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President s Desk,Hawkefield 2013,Gary Wolf Bill Wojcik 4. A Roadable Aircraft Design Study, Some thoughts on a practical design by George Gregory 8. WINNIPEG CHAPTER FLIGHT INITIATIVE of the non critical work necessary to Rick Riewe Winnipeg is in healthy. It is no secret that the average pilot age bring the plane up to snuff and within shape Learn Your Lessons Well. is increasing largely because younger a short time there was a nice Cessna Thoughts on best practices by Kevin Maher 10. generations cannot free up the money 150 that RAA members may use for PROP STRIKE REGS. it takes to fly a plane There is plenty 20 per hour plus fuel CAR 605 88 is a wide ranging regula Women Fly Part 3. of interest but until the kids have been tion that covers abnormal occurrences A donated Cessna fuels growth in the pilot community by Jill Oakes 19. put through school and the mortgage and a prop strike is abnormal no. has been buried it is difficult to justify It is no secret that matter how lightly it has hit some Old School. spending for pilot training and aircraft thing The wording is firm and clear A scratch build Zenith takes to the air by Peter Whittaker 22. ownership the average pilot age 1 No person shall conduct a take off. Last year Jill Oakes our Manitoba is increasing largely in an aircraft that has been subjected. Regional Director organized some because younger to any abnormal occurrence unless the. seven hundred women to take their aircraft has been inspected for damage. first aircraft flights Next step was to generations cannot free in accordance with Appendix G of the. get many of them through ground and up the money it takes Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance. flight school to gain their licenses At to fly a plane There is Standards. that point it became evident that rent The word shall is used repeat. ing was an expensive option that kept plenty of interest but edly in this regulation There is no. the new pilots on a tight leash close to until the kids have been wiggle room here The reg requires From the President s Desk by Gary Wolf 2. the home airport The project was in put through school and inspection and compliance with the. Across Canada Chapters in Action 31, danger of dying on the vine maintenance information supplied by. In many parts of the country the the mortgage has been the manufacturer Classified 38. response would be I paid for my buried it is difficult In the case a prop strike with a. flying and you can pay for yours to justify spending Rotax 912 914 engine the procedure. Instead what happened in Winnipeg for inspection and repair is given in. was that Jill Oakes and her husband for pilot training and their online maintenance manual. Rick Riewe decided to underwrite the aircraft ownership http www flyrotax com portal. cost of a plane for use by these new data 5 dokus d05562 pdf. pilots The chapter supplied hanga To synopsize Rotax requires a. rage and a local AME agreed to do the Is your chapter running out of new physical external inspection including. maintenance work Suppliers were blood to keep it going Perhaps you the accessories and that directives of. then solicited for donations Chapter might consider doing something like the aircraft manufacturer be followed. members were given a sign up sheet this yourself Thanks to Jill Oakes and Rotax further requires that the gearbox. continued on page 34, The Recreational Aircraft George Gregory at gregdesign telus net of the magazine is to promote education. Association Canada and safety through its members to the. Waterloo Airport Breslau ON The Recreational Flyer is published general public Opinions expressed in. N0B 1M0 bi monthly by the Recreational Aircraft articles and letters do not necessarily. Telephone 519 648 3030 Association Publishing Company reflect those of the Recreational Aircraft. Member s Toll Free line 1 800 387 1028 Waterloo Airport Breslau ON N0B Association Canada Accuracy of. George Gregory, Emails can be sent to President Gary 1M0 The Recreational Flyer is devoted the material presented is solely the.
