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BACK BOX FEATURES, NOTE VALUES IN PARENTHESES ARE INCHES ALL OTHERS ARE CENTIMETERS. In Ceiling Indoor, Single Back Box for Suspended or Hard Ceiling Applications with Light Gray. 13 2 Trim Ring RAL9002, Requires 13 35 cm 5 25 in Space Above Ceiling and 8 25 cm 3 25 in Below. Minimum Ceiling Thickness 1 27 cm 0 50 in Maximum 4 45 cm 1 75 in. 9 2 Aluminum Construction Acrylic Bubble, Suitable for Use in Environmental Air Handling Spaces. 15 0 5 9 0 to 50 C 32 to 122 F Sustained Operating Temperature. Environmental In Ceiling, Single Back Box RAL9011 for Hard Ceiling Applications.
11 2 Requires 11 18 cm 4 40 in Space Above Ceiling 10 92 cm 4 30 in Below. Type 4X and IP66,Includes Heater and Blower, 11 2 Minimum Ceiling Thickness 1 27 cm 0 50 in Maximum 4 45 cm 1 75 in. Aluminum Construction Acrylic Bubble, 15 0 5 9 45 to 50 C 50 to 122 F Sustained Operating Temperature. Standard Pendant, 28 2 Standard Pendant Available in Black or Light Gray Finish RAL9002. Aluminum Construction Acrylic Bubble,Uses 1 1 2 inch NPT Thread. 5 to 35 C 23 to 95 F Sustained Operating Temperature. Environmental Pendant, Environmental Pendant Available in Light Gray Finish RAL9002.
28 2 Aluminum Construction Acrylic Bubble,Type 4X and IP66. Uses 1 1 2 inch NPT Thread,Includes Sun Shield Heater and Blower. 45 to 50 C 50 F to 122 F Sustained Operating Temperature. Stainless Steel Environmental Pendant, Stainless Steel Environmental Pendant Available in Light Gray Finish RAL9002. 28 2 All Stainless Steel Construction Acrylic Bubble. Type 4X and IP66,Uses 1 1 2 inch NPT Thread,Includes Sun Shield Heater and Blower. 45 to 50 C 50 to 122 F Sustained Operating Temperature. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS,CAMERA OPTICS,Specification 20X 30X.
Sensor Type 1 2 8 inch Type Exmor CMOS Sensor 1 2 8 inch Type Exmor CMOS Sensor. Optical Zoom 20X 30X,Digital Zoom 12X 12X,Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080. f 1 6 f 3 5 focal length 4 7 mm wide 94 0 mm f 1 6 f 4 7 focal length 4 3 mm wide 129 0 mm. Horizontal Angle of View 55 4 wide 2 9 tele 59 5 wide 2 1 tele. Aspect Ratio 16 9 16 9,Light Sensitivity,Color 33 ms 0 20 lux 0 20 lux. Color 250 ms 0 025 lux 0 025 lux,Mono 33 ms 0 06 lux 0 06 lux. Mono 250 ms 0 008 lux 0 008 lux, Note Sensitivity in lux for 90 reflectance f 1 6 Note Sensitivity in lux for 90 reflectance f 1 6. wide angle 43 dB gain at 30 IRE 30 of signal level wide angle 43 dB gain at 30 IRE 30 of signal level. with Sensitivity Boost OFF 4X improvement to with Sensitivity Boost OFF 4X improvement to sensitivity. sensitivity with Sensitivity Boost ON with Sensitivity Boost ON. Day Night Capabilities Yes Yes,IR Cut Filter Yes Yes.
Wide Dynamic Range 130 dB 130 dB, Iris Control Auto iris with manual override Auto iris with manual override. Backlight Compensation Yes Yes,Automatic Gain Control Yes Yes. Active Noise Filtering Yes Yes,Electronic Image Stabilization EIS Yes Yes. SOFTWARE FEATURES AutoTracker Detects and tracks movement in the field of view When. 256 presets the AutoTracker behavior is configured the system automatically pans. 16 tours and tilts to follow the moving object until the object stops or disappears. 0 1 preset accuracy from the monitored area, Multilingual menus English Spanish Portuguese Italian German Camera Sabotage Detects contrast changes in the field of view An. French Russian Turkish Arabic Simplified Chinese and Korean alarm is triggered if the lens is obstructed by spray paint a cloth or a. Password protection lens cap Any unauthorized repositioning of the camera also triggers an. 32 window blanks configurable in size alarm, Auto Flip feature rotates dome 180 at bottom of tilt travel Directional Motion Generates an alarm in a high traffic area when a.
