required by state law to make contributions to the Illinois Teachers. Retirement System These contributions include TRS pension and THIS fund The only. exception to making these contributions is if you are retired from TRS or The Public Schools. Teachers Pension Retirement Fund of Chicago Retirees are required by law to contribute to. The Teachers Health Insurance Security THIS is a mandatory deduction sent to TRS for all. certified employees These contributions fund the Teacher s Retirement Insurance Program. TRIP Persons eligible for insurance through TRIP are TRS retirees receiving their pensions. beneficiaries receiving survivor benefits or TRS members receiving disability benefits. Substitutes are covered under Worker s Compensation insurance for any injury sustained in the. normal course of school duties Such injury must be reported immediately to the principal of. the school and to the District s Benefits Office at 630 682 2038. Substitute Teacher Pay,Substitute Teacher Full Day 85 00. Substitute Teacher Half Day 42 50, Long term Substitute Teacher Half Day 57 50 Full Day 115 00. Please see the section entitled Explanation Of Long Term Substitution. Combined am and pm assignments will be paid at the appropriate daily rate. Long term assignments are defined as Regular Substitutes 15 or more consecutive days. Permanent Substitutes 30 or more consecutive days,Substitute Aide Pay Schedule.
All Substitute Aides including Clerical Receptionist and Secretarial are paid 10 25 per hour. Aides generally work 6 5 hours for a full day and 3 25 hours for a half day However hours can. vary please listen to the hours listed on SubFinder when accepting positions. Explanation of Pay Schedule, Elementary Schools and Early Childhood Center am only or pm only assignments will be paid. at the day teaching rate Substitutes will receive a maximum of a full day s pay if they teach. both am and pm Full day and pm only substitutes are expected to remain in the school until. students have been safely dismissed at the end of the day. Middle Schools A half day at the middle school level is five 5 or less classes Full day. substitutes are expected to remain in the school until students have been safely dismissed at. the end of the day, High Schools A half day at the high school level is four 4 classes or less Full day substitutes. are expected to remain in the school until students have been safely dismissed at the end of the. Explanation of Long Term Substitution 15 or more consecutive days. To be considered long term the substitute must work for fifteen 15 or more consecutive. days in the same assignment The daily rate of pay is 115 00 Substitute teachers working in. an assignment for four 4 weeks or longer must be highly qualified as per No Child Left Behind. legislation NCLB If the substitute is absent due to personal or family illness or any other. emergency during the long term assignment it will not be considered a break in service after. the first 15 consecutive days have been met Upon return to work they will continue to receive. the higher rate of pay established However long term substitutes do not receive compensation. for days absent, Teacher Workday and Inservice Institute Day Requirements. Long term substitutes paid on a daily basis should work on teacher workdays They have the. option to attend in service institute activities but they are not paid for these days unless. requested to attend by the building principal They are not penalized for missing a day of. work They are just not paid for that day If a long term substitute is working during parent. teacher conferences they should attend the conferences They will be paid for these additional. hours at the current non student contact rate of pay by timesheet. DISTRICT PROCEDURES,Arrival Times, It is imperative that substitute teachers aides arrive one half hour before the start of classes. Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiture of your position as a. Substitute Teacher in District 200 This is required for both full day and half day assignments. Upon arrival at the school substitutes should report to the office to sign in check the mailbox. secure schedules seating charts and other pertinent information At this time substitutes. should be informed of the buildings substitute procedures. Elementary Schools 8 45 am for am or all day assignments. 12 35 pm for pm assignments, Middle Schools 7 30 am for am or all day assignments.
11 00 am for pm assignments, High Schools 6 45 am for am or all day assignments. 10 15 am for pm assignments,Emergency School Closings. In the event of an emergency school closing during periods of inclement weather snow etc. it is the substitute s responsibility to check for school closings on the District s website at. www cusd200 org Local radio and television stations will also have a list of school closings The. District is not responsible for notifying substitutes on an individual basis. You are required to wear a District 200 Substitute Staff ID badge while working in District 200. schools Board Policy 5 301R1 Upon checking in at the office at the start of your assignment. you will be issued your ID badge DO NOT TAKE THE BADGE HOME WITH YOU If you are at. the High Schools you will need to display a parking pass in your vehicle You can get this. parking pass in the School office,End of the Day, It is critical that you remain in the building for the District s School Safety Plan All students. must be dismissed safely and all necessary duties completed You may be asked to assist with. student dismissal even if you have a plan period the last hour of the day YOU MUST REMAIN. UNTIL STUDENT DISMISSAL EVEN IF A PLAN PERIOD IS AT THE END OF THE DAY. Student Safety, Each member of the staff is responsible for the safety of students in their charge A nurse is on. call for each of the schools to assist in situations requiring medical attention At the elementary. level if a child appears to be ill or hurt contact the principal s office immediately Generally a. nurse or health aide is on duty at all times at the middle and high school level. Student Discipline, The teacher has the primary responsibility for discipline in the classroom The teacher may.
