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S No Particular Page No s,1 Library advisory committee 3. 2 Functions of library 4,3 Library staff 4,4 Amount spent on books journals 5. 5 Amount spent on ict devices 5, 6 List of available books printed journals e journals digital library 7. facilities,7 Library facilities 8,8 Library timings 12. 9 Membership procedure 13,10 Circulation rules 13,11 Loose damage of book and barcode labels 13.
12 General rules 14, 13 Branch wise distribution of books and journals 14. 14 List of Printed Magazines Journals and Technical Journals 15. 15 List of open access journals e books etc 18,16 Infrastructure facilities 21. 17 Library computerization 21,18 Bar code based circulation system 22. 19 Collection development stock verification policy 22. 20 Timetables 23,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 2. LIBRARY ADVISORY COMMITTEE, Library advisory committee The Library has an advisory committee involving.
representatives from all academic departments The Committee members meet twice in. S No Name of the Member Designation,1 Dr A B Srinivasa Rao Principal SVIET Chairman. 2 Sri Jyothilal Nayak B HOD of EEE Coordinator,3 Sri P Venkateswara Rao Librarian Member. 4 Sk Hidayatullah Asst Prof of S H Member,5 P Charitha Krishna Asst Prof of Mech Member. 6 M Krishna Kumari Asst Prof of CSE Member,7 K Swarajya Lakshmi Asst Prof of ECE Member. 8 P Srikanth Asst Prof of EEE Member,9 Ch Giri Phani Asst Prof of Civil Member.
10 M Durga Srilatha 3rd CSE B Student Member,11 D Karthikeyan 2nd CSE A Student Member. 12 J Guna Sekhar 3rd EEE Student Member,13 M Lohitha 2nd EEE Student Member. 14 K Sri Sai Krishna 1 st CSE A Student Member,15 K Dhanusha 1st CSE A Student Member. 16 C Vijaya Kusuma 3rd ECE A Student Member,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 3. S No Name of the Member Designation, 17 Y T Subrahmanyeswara Rao 3rd ECE B Student Member.
18 B Vara Prasad 3rd Mech Student Member,19 T Harsha Priya 2nd Mech Student Member. 20 K VK H Jithendra 3rd Civil Student Member,21 S M Afreen 3rd Civil Student Member. FUNCTIONS OF LIBRARY, F01 By procuring comprehensive range of documents including books manuscripts journals. magazines newspaper etc on various subjects, F02 Organizing huge collection of documents it keeps them in different sections on the basics of. their categorization like text book section reference section journal section project books. F03 The library interacts with different information networks to give easy access to e sources. data to more users so that they could access the desired information even from their. F04 It also provides entertainment and healthy leisure to user by providing different. newspapers magazines short story books internet facility etc. F05 It provides reference service through reference section to establish a contact between the. right reader and the right document in a personal way to attract more users. F06 Providing of photocopy printing facilities, F07 Providing design codes and manuals for exams like steel tables design data hand book etc.
F08 To maintain and operate an infrastructure that allows among other things suitable study. documentation storage preservation presentation and research conditions. SVIET Central Library Handout Page 4,LIBRARY STAFF. S No Name Designation Qualification Experience Workshop. in Years Attended,1 P Venkateswara Rao Librarian M A M L I Sc P. GD LAN 19 4,2 S V V Naga Asst M L I Sc,Malleswari Librarian. 3 R Ch Yoganand Asst M L I Sc,4 I Naga Sundaram Attender SSC. AMOUNT SPENT ON BOOKS JOURNALS, Academic Year Library Journals Library Books TOTAL.
Maintenance, 2015 16 2 30 885 00 3 52 650 00 10 89 970 00 16 73 505 00. 2016 17 2 72 532 00 3 70 300 00 14 99 085 00 21 41 917 00. 2017 18 2 53 932 00 2 53 640 00 8 98 567 00 14 06 139 00. 2018 19 10 551 00 30 874 00 2 57 061 00 2 98 486 00. up to December 2018,GRAND TOTAL 55 20 047 00,AMOUNT SPENT ON ICT DEVICES. COMPUTERS PURCHASE DETAILS, S NO Year Description Qty Vendor Total Bill No Date. 1 2008 HCL Computer with 01 HCL Info 19 600 00 0000030096. LX Busybee Alpha systems Ltd 11 09 2008,Z320 1GB DDR Puducherry. 160GBMemory,LCDMonitor 20X,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 5.
