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WD Windows and External Doors 9,CW Curtain Walling 10. IP Internal Partitions 11,ID Internal Doors 12,IF Internal Finishes 13. EF External Finishes 15,FF Fittings and Fixtures 17. SW Sanitary Fittings and Above Ground Drainage,Systems 18. BB Builder s Work in Connection with Services 20,BP Builder s Profit and Attendance on Mechanical.
Electrical Services 21,04 MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES 22. EE Electrics 22,SB Low Voltage LV Cubicle Switchboards 25. GE Diesel Generating Sets 26,UP Uninterruptible Power Supply 27. CB Broadcast Reception 28,AC Air conditioning 29,FS Fire Services 34. SV Plumbing 37,MS Horizontal and Vertical Movement 39.
BA Building Automation 40,SP Other Specialist Services 41. 05 EXTERNAL WORKS AND DRAINAGE 42,XW External Works 42. DR Drainage 45,06 SITE DEVELOPMENT 47,SI Site Investigation 47. SF Site Formation 48,PI Piling 49,CS Caissons 50,07 STORES FURNITURE EQUIPMENT 51. GS Government Stores 51,FE Furniture and Equipment 52.
08 CONSULTANT S FEES 53,CF Consultant s Fees 53,09 OTHER WORKS 55. OW Other Works 55,10 CONTINGENCY 56,CY Contingency 56. INTRODUCTION, This booklet contains the rules of measurement for the standard set of building. elements to be used on Architectural Services Department building projects. THE PROJECT COST MODEL, The Project Cost Model on page iv shows how the total project cost is built up. from those costs relating to the normal main contract NET BUILDING COST. NBC which when added to the mechanical electrical services cost become. the GROSS BUILDING COST GBC The GBC represents the cost of the. structure above and below ground However certain site development and. external works costs need to be included and these are added to the GBC to. compute the NET PROJECT COST NPC The costs of government stores. furniture and equipment consultant s fees other works and a contingency are. added to calculate the GROSS PROJECT COST GPC,The Project Cost Model.
02 Substructure,03 Superstructure,NET BUILDING COST. 04 Mechanical Electrical Services,01 Preliminaries. GROSS BUILDING COST,05 External Works Drainage,06 Site Development. NET PROJECT COST,07 Stores Furniture Equipment,08 Consultant s Fees. 09 Other Works,10 Contingency,GROSS PROJECT COST,THE ELEMENT COST MODEL.
Each project cost is broken down into ten element groups These are shown in the. previous Project Cost Model and again in the Project Element Cost Model on page. Within each element group there are various elements Each element represents a. function of the building or its environs There are thirty seven basic elements. representing the major cost centres of the total project. To allow finer control over the apportionment of cost some elements are further. divided into sub elements This permits cost significant parts of the element to be. monitored in some details For example the Structure element is divided into Frame. Roof Upper Floors Structural Walls etc A full list of sub elements is given in. RULES OF MEASUREMENT, To standardise the preparation of cost analyses measurement rules are provided. Each element sub element is given a measurement unit for easy cost identification. Those elements given a measurement unit of ITEM assume that a lump sum value. will be allocated thereby making it unnecessary to lay down measurement rules On. the other hand all other measurement units e g M3 M2 M etc have been given. measurement rules which reflect the complexity of the measurement item. There is also a definition describing the various works which fall into each. element sub element The definition is not intended to be restrictive but if used with. the section indicating exclusions then it is not too difficult to identify the. appropriate element for a particular work item,Definition of Construction Floor Area CFA. CFA is the area to be used in describing the amount of building works completed. This is the sum of all areas at all floor levels including basements mezzanine floors. balconies and enclosed rooftop structures measured to the outer face of the external. walls including its external cladding i e the main building line and measured over. all partitions columns internal or external structures and load bearing walls party. walls stair wells lift wells escalator openings pipe and drain ducts cable riser. shafts and the like Areas of bay windows are also included. For exclusions generally decorative feature projections beyond the outer face of. external walls such as fins architrave solar shading devices and the like shall be. excluded from the calculation of CFA Also excluded are uncovered trafficable roof. areas such as external playgrounds landscaped areas and the like. The Project Element Cost Model,N 02 SUBSTRUCTURE,FN Foundations. 03 SUPERSTRUCTURE,SC Structure Reinforced Concrete. R B SO Structure Other,O EW External Walls Non structural.
WD Windows and External Doors,I CW Curtain Walling. S L IP Internal Partitions,N ID Internal Doors,E IF Internal Finishes. B I EF External Finishes P,U FF Fittings and Fixtures. SW Sanitary Fittings and Above,P G Ground Drainage Systems. L BB Builders Work in Connection L,R with Services.
D C BP Builders Profit and Attendance I,I O on M E Services M. O 04 M E SERVICES I,S EE Electrics,R O SB Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboard S. T GE Diesel Generating Sets,UP Uninterruptible Power Supply. J T CB Broadcast Reception,PR Preliminaries,E AC Air conditioning TG GAS. FS Fire Services,SV Plumbing,T MS Horizontal Vertical Movement.
