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Operation and maintenance,Notices for operation,Notices for use. Names and functions of each part,Operation of wireless remote control. Emergency operation,Clean and care,Troubleshooting. Installation service,Notices for installation,Installation dimension diagram. Install indoor unit,Install outdoor unit,Test operation and check after installation.
Installation and Maintenance of Healthy Filter, The figures in this manual may be different with the material objects please refer. to the material objects for reference, This symbol stands for the items This symbol stands for the items. should be forbidden should be followed, Do not dispose this product as unsorted municipal waste. Collection of such waste separately for special treatment. is necessary,Notices for operation, Please read the following carefully before operating. When the voltage Be sure to pull out Never splice the. is very high the the power plug as power cord or use. components would be easily the air conditioner not in use an extended cord. damaged when the voltage for a long time, is very low the compressor Otherwise the accumulated.
vibrates terribly and that the dusts that may cause over. refrigerant system will be heating or fire,damaged the compressor. and electric components,cannot work the voltage,should be stable there. shouldn t be big fluctuation,It can cause overheating or. Don t leave windows Don t block the air The power supply. and doors open for intake or outlet vents must adopt the. a long time while operating of both the outdoor and indoor special circuit that with air. the air conditioner units switch protection and assure. It can decrease the air It can decrease the air conditioning it has enough capacity. conditioning capacity capacity or cause a malfunction The unit will be turned. on or off according to your,requirement automatically. please do not turn on or turn,off the unit frequently other.
wise disadvantage effect may,be caused to the unit. When having a Keep combustilble Don t attempt to, burning smell or spray away from the repair the air. smoke please turn off the units more than 1m conditioner by yourself. power supply and contact,with the service center, If the abnormity still exists The wrong repair will lead to. the unit may be damaged It can cause a fire or explosion an electric shock or fire so. and may cause electric you should contact the service. shock or fire center to repair,Notices for operation. Please don t cut off or damage the To adjust the airflow direction. power cords and control cords appropriately When operating. If they are damaged please ask the qualified the unit to adjust the vertical and lateral air. personnel to change them flow direction by use of remote controller. Swing louver Guide louver, Don t insert your hands or stick into Don t blow the wind to animals.
the air intake or outlet vents and plants directly It can cause. a bad influence to them, Don t apply the cold wind to Don t use the air conditioner. the body for a long time for other purposes such as. It can cause the health problems drying clothes preserving foods etc. Splashing water on the air Don t place a space heater. conditioner can cause an electric near the air conditioner. shock and malfunction,Notices for use, Working principle and special functions for cooling. Air conditioner absorbs heat in the room and transmit to outdoor and discharged so that. indoor ambient temperature decreased its cooling capacity will increase or decrease by. outdoor ambient temperature,Anti freezing function. If the unit is running in COOL mode and in low temperature there will be frost formed on. the heat exchanger when indoor heat exchanger temperature decreased below 0 the. indoor unit microcomputer will stop compressor running and protect the unit. Working principle and special functions for heating. Air conditioner absorbs heat from outdoor and transmits to indoor in this way to increase. room temperature This is the heat pump heating principle its heating capacity will be. reduced due to outdoor temperature decrease, If outdoor temperature becomes very low please operate with other heating equipments. Defrosting, When outdoor temperature is low but high humidity after a long while running frost will.
form on outdoor unit that will effect the heating effect at this time the auto defrosting. function will act the heat running will stop for 8 10mins. During the auto defrosting the fan motors of indoor unit and outdoor unit will stop. During the defrosting the indoor indicator flashes the outdoor unit may emit vapor. This is due to the defrosting it isn t malfunction. After defrosting finished the heating will recover automatically. Anti cool wind function, In Heat mode the following three kinds of status if indoor heat exchanger hasn t achieve. certain temperature that indoor fan motor will not start in this way to prevent blowing cool. wind within 3mins, 1 Heat operation just startedup 2 After Auto defrosting operation is finished. 3 Heating under low temperature, The climate type of this unit is according to the nameplate. Names and functions of each part,Indoor unit,Power cable. Front panel,Guide louver,Outdoor unit Connection wire.