DVD WRITER and,Head phones, 2 2009 Wipro Computers 08 Wipro 1 30 000 00 0003156194. with 1GB DDR Limited 21 08 2009,160GB memory Puducherry. Color monitor,DVD ROM and,Head phones with, 3 2010 Wipro Computers 04 Wipro 59 455 00 0004104179. with 1GB DDR Limited 20 09 2010,160GB memory Puducherry. Color monitor,DVD ROM and,Head phones with,4 2011 Wipro Desktop 07 DBA 1 12 700 00 96.
2GB DDR RAM Technologies 08 08 2011,320 GB HDD 18 5 Vijayawada. TFT monitor and,Head phones with,TOTAL AMOUNT 3 21 755 00. XEROX MACHINES PURCHASE DETAILS, Year Description Qty Vendor Amount Total Bill No date. 2015 16 Canon Laser 1 Accutech 63 960 00 63 960 00 T 0274 08. Digital Copier Infosystems 09,with Network Pvt Ltd 22 05 2008. Printer with Hyderabad,Toner Model,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 6.
BARCODE PRINTER AND SCANNER PURCHASE DETAILS, Year Description Qty Vendor Amount Total Bill No date. 2008 09 Barcode 1 Pearl ID 35 450 00 35 450 00 07 10 2008. Printer Cards 25 04 2016, LIST OF AVAILABLE LIBRARY BOOKS PRINT JOURNALS E JOURNALS. DIGITAL LIBRARY FACILITIES,1 Total volumes 21161,2 Issue Section Books 18427. 3 Titles 2645,4 Current Journals 37,5 National Periodicals Print 15. 6 International Journals 22,7 Back volumes of journals 1129.
8 Project Reports 508,9 Magazines 12,10 Carpet area 450 sqm. Reading area 200sqm Stack area 150sqm Digital Library 80sqm Others 20sqm. 11 E Information Resources,CD s DVD s 1317,E Books 1589. Databases NPTEL25000Video courses,Online journals 907. Open access journals Through DELNET 526,NDL 1 86 102. 12 Special collection,Competitive Examinations Books 50.
SVIET Central Library Handout Page 7,LIBRARY FACILITIES. Digital Library Online access to the e resource of the Digital Library portals of. Noble Infotech These e resources are IP enabled can be accessed inside the. digital library, o Internet Facility Library is having 20 PC s with internet facility at the. speed of 2 Mbps system,o Local area network The Library has LAN facility. OPAC Online public access catalogue All the library transactions are. computerized and On Line Public Access Catalogue has been introduced Users. can search the books details via author wise search title wise search subject wise. search and how many copies are available in a particular title. Computerized issue return of books To facilitate faster issue and return of. books and for easy tracing of the books issued the college library books are being. issued returns through the ECAP software with bar coded technology. Category of membership No of Books Period of Loan,Students 6 15 days. Faculty Teaching 8 One Semester,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 8.
Book Bank Library is having about 1062 books in SC ST book bank scheme. SC ST students are entitles to borrow 6 books from book bank in a semester. Reference Desk Readers may approach the Reference Desk for information or. any assistance in the use of the Library Collections and Services. Periodical Section Contains both Technical and Non Technical Journals of. National and International origin are displayed and kept available for the. reference of students and faculty members, Reference Section The library consists of about 2 734 reference books on all. Engineering branches Science Humanities English and Encyclopedia. Directories Biography Atlases Dictionaries The library also has a collection. of rare books, o Reference referral services Library provides books to refer inside the. library One copy of all the titles has kept for reference Apart from that. SVIET Central Library Handout Page 9, we have good collection of reference books like Encyclopedia Britannica. dictionaries Biography Atlases thesaurus some standard technical titles. o Question paper service Previous years Question papers are available. year and branch wise in print soft copies and will be provided to users to. take photocopies, o Project report service One copy of Students projects of all previous. years is maintained in library and providing for reference. o Curriculum Book Service University Curriculum books of all branches. are available for reference,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 10.
