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We thank our partners in wildlife conservation hunters and shooters. the U S Fish and Wildlife Service and private industry. Excise taxes collected on the purchase of firearms ammunition and archery equipment. are distributed to state agencies like the N H Fish and Game Department to conduct research. restore and manage wildlife populations purchase habitat conduct hunter education programs. and create opportunities for hunting and other wildlife associated recreation. You are the key to wildlife restoration success in New Hampshire. The N H Fish and Game Department receives Federal Assistance from the U S Fish Wildlife Service and thus prohibits. discrimination on the basis of race color national origin disability age and sex pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of. 1964 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Title IX of the Ed. ucation Amendments of 1972 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 If you believe you have been discriminated against in. any program activity or service please contact or write the U S Fish Wildlife Service Division of Wildlife and Sport Fish. Restoration 4001 N Fairfax Drive Mail Stop WSFR 4020 Arlington Virginia 22203 Attention Civil Rights Coordinator. for Public Programs,COVER PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT. RUFFED GROUSE RKPIMAGES DREAMSTIME COM, GRAY SQUIRREL 7 JOHNANDERSONPHOTO STOCKFREEIMAGES COM. WOODCOCK STEVE BYLAND DREAMSTIME COM,NHF G 2019 Printed on Recycled Paper. 2 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT,New Hampshire. Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive Concord NH 03301 6500 TDD Access Relay NH 1 800 735 2964 Headquarters 603.
271 3421 FAX 603 271 1438, Web site wildnh com E mail wildlife wildlife nh gov. Glenn Normandeau,Executive Director,Dear Small Game Hunting Enthusiast. For those dedicated small game hunters who participated in our 2018 2019 survey efforts you have our sincere. thanks This year 138 survey participants submitted survey cards and this report summarizes your survey data and. data sent to us by other avid New Hampshire small game hunters Despite our efforts to recruit survey participants. our survey rates have declined If you are reading this summary booklet we urge you to consider participating in. our annual small game hunter survey The information that you provide to us through your participation in our. survey provides valuable abundance and distribution data on small game species We urge you to participate. again this coming small game season, Signing up to become a small game survey participant is easy Simply call the New Hampshire Fish and Game De. partment Wildlife Division at 603 271 2461 or e mail your name and mailing address to wildlife wildlife nh gov. Be sure to mention your interest in the small game survey You can also download a survey from www wildnh com. our NH Fish and Game website Please pass the word by encouraging your friends to do the same Sturm Ruger. will once again donate a firearm to be raffled off at the conclusion of our small game seasons. This was the eleventh year that the Small Game Summary Report has focused on New Hampshire s two most. sought after small game species the ruffed grouse and the woodcock Of the surveys we received for the 2018 2019. small game season 66 of the hunter hours resulted from ruffed grouse hunting while 19 resulted from woodcock. hunting While all the data provided from your surveys is highly valued and is used by the small game project for. management purposes we feel it is best to focus on our premier species in this report. This survey effort has proven to be an efficient means of achieving a good understanding of the distribution abun. dance and trends of our small game populations YOUR participation is important to the success of our small game. survey With a better understanding of small game populations we hope to achieve improved management and to. provide enhanced opportunities for public enjoyment of New Hampshire s small game species Included in this. summary report are long term trends for grouse observations rates and breeding surveys for grouse drumming and. woodcock singing ground, To those small game hunters who participated in our 2018 2019 survey efforts and the dedicated Fish and Game. staff who conduct grouse and woodcock surveys you have my sincere thanks and deepest appreciation. We also want your feedback If you have comments to share or ideas to offer or if you would like to learn about our. annual grouse wing and tail collection efforts please feel free to contact me directly at 603 744 5470 I look forward. to hearing from you, We wish you a safe and enjoyable hunting season in our beautiful state.
Karen A Bordeau,Small Game Project Leader,2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT 3. NEW HAMPSHIRE,SMALL GAME WILDLIFE,MANAGEMENT UNITS. WMUS AND REGIONS,4 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT. GENERAL SURVEY INFORMATION, Fig 1 New Hampshire small game hunter effort 2018 2019. Small game hunters who return their annual surveys provide information on small game hunting effort hunter observation. rates and species distribution A total of 138 hunters responded to our 2018 2019 survey which spans the period 9 1 18. 3 31 19 The graphs below depict the distribution of hunter effort tallied from 3 041 hours over the small game seasons. Seventy six percent of hunting occurred in October The squirrel season begins September 1 thus the data for the month. of September During the remainder of the season weekend hunting and holidays account for the majority of small game. hunting in New Hampshire, Fig 2 New Hampshire small game hunter effort per species and region 2018 2019.
