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For a complete list of FSA publications please contact. Fluid Sealing Association,994 Old Eagle School Road. Suite 1019,Wayne PA 19087 1866,Phone 610 971 4850,Fax 610 971 4859. Email info fluidsealing com,or visit our web site at www fluidsealing com. Copyright 2002, No duplication without the written consent of the Fluid Sealing Association. FLUID SEALING ASSOCIATION STANDARD,STANDARD TEST METHOD FOR PERFORMANCE.
OF NON METALLIC FLAT GASKETS IN HIGH PRESSURE SATURATED STEAM. 1 1 This test method provides a means of assessing the performance of various non. metallic flat gasket materials in saturated steam service under controlled. conditions It is particularly useful for assessing the performance of non asbestos. gasket materials While the test is designed primarily for flat gaskets it also can be. applied to various form in place gasket materials upon modification When. desired the test may be used as acceptance rejection criteria when test conditions. and or maximum weight loss leakage are agreed to by user and supplier. 1 2 This standard may include hazardous materials operations and equipment This. standard does not purport to address all of the safety problems associated with its. use It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate. safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory. limitations prior to use,2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS, 2 1 American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM Standards F104 A193. 2 2 American National Standard Institute ANSI Standards B16 5 B16 21. 2 3 Torque Tensioning Part II written by Dr H E Trucks Fastener Technology. December 1987 issue, 2 4 ESA FSA Guidelines for Safe Seal Usage Flanges and Gaskets Publication No. 009 98 Recommended Bolt Torquing Sequence,3 APPARATUS. 3 1 The test equipment shall consist of the following components. 3 1 1 Hot Air Circulating Oven Equipped with temperature controls capable. of maintaining temperatures up to 570o F 5o F 299 o C 3 o C. 3 1 2 Scales Capable of maintaining an accuracy of 0 1 gram with a. nominal capacity of 12kg, 3 1 3 Flange Fixture A 2 cast steel 600 Class fixture made from one weld. neck flange capped by welding to boiler code and one blind flange. Appendix A Flange surfaces of 275 325 RMS micro inches 7 0 8 3. micrometer flatness range 0 002 0 05mm Each fixture should have. an identification number, 3 1 4 Flange Protectors To help assure safe operation use of standard metal.
flange protectors is recommended,3 1 5 Fasteners,Seven 7 5 8 bolts 4 long per ASTM A193 B7. One 1 calibrated bolt modified by the insertion of a calibration pin as. detailed in Appendix A, Eight 8 5 8 hexagonal nuts per ASTM A194 Grade 4 course thread. Sixteen 16 5 8 hardened steel washers 38 45 HRC Grade 8. 3 1 6 Calibrated Dial Indicator Graduated to 0 0001 0 0025mm equipped. with a 90 degree conical contact point to be used in conjunction with. adapter shown in Appendix A, 3 1 7 One 1 calibrated torque wrench with a minimum capacity of 70 ft lbs. 3 1 8 One 1 calibrated torque wrench with a range of 0 200 in lbs 0 23 N m. Note Fixture and assembly in Appendix A may be purchased from. Alabama Specialty Products Metal Samples Division,152 Metal Samples Road PO Box 8. Munford AL 36268,Phone 256 358 4202 Fax 256 358 4515.
Home Page www metalsamples com,3 2 Preparation of Apparatus. 3 2 1 Prior to running any tests the integrity of the assembled test fixture should. be checked at a temperature at least 100 F 38 C higher than the test. temperature without exceeding the temperature pressure rating for the. flange A standard gasket material approved for these service conditions. must be used with water as the test fluid, 3 2 2 The maximum use temperature for the fixture with Saturated Steam is. 563o F 295o C Therefore if a test temperature is not specified this. maximum should be used as the default However any temperature that. does not exceed this limit may be used if agreed upon by the user and. 3 2 3 Follow the steps in Section 9 Procedure for one cycle whose minimum. is 24 hours Make sure that the gasket is acceptable for that temperature. 4 TEST SPECIMEN, 4 1 The test specimen shall be a Class 600 2 50mm ring gasket It is. recommended that a 1 16 1 5mm thick gasket be used However other. thickness can be used if agreed to by user and supplier. 1 Reference ANSI B16 21 Table 8 for gasket dimensions. 2 Reference ASTM F104 for thickness tolerance, 3 Preconditioning of the test gasket is not necessary since this test is. designed for shelf stock gaskets,5 FLANGE LIMITS, 5 1 Ensure that the test pressure never exceeds the pressure temperature rating of the.