Wolf at garywolf rogers com and to the aerospace sciences The intention responsibility of the author or contributor A Nanching at Delta Heritage Air Park 2013. On the cover Peter Whittaker s plans built Zenith George Gregory photo. RAA Oshawa prez Jim Morrison at work below, The low flying Bar Stool Opposite Hannu Halminen s. immaculate Waco Airplane guys build cars too Ross,Ferguson s one off sports car. over something that someone else is,proudly showing off or has just com. pleted and maybe even has been part,of the landscape several times before. but its so much more than this It s the,people the people who are front and.
centre or in most cases behind the,And there are a lot of them Let s. just take a sample and once again these,folk really represent others like them. across our great nation and within this,aviation related community. On the public address microphone,was Wayne Ellis the point man within. HAWKE FIELD 2013,the event s gate who directed the visi.
tors further enjoyment of things to do,Looking down the flight line the. nearest and very cool headed but fran,tic paddle waver was field marshal. Hawke Field or perhaps it is better Guy LaMarche Guy s job or per. Bill Wojcik s Visit to the 18th Annual Hawke Field Barnyard Fly in known locally as the beautifully haps a labour of love would be a better. groomed estate of the developers description was part of a three man. Hannu and Karen Halminen has a team that kept aircraft separated on. 3300 foot grass strip that resembles an the ground wandering people off the. outdoors museum of manicured sod flightline and the arrivals expedited to. It was not exactly ideal weather the popular saying Airplanes prefer their parking spots. grass couldn t have been truer Up in the tower or scaffolding. to host an RAA sanctioned avia, Not all came by air The rest of the terra that elevated RAA Oshawa chapter. tion event but apparently this firma bound including this writer president Jim Morrison about 8 feet. didn t put much of a dent into arrived at the gate to find a spit and higher than the sod apron below was. polish Air Cadet of Oshawa s 151 Yes memories came flooding back his communications office. any visitor s enthusiasm While, Chadburn Squadron welcoming and from my years involved in my local Air As the radio crackled so did Jim. the cool north wind blowing offering entry details Cadet Squadron near my hometown of Wind speed direction and the usual. gusts around 35 kph might have Unable to resist trying his mettle I Stoney Creek Ontario It doesn t matter helpful advice was offered while lim. quipped I would have thought you where in Canada we live these young iting much movement walking around. kept the light weights safely in, would be out here with coffee in hand men and women are training to be our to keep warm A tad chilly eh Jim.
their home hangars the sixty on this cool day for the drive ins future leaders and in the case of this One area every person seeks out. plus aircraft arriving one after Sir sorry Sir coffee can be found young man he was a testimonial to the aside from the porta potties conve. inside the gate Sir efforts and leadership of the squadron s niently but tastefully located elsewhere. the other during the morning of, Ah this is the kind of discipline C O Major Dale Bliss on the grounds was the Bowmanville. September 8th quickly filled the pride and tact that would make any Every fly in we become part of isn t Kinsmen Club s beverage and food. parking spaces father proud of his son just about airplanes Oh sure we drool tables Oh yes the usual fare of BBQ. 4 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 5. Lizzy McFly s prop card tells the truth Right young visitors made wing ribs. staples hamburgers hotdogs and so over with a souped up V8 sourced to build one working 1600cc. on for a very reasonable price Fresh Since fly ins are often held for sev came from scrap dealer for 50 dollars. corn on the cob was available free along eral years running its not uncommon Add in the mag and prop flange and I urge the reader who has the com. with all the condiments necessary to to find friends acquaintances and other this brings the total to 90 puter skills to read her blog and explore. add to waistlines only a minor indis pilots who often show up during the With another 1800 for aluminum her web page at www lizzymcfly com. cretion from our diets day Whether they spend an hour or sheet 33 for wheels and some creative You will as I did navigate to her. Some things look strangely out of a day touching base with them it is hacking of an old propane tank for one of only a handful who can honestly is everything and the person is the flying adventures found throughout. place and here at Hawke Field I found always a pleasure steel made parts one can quickly see talk the talk and walk the walk package the text and myriad of pictures and. one actually it found me Fact of the Two years ago I had good fortune to C IFTB isn t going to win any awards However not to be an idle builder The RAA supplied prop card was the journey is well worth it Her energy. matter it flew by me at very low alti meet Brian Buckley Now Brian is well for elegance and design But it flies and Brian is building a new Teenie on his dutifully annotated by Elizabeth with never appears to lessen as outside. tude so close I could