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Classification of slope,Natural slope in various conditions including. rock slope,Man made slope including cut back slope or. slope formed by filled material with adequate,compaction usually provided with surface and. surface drainage,Man made slope formed mainly with the support. by retaining structures,Components on a well design and.
maintained man made slope,1 Surface protection such as vegetation rigid. cover masonry plaster or shotcrete,2 Surface drainage including surface channels. catch pits and sand traps,3 Subsurface drainage including weepholes and. subsoil drain etc,4 Other protective provision such as prestressed. ground anchors,Note try to avoid the placing of water carrying.
services onto a slope,How a slope fail,The most common failures in slopes of Hong Kong. are come from the relatively shallow top soil,which further worsened by the depth of weathering. and infiltration during rainstorms situations, Slope can collapse easily by shear if the soil is nearly. saturated and high pore pressure can be built up, rapidly The falling debris carried by its potential. and momentum can rush down the slope at very, high speed and travel a long distance causing huge.
Besides highly decomposed rock in a slope may,behave very similar to soil. Typical failure,profile for slope,Factors affecting the stability of slope. 1 Topography and its surrounding physical conditions. Detail analysis can be done by appropriate site,investigation process. 2 Geological conditions such as the nature and depth. of its subsoil degree of decomposition or location. of fracture etc This data can be obtained by soil,investigation. 3 Shear strength of the slope forming materials Data. can be obtained using appropriate laboratory tests. 4 Surface and ground water condition,5 External loading and surcharges such as from.
traffic nearby structures possible vibration etc, Physical environment and Typographical conditions of a very large site. Tseung Kwan O site formation, Another example of large scale slope work as part of the site formation for. the Tsing Yi North Coastal Road, Stability of slope can be effectively improved by the. provision of an appropriately design drainage system. this cab be achieved by, 1 A surface drain system that is capable to discharge all the storm. water within the rain water catchment area affecting the slope in. a designated period of time say 200mm rainfall hour. A surface drain system usually consists of,surface channel.
stepped or trapezoidal channel,catchpit or sand trap. 2 A subsoil drain system that is laid below surface for the. discharging of ground water and to maintain the water pressure. be kept in a safe level, filter layer behind the slope leading water to outlets. weepholes cut off drain,subsoil drain pipe,Drainage detail for. retaining walls,Forming surface drainage channel to slope. Protection and treatment to Rock Slope,Most rock slopes need some forms of treatment to.
ensure continued stability Improvement methods,1 Scaling loose blocks or boulders to be removed. from exposed rock surfaces this is usually done by. manual method,2 Construct buttress support this is concrete or. masonry gravity structure use to retain the unstable. 3 Dentition exposed soft material in a rock face be. trimmed back The resulting slot be filled with filter. material and protected by masonry or concrete to,prevent erosion. Protection and treatment to Rock Slope continue, 4 Sprayed concrete apply concrete protection to zones. of weak or highly fractured rock faces by spray on. 5 Dowel a hole is drilled and provide untensioned,steel bars usually 25mm to 35mm dia and 1m to 3m.
long to stabilize a weak rock zone The hole would be. grouted afterward, 6 Rock bolt nail this is tensioned bar inserted into rock. forming a short anchorage zone in rock so that an,unstable slope area being reinforced by tension. Typical rock bolts are 25mm to 40mm in dia 3m to,6m long and have a tensile workign load around. Scaling a rock,slope surface,Forming a steep slope in. set back benches and in,phases starting from the,top downward Note that.
the upper benches are,strengthened by soil nails,Various methods.

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