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Steel Floor,Framing Solutions,Complete packages for domestic floors. decks and additions, Stramit Building Products Stramit and Steel MAX Building Systems. Steel MAX now offer a strong versatile cost effective DIY friendly. steel floor framing system which is a complete and individually. certified solution, The system combines Stramit structural It comes complete with either. members with Steel MAX posts telescopically adjustable or screw. brackets and accessories The design and adjustable Steel MAX stumps Stramit. delivery process has been rationalised to C bearers and joists cut to length. ensure best possible customer service where possible and Steel MAX. connector brackets and fixings It can,Quick design and quote It s easy. also include large steel beams support,to get a quick design and quote for.
posts and subfloor bracing where,your project Just e mail or post your. needed to complete the system,dimensioned job plans with your contact. details and any special instructions to You receive individual job certification if. any Stramit branch or distributor required as well as installation guides. What we require for the design Quick to install Bearers and joists can. Include a clear and complete copy of be pre cut to length speeding installation. your architectural plans to provide the and saving on waste and valuable time on. designer with an accurate overview of site Posts are supplied in stock lengths. the job We need to know exactly what for cutting to size on site. you are building and how big it is so the,The long spanning steel members help. more information you provide the more,save on footings and can open the sub. accurate the quote,floor below for other use,Include dimensions loadings.
Availability The system is available,specifications soil tests and any other. from Stramit and Steel MAX distributors,data available including existing floor. throughout Australia For more details,framing designs. visit www steelmax com au or, Individual designs Because each www steelfloorsaustralia com au. floor is individually designed we can,Certification Optional engineer s.
use a wide variety of design solutions to,certificate can be issued by Steel MAX. accommodate almost any application,based on the information available at. Variations and adjustments can be made the time The certification is for the steel. easily and quickly after you receive the floor system only it does not include. Preliminary Assessment Design footings or any other structural element. above or below the floor frame,How long will it take The initial. design and quotation process will take Corrosion protection The system. just a few working days After ordering components are manufactured from. allow a few more working days for final corrosion protected steel All Stramit. construction details and engineering bearers and joists have a Z350 coating. This means they will stand up to most,Once complete delivery to site is quick. environments except for the most,and efficient,extreme situations referred to in the.
DIY friendly Your individual steel separate Stramit Residential Floor. flooring package is easy to install It s a Framing System Manual and in the Extra. Certification is undertaken by DIY friendly system specifically designed Information Items PDF available on the. independent engineers familiar, with steel floor design for your individual project Steel MAX web site www steelmax com au. The system is not suitable for Where cutting is necessary use special. applications closer than 300 metres burr free cold cutting saws Drop saws. to the coast or where it is exposed to and hand held circular saws with metal. corrosive elements and or fallout from cutting disc blades are also suitable. heavy industrial environments or similar,Components Floor frames comprise. Where extra protection is needed Stramit C channel bearers or RHS. Stramit bearers and joists manufactured bearers and channel joists supported on. from special ZAM coated steel can be Steel MAX stumps. used in conjunction with Steel MAX s,All connections are Tek screw fixed. standard Dacrotized fittings and,using Steel MAX connector brackets. hot dip galvanised stump tube to form,which are specially designed for the.
a very long lasting and corrosion,resistant structure. Joist sections used in floor designs are,Further protection can be achieved. available in various depths to suit the,by painting the members with a. required loads and spans Hot rolled,rubberized metal primer such as Wattle. steel beams and sub floor bracing are,PermaChlor PR30 or equivalent.
not part of the standard offer but can, Warning CCA or similar treated timber be supplied on special order to designs. should not be used where it is in contact by others. with zinc coated steel,All members fittings and fixings included. If this does occur sufficient full surface in each specific job application are. treatment will be necessary to all steel covered by the system certification for. members to protect them against the that job,leaching of copper on to zinc coatings. Installation Refer to the separate,and to protect against other potentially. Installation Guide for construction,corrosive elements contained in the.