count the eyebrow known around the Oshawa area and if that is w t this is all about Brian is one kitchen floor He has a very under gems like of sport aviation her other volunteer. hairs on the pilot It was one of those you dig enough you ll find he is prolific of many on the Yahoo forum group for standing wife and supportive family activities would drain people like you. newfangled electric jobs you know at regularly flying either his ultralight Teenie Two builders and flyers He is Seen a rubber chicken lately You Empty Weight Light and me. save the whales and help the environ twin engine Lazair or the well used know the kind hanging from a strut on Gross Weight Not so light The day was getting long the drive. ment stay clean homebuilt 297 pound Teenie Two while the less young looked at aircraft an aerobatic Cessna A150L Come on Approach Wonky home was still a good two hours and. I write about an electric barstool Originally built in 1996 by Brian on a you must have seen that orange with and my favourite my fellow long time pilot and friend. Alright so it s not an airplane but very restricted budget he has produced white and black trim airplane with Stall Sometimes on purpose though John Donaldson was like myself ready. being on the field qualifies it for trans an airplane few would openly admire those spiffy wheel pants sitting with an to call it a day Many airborne as well as. portation if you carried it in a plane to As one other tire kicker remarked It RAA prop card in the morning sun Not surprisingly she does aero road warrior types were leaving or had. deploy after arriving must be a derelict sitting here so long Meet Lizzy McFly and her bird batics and after reading her blog left so we had one last visit to those. Think of a folding bicycle and now The paint is weathered as it should be Vyctor Wandering around the lines online suggests her mastery of the obscure but welcome relief venues. picture this machine with its Go Kart it is latex house paint applied with a of parked airplanes talking with those air maneuvers is second nature only where old pilots with high manifold. wheels a shiny green frame polished roller and brush who especially were intrigued by cer championed by her smile I just had to pressure need to defuel at the earliest. chrome bar stool and a really cool chain The floor panels are showing signs tain features or lack thereof seemed meet this person convenience. drive from an electric battery powered of heel induced cracking Engine steel to find themselves at the spinner of C I found Ms Murphy radiating the It is too bad that we as a group of. motor What s not to like parts are rusty including the avia GLYZ for more than a few minutes warmth I had suspected would be like minded individuals who share a. By the time I managed to work my tion REL37b plugs Parts came from It s the little things that mean a lot and found Her personality coupled with passion like ours are not able because. way through the spectators to interview machines worth considerably more the eye catchers Lizzy aka Elizabeth her ability didn t even give me a clue of finances and time constraints to visit. the pilot the opportunity unfortunately and their owners would raise an eye Murphy attached to her machine that she endured the day to day chal each and every venue like the Hawke. was missed Maybe next year It looked brow at their re use to eke just a few found their mark lenges of Multiple Sclerosis Here is Field 2013 event Maybe next year I ll. like something that Tim Allen from more hours of operation The aircraft really isn t that dif one of those can do people not the be able to fly in Fingers and mags are. Home Improvement would gush The two stock VW engines that were ferent from most but presentation more common Oh I can t kind crossed. 6 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 7. I d like to Propose a modest but and consider the problems designers efficiency of maintaining and han. workable first step towards a practi face I want to suggest a basic design garing garaging is that a word My. cal and affordable dual use vehicle concept that I think fundamentally spell checker thinks so a single vehi. In an earlier article I mentioned a sound the concept has considerable cle Easy conversion safe operation. few recent attempts to introduce road room for tweaking and I d leave it to systems adequate to both modes and. able aircraft Terrafugia s Transition better minds than mine to do so I d then a good enough at both to make it. the PAL V One roadable autogiro like to explore a path that has been worth doing. I TEC s Maverick Sam Bousfield s largely unexplored in the quest to Wings should not be stowed where. Switchblade and Plane Driven s PD 2 design one of these hybrids they can be easily damaged and they. essentially a Glastar with automotive It s no surprise that a successful should not be an integral part of the. suspension and a separate motor for driving part so they can be left behind. driving on the streets if you re driving locally The less expo. The idea just won t die sure to road damage the better yet. All are worthy attempts and some It s no surprise that they have to be easy to bring along. A Roadable Aircraft stand a reasonable chance of success. for the lucky few that can afford them a successful design. I really want to drive to work and go,for groceries even if I have to leave the. Design Study with the exception of the Maverick has to address more flying part in my garage At the same. they tend to be heavy and expen time the wings need to be easy to cart. The idea of a street legal airplane one sive and projected prices are north of than the typical sets around when you re travelling. 