Configurable park with actions person or object moves in a specified direction Typical installations for. Proportional pan tilt continually decreases pan tilt speeds in proportion this behavior include an airport gate or tunnel where cameras can detect. to depth of zoom objects moving in the opposite direction of the normal flow of traffic or an. Pelco analytics including nine user configurable behaviors individual entering through an exit door. Defog modes Loitering Detection Identifies when people or vehicles remain in a. defined zone longer than the user defined time allows This behavior is. effective in real time notification of suspicious behavior around ATMs. PELCO ANALYTICS BEHAVIORS stairwells and school grounds. Spectra Enhanced includes nine user configurable behaviors The camera Object Counting Counts the number of objects that enter a defined. is capable of running up to three behaviors simultaneously although the zone This behavior can be used to count the number of people at a store. entrance exit or inside a store where the traffic is light This behavior is. number of behaviors is limited to the available processing power of the. based on tracking and does not count people in a crowded setting. camera and the type of analytic being used Object Removal Triggers an alarm if an object is removed from a. Abandoned Object Detects objects placed within a defined zone and user defined zone This behavior is ideal for customers who want to. triggers an alarm if the object remains in the zone longer than the detect the removal of high value objects such as painting from a wall or a. user defined time allows An airport terminal is a typical installation for statue from a pedestal. this behavior This behavior can also detect objects left behind at an Stopped Vehicle Detects vehicles stopped near a sensitive area longer. ATM signaling possible card skimming than the user defined time allows This behavior is idea for airport. Adaptive Motion Detection Detects and tracks objects that enter a curbside drop offs parking enforcement suspicious parking traffic lane. scene and then triggers an alarm when the objects enter a user defined breakdowns and vehicles waiting at gates. zone This behavior is primarily used in outdoor environments with light. traffic to reduce the number of false alarms caused by environmental. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS,VIDEO ANALYTICS, Video Encoding H 264 High Main or Base profiles and Required Systems for Pelco Analytics. MJPEG Pelco Interface WS5200 Advanced System Management. Video Streams Up to 2 simultaneous streams the second Software on an Endura 2 0 or later system. stream is variable based on the setup of the Open API The Pelco API can transmit behavior alarm. primary stream data to third party applications available at. Frame Rate Up to 60 50 30 25 15 12 5 10 8 333 7 5 pdn pelco com. 6 5 3 2 5 2 1 depending on the coding,resolution and stream configuration GENERAL. Available Resolutions,Construction,H 264 High Profile Back Box Aluminum. Resolution, IP GOP structure Dome Drive Aluminum thermo plastic. Aspect Maximum Recommended Lower Dome Acrylic,MPx Width Height Stainless Steel Construction.
Ratio IPS Bit Rate Mbps, 2 07 1920 1080 16 9 60 8 00 Back Box 316 stainless steel gray polyurethane. powder coated finish, 2 07 1920 1080 16 9 30 6 05 Lower Dome 316 stainless steel black polyurethane. 0 92 1280 720 16 9 30 3 00 powder coated finish, 0 36 800 448 16 9 30 2 00 Bubble Acrylic clear or smoked. Light Attenuation,0 23 640 352 16 9 30 1 80,Smoked f 0 5 light loss. Clear f 0 0 light loss,NETWORK Cable Entry back box.
In Ceiling 0 75 inch conduit fitting, Supported Protocols TCP IP UDP IP Unicast Multicast IGMP. UPnP DNS DHCP RTP RTSP NTP IPv4 IPv6 Pendant Through 1 5 inch NPT pendant mount. SNMP v2c v3 QoS HTTP HTTPS SSH SSL Weight approximate Unit Shipping. SMTP FTP and 802 1x EAP In Ceiling 2 6 kg 5 7 lb 4 6 kg 10 2 lb. Users Environmental In Ceiling 2 9 kg 6 5 lb 4 9 kg 10 8 lb. Unicast Up to 20 simultaneous users depending on Standard Pendant 3 1 kg 6 8 lb 5 0 kg 11 lb. resolution settings 2 guaranteed streams Environmental Pendant 3 7 kg 8 2 lb 5 5 kg 12 2 lb. Multicast Unlimited users H 264 Stainless Steel 6 5 kg 14 3 lb 8 6 kg 19 lb. Security Access Password protected Environmental Pendant. Software Interface Web browser view and setup,Pelco System Integration Endura 2 0 or later. Digital Sentry 7 3 or later ALARM, Open API Pelco API or ONVIF Profile G and Profile S Unsupervised Detects open or closed alarm state. Mobile Application Integrated to Pelco Mobile App Supervised Detects open and short alarm state with. Video Motion Detection Simple motion detection and camera external 1 kohm resistor. sabotage Input 3 5 VDC maximum 3 5 mA maximum, Local Storage 32 GB SD Card Relay Output 32 VDC maximum 150 mA maximum. Capture 1 5 10 second video clips on camera,sabotage motion detection or alarm input.