flange class,Class 600 Cast Steel, 400o F 205o C Limited to 1 270 psig 88 6 bar or 8 87 MPa. 500o F 260o C Limited to 1 200 psig 83 8 bar or 8 38 MPa. 600o F 316o C Limited to 1 095 psig 76 6 bar or 7 66 MPa. 700o F 371o C Limited to 1 065 psig 74 5 bar or 7 45 MPa. 6 TEST LIMITS, 6 1 Below are listed some temperature pressure properties for saturated steam from. the steam table, 400o F 205 o C generates 235 psig 16 2 bar or 1 62 MPa. 450o F 232 o C generates 405 psig 27 9 bar or 2 79 MPa. 500o F 260 o C generates 665 psig 45 8 bar or 4 58 MPa. 540o F 282 o C generates 945 psig 65 1 bar or 6 51 MPa. 550o F 288 o C generates 1035 psig 71 3 bar or 7 13 MPa. 563o F 295 o C generates 1145 psig 78 9 bar or 7 89 MPa. 7 BOLT TORQUE GUIDELINES, 7 1 The recommended assembly torque is 65 5 ft lbs 88 7 N m which. produces a gasket stress of approximately 11 000 psi 75 8 MPa This calculation. is based on the use of molybdenum disulfide grease as the bolt lubricant. Section 8 1, 7 2 We suggest reviewing the article Torque Tensioning Part II by.
Dr H E Trucks found in Fastener Technology dated December 1987. 7 3 Various assembly torques can be used provided there is an agreement between. testing parties and provided the gasket stress is never less than 4350 psi 30 MPa. 8 BOLT LUBRICANT, 8 1 High temperature resistant molybdenum disulfide grease Crown No 67041. manufactured by North American Professional Products Material may be. purchased directly from the manufacturer or from their 1 000 distributors in the. North American Professional Products,91 Caldari Rd. Concord Ontario Canada,Phone 800 461 3131 or 905 669 9855. 9 PROCEDURE, 9 1 A minimum of two test assemblies is recommended per gasket type tested. 9 2 Ensure that the flange assembly has been thoroughly cleaned and that the exposed. s surfaces of the flanges are free of all residues from previous tests Inspect for. nicks scratches or serious defects Recondition when required. Caution It is important that the flanges are checked to ensure that the surfaces. remain within the correct roughness and flatness range. 9 3 Ensure that the bolts nuts and washers are not damaged and that the nut can be. freely assembled to the bolt,9 4 Cut standard ANSI 2 Class 600 ring gaskets.
9 5 Clean bolt threads nuts and washers with an organic solvent Then lubricate. bolts nuts and washers Do not lubricate the dial indicator adapter assembly or. the part of the calibrated bolt that it will contact since the presence of lubricants on. these components can adversely affect bolt elongation readings Do not coat. gasket or flanges with any kind of release material. 9 6 Assemble the fixture as follows, i Put the empty weld neck flange on the scale and tare it. i Pour 125 ml of water in the flange and record the exact weight of water. iii Tare the scale and center the gasket onto the raised face of the weld neck. flange and record gasket weight Gw, iv Put the blind flange carefully on the weld neck flange and install the bolts. washers and nuts finger tight, v Install the dial indicator assembly dial indicator mounted on adapter over. the calibrated bolt with a calibrated torque wrench set to 40 in lbs. 4 6 N m and zero the dial Lock the dial indicator in the zero position. then remove the dial indicator assembly carefully, vi Using a calibrated torque wrench torque the bolt according to the FSA. recommended cross pattern see ESA FSA Guidelines for Safe Seal. Usage in three increments of 20 5 ft lbs 27 7N m and finally one. cycle at 65 5 ft lbs 88 7 N m Then torque each bolt consecutively. in a counter clockwise pattern at 65 ft lbs 88 N m doing the first bolt a. second time, vii The tightening process must be complete in 15 minutes.