BS Building Automation,SP Other Specialist Services. S 05 EXTERNAL WORKS 06 SITE DEVELOPMENT,T DRAINAGE SI Site Investigation. XW External Works SF Site Formation,DR Drainage PI Piling. CS Caissons,07 STORES FURNITURE 08 CONSULTANTS FEES. EQUIPMENT CF Consultants Fees,GS Government Stores.
FE Furniture Equipment 09 OTHER WORKS 10 CONTINGENCY. OW Other Works CY Contingency,Standard List of Elements and Sub Elements. Major Cost Code Minor Cost Code Element Sub Element. NET BUILDING COST 01 PRELIMINARIES PR PRELIMINARIES. 02 SUBSTRUCTURE FN Foundations FNSE Structural Elements. Foundations,FNBW Basements,FNGF Ground Floor Slabs. FNSU Foundation Sundries,03 SUPERSTRUCTURE SC Structure RC SCFF Frame RC. SCRF Roofs RC,SCUF Upper Floors RC,SCSW Structural Walls RC. SCSL Stairs Landings RC,SCBR Balustrades Handrails RC.
SCSU Structure Sundries RC,SO Structure Other SOFF Frame Other. SORF Roofs Other,SOUF Upper Floors Other,SOSW Structural Walls Other. SOSL Stairs Landings Other,SOBR Balustrades Handrails Other. SOSU Structure Sundries Other,EW External Walls non structural. WD Windows External Doors,CW Curtain Walling,IP Internal Partitions.
ID Internal Doors,IF Internal Finishes IFWF Wall Finishes. IFFF Floor Finishes,IFCF Ceiling Finishes,IFSF Stair Finishes. IFBF Balustrade Handrail Finishes,IFSU Internal Finishes Sundries. EF External Finishes EFRF Roof Finishes,EFWF Wall Finishes External. EFFF Floor Finishes External,EFCF Ceiling Finishes External.
EFSF Stair Finishes External,EFBF Balustrade Handrail Finishes. EFGR Green Roof Vertical Greening,EFSU External Finishes Sundries. FF Fittings and Fixtures, SW Sanitary Fittings and Above SWRW Rainwater Installation. Ground Drainage Systems SWSF Sanitary Fittings,SWSW Soil Waste Installation. SWRD Refuse Disposal,SWSU Above Ground Drainage,Systems Sundries.
BB BWIC with Services,BP Builders Profit Attendance on. M E Services, Major Cost Code Minor Cost Code Element Sub Element. GROSS BUILDING COST 04 MECHANICAL EE Electrics EEML Incoming Mains. ELECTRICAL SERVICES EEMD Main Submain,EELP Lighting Power. EECC Call Bell System,EEOS Electrical Works Associated. with Other Services,EETT Trunking Tray,EEPR Lightning Protection.
EEEB Earthing Bonding,EEGS Items Supplied by Government. EESU Electrical Sundries, SB Low Voltage LV Cubicle SBSI LV Cubicle Switchboards. Switchboards Installation,SBSU LV Cubicle Switchboards. GE Diesel Generating Sets GESI Diesel Generating Sets. Installation,GESU Diesel Generating Sets Sundries, UP Uninterruptible Power Supply UPSI Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPSU Uninterruptible Power Supply, CB Broadcast Reception CBSI Broadcast Reception Installation.
CBSU Broadcast Reception Sundries,AC Air conditioning ACCH Chilled Water System. ACCW Condenser Water System,ACHW Heating Water System. ACSC Steam Condensate System,ACFO Fuel Oil System,ACWT Water Treatment. ACAC Air Handling Distribution,ACCD Condensate Drain System. ACUA Unitary Air Conditioning,ACCR Cold Rooms,ACMV Mechanical Ventilation System.
ACSV Staircase Ventilation System,ACKE Kitchen Exhaust System. ACSE Special Exhaust System,ACEC Electrical Control System. Air conditioning,ACSU Air conditioning Sundries,FS Fire Services FSHH Fire Hydrant Hosereel. FSSS Sprinkler System,FSGE Gaseous Extinguishing System. FSAV Audio Visual Advisory System,FSAD Automatic Fire Alarm.
Detection System,FSPA Portable Hand operated,Appliances. FSES Electricity Supply Fire,FSCS Control System Fire Services. FSSU Fire Service Sundries,SV Plumbing SVRW Rainwater Recycling System. SVCW Cold Water Installation,SVHW Hot Water Installation. SVFW Flushing Water Installation,SVFF Water Supply for Fire Services.
