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Important After the file is written to the microSD card you need to create a file named ssh on the. root or main directory of the card to enable remote access Without this file you will not be able to get. into the Raspberry Pi, On Windows start Notepad In Windows Accessories Leave the file empty but save with filename. ssh no txt or any extension after just ssh Move this file into the microSD card drive it will have a. drive letter such as D E or F on Windows Finally eject and remove it from your computer or card. If you have trouble making a file with no extension just drag any file from the root directory of the sdcard. to your desktop Rename it ssh Now drag the fill back into the root directory of the MicroSD card. Finally eject the card and remove it from your computer or card reader. Connect to your Raspberry Pi,Now we will plug everything in and. connect to our new Pi computer Follow,these steps,1 Insert the MicroSD card into the. slot at the end of the Pi,2 Plug the power adapter into a. wall outlet or power strip then,plug it into the MicroUSB.
connector on the Pi,3 Plug an Ethernet cable into your. Internet router,4 Connect your computer or,laptop to the router either with. Wi Fi or Ethernet,Now wait a minute or two for the. Raspberry Pi to boot then browse to, the administrator panel on your Internet router Find the list of connected devices and look for the IP. address that was assigned to the Pi It should have the hostname raspberrypi. If you cannot find the IP address of the Pi on some networks the hostname may be available Open a. console or terminal and try and ping the hostname If you see a positive response you can just use the. hostname on this network, You will need to SSH into the command line of the Pi To do this on Windows you will need to.
download an SSH client program such as PuTTY http www putty org On Mac OSX and Linux you. should have a built in SSH client,Example for Linux ssh pi 192 168 1 101. Open a terminal or your SSH client and connect to the IP address or hostname of the Pi You will get a. prompt asking you to log in, You should login as pi and use the password raspberry You should then get the following screen. You are now connected to your Raspberry Pi,Finish your Setup. The first command to run is raspi config At the prompt type. sudo raspi config,You will be presented with a menu of options. First select 7 Advanced User Options then Expand filesystem and hit enter This will allow you to. use all of the space on the MicroSD card The program should tell you the filesystem has been resized. Next select Hostname This will allow you to name your Pi computer so it has a unique name on the. network Any letters and numbers without spaces will work You can also use hyphens A Hostname is. a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the. Finally select Finish at the bottom of the menu This will save your settings and reboot the Pi You will. be disconnected from SSH so just wait a minute or two then log in again. Now you should update all of the software on the Pi before proceeding This will make sure everything. is up to date and you are installing the latest server software Run the command. sudo apt get update, Wait for the system to download new packages then tell you it is Done Finally run the command.
sudo apt get upgrade, The upgrade program will show you a list of the software it will be updating then ask you if you want to. continue Hit Enter to continue You may be prompted during this process with questions about. updating certain packages It is usually safe to just hit Ok or proceed. After this completes and it might take a few minutes the software on the Pi has been updated to the. most recent versions You are now ready to set up server software on your Pi. Installing Local Servers, Below are instructions on installing two local application platforms on your Raspberry Pi Wordpress for. blogs and Etherpad for collaborative text documents. There are very detailed instructions on setting up the blog platform Wordpress on your Raspberry Pi. already written Rather than re write all of these instructions we recommend just following these steps. https www raspberrypi org learning lamp web server with wordpress worksheet. If there are choices between Raspbian Wheezy and Jessie for this guide we are using Jessie. Throughout the guide it may prompt you to browse to http localhost you can instead put the. hostname or IP address of your Pi in the browser you are using to set everything up You should see. the same screens only on your computer rather than on the Pi itself. Once everything is configured as in the guide you will have a working blog platform on your Pi You. can browse to http hostname of your pi and start creating blog posts. There are not comprehensive instructions already written for Etherpad so please follow the instructions. below to set it up, First we must install a number of packages on the Pi Run the following commands and at the end of. each line hit Enter,sudo apt get install gzip git curl python. sudo apt get install libssl dev pkg config build essential. curl sL https deb nodesource com setup 4 x sudo bash. sudo apt get install y nodejs,sudo npm install npm.
sudo adduser system home srv etherpad lite group etherpad lite. cd srv etherpad lite, sudo git clone git github com ether etherpad lite git. sudo chown R etherpad lite etherpad lite etherpad lite. sudo nano etc systemd system etherpad lite service. In the editor window that appears paste the following text then hit CTRL X to save and exit. Description etherpad lite real time collaborative document editing. After syslog target network target,Type simple,User etherpad lite. Group etherpad lite, ExecStart srv etherpad lite etherpad lite bin run sh. WantedBy multi user target,Then type the following commands. sudo systemctl enable etherpad lite,sudo systemctl start etherpad lite.