viii Ten minutes after completing the tightening process shown in. Paragraph vi torque again with the FSA cross pattern to 65 ft lbs. 88 N m Finally tighten each bolt consecutively in a counter clockwise. pattern to 65 ft lbs 88 N m doing the first bolt a second time. ix Re install the dial indicator assembly over the calibrated bolt using a. calibrated torque wrench set to 40 in lbs 4 6 N m Take the reading and. record this value as Lo Remove the dial indicator assembly carefully. xi Install the flange protector weigh the assembly and record the weight as. NOTE A separate dial indicator assembly dial indicator mounted on. adapter will be required for each calibrated bolt used in the test. 9 7 Place the test rigs in the oven and raise the temperature so the test temperature is. reached no sooner than in 30 minutes Ideally a temperature rate of rise of 1 o C. min is preferred, NOTE The test can be run with the steam in contact with the gasket by locating. the fixture in the oven with the liquid chamber down steam phase Or the gasket. can be in contact with the test liquid by reversing the fixture and the liquid. chamber will be up wet phase, NOTE The Weekly Steam Cycle in Appendix B is suggested This weekly. cycle consists of two cycles allowing time for the technician to take all the. measurements in a normal 5 day working week, 9 8 After the indicated time at the chosen temperature cool down the oven to room. temperature no sooner than 30 minutes Ideally a cool down rate of 1 o C min is. 9 9 Remove the test rig from the oven and weigh it Record the weight as Wr. 9 10 Repeat the Steps 9 7 9 8 and 9 9 for a minimum of 10 cycles and 1000 hours. Test hours will include the ramp up time for the fixture and the time held at. temperature but not the cool down time If the Weekly Steam Cycle in. Appendix B is followed a seven 7 week test will comprise 1064 hours. NOTE Cycles can vary from the above provided there is an agreement between. testing parties However any change from the above default schedule must be. noted in the report, 9 11 After the final cycle is completed measure and record the weight of the fixture. install the dial indicator adapter as in Step 9 6 ix take the reading and record as. 9 12 Dismantle the fixture and record any relevant observations. 10 CALCULATION,10 1 Water loss,W Water loss in percent.
W w Initial water weight,Wt Initial total assembly weight. Wr Assembly weight after each cycle,W Wt Wr x 100, NOTE Weight loss due to the gasket and the lubricant should be determined by. running a dry test for a few cycles Results should be used to confirm what affect. they have on precision of W,10 2 Bolt Elongation,L Bolt elongation loss in percent. Lo Initial bolt elongation,Lf Final bolt elongation. L L0 Lf x 100, 11 1 Report the following information on the form attached as Appendix C.
11 1 1 Gasket identification and thickness under Product Description. 11 1 2 Initial bolt torque in ft lbs and calculated gasket stress in psi under. 11 1 3 Indicate wet or steam phase under Condition. 11 1 4 Total number of cycles and total hours,11 1 5 Temperature of the oven. 11 1 6 Weight loss at each cycle,11 1 7 Bolt elongation loss in percent. 11 1 8 General observations under Comments, NEITHER THE FLUID SEALING ASSOCIATION NOR ANY OF ITS MEMBERS MAKE. ANY WARRANTY CONCERNING THE INFORMATION OR ANY STATEMENT SET. FORTH IN THIS STANDARD AND BOTH EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY. FOR INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RISING OUT OF DAMAGE TO. EQUIPMENT INJURY TO PERSONS OR PRODUCTS OR ANY HARMFUL. CONSEQUENCES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE INFORMATION OR RELIANCE. ON ANY STATEMENT SET FORTH IN THIS STANDARD,APPENDIX B. WEEKLY STEAM CYCLE,APPENDIX C,FSA STEAM TEST STATUS WORK SHEET.
Product description TEST,Condition Wet or Steam Date started. Fixture Comments,Calibrated bolt,Gasket weight G w g. Water weight Ww g,Total weight W t g,Initial bolt elongation L 0 in. NOTE The following data is recorded after each cycle. Cycle Date Cumulative Temp Weight Bolt Elongation Water loss Bolt Elongation.

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