Drainage pipe,Air in Remote control,Operation of wireless remote control. Names and functions of wireless remote control, Note Be sure that there are no obstructions between receiver and remote controller. Don t drop or throw the remote control Don t let any liquid in the remote control and. put the remote control directly under the sunlight or any place where is very hot. Signal transmitter SLEEP button,Press this button Sleep On and Sleep. Off can be selected After powered on Sleep,Off is defaulted After the unit is turned. off the Sleep function is canceled After,Sleep function set up the signal of Sleep.
will display In this mode the time of timer,can be adjusted Under Fan and Auto. modes this function is not available,FAN button,Press this button Auto Low Middle High. speed can be circularly selected After, Remote control powered on Auto fan speed is default. Under DRY mode Low fan speed only,can be set up,Low fan Middle fan. CLOCK button,Press this button the clock can be set up.
ON OFF button,signal blink and display Within 5, Press this button the unit will be turned on seconds the value can be adjusted by. press it once more the unit will be turned pressing or button if continuously. off When turning on or turning off the unit press this button for 2 seconds above. the Timer Sleep function will be canceled,in every 0 5 seconds the value on ten place. but the presetting time is still remained,of Minute will be increased 1 During blinking. repress the Clock button signal will be, MODE button constantly displayed and it denotes the. setting succeeded After powered on 12 00,Press this button Auto Cool Dry Fan.
is defaulted to display and signal will, Heat mode can be selected circularly be displayed If there is signal be. Auto mode is default while power on displayed that denotes the current time. Under Auto mode the temperature will not value is Clock value otherwise is Timer. be displayed Under Heat mode the value,initial value is 28 82 Under other. modes the initial value is 25 77 LIGHT,LIGHT button. Press this button at unit On or Off status,Light On and Light Off can be set up. AUTO After powered on Light On is defaulted,only for cooling and heating unit.
Operation of wireless remote control,Names and functions of wireless remote control. Notice This is a general use remote controller it could be used for the air conditioners. with multifunction For some function which the model dosen t have if press the. corresponding button on the remote controller that the unit will keep the original. running status,For presetting temperature increasing. Press this button can set up the temperature,when unit is on Continuously press and. hold this button for more than 2 seconds,the corresponding contents will be. changed rapidly until unpress the button,then send the information is disp.
laying all along In Auto mode the temp,erature can not be set up but operate this. button can send the signal Centigrade,setting range 16 30 Fahrenheit scale. setting range 61 86,Remote control,TEMP button,Press this button could select displaying. the indoor setting temperature or indoor,ambient temperature When the indoor unit. X FAN firstly power on it will display the setting. X FAN button temperature if the temperature s displaying. status is changed from other status to, PressingX FAN button in COOL or DRY displays the ambient temperature 5s later.
mode the icon is displayed and the or within 5s it receives other remote control. indoor fan will continue operation for signal that will return to display the setting. 10 minute in order to dry the indoor unit temperature if the users haven t set up the. temperature displaying status that will, even though you have turned off the unit display the setting temperature. After energization X FAN OFF is defaulted This function is applicable to partial of models. X FAN is not available in AUTO FAN or After powered on the setting temperature. displaying is defaulted according to,HEAT mode customers requirements to display if. Note X FAN or BLOW same function there is no requirement that will default. different name to display the presetting temperature. and there is no icon displayed on wireless,remote control Press this button. When displaying will display,button presetting temperature when displaying. Presetting temperature can be decreased,will display indoor ambient temperature.
Press this button the temperature can be current displaying status will not be. changed If current displays indoor,set up continuously press this button. ambient temperature if received the other,and hold for two seconds the relative. remote control signal it will display,contents can quickly change until unhold. presetting temperature 5s later will back, this button and send the order that the to display the ambient temperature. signal will be displayed all the time This function is applicable to partial of models. The temperature adjustment is unav TURBO, ailable under the Auto mode but the order TURBO button.
can be sent by if pressing this button,In Cool or Heat mode press this button. can turn on or turn off the Turbo function,After turned on the Turbo function its. signal will be displayed When switching,the mode or changing fan speed this. function will be canceled automatically,Operation of wireless remote control. Names and functions of wireless remote control, Notice This is a general use remote controller it could be used for the air conditioners.
with multifunction For some function which the model dosen t have if press the. corresponding button on the remote controller that the unit will keep the original. running status,TIMER ON BUTTON,Timer On setting Signal ON will blink. and display signal will conceal the,numerical section will become the timer. on setting status During 5 seconds blink,by pressing or button to adjust the. time value of numerical section every,press of that button the value will be. increased or decreased 1 minute Hold,pressing or button 2 seconds later.
it quickly change the way of change is,During the initial 2 5 seconds ten numbers. change in the one place of minute then,the one place is constant ten numbers. Remote control,change in the tens place of minute at 2 5. seconds speed and carry During 5s blink,press the Timer button the timer setting. succeeds The Timer On has been set up,repress the timer On button the Timer.