treated timber,Special loads and design criteria,Termite protection Steel framing. Each floor framing system is individually,complies with the Australian Standard. designed to suit each job This can,Termite Code AS3660 1 The clear and. include domestic and light commercial,clean surface of the steel members. load applications incorporating various,exposes the trails of termites for.
wind and snow loads as well as heavy,inspection and treatment where. floor loads,Designs comply with the requirements,Fire protection Steel is naturally fire. of the BCA Individual design of each,resistant and non combustible but the. flooring system means that the design,flooring system can also be designed. criteria can be varied to suit each project,to incorporate fire resistant insulation.
products to comply with BAL Bushfire The system is not limited to domestic or. Attack Level and energy efficiency residential applications and each job is. requirements of the BCA and local assessed independently. regulations,Light industrial and commercial floors. Fixing flooring to steel joists Strip with special load requirements such. and sheet flooring can be gun nailed as mezzanines schools offices gyms. or screw fixed to the steel joists in and parking can easily be designed as. conjunction with appropriate adhesives required, If required timber battens can be fixed Disclaimer This document must be. to the tops of joists for hand nailing of read in conjunction with the separate. decking or decorative flooring Details General Notes Specification form. are included in the Installation Guide supplied with every preliminary design. This separate form contains important,Cutting steel framing members. notes hints design criteria system,Post and stump tube is supplied in. specifications and disclaimers relevant to,8m stock lengths for cutting on site.
the floor framing system,All channel bearers and joists are. supplied pre cut where possible This Stramit and Steel MAX standard. keeps the need for site cutting to a conditions of supply also apply to the. minimum supply of the floor framing system, The system is very versatile and can be adapted to most domestic light commercial. Steel Floor Framing Applications, and mezzanine applications The system is ideal for free standing structures brick. veneer brick or block base and masonry walled buildings. Stramit in plane joists and,back to back bearers supported. on Steel MAX stumps,Free Standing,Stramit in plane bearers and joists.
supported on steel stumps some joists,omitted for clarity. Brick veneer,The system works well with full brick. block walled buildings and brick or block,base perimeter walls. Mezzanine floors,Steel Floor Framing Applications, Each floor is individually designed to suit the load and spanning requirements. Large steel beams are often used as primary bearers to achieve maximum spans. for usable areas below mezzanines, Mezzanine flooring system comprising Stramit in plane floor framing and.
Steel MAX stumps with moment base plates,Moment base plates. Steel MAX Moment Base Fittings have a moment value of 5 2 kNm They are used on. support posts to help distribute heavy loads and to provide extra bracing to minimise. the need for cross bracing which may obstruct access below mezzanines. Steel MAX special 16mm cross bracing can be used in conjunction with 89 90mm. mezzanine support posts to provide up to 22kN of bracing value per set. Standard Corner,90mm Moment Bases,Steel Floor Framing Applications. Decks and verandahs are easily built as either stand alone structures or connected to. new or existing buildings Verandahs and decks may be stepped down as needed. wall frame,decking flooring,decking Joist,stump tops. main floor,Deck bearer bolted to main,floor stump top or supported. by separate deck stump,stump tube,Common deck framing to main floor connection.
Stump tops can also be,fixed to post tops to carry. verandah beams,Pressed metal caps may,be used at post tops. Ends of bearers and,joists fixed to post with,angle brackets. Sleeves support bearers and joists, Verandah posts can be fixed as stumps below to platform level or posts can continue. up to rail or roof height, Stramit C channel bearers and joists are supported on Steel MAX stumps.
Steel Floor Framing Connections, and connected by Steel MAX brackets specially designed for the system. Most connections are Tek screw fixed for ease and speed on site. Stump tops provide web,stability to C bearers,Stumps telescopically. height adjustable up to,s 75 stump,Stump bearer connection. steel max L or h end bearer joist,bracket at corner sits on stump first. with main bearer,on top of flanges,are top of end,r be bearer joist.
ete is level with,pe main floor,steel max in,40x40x200 Ma En joists. bracket rer,end bearer,section instead,of double joists. below load,bearing wall,bearer and joist connector. Steel Floor Framing Connections,Stump top with SCREW ADJUSTABLE. centre fin plate STUMP TOP,Lock nut above,load nut below.