record video continuously in the case of,network outage with option to overwrite AUDIO. access video through FTP protocol and ONVIF Input Output Line level external microphone input. Profile G 600 ohm differential 1Vp p maximum signal. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS,Processor Intel Core i3 Processor 2 4 GHz. Operating System Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit with,DirectX 11 Windows XP Service Pack 3 with. DirectX 9 0c or Mac OS X 10 4 or later,Memory 4 GB RAM. Network Interface Card 100 megabits or greater,Monitor Minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution 16 or.
32 bit pixel color resolution, Web Browser Internet Explorer 8 0 or later or Firefox 3 5. Supports mixed IPv4 and IPv6 installations but not IPv6 only deployments. or later Internet Explorer 8 0 or later is, recommended for configuring analytics Pelco Media Player is recommended for control smoothness and reduced. latency as compared to QuickTime, Media Player Pelco Media Player or QuickTime 7 6 5 for. Windows XP and Windows 7 or QuickTime,7 6 4 for Mac OS X 10 4 or later. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS,OPERATING TEMPERATURE,Environmental Pendant.
In Ceiling Standard Pendant and In Ceiling,Temperature 24 VAC PoE 24 VAC PoE 24 VAC HPoE PoE. Sustaining Maximum 50 C 122 F 35 C 95 F 50 C 122 F 50 C 122 F 50 C 122 F. Minimum 0 C 32 F 5 C 23 F 45 C 49 F 45 C 49 F 20 C 4 F. Absolute Maximum N A 45 C 113 F 60 C 140 F 60 C 140 F 60 C 140 F. Minimum N A N A 51 C 60 F N A N A,Ice Free N A N A 30 C 22 F 30 C 22 F 10 C 14 F. Cold Start 0 C 32 F 0 C 32 F 40 C 40 F 35 C 31 F 10 C 14 F. De icing N A N A 30 C 22 F 30 C 22 F N A,Assumes no wind chill factor. Cold starts within 90 minutes at specified temperature. Removes icing of 2 5 mm 0 1 in within 3 hours after power up. PEO75U HPoE Injector Accessory required for heater operation. CERTIFICATIONS RATINGS PATENTS,OPERATING HUMIDITY CE Class A. In Ceiling indoor FCC Class A, Standard Pendant 10 to 90 RH noncondensing ICES 003 Class A.
Environmental In Ceiling UL cUL Listed,Environmental Pendant C Tick. Stainless Steel KC, Environmental Pendant 10 to 100 RH condensing ONVIF Profile S. ONVIF Profile G, Effective Projected Area EPA 20 5 square inches without mount. Cisco Medianet Media Services Proxy 2 0 compatible. 47 square inches with IWM Series mount, Environmental models including stainless steel were tested in. MECHANICAL accordance with, Dome Drive Only IEC 60068 2 1 IEC 60068 2 2 IEC 60068 2 14 IEC 60068 2 30 and IEC.
Variable Speed 0 1 to 80 sec manual pan speed 60068 2 78. Environmental pendants including stainless steel were tested in. Preset Accuracy 0 1,accordance with, Pan Movement 360 continuous pan rotation IEC 60068 2 6 and IEC 60068 2 27. Vertical Tilt 1 to 90 Environmental models meet NEMA Type 4X and IP66 standards when. Maximum Pan Speed Up to 450 per second installed properly B6 F E B6 PG E and B6 PSG E. Maximum Tilt Speed Up to 450 per second U S Patents 5 931 432 6 793 415 B2 6 802 656 B2 6 821 222 B2. 7 161 615 B2,Manual Pan Tilt Speeds,Pan 0 1 to 80 sec manual operation. Tilt 0 1 to 45 sec manual operation,Preset Speeds,Pan 450 sec. Tilt 450 sec,ELECTRICAL,Ports RJ 45 connector for 100Base TX. Auto MDI MDI X,Autonegotiate manual setting,Cabling Type Cat5e or better for 100Base TX.