On will be canceled Before setting the,Timer please adjust the Clock to the. current actual time,SWING UP AND DOWN BUTTON TIMER OFF BUTTON. Press this button to set up swing angle,Once press this key to enter into. which circularly changes as below TIMER OFF setup in which case. the TIMER OFF icon will blink,The method of setting is the same. as for TIMER ON,This is an universal use remote controller If.
remote controller sends the following three,kinds of status that the swing status of main. unit will be,When the guide louver start to swing up and. down if turn off the Swing the air guide louver,will stop at current position. which indicates the guide louver swings up,and down between that all five positions. Operation of wireless remote control,Guide for operation General operation.
1 After powered on press ON OFF button the unit will start to run Note When. it is powered on the guide louver of main unit will close automatically. 2 Press MODE button select desired running mode, 3 Pressing or button to set the desired temperature It is unnecessary. to set the temp at AUTO mode, 4 Pressing FAN button set fan speed can select AUTO FAN LOW MID. 5 Pressing button to select the swing,Guide for operation Optional operation. 1 Press SLEEP button to set sleep, 2 Press TIMER ON and TIMER OFF button can set the scheduled timer on. or timer off, 3 Press LIGHT button to control the on and off of the displaying part of the.
unit This function may be not available for some units. 4 Press TURBO button can realize the ON and OFF of TURBO function. Introduction for special function,About X FAN function. This function indicates that moisture on evaporator of indoor unit will be blowed after the unit. is stopped to avoid mould, 1 Having set X FAN function on After turning off the unit by pressing ON OFF button indoor. fan will continue running for about 10 min at low speed In this period press X FAN. button to stop indoor fan directly, 2 Having set X FAN function off After turning off the unit by pressing ON OFF button the. complete unit will be off directly,About AUTO RUN, When AUTO RUN mode is selected the setting temperature will not be displayed on the. LCD the unit will be in accordance with the room temp automatically to select the suitable. running method and to make ambient comfortable,About turbo function.
If start this function the unit will run at super high fan speed to cool or heat quickly so that. the ambient temp approachs the preset temp as soon as possible. About blow over heat This function is applicable to partial of models. When the unit is running in Heat mode or Auto Heat mode compressor and indoor fan is running. to turn the unit off the compressor outdoor fan will stop running The upper and lower guide board. rotate to horizontal position then the indoor fan will run at low fan speed 10s later the unit will turn off. Operation of wireless remote control,About lock, Press and buttons simultaneously to lock or unlock the keyboard If the remote controller. is locked the icon will be displayed on it in which case press any button the mark will. flicker for three times If the keyboard is unlocked the mark will disappear. About swing up and down, 1 Press swing up and down button continuously more than 2s the main unit will swing back. and forth from up to down and then loosen the button the unit will stop swinging and present. position of guide louver will be kept immediately, 2 Under swing up and down mode when the status is switched from off to if press this. button again 2s later status will switch to off status directly if press this button again. within 2s the change of swing status will also depend on the circulation sequence stated above. About switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade, Under status of unit off press MODE and buttons simultaneously to switch. About new function of defrosting, It indicates after starting this function by remote controller and the unit has been under.
defrost status If turn off the unit by remote controller the unit will not stop defrosting until. it is finished if change setting mode by remote controller the function which is set last. time won t be carried out until defrosting finished. Operation of this function on or off If remote controller is under off status press mode button. and X FAN button simultaneously in order to enter or cancel this new function If the unit is under. defrost mode dual eight position on remote controller will display H1 If switch to heat mode. the position will display H1 which flickers for 5s in which case press button H1 will. disappear and setting temp be displayed, After remote controller is powered on the new defrost function will be defaulted to be closed. Changing batteries and notices, Slightly to press the place with along the arrowhead direction to push the back cover of wireless. remote control As show in figure,Take out the old batteries As show in figure. Insert two new AAA1 5V dry batteries and pay attention to the polarity. As show in figure, Attach the back cover of wireless remote control As show in figure. When changing the batteries do not use the old or different batteries. otherwise it can cause the malfunction of the wireless remote control. If the wireless remote control will not be used for a long time please. take them out and don t let the leakage liquid damage the wireless. remote control,The operation should be in its receiving range.