SVES Electricity Supply Plumbing,SVCS Control System Plumbing. SVSU Plumbing Sundries, Major Cost Code Minor Cost Code Element Sub Element. MS Horizontal Vertical MSLF Lifts,Movement MSCO Conveyors. MSES Escalators,BA Building Automation, SP Other Specialist Services SPKE Kitchen Equipment. SPOS Other Specialist Installations,SPME Mechanical Plant Equipment.
NET PROJECT COST 05 EXTERNAL WORKS XW External Works XWSP Site Preparation. DRAINAGE XWRS Retaining Structures,XWSE Site Enclosures Divisions. XWRO Roads Pavings,XWDE Demolition,XWHL Hard Landscaping. XWSL Soft Landscaping,XWFE Fittings Equipment External. XWES External Services,XWUC Utility Connections,XWAN Ancillary Structures. DR Drainage DRSW Soil Surface Water,DRMH Manholes,DRST Sewage Treatment.
DRCH Channels,DRCP Catchpits,DRDC Drainage Connections. 06 SITE DEVELOPMENT SI Site Investigation,SF Site Formation. PI Piling PIPP Driven or Bored Piling,CS Caissons CSCP Caisson Piling. CSCW Caisson Contiguous Walls, GROSS PROJECT COST 07 STORES FURNITURE GS Government Stores GSBY Building Stores. EQUIPMENT GSBZ M E Services Stores,FE Furniture Equipment FECL Client Department F E.
FEDA Domestic Appliances F E, 08 CONSULTANT S FEES CF Consultant s Fees CFGX Geotechnical Consultants. CFAR Architectural Consultants,CFST Structural Consultants. CFBS Building Services Consultants,CFQS Quantity Surveying Consultants. CFOO Other Specialist Consultants,09 OTHER WORKS OW Other Works. 10 CONTINGENCY CY Contingency,GROUP ELEMENT 01 PRELIMINARIES.
Element PR Preliminaries, Rules Construction floor area measured overall to the outer face of external wall. Definition All contractor s preliminary costs not otherwise included in the unit rates. Exclusions Preliminaries under direct contract or nominated sub contracts. GROUP ELEMENT 02 SUBSTRUCTURE,Element FN Foundations. Rules Site area of building at ground floor level measured overall to the outer face. of external wall, Definition Work below and including ground floor slab. Exclusions Internal partitions upper suspended basement slabs finishes etc in. basements and finishes to the ground floor slab,Sub Element FNSE Structural Elements Foundations. Rules Site area of building at ground floor level measured overall to the outer face. of external wall, Definition Footings raft foundations pile caps ground beams tie beams structural.
walls columns etc including associated excavation and lateral support. blinding concrete reinforcement and formwork,Exclusions. Sub Element FNBW Basements, Rules Volume of basement measured to outside face of the external wall the top. side of the basement cover slab and the underside of the basement ground. floor slab, Definition Basements lift and escalator pits including associated bulk excavation and. lateral support external walls tanking and filling around external walls. Including diaphragm walls and barrettes, Exclusions Internal partitions suspended slabs finishes etc are to be included in the. appropriate superstructure element Lowest basement slabs to be included. with ground floor slabs see FNGF,Sub Element FNGF Ground floor slabs.
Rules Area measured overall to the outer face of external wall. Definition Ground floor and lowest basement slabs including reduce level excavation. hardcore filling membranes concrete reinforcement and formwork. Includes thickening out for non structural walls, Exclusions Ground beams see FNSE Service ducts see FNSU Upper basement floor. slabs see SCUF,GROUP ELEMENT 02 SUBSTRUCTURE,Element FN Foundations cont d. Sub Element FNSU Foundation Sundries, Definition Service ducts including excavation concrete reinforcement and formwork. Underpinning and all temporary support,Exclusions,GROUP ELEMENT 03 SUPERSTRUCTURE. Element SC Structure Reinforced Concrete, Rules Construction floor area measured overall to the outer face of external wall.
Definition All structural elements of the building above ground floor slab constructed. in reinforced concrete, Exclusions Steel structures brick structures and infill walls timber and other types of. Sub Element SCFF Frame Reinforced Concrete, Rules Construction floor area measured overall to the outer face of external wall. Definition Columns and beams fins and projections where part of columns and beams. including reinforcement formwork fair faced formwork finishes Portal. frames Includes pre cast concrete units, Exclusions Concrete casing to steel framed buildings see SOFF. Sub Element SCRF Roof Reinforced Concrete, Rules Gross roof area measured overall on plan to outer face of external wall. rainwater gutter verge or eaves, Definition Roof slabs rainwater gutters verge or eaves upstand kerbs including.
reinforcement formwork fair faced formwork finishes. Includes pre cast concrete units,Exclusions Parapet wall see SCSW. Sub Element SCUF Upper Floors Reinforced Concrete, Rules Area measured overall to the outer face of external wall. Definition Suspended floors upper basement suspended floors mezzanine floors. balcony floors including reinforcements formwork fair faced formwork. finishes Includes pre cast concrete units,Exclusions Floor support beams see SCFF.

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