Reading Halls The Reading Hall consists of comfortable tables chairs with a. seating capacity for 60 users,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 11. Photocopy and printing services, The Central Library offers photocopying and printing service to all its members. LIBRARY TIMINGS,Working days 8 00 AM to 8 00 PM,Circulation Hours 9 00 AM to 6 00 PM. Xerox Timings 9 00 AM to 6 00 PM,Internet Timings 10 00 AM to 6 00 PM. SVIET Central Library Handout Page 12,MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURE.
Give details in membership form available at Library circulation counter. Hand over at circulation counter,Keep 2 stamp size photographs ready. Borrower s Books Pass Book will be issued to issue return the library books. CIRCULATION RULES, Books are issued and renewed at the circulation counter Users are responsible for all the. entries made in the borrower register Borrowers should be present his her identity card. while borrowers renewals, For renewal books must be brought to the circulation counter in the person To avoid. overdue charges Re 1 per day books should be return before the due date mentioned. on the date slip, The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages chapters pictures etc. while borrowing the books, No book in the damage condition will be accepted from the reader mutilated or spoiled.
books will have to the replaced by the borrower, Once books issued can t be returned back on the same day. LOSS OF DAMAGE OF BOOKS AND BARCODE LABELS, Damage or loss of books must be reported immediately for the rules for replacement of. loss book kindly contact the circulation section, If any book damage or loss the concerned shall be liable to submit the latest edition of. Any tampering or removal of the barcode label will result in s fine of Rs 10. SVIET Central Library Handout Page 13,GENERAL RULES. Users must keep their belongings in specified space provided at the entrance however a. note book calculator may be allowed inside, Identity card should be shown at the checkpoint on demand.
Sign in the register kept at the checkpoint while entering the Library. Visitors should obtained prior permission from the authorities before utilizing the. Decency and Decorum Should be maintained in the Library. Members are free to browse through the books Books taken out of the shelves. Readers shouldn t mark underline write tear pages or damages the books. Show the documents which are being taken out of the Library to the staff at the. checkpoint, Books lost by the Borrowers have to be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian. failing which fines will keep on accumulating Replace the book within the time. Each borrower is responsible for the book issued on that card Hence borrowers are. requested not to exchange the books with others, No due certificate will be issued at the end of course completed. Change of Department Status and Address etc to be informed immediately. Use the dustbins provided in the reading area and help us to maintain library clean tidy. Anyone who violates of the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to loss the. privilege of the membership,BRANCH WISE DISTRIBUTION OF BOOKS AND JOURNALS. S No Branch Titles Volumes Interactional National Magazines. Journals Journals,1 CIVIL 332 2932 3 2 2,2 EEE 320 2288 6 1 1. 3 MECH 357 2962 6 3 0,4 ECE 447 3581 3 2 1,5 CSE 659 4906 3 2 2.
6 BS H 530 4492 1 5 6,TOTAL 2645 21161 22 15 12,SVIET Central Library Handout Page 14. LIST OF PRINTED MAGAZINES JOURNALS TECHINCAL JOURNALS. PRINT MAGAZINES,SL NO TITLE FREQUENCY,1 India Today Weekly. 2 Employment News Weekly,3 Corporate Citizen Forth Nightly. 4 CSIR News Forth Nightly,5 Down to Earth Forth Nightly. 6 Construction world Monthly,7 Electronics For You Monthly.
8 Open Sources For You Monthly,9 Science Reporter Monthly. 10 Sri Rama Krishna Prabha Monthly,11 Telugu Vidhardht Monthly. 12 Infrastructure Today Bi Monthly,PRINTED JOURNALS. 1 Indian concrete journal Monthly,2 Journal of structural engineering Bi monthly. 3 Journal of electrical engineering Quarterly, 4 Indian journal of engineering and material science Bi monthly.
5 Indian foundry journal Monthly,6 IEEMA Journal Monthly. 7 Journal on electronics engineering Quarterly,8 Journal on software engineering Quarterly. 9 SADHANA engineering science Monthly,10 PRAMANA journal of physics Monthly.

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