It should be placed at where is 1m away from the TV set or stereo sound sets. If the wireless remote control can not operate normally please take them out Sketch map for. after 30s later and reinsert if they cannot normally run please change them changing batteries. Emergency Operation,Emergency Operation, When the wireless remote control is lost or damaged please use the manual switch at this. time it is running in Auto Run mode that will not change the temperature setting value and. The manual switch can be operated as follow,At operation When the unit stopped running. press ON OFF button unit will enter into AUTO,RUN mode The microcomputer will accord to. the room temperature to select the COOL,HEAT FAN mode automatically to obtain the. comfortable effect,Manual Switch,At stopping When the unit is running press the.
ON OFF button of the manual switch the unit,will stop work. The code switch can be operated as follow,At operation When the unit is stopped running. adjust the code switch to AUTO the unit will,enter into AUTO RUN mode The microcomputer. will accord to the room temperature to select the Code Switch. COOL HEAT FAN mode automatically to,obtain the comfortable effect. At stopping When the unit is running adjusts,the code switch to STOP position the unit will.
Clean and care, Turn power off and pull out the power plug before cleaning air conditioner Or it may. cause electric shock, Never sprinkle water on the indoor unit and the outdoor unit for cleaning because it. can cause an electric shock, Volatile liquid e g thinner or gasoline will damage the air conditioner So wipe the. units with a dry soft cloth or a cloth slightly moistened with water or cleanser. Clean the front panel make sure to take it off before cleaning. Take off the front panel, Along the direction of arrows to lift the front panel. up meanwhile to hold both slots of the front panel. and take it out forcibly and then can take it off, Clean with a soft brush water and neutral detergent.
and then dry it Note Before cleaning the unit,please take down the displayer box firstly then. to wash the panel if the unit has displayer on the. front panel Never use the water above 45,to wash the panel or it could cause deformation. or discoloration,Install front panel, Place two supporters of the front panel into the slots. along the direction of arrows to cover and clasp the. front panel As show in right figure, Cleaning the air filters Recommended once every three months. Note If dust is much more around the air conditioner the air filters should be cleaned many. times After taking off the filter don t touch the fin of indoor unit in order to avoid hurt your. Clean and care,Take down the air filter, At the slot of surface panel to open an angle pull the.
air filter downward and take it out a, To clean the dust adhering to the filters you can either. use a vacuum cleaner or wash them with warm water, the water with the neutral detergent should below 45. When the filters are very dirty such as oil stain and. dry it in the shade,NOTE Never use water above 45 to wash or it can. cause deformation or discoloration Never partch it by. fire or can cause a fire or deformation,Reinsert the filters. Reinsert the filters along with the arrow head then cover. the surface panel and clasp it,Check before use, Be sure that nothing obstructs the air outlet and intake.
Check that whether ground wire is properly connected. Check that whether the batteries of air conditioner are. changed or not, Check that whether the installation stand of the outdoor. unit is damaged or not If damaged please contact the dealer. Maintain after use,Turn main power off, Clean the filter and indoor and outdoor units bodies. Repaint the rubiginous place on the outdoor unit to prevent it from spreading. Troubleshooting, Do not repair the air conditioner at your discretion Incorrect repair may cause electric. shock or fire so please contact Authorized Service Center for professional repair. Following checks prior to contact may save your time and costs. Phenomenon Troubleshooting, Air conditioner does not run upon immediately To protect the air conditioner upon. restart after a stop immediate restart after a stop the. microcomputer controller will delay,the unit for 3 minutes before the air.
conditioner will run, Air conditioner blows out bad smell when it is The air conditioner itself has no bad smell. initially started If any It is the bad smell accumulated from. environment Solution Clean the air filter,If still any problem the air conditioner shall. be cleaned Please contact Authorized,Service Center. You may hear Water Flowing noise When the air conditioner is started or the. when the air conditioner is running compressor is started or stopped during. running or the air conditioner is stopped,sometimes you may hear hua hua or di di. noise This is the flowing sound of refrigerant,other than fault.
Sometimes a thin fog will flow out of the This might occur when indoor temperature. outlet when air conditioner is running,and humidity are high This is because the. under cooling mode,indoor air is quickly cooled down. After a period of time the fog will disappear,with the decrease of indoor temperature. and humidity, You may hear a slight crack when the This is the sound of friction caused by. air conditioner is started or stopped expansion of panel or other parts due.

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