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Smart Irrigation System using IoT SIS
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Published by International Journal of Engineering Research Technology IJERT. http www ijert org ISSN 2278 0181,Vol 6 Issue 06 June 2017. Wi Fi capabilities within other systems or to function as a. standalone application, The manufacturers can embed the Bolt hardware in their. product develop a custom UI and then their users can control. their products using the Net Plug app Bolt works on pay as. you go basis which means the manufacturers have no capital. investments to get their products IoT enabled This lets even. small scale players to build IoT enabled products and services. A relay is an electrically operated switch Many relays use an. electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch but other. operating principles are also used such as solid state relays. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by a. separate low power signal or where several circuits must be. controlled by one signal Relays are used wherever it is. necessary to control a high power or high voltage circuit with. a low power circuit especially when galvanic isolation is. desirable Relays can work either as switches or as a. Fig 1 Block diagram of Device amplifier converting small currents into larger ones. III COMPONENT DESCRIPTION,ATMEGA 328P ULN2003A, The Atmel Pico Power ATmega328P is a low power ULN2003A is an array of seven NPN Darlington transistors. CMOS 8 bit microcontroller based on the AVR enhanced capable of 500 mA 50 V output It is known for its high. RISC architecture By executing powerful instructions in a current high voltage capacity. single clock cycle the ATmega328 P achieves throughputs Application Typical usage of the ULN2003A is in driver. close to 1MIPS per MHz This empowers system designed to circuits for relays lamp. optimize the device for power consumption versus processing. speed All the 32 registers are directly connected to the Rain sensor. Arithmetic Logic Unit ALU allowing two independent Rain sensor or rain switch is a switching device activated by. registers to be accessed in a single instruction executed in one rainfall It is used water conservation device connected to an. clock cycle The resulting architecture is more code efficient automatic irrigation system that causes the system to shut. while achieving throughputs up to ten times faster than. down in the event of rainfall, conventional CISC microcontrollers It has Flash Memory of. 32 KB SRAM of 2 KB and EEPROM of 1 KB 4 IV SOFTWARE DESIGN. The different software used in designing the complete system. Soil Moisture sensor are, This sensor can be used to test the moisture of soil when the Arduino IDE.
soil is having water shortage the module output is at high This software is used to embed the c code in microcontroller. level and else the output is at low level By using this sensor It is an open source software that makes it easy to write the. one can automatically water the flower plant or any other code and upload it to the board It runs on Windows Mac OS. plants requiring automatic watering technique Module triple X and Linux A program written with the IDE for Arduino is. output mode digital output is simple analog output more called a sketch 7 Sketches are saved on the development. accurate serial output with exact readings It is also used in computer as text files with the file extension ino. numerous research applications e g in agricultural science. and horticulture including irrigation planning climate. research or environmental science including solute transport. Notepad is a text editor and source code editor for use with. studies and as auxiliary sensors for soil respiration. Microsoft Windows It is one of the most popular source code. measurements 5, editors in the world and supports syntax highlighting and. code folding for over 50 programming scripting and markup. languages It is used in my project for making the HTML. BOLT is an Internet of Things platform Hardware page through which we are controlling the system manually. Software that enables user to build IoT products and 8. projects It is developed by company name INVENTROM. Pvt Ltd Using BOLT users can control and monitor devices. from any part of the world It provides the ability to embed. IJERTV6IS060067 www ijert org 104, This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 0 International License. Published by International Journal of Engineering Research Technology IJERT. http www ijert org ISSN 2278 0181,Vol 6 Issue 06 June 2017. HTTP protocol, The Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP is an application. protocol for distributed collaborative,and hypermedia information systems 9 HTTP is the.
foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. In computer programming an application programming. interface API is a set of subroutine definitions protocols. and tools for building application software In general terms. it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication. between various software components,An API may be for a web based system operating. system database system and hardware or software library In. context of web development an API is typically defined as a. set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP request messages. along with a definition of the structure of response messages. which is usually in an Extensible Markup Language XML. or JavaScript Object Notation JSON format 10,Fig 3 Circuit designing by DipTrace software. V HARDWARE DESIGN,Process involved in making PCB of the system. 1 After drawing the circuit diagram of tested hardware on. DipTrace software we take out the print out of the design. on glossy paper, 2 Now take a PCB board which is thin coated with copper. and trace the print of glossy paper on board by using Iron. 3 Then put the whole PCB board inside a ferrite solution. for etching of remaining copper from PCB board, 4 Now take a drilling machine for drilling the hole at right.
place according to circuit, 5 After that place all the electronics component at right. place and solder it using soldering iron,Fig 2 HTML page designed by NOTEPAD. DipTrace is EDA CAD software for creating schematic. diagrams and printed circuit boards The developers provide. multi lingual interface and tutorials currently available in. English and 21 other languages DipTrace has 4 modules. Schematic Capture Editor PCB Layout Editor with built in. shape based autorouter and 3D Preview Export,Component Editor and Pattern Editor. Fig3 Front end of designed PCB,IJERTV6IS060067 www ijert org 105. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 0 International License. Published by International Journal of Engineering Research Technology IJERT. http www ijert org ISSN 2278 0181,Vol 6 Issue 06 June 2017.
