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Code Complete A practical handbook of software construction. Steve McConnell Microsoft Press 1993,UML Distilled 2nd edition. Martin Fowler Addison Wesley 2000, Interaction Design Beyond human computer interaction. Jenny Preece Helen Sharp Yvonne Rogers Wiley 2002,Software Engineering European edition. Roger Pressman McGraw Hill 2001,Programming as if People Mattered Nate Borenstein. The Mythical Man Month Fred Brooks,Computer Related Risks Peter Neumann.
The Sciences of the Artificial Herb Simon, Educating the Reflective Practitioner Donald Schon. London Ambulance Service CAPSA reports Finkelstein. Supervisions,The course is practical not theoretical. Designed specifically to feed in to your,projects and your future life. No point in having supervisions to discuss the,material until you have tried it in practice so. Part IIG IB students group project, Supervisions should help you apply project management.
object oriented design methods etc in your group,Diploma students project and dissertation. Supervisions should address interface design issues. coding testing and evaluation techniques,Introduction. The Software Crisis,London Ambulance Service,The project automate inefficient manual operation. 999 calls written on forms,map reference looked up. conveyor belt to central point, controller removes duplicates passes to NE NW S district.
division controller identifies vehicle and puts note in its. activation box,form passed to radio dispatcher, Takes about 3 minutes and 200 staff of 2 700 total. some errors esp deduplication,some queues esp radio. call backs are laborious to deal with,LAS Project Background. Attempt to automate in 1980 s failed,the system failed a load test. Industrial relations poor,pressure to cut costs,Decided to go for fully automated system.
controller answering 999 call has on screen map,send email directly to ambulance. Consultancy study to assess feasibility,estimated cost 1 5m duration 19 months. provided a packaged solution could be found,excluding automatic vehicle location system. LAS Award of Tender,Idea of a 1 5m system stuck but. automatic vehicle location system added,proviso of packaged solution forgotten.
new IS director hired,tender put out 7 February 1991. completion deadline January 1992,35 firms looked at tender. 19 submitted proposals most said,timescale unrealistic. only partial automation possible by January 1992,Tender awarded to consortium. Systems Options Ltd Apricot and Datatrak,bid of 937 463 700K cheaper than next bidder.
LAS Design Phase,Design work done July,main contract August. mobile data subcontract September, in December told only partial implementation possible. in January,front end for call taking,gazetteer docket printing. by June 91 a progress meeting had minuted,6 month timescale for 18 month project. methodology unclear no formal meeting program,LAS had no full time user on project.
Systems Options Ltd relied on cozy assurances,from subcontractors. LAS Implementation,Problems apparent with phase 1 system. client server lockup,Phase 2 introduced radio messaging further. blackspots channel overload at shift change, inability to cope with established working practices such as. taking the wrong ambulance,System never stable in 1992.
Management pressure for full system to go live,including automatic allocation. no evidence to suggest that the full system software when. commissioned will not prove reliable,LAS Live Operation. Independent review had noted need for,volume testing. written implementation strategy,change control,it was ignored. 26 October,control room reconfigured to use terminals not.
resource allocators separated from radio,operators and exception rectifiers. No backup system,No network managers,LAS 26 27 October Disaster. Vicious cycle of failures,system progressively lost track of vehicles. exception messages built up scrolled off screen were lost. incidents held as allocators searched for vehicles. callbacks from patients increased workload, data delays voice congestion crew frustration pressing. wrong buttons and taking wrong vehicles,many vehicles sent or none.
slowdown and congestion proceeded to collapse,Switch back to semi manual operation on 27 Oct. Irretrievable crash 02 00 4 Nov due to memory leak. unlikely that it would have been detected through,conventional programmer or user testing. Real reason for failure poor management throughout. The Software Crisis,Emerged during 1960 s, large and powerful mainframes e g IBM 360 made far. larger and more complex systems possible, why did software projects suffer failures cost overruns so. much more than large civil structural aerospace,engineering projects.
Term software engineering coined 1968, hope that engineering habits could get things under control. e g project planning documentation testing,These techniques certainly help we ll discuss. how does software differ from machinery, what unique problems and opportunities does it bring. Why is software different and fun,The joy of making things useful to others. The fascination of building puzzles from,interlocking moving parts.