Ruffed grouse were the most sought after small game species in New Hampshire accounting for 66 of hunter hours. while woodcock accounted for 19 of hunter effort Other species of interest included snowshoe hare and gray squirrel. We did not receive any hare surveys from the north region thus the reason for no data depicted It was evident that we. had a remarkable squirrel population in our state in 2018 Every several decades survival and reproductive factors come. together to create very high numbers of squirrels across the landscape Small game hunters took advantage of high. squirrel numbers this past fall,2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT 5. RUFFED GROUSE Bonasa umbellus,A characteristic species of young forests. Ruffed grouse are the most sought after species of small game. in New Hampshire The majority of ruffed grouse hunting effort. during 2018 occurred in northern New Hampshire Figure 2. Observation rates are expressed in terms of grouse or woodcock. seen per 100 hunter hours This method is viewed as a reliable. index to species abundance and allows us to compare species. within and between years Hunter observation rates indicate that. grouse are most abundant in northern New Hampshire Figure 3. shows the observation rates and variability in grouse numbers for. each region for the past decade 2009 2018 and the statewide. observation trends for the past twenty years 1999 2018. The ruffed grouse Bonasa umbellus is a bird of northern. woodlands In North America they can be found in 38 states and. 10 Canadian provinces Ruffed grouse thrive best where forests. are actively managed Their habitat varies according to the birds. age and time of the year Ruffed grouse find their habitat needs. STEVEN OEHLENSCHLAGER DREAMSTIME COM, in brushy mix aged forests These birds depend upon the food. and cover growing in full sunlight which develops following. active timber management the one constant is young dense forest. habitats There are in fact four basic cover types that will satisfy. their needs drumming log cover nesting cover brood cover. and fall and winter cover Ruffed grouse can adapt to a variety of. different forest types but aspen is the prime partridge cover. Where aspen is not prevalent young second growth forests are. utilized by ruffed grouse Grouse covers decline 15 20 years. following active timber management, There are several factors that influence the bird s distribution its abundance and the cyclical highs and lows in the population. Factors including food availability cover weather and predation all play a role in grouse survival Grouse are often associated. with a particular niche by preferred food items especially in fall and winter The farther grouse have to travel to find food. the more likely they will become prey So our real job is to manage the habitat Under the guidance of professionally trained. habitat managers landowners can maintain a diversity of habitats in our forests for those species needing young forests to. survive As expected grouse hunters saw good numbers of grouse throughout the state this past fall. Fig 3 New Hampshire grouse observation rates by region for dog hunters 2009 2018. and the statewide trend 1999 2018,6 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT.
FIG 3 CONTINUED, RESULTS FROM NH GROUSE SURVEY ROUTES CONDUCTED DURING SPRING 2019. Spring roadside drumming counts are used as an index to assess regional trends in ruffed grouse breeding populations These roadside. drumming routes are distributed throughout New Hampshire and are surveyed annually in mid April through mid May by wildlife. biologists and volunteers Our highest grouse densities are in the north region In the spring of 2019 the number of drumming events. heard per stop decreased in all regions of the state These values routinely rise and fall The spring of 2019 was very wet and cold and. may have delayed grouse drumming Figure 4 depicts the grouse drumming index for each region for the past decade 2010 2019 and. statewide from 1999 2019, Fig 4 Results from randomly stratified grouse drumming routes for each region in. New Hampshire 2010 2019 and the statewide trend 1999 2019. 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT 7,FIG 4 CONTINUED. Fig 5 Results from select ruffed grouse drumming routes run in New Hampshire s. North Country 2005 2019 depicting the number of grouse drumming events. heard per stop per year, For the past 15 years we have run 6 8 select drumming survey routes in the North Country These routes track. changes in grouse abundance on our premier grouse range For 2019 the survey results show an average of 0 68. drumming events per stop This is a decrease from the reported 0 91 drumming events per stop in 2018. 8 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT,RUFFED GROUSE WING AND TAIL SURVEY.
In 2018 hunters were again asked to submit ruffed grouse wings and tails from harvested birds and fill out a survey card for each. bird harvested This biological information continues to increase our knowledge of ruffed grouse and provides us with age and sex. composition distribution data and a juvenile to adult female ratio Our 2018 survey results show an increase in the juvenile adult. female ratio Figure 6, Below are some of the highlights from the wings and tails from last year s survey. 173 samples collected, 89 hunters hunted with a dog 84 hunted without a dog. 87 adult grouse were harvested 51 females 36 males. 86 juvenile birds were harvested,Juvenile to adult female ratio was 1 69. 1 94 grouse were flushed per hour hunted 538 95 hours. hunted 1 048 flushed grouse,Crop content reported was mostly catkins alder. leaves fern leaves birch buds beechnuts cran, berries and beetles slugs and mushrooms C Z A N D R E A M ST I M E C.