Input Voltage 18 to 32 VAC 24 VAC nominal,22 to 27 VDC 24 VDC nominal. Input Power,24 VAC 24 VA nominal without heater and blower. 81 VA nominal with heater and blower,24 VDC 1 A nominal without heater and blower. 3 A nominal with heater and blower,PoE 18 W Environmental models with heater on. 15 W Non Environmental with heater off,HPoE 60 W Environmental models with heater on.
15 W Non environmental with heater off,TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. SYSTEM MODEL NUMBERS,Spectra Enhanced Spectra Enhanced. Type Back Box Color Lower Dome,2 0 MPx 20X 2 0 MPx 30X. White with Smoked S6220 FW0 S6230 FW0,In ceiling indoor. white trim ring Clear S6220 FW1 S6230 FW1,Black with Smoked S6220 YB0 S6230 YB0.
In ceiling environmental,black trim ring Clear S6220 YB1 S6230 YB1. Smoked S6220 PG0 S6230 PG0,Clear S6220 PG1 S6230 PG1. Pendant standard,Smoked S6220 PB0 S6230 PB0,Clear S6220 PB1 S6230 PB1. Smoked S6220 EG0 S6230 EG0,Pendant environmental Gray. Clear S6220 EG1 S6230 EG1, Pendant environmental Smoked S6220 ESG0 S6230 ESG0.
stainless steel Clear S6220 ESG1 S6230 ESG1,COMPONENT MODEL NUMBERS. Back Box High Definition HD Lower Dome Dome Drive, B6 F In ceiling LDHDF 0 In ceiling smoked D6220 20X. B6 F E In ceiling environmental LDHDF 1 In ceiling clear D6230 30X. B6 PG Pendant gray LDHDPB 0 Pendant smoked,B6 PB Pendant black LDHDPB 1 Pendant clear. B6 PG E Pendant gray environmental LDHDSS 0 Pendant smoked stainless steel. B6 PSG E Pendant gray environmental stainless steel LDHDSS 1 Pendant clear stainless steel. Use the pendant lower domes with the environmental in ceiling and environmental pendant back boxes. RECOMMENDED MOUNTS OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES, In Ceiling Domes POE1AT US PoE Injector with US power cord. SD5 P 2 x 2 drop ceiling panel aluminum POE1AT EU PoE Injector with EU power cord. construction replaces 2 x 2 ceiling tile,POE75U 1UP HPoE Injector no power cord.
SCA1 Support rails for B5 F for use in ceiling tile POE75U 1UP US HPoE Injector with US power cord. applications, Pendant Domes POE75U 1UP EUK HPoE Injector with EU UK power cord. BB5 PCA BK Pendant conduit adapter black MCS Series Indoor 24 VAC power supply. BB5 PCA GY Pendant conduit adapter gray WCS Series Outdoor 24 VAC power supply. IWM Series Wall mount with or without integral 24 VAC Refer to individual power supply specifications for more information. 100 VA transformer black or gray finish can, PoE will not provide enough power for heater operation Use the. be adapted for corner parapet or pole HPoE Injector to provide sufficient heater power. application,MRCA Ceiling mount black,PP4348 Parapet roof mount. PP350 PP351 Parapet wall roof mount, SWM Series Compact wall mount black or gray finish can. be adapted for corner or pole applications, IDM4012SS Stainless steel wall mount with feed through.
capabilities, Pelco by Schneider Electric Pelco the Pelco logo and other trademarks associated with Pelco products referred. to in this publication are trademarks of Pelco Inc or its affiliates ONVIF and the. 3500 Pelco Way Clovis California 93612 5699 United States. ONVIF logo are trademarks of ONVIF Inc All other product names and. USA Canada Tel 800 289 9100 Fax 800 289 9150 services are the property of their respective companies. International Tel 1 559 292 1981 Fax 1 559 348 1120 Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. www pelco com www pelco com community Copyright 2015 Pelco Inc All rights reserved.

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