VI WORKING OF COMPLETE PROJECT VII RESULT, The smart irrigation system was tested on a artificial small. plot with all the above mentioned situation The moisture. value of soil moisture sensor is set to very low i e 200 in. IDE code of 328P microcontroller and it functioning. properly Also the condition of climate change is, demonstrated well along with the power failure condition In. addition to this the real time data of moisture sensor is. displayed in graphical form on BOLT cloud page, Fig 4 Complete working model of Smart Irrigation System. The working of system starts with sending a command by. user by pressing a click button on web page to start the. motor This will sent a HTTP request a string to Arduino. through serial terminal which will match the string with the. saved one in Arduino and if it is correct then it will start the. Fig 5 Real time data visualization of Soil Moisture sensor. After that the complete task of irrigating the field will be. done by the microcontroller itself automatically The. microcontroller satisfy four different situations that may arise. during the irrigation process,1 Situation 1, After starting the motor the micro controller will. continuously read the sensors values i e moisture and rain. value and also checks for HTTP request in order to stop the. motor if user commands it according to his requirement. Through this the user has its control over the system. 2 Situation 2, While reading the sensor value i e moisture value if it.
exceed the set threshold value then motor will stops. automatically,3 Situation 3, This step is very important in water resource conservation In. case of climate condition such that it starts raining the micro. controller will stop the motor temporarily till raining and. after that it again check the moisture sensor value if it. doesn t exceeds set threshold value then motor will starts. automatically user has not start it by himself but if sensor. value exceeds the set threshold value then motor will stops Fig 6 Datasheet of Soil Moisture sensor value. permanently,VIII APPLICATION FUTURE SCOPE, 4 Situation 4 The SIS can not only used in field by the farmers but can be. Last in case of power failure the motor will stop But when used to solve other problems where continuous monitoring. power supply will be reavailable then user has not to start the of water supply is required like in a garden or a personal. motor manually again it will automatically get restarted small field or in the watering the stadium when necessary. because of programed EEPROM condition This will provide etc. less intervention of user,IJERTV6IS060067 www ijert org 106. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 0 International License. Published by International Journal of Engineering Research Technology IJERT. http www ijert org ISSN 2278 0181,Vol 6 Issue 06 June 2017. This project can be made further more innovative by adding. controlling and monitoring the sprinkles checking the faults. in the irrigation network and correcting them remotely and. visualization the live working of integrated system in field. area by pc mobile Also the future aspect of this model can be. made into an intelligent system wherein the system predicts. user actions rainfall pattern time to harvest and many more. features which will make the system independent of human. operation Systems can all be upgraded to Real Time systems. such that users receive real time updates and status of. condition of the field Thereby enabling the user to take. immediate action in case of any problems 11,IX CONCLUSION.
The project concludes that automation of irrigation system. will become easy and comfortable for farmers to operate the. irrigation at remote location i e from home This will save. time and avoid problem of continuous vigilance Not only. this it will also control the consumption of water for the. irrigation of the field thus preventing the water wastage and. would help in sustain the productivity increasing the yield. X REFERENCES, 1 Stankovic John Research directions for the internet of things. Internet of Things Journal IEEE 1 1 2014, 2 Ahrens David Making Sense of The Internet of Things STARS. Making Sense of The Internet of Things STARS N p 10 July 2014. Web 28 Feb 2015, 3 Michael Starsinic System Architecture Challenges in the Home M2M. Network Applications and Technology Conference 2010. 4 Atmel 8 bit AVR Microcontrollers ATmega328 P Datasheet. Summary PDF June 2016 Retrieved 2016 07 14, 5 Decagon Devices List of peer reviewed publications using Decagon. soil moisture sensors Retrieved 20 July 2015,6 https www boltiot com.
7 Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches McGraw Hill. Nov 8 2011 Retrieved 2013 03 28,8 DeCarlo Matthew 2009 05 26 Download of the Week. Notepad TechSpot Retrieved 2009 10 01, 9 Fielding Roy T Gettys James Mogul Jeffrey C Nielsen Henrik. Frystyk Masinter Larry Leach Paul J Berners Lee Tim June. 1999 Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP 1 1 IETF RFC 2616. 10 Benslimane Djamal Schahram Dustdar Amit Sheth Services. Mashups The New Generation of Web Applications IEEE Internet. Computing volume 12 Number 5 2008, 11 Yunseop James Kim Member IEEE Robert G Evans and William. M Iversen Remote Sensing and Control of an Irrigation System. Using a Distributed Wireless Sensor Network IEEE,TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND. MEASUREMENT Volume 57 Number 7 JULY 2008,IJERTV6IS060067 www ijert org 107.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 0 International License.

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