obtain assistance from the principal assistant principal or other appropriate school personnel in. fulfilling this responsibility Corporal punishment may not be employed at any time Board. Policy 5 230,Personal Appearance, As an integral part of this community the District encourages you to maintain a high level of. personal cleanliness dress and grooming during regular work hours This will contribute not. only to the positive image to our community but also to the morale of your co workers You. should dress according to the requirements of your position Blue jeans t shirts with logos or. advertising sweat pants and flip flops are not appropriate attire The exception is school spirit. Work Ethic Conduct, The duties of a substitute extend beyond the classroom and the Substitute is expected to. perform other duties which have been assigned to the regular teacher Such duties might. include hall duty recess and other supervisory assignments Clarification of such duties should. be made in the morning orientation at the building Substitutes are expected to observe the. same ethical codes as regular teachers All student records are to be held in the strictest. confidence If a substitute questions conditions in a given school it is appropriate to discuss it. with the principal,DISTRICT POLICIES,Substitute Parent Building Restriction. Substitutes who have children attending District 200 schools shall be restricted from being a. substitute teacher aide in their child s building unless they have special permission from the. building principal, Authorization for Technology Access Rights and Responsibilities. Board Policy 6 235AR1 All use of technology shall be consistent with the District s goal of. promoting educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing innovation and. communication The failure of any user to follow the terms of the Authorization for Technology. Access signed at time of employment may result in the loss of privileges disciplinary action. and or appropriate legal action,Smoke Free Drug Free Work Place.
Board Policy 5 50 The manufacture distribution dispensation sale possession or use of. alcohol or illicit drugs as well as use of tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited on. schoolproperty or as part of its activities,Equal Employment Opportunity. Board Policy 5 10, Racial discrimination or harassment by any employee or student directed against any student. parent or employee shall be grounds for discipline No student parent or employee shall on. the basis of his or her race or ethnicity be denied equal access to programs activities services. or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right privilege advantage or opportunity. Sexual Harassment,Board Policy 5 20, Definition Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances sexual advances to. students by staff whether welcome or unwelcome requests for sexual favors and other verbal. or physical conduct of a sexual nature when made by any member of the school staff to a. student or another staff member Statement of Policy A learning and working environment that. is free from any form of sexual harassment is essential and shall be maintained It shall be a. violation of Board Policy for any employee of Community Unit School District 200 staff to harass. another individual in the work place Violation of this policy shall be considered grounds for. disciplinary action up to and including discharge,Blood Borne Pathogens. Certain diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV infection are transmitted by blood and certain. body fluids from one person to another Therefore it is necessary to protect yourself from. contact with these fluids in order to avoid exposure to diseases Many of the people who. actually are infected with HIV or HBV have no symptoms and are not aware that they could be. transmitting the disease This is why we use universal precautions when handling blood in the. school setting to avoid contact with anyone else s blood You must consider every person all. blood and most body fluids to be a potential carrier of infectious disease Recognize a situation. that might put you at risk and protect yourself accordingly. Disclaimer, This handbook does not create or intend to create a contract of employment either expressed.
or implied A substitute is an at will employee or independent contractor of the District and the. relationship with the District may be terminated by the substitute or the District at any time. with or without cause The District does not guarantee specific benefits or terms of. employment,FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS,What time will I receive a call for subbing. The system calls substitutes during the following times. o For same day jobs only 5 30am through Noon, o For future jobs 5 30pm through 10 00pm including weekends holidays. If I turn down a day job or aide position will I still be on the list for a full teaching position. Yes you will, Whom should I talk to if the lesson plans were not complete helpful. Try to speak with the person within the school who you initially report to for the. assignment You can also see if a school administrator is available to meet with you at. Can I leave the building when it is the teacher s regular plan period. It is expected that you would remain at the school throughout the entire time of the. assignment If you do need to leave the building for any reason you should ask in the. school office if that would be acceptable and then sign out prior to leaving. Will I get a key for the classroom I am assigned, That will be determined at each individual building. If there is something mechanically wrong with the room temperature water leak electrical. whom should I contact, You should contact the school office as soon as you discover a problem within the.
If I believe that something I will need for instruction is missing whom should I contact. First double check the notes desks counters teacher mailbox to see if the materials have. been placed in a different location Your next step would be to see if the teacher has. indicated a contact person to address questions to often a neighboring teacher with a. similar assignment If that proves unsuccessful contact the school office. Will I remain active for subbing during the next school year. You will receive a phone call letting you know the dates for pre registration call in You. will NOT receive this call if you do not sub at least one 1 time during the previous.

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