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Introduction, Healthcare is a noble profession in Islam doctors nurses. therapists medical social workers counselors etc,God s agent. God the Healer Al Shafi 10 57 17 82 manifest His attribute. through healthcare professionals,Fardu kifayah,there must be Muslims who acquire the knowledge. there must be Muslims in the service, Protecting Muslims interest in medical service and industry. Be proud act like a true God s agent,care and heals.
compassionate 1 1 healing is a sub set of God s compassion. adhere to Islamic adab ethics,ihsan itqan professional exemplary. adab is as important as your rituals at work, Tuhan Kita Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang http haniff sg artikel. panjang artikel tuhan kita maha pengasih dan maha penyayang. Profesionalisme Dalam Dakwah, http haniff sg pesanan profesionalisme dalam dakwah. Broad Guiding Principles,Islam as solution,does not offer a homogenous position. not necessarily from Islamic scriptures tradition and Muslims. hikmah is everywhere 2 269, what comes from others can be compatible with Islam.
don t reject all, Most issues especially new and unprecedented bound to have. differences in rulings, nature of the field i e muamalat left to human to perform ijtihad. guided by divine principles,nature of scriptures,not meant to provide details to all problems. designed for flexibility can be relevant for all times and. large majority of scriptures are zanniyat mutsyabihat. indefinitive open for interpretation and multiple meanings not. qat iyat muhkamat opposite of zanniyat 3 7,diversity is natural 11 118 9. diversity of theological opinions has existed since the. Prophet s time,will continue i e the four main mazhabs.
Tradition matters but be critical,critical not necessarily abandoning tradition. Islamic tradition is rich not all remains relevant but not all are. obsolete also, tradition helps not reinventing the wheel many problems are. repetitive, scientific method knowledge are built on past works. People of the West don t simply throw away their classical. tradition in the name of modernity, Always assume there are many opinions on any issue. khilaf is a rahmat blessing natural,provide many options.
if an opinion cannot solve a problem there may be another. truth not necessarily one there are multiple truths all. may be right for different contexts,don t get confused it s normal. don t be rigid, differentiate between being conservative and being right. not all conservative position right or the best solution. when in doubt consult the authority i e mufti qualified ustaz. local problem by local ustaz, Framework in making decision when facing religious issues at. work or in life see Agar Keputusan Berpandu Syariah at. http haniff sg artikel pendek artikel agar keputusan berpandu. syariah berita harian singapura 12 april 2012, Sikap Islam Terhadap Tradisi http haniff sg artikel. pendek artikel sikap islam terhadap warisan tradisi. Dakwah Hidup Dalam Kepelbagaian, http haniff sg dakwahalquran petunjuk 36 dakwah mesti hidup.
dalam kepelbagaian,Useful Islamic legal maxims,Matters shall be judged by their objectives. Difficulty will bring relief,Harm must be eliminated. The origin of a ruling on a certain matter non worship is halal. unless there is proof dalil on its prohibitions, When any arrangement becomes restricted it will be made. Necessities dharurat permit the prohibited, Necessities have limits that should not be exceeded. General Particular need can develop into necessity. Harm cannot be eliminated with another kind of harm. If you have to choose between two types of harm the bigger. harm should be overcome by choosing the lesser harm Choose. the lesser of the two evils, Prioritise a confirmed benefit above a doubtful one.
Prioritise a bigger benefit above a smaller one, Prioritise a collective benefit above that for an individual. Prioritise multiple benefits above single ones, Prioritise a permanent benefit above a temporary one. Prioritise the essence of a benefit above its form. Prioritise a stronger future benefit above a weak current one. Harm may not be eliminated with a similar harm or a bigger one. May sustain a lesser harm to avoid a bigger one, May sustain a specific harm to avoid a general one. A small harm may be forgiven to achieve a bigger benefit. A temporary harm may be forgiven to achieve a permanent. A definite benefit may not be abandoned because of a doubtful. Friday prayer for male healthcare professionals, Healthcare is essential services i e police checkpoint officers. public transport military,On normal office hour duty with fixed lunch break.
obligatory to perform Friday prayers like others, On normal office hour duty staggered lunch break for continuous. excused from Friday prayer perform Zohor prayer, no need to take MC or leave or change roster shift. swap with friends is good but not obligatory,Shift duties. excused from Friday prayer same like above, even if it means missing 3 Friday prayers consecutively. theoretically speaking in practice 3 consecutive misses is. analogy sailors on long distant sea travel commercial pilot. air steward, Solat Jumaat Bagi Peronda Polis at http haniff sg kemusykilan.
agama kemusykilan agama solat jumaat bagi peronda polis dan. isu pancing dalam islam berita harian singapura 17 mei 2013. Alcohol in medicine,Good to opt for alcohol free medicine. Medicine with alcohol may not be haram,need to know the nature of alcohol. What s haram is khamr arak,scientifically alcohol is not equal to khamr. alcohol is an ingredient of khamr but not khamr, all khamr contain alcohol but alcohol can exist by itself i e pure. alcohol separated from khamr i e non alcohol wine, Pure alcohol put in medicine does not make it najis for external use.
or haram for consumption, haram is when khamr is used for medicine i e put some wine in. Khamr is najis by majority of scholars, permissible for khamr for external use for medication i e. disinfectant sterilisation just need to wash for solat. Alcohol is not najis, no problem for external use no need to wash for prayer. most medicine with alcohol is of this type i e hand wash alcohol. Two types of pure alchohol,ethanol ethane alcohol,methanol methane alcohol. Ethanol permissible for food and consumption, used in medicine and alcoholic drinks i e cough syrup wine beer.
found naturally in juices sugar fermentation process. consumption is haram only when cause loss of mind drunk. permissible is conditional if it s 0 5 only, Methanol not permissible for food and consumption chemically. categorised as poison,consumption is haram because it s a poison. found in perfume wet wipes cleaning agents, Alcoholic drinks i e wine champagne beer is not pure alcohol. 2 219 5 90, this is najis for external use and haram for consumption.

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