The pleasure of a non repeating task,continuous learning. The delight of a tractable medium,pure thought stuff. What makes software hard,The need to achieve perfection. Need to satisfy user objectives conform with,systems standards interfaces outside control. Larger systems qualitatively more complex unlike,ships or bridges because parts interact in many.
more than 3 dimensions,Tractability of software leads users to demand. flexibility and frequent changes, Structure of software can be hard to visualise model. Much hard slog of debugging and testing,accumulates at project end when. excitement is gone,budget is overspent,deadline or competition looming. The Software Crisis,The reality of software development has lagged.
behind the apparent promise of the hardware, Most large projects fail either abandoned or do not. deliver anticipated benefits,LSE Taurus 400 m,Denver Airport 200 m. Some software failures cost lives or cause large,material losses. NY Bank and Y2K in general, Some combine project failure with loss of life e g. London Ambulance Service,Special emphases of this course.
Requirements,User centred interaction design not older. requirements capture methods Pressman,describes both. Analysis and design,Object oriented design and UML not older. structured analysis Pressman describes both,Construction. Emphasise coding not metrics,Project management quality assurance.
Pressman best on these and also best overview,though weak on UML and interaction design. Software Construction,2 lectures,Software Construction. Decomposition and Modularity,Coding style,Configuration. Efficiency,Decomposition and Modularity,top down decomposition stepwise refinement. dispatch ambulance,take 999 call identify region send ambulance.
note patient allocate vehicle radio crew,estimate arrival. record address assign,find vehicle vehicle to call. Top down versus Bottom up,This course is structured in a bottom up way. Start with what you understand,Build complex structures from well understood. Deal with concrete cases in order to understand,abstractions.
The same advantages can apply to software,as to teaching. Real software construction combines top down,and bottom up. Bottom up design issues,Some important programming skills apply to. every language,Naming variables and functions,Organising control structures. Laying out lines of code,Using comments,Achieving type safety.
Designing modules,Modularity routines,Is this routine required. Define what it will do,What information will it hide. Outputs including side effects,How will it handle errors. Give it a good name,How will you test it,Think about efficiency and algorithms. Write as comments then fill in actual code,Modularity beyond the routine.
Separate source files in C,Inputs outputs types and interface functions. defined by declarations in header files,Private variables declared in the source file. Classes in Java, Inputs and outputs can be controlled by visibility. specifiers and access functions,Aim for all data to be private and as few public. functions as possible,Classes in C,Somewhat like C somewhat like Java.
Modules in ML,Using comments,Comments help the person reading your code. understand what you intended it to do,The purpose of a class or routine. And also its limitations,Warning the reader of surprises. Defining data units and allowable ranges,The person reading the comments may be. you in a year or a few weeks time,In larger group projects.
Authorship and copyright,Change history especially in shared code. Coding style layout,Objectives,Accurately express logical structure of the code. Consistently express the logical structure,Improve readability. Good visual layout shows program structure,Mostly based on white space and alignment. The compiler ignores white space,Alignment is the single most obvious feature to.
human readers,Code layout is most like the art of typography. Expressing global structure,Function name parameter1 parameter2. Function which doesn t do anything beyond showing the fact. that different parts of the function can be distinguished. type1 local data A local data B,type2 local data C. Initialisation section,local data A parameter1 parameter2. local data B parameter1 parameter2,local data C 1,Processing.
while local data C 40,if local data B 2 local data A then. local data B local data B 1,local data B local data B 1. local data C local data C 1,end function,Expressing local control structure. while local data C 40,form initial estimate local data C. record marker local data B 1,refine estimate local data A.
local data C local data C 1,if local data B 2 local data A then. drop estimate,local data B local data B 1,raise estimate. local data B local data B 1,Expressing structure within a line. Whitespacealwayshelpshumanreaders,newtotal oldtotal increment missamount 1. newtotal oldtotal increment missamount 1,The compiler doesn t care take care.
Be conservative when nesting parentheses,while error readInput. Continuation lines exploit alignment,if aLongVariableName anotherLongOne. someOtherCondition,Naming variables Form,Priority full and accurate not just short. Abbreviate for pronunciation remove vowels,e g CmptrScnce leave first and last letters. Parts of names reflect conventional functions,Role in program e g count.
Type of operations e g window or pointer,Hungarian naming not really recommended. e g pscrMenu ichMin,Even individual variable names can exploit. typographic structure for clarity,xPageStartPosition.

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