Back to back bearers are fixed with Tek,screws through web of bearer A stump fin. plate and bearer B,Back to back bearers Screw adjustable stump. Stump tops,telescopically,adjustable,up to 75mm,Smart Stump. Stump base fitting,Telescopic stumps,Sloped footing. Bevel cut base of stump to suit footing angle, Most floor frames are designed with the floor joists running in plane between the.
Steel Floor Framing Construction, centre intermediate bearers and the outer end bearers In plane systems are also used. for decks and other applications where minimum framing depth is required. In some cases RHS outer beams are more appropriate e g for larger spans or for. transportable homes where hot rolled beams provide the strength needed for lifting. and transportation,COMPOSITE FLOOR FRAME RHS BEARERS CHANNEL JOISTS. Back to back c bearers RHS bearers,FLooring cover,Joists Joists. joist connector back to back,brackets omitted bearers. for clarity,c bearer CT 75 180 telescopic,centre fin stumps.
plate stuMPs stumps shown,between screw top,back to back stumps. bearers similar, IN PLANE JOISTS BETWEEN CHANNEL BEARERS LEFT CENTRE AND RHS BEARERS RIGHT. Series 500 Teks through bearer,stump bearer connection. teks through stump,cleat into bearer,Joists Joists. back to back bearers,centre fin plate stumps,between back to back.
in plane joists fixed between bearers,Steel Floor Framing Construction. Footings are site specific and will vary for each job depending on soil conditions wind. and structure loads and so on, Footings must be designed independently by your own local engineer based on. specific site knowledge They are NOT included in the floor system design offer. Note All footing designs and base anchor connections to be designed and certified. by others Optional footing design suggestions are available for deep reactive soil. conditions,anchors Stump,specified by,Coat with corrosion. protection paint to,100mm above footing,Bored or pad. footing designed,Stump to footings connections,Sub floor bracing.
As with footings sub floor bracing is designed for on site conditions They will also. vary depending on the stump connections to the footings as stumps cast into the. footings will need less bracing than stumps fixed to the top of the footings. Sub floor bracing must be designed independently by your own local engineer based. on the footing design and specific site knowledge Steel MAX M12 Cross Bracing sets. provide up to 15kN capacity, Although bracing system components can be supplied they are based on designs. by others Footing and sub floor bracing designs are not included in the floor system. design offer,Bracing Brackets,Bracing connections,Steel Floor Framing Fittings. Top fitting,SMART stumps,Steel MAX SHS stump tube,Smart Stumps. Post sleeve Bracing,Stump base fitting,Steel MAX Smart Stumps. Heavy duty br, CT 75 180 T 75 180 T 75 230 T 75 280 Screw tops Multi tops.
Stump tops,Channel and square 90mm moment,post bases bases. Stump bases,L bracket H bracket End joist,hinge connector. Joist connector,40 x 40 x 200,B 50 Heavy Joist connector. duty bracket wall and,beam plates,Joist connector,50 x 50 x 295. Joist connector,40 x 40 x 145,Connector brackets,DISTRIBUTOR.
Note The information contained in this document was current at time of publication and is subject to change at any time without notice. Always check with the Stramit supplier or Steel MAX to ensure the information is current. Trademark of Stramit Corporation Pty Limited ABN 57 005 010 195 Trading as Stramit Building Products. A member of the Fletcher Building Group Steel MAX is a trademark of Modular Building Components Pty Ltd. ZAM is a registered trademark of Nisshin Steel Co Ltd Dacrotized is a registered trademark of NOF Metal Coatings. PermaChlor is a registered trademark of Wattyl Australia Pty Ltd Stramit Corporation Pty Limited April 2012.

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