Fig 6 Results from ruffed grouse wing and tail survey showing the long term trend. 2007 2018 for the juvenile to adult female ratio,Ruffed Grouse Juvenile Adult Female Ratio. huntnh com, Again in 2019 we will be asking ruffed grouse hunters throughout New. F W19003A i,Name OUSE WING, Hampshire to help us with our survey efforts As the hunting season approaches. watch our website www WildNH com for details on where to pick up and drop off. your completed packets You can also call Karen Bordeau at 603 744 5470 for Date. more details As an incentive for hunters to participate in this wing tail study The. Hours hunted Town bird har,for this bird vested from. Ruffed Gro Did you hun,use flushed t with a dog, Ruffed Grouse Society has generously donated a quality upland game bird gun Crop conten Woodcock q no.
ts flushed,Personal not,es weather, to be given to a randomly selected participant of the Wing and Tail Survey The. cover conditio,ns wild frui, drawing will take place in 2020 after the survey results are summarized the hours. INCLUDE THIS hunted and,FORM WITH birds flushed,WING AND are for this. TAIL SAMPLE sample onl,IN AN ENVELO y Thank you,PE AND RETU. PARTICIPATIN,NEW HAM G STORE,huntnh com,F W19003A i.
Name OUSE WING,2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT. AMERICAN WOODCOCK Scolopax minor, I know it is spring when I hear the woodcock peent. PAUL REEVES PHOTOGRAPHY iSTOCKPHOTO COM, Woodcock Scolopax minor are a young forest species that use four different habitats depending on activity. time of day and season Tree species can vary from aspen poplar alder dogwood and hawthorn to name a. few It is more the density of those trees than the specific type that provides what the woodcock needs. In spring males need openings singing grounds to perform courtship displays and attract females The. courtship display of a male American woodcock is a combination of a nasal peenting sound made repeatedly. on the ground followed by an acrobatic flight to proclaim a breeding territory and to attract females Avail. able nesting and rearing habitat determine the location of singing grounds within specific vegetative types. Nests and broods can be found in mixed age forests although young hardwood stands especially aspen are. preferred During the nesting and rearing period weather is the key to chick survival Dense shrub dominated forests with moist soils are. ideal habitats Moist soils ensure that earthworms which comprise nearly 80 of woodcock diets are near the soil surface and are available. to foraging birds The three snowstorms in March were a cause for concern for early migrants and the freezing of the food supply Because we. cannot control the weather New Hampshire Fish and Game has been and will continue to work with public and private landowners to increase. small game habitat as a means to safeguard the future wellbeing of this species during all phases of its life cycle. Each spring Fish and Game staff and volunteers conduct approximately thirty two woodcock singing ground surveys around the state Thirteen. of these routes are conducted in cooperation with the U S Fish and Wildlife Service as part of the annual monitoring of woodcock populations. in the Eastern Region of the United States Singing ground survey routes provide an index to the overall abundance of resident singing males. which is used to make inferences about the breeding population The number of woodcock heard per stop increased slightly in the North White. Mountain and Southwest regions and decreased in the Central and Southeast regions Regional woodcock data should be interpreted with. caution in our Southwest and Southeast regions because of modest sample sizes Figure 7 depicts regional and state wide long term trends from. the woodcock survey routes conducted during the spring. Fig 7 Regional results from randomly stratified woodcock singing ground surveys. run in New Hampshire 2010 2019,10 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT. CONCLUSION, This small game summary helps bring awareness to New Hampshire s small game species With your.
help by reporting what you see afield we are obtaining a better understanding on these valuable resources. The most critical need right now is for more young forest habitat and New Hampshire Fish and Game is. working hard on our lands and those of our partners to create those young forests on the landscape. New Hampshire s small game species are a valuable resource to the citizens of this state and to those. who visit here This report compiled by the Fish and Game Department is the most efficient means of. achieving a good understanding of the distribution abundance and trends of our small game populations. With greater understanding of these populations we hope to achieve improved management and to provide. enhanced opportunities for public enjoyment of small game species. YOUR participation in our efforts is important to the success of our small game surveys Without. participation from hunters in the field our project s success would not be possible The more surveys. we get back the more meaningful our data will be so please take the time to participate in our small. game survey, You can sign up to participate in the 2019 20 survey by contacting us at NH Fish and Game Department. Wildlife Division Small Game Project 11 Hazen Drive Concord NH 03301 or e mail your name. address and small game interest to wildlife wildlife nh gov or call us at 603 271 2461 We will send. you a survey card in September And remember we will be giving away a gun from Sturm Ruger to a. randomly selected participant in the small game survey In addition The Ruffed Grouse Society has. generously donated a quality firearm to be awarded to a randomly selected participant in the grouse. wing and tail survey, Our thanks go out to Sturm Ruger and The Ruffed Grouse Society for their generosity in supporting. our small game program We also thank you for your continued participation in our survey efforts and. for your interest in our small game project and our state s invaluable wildlife resources. 2018 2019 SMALL GAME SUMMARY REPORT 11,NEW HAMPSHIRE FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT S MISSION. As the guardian of the state s fish wildlife and marine resources the NH Fish and. Game Department works in partnership with the public to. conserve manage and protect those resources and their habitats. inform and educate the public about those resources and. provide the public with opportunities to use and appreciate those resources. NEW HAMPSHIRE,FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT,11 Hazen Drive. Concord NH 03301,603 271 2461,huntnh com,F W19004 indd.

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