These commands will enable Etherpad to start when the Raspberry Pi boots and then will start the. server for the first time Wait a few minutes You won t see any messages print on the command line. but you can type the following,sudo service etherpad lite status. This will give you information on whether Etherpad has started correctly You can run the command. multiple times After a while the terminal will stop printing messages It may take several minutes. before Etherpad starts for the first time You can browse to the following URL. http hostname of your pi 9001, You should see a large New Pad button Your Etherpad installation works. Now we have a few more steps to make Etherpad use a real database on the system. First type the following to stop Etherpad,sudo service etherpad lite stop. Now enter the following commands,mysql u root p, And enter the mysql password you created when installing Wordpress Type the following at the. mysql prompt,create database etherpad lite and hit Enter.
grant CREATE ALTER SELECT INSERT UPDATE DELETE on etherpad lite. to root localhost identified by password but replace password with the. root user password you setup earlier Then hit Enter. Hit CTRL D to exit the mysql client Then use the following commands. cd srv etherpad lite etherpad lite,sudo nano settings json. In this settings file you can change the name that will appear at the top of your Etherpad when viewed. in a web browser by editing the text after title You should now scroll down to the line that states. dbType and remove all of the following lines,dbType dirty. the database specific settings,dbSettings,filename var dirty db. An Example of MySQL Configuration, Then remove the line with the characters from the bottom of the next section The database type. section should then look like,dbType mysql,dbSettings.
host localhost,password the mysql root password you set before. database etherpad lite,charset utf8mb4,Make sure you edit the password line. After this scroll down to the line that starts users and change the passwords for the admin and. user accounts This will make sure that the admin panel for Etherpad is secure. Now save and exit with CTRL X,Run the command,sudo service etherpad lite start. Wait a few minutes then browse to http hostname of your pi 9001 again and check if everything. works You should now have a fully working instance of Etherpad Lite on your Raspberry Pi. DNS Server optional, Depending on the configuration of your network and the type of routers you are using you may want to. set up a DNS server This should only be necessary in the case where you have a completely. stand alone network one disconnected completely from the Internet Some routers do not support. custom hostname entries so trying to resolve the hostname of your Raspberry Pi server may not work. for instance on some TP Link routers If we install a DNS server and set up hostnames then we should. be able to connect to the Pi no matter what, First we install the bind packages that contain the DNS server.
sudo apt get install bind9 bind9 doc dnsutils, Next we want to tell the Raspberry Pi it where to look up hostnames The file that tells the Pi where to. look up hostnames is etc resolv conf This file is generated automatically when it receives a DHCP. lease or in the static IP address configuration We will need to edit the dhcpcd conf file instead so the. other file is generated correctly,sudo nano etc dhcpcd conf. The file will have an existing configuration but we want to add the following at the bottom. interface eth0, static domain name servers 127 0 0 1 8 8 8 8 8 8 4 4. You can also choose to make your Raspberry Pi have a static IP address on the network it is. connected to In this scenario the Pi will no longer ask DHCP for an IP address and it will always be. accessible at the IP address you assign Make sure you don t assign an address that is already taken. or that could be assigned by DHCP from the network s router If you wish to do this make the. configuration in dhcpcd conf look like this,interface eth0. static ip address X X X X 24 where X X X X is the IP for the Raspberry Pi. static routers Y Y Y Y where Y Y Y Y is the IP address of the router. static domain name servers 127 0 0 1 8 8 8 8 8 8 4 4. Then save and exit the file, Now we need to create a DNS zone and names A zone is the domain for instance alliedmedia org.
google com and so on that Internet names resolve to The actual names resolve to specific computers. human readable names for computers on the network We must edit the named conf local file first. cd etc bind,sudo nano named conf local, This file defines the zones also known as domains that the server is responsible for It should be. mostly empty possibly with some comments at the top Edit the file and add the following. zone mesh local,type master,file etc bind zone mesh local. You can replace mesh local with any local domain you wish it will only show up on your local. network You can also change the file name to anything though it is recommended that it match your. domain name somewhat,Now we create the zone file itself. sudo nano zone mesh local, Then paste in the file below changing the domain mesh local and hostname router pi etc elements. TTL 604800,IN SOA mesh local root mesh local,604800 Refresh.
86400 Retry,2419200 Expire,604800 Negative Cache TTL. IN NS raspi mesh local,router IN A 192 168 0 1,raspi IN A 192 168 0 10. Then issue the command to restart the DNS server which will prompt it to load your new zone file. sudo service bind9 restart,sudo service bind9 status. You should be able to now resolve the hostnames you entered for specific IP addresses You can test it. dig raspi mesh local, If you change the hostname or domain name just make sure your dig command matches what you. put in the zone file and it should return the IP you assigned.

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