300K Now for anyone who s tried to of compromises It should feature aircraft like. that can fly and drive is nearly as old by a new Cessna these prices aren t speeds with a cruise speed reason. as aviation itself Attempts to mate the that unrealistic but they will not do ably faster than highway speed for a. two have generally produced vehicles much to make aviation attractive for car I m not expecting it to be an RV 7. ordinary people And the Maverick or a Tailwind but it should fly at least. that aren t really that good at either despite a more realistic price is only design has to address more than the 80 mph and preferably more in the. Why is it so hard to get it right capable of about 40 mph in the air In typical set of compromises designers light sport range. its mission bush driving with the face Besides the usual tradeoffs any It should carry a reasonable load. occasional valley or river to get across designer faces we re trying to com For a single place vehicle the pilot. it is superb but its lack of airspeed is bine two essentially different types of fuel and perhaps 20 or 30 pounds of. a disincentive for your average sport transportation into one vehicle baggage. pilot who wants to travel cross coun It needs to be able to operate out. try Defining the mission of normal airports grass or asphalt. A practical roadable aircraft has As usual we must decide what we It needs to convert quickly If it. the potential to revitalize grassroots want this vehicle to do because it will takes an hour to convert from one. aviation It could make light aviation inform the rest of the design process mode to another many of the advan. a practical transportation alterna The primary goal is not speed tages of dual use are lost One reason. tive while economizing on personal aerobatics or massive load carrying people fly is because it s faster than a. resources And it would be so cool but safe multi use The two main car but if you hit weather and lose an. I d like to look at what would reasons for roadable aircraft are safe hour of travelling time putting your. make a successful dual use vehicle VFR transportaion and the economic wings away maybe you should have. 8 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 9. just taken the car And a lengthy conversion time For my money if I had any I d go with the Figure 1 Rear a real efficiency here a single airframe capable of. suggests lots of details you could miss not an PAL V One which doesn t have the centre of grav suspension detail A performing different flight missions and able to. attractive scenario when you re going to stake ity issues it s what we could call a pendular air leaning mechanism function as a roadworthy commuting vehicle. your life on those wings the next time you commit craft one that hangs from its lifting surface On makes a single wheel. aviation the ground it tilts like a motorcycle though it s first trike eliminates Design Philosophy. In the interest of saving weight it needs a a three wheeler Its only essential problem is the tipping when the vehicle Use as much off the shelf technology as possible. single engine used for both modes And finally cost Is there a way to get the advantages of a pen is cornered abruptly There s no sense reinventing the wheel even if we. it needs a ballistic parachute Failsafes must be dular design in a cheaper package are reinventing the airplane Transmissions suspen. designed into the aircraft but in a situation where I think there is sion wing can all can come from existing sources. the wings are deployed and stowed repeatedly it We just want to combine them differently. just seems common sense A Solution Make it a kit affordability must be a primary. Autogiros like the PAL V One don t have the design consideration With the ability to buy the. The Problem centre of gravity issues that other attempts have wing from established manufacturers the builder s. The biggest headache is the centre of gravity issue had because they hang from the wing The C of job is drastically simplified and the airworthiness of. and this more than any other single reason is why G is the same for both road and flight modes This the wing and associated structures is already estab. so many roadables fail to impress Airplanes need means considerably less complexity and weight pensive cheap to train on and like autogiros lished The critical attach point could be sold as a. to be light on the nose wheel so the elevator can I think that s the magic bullet If we can find don t have centre of gravity issues that plague more premanufactured item to fasten onto the lower por. be kept a reasonable size If I took the wings off a some other aircraft that hangs from its wing but is conventional wing bolted to the fuselage aircraft tion of the vehicle. Cessna so I could drive it down the road I ve only simpler than an autogiro we re headed in the right Unlike autogiros they are simple and cheap. got about two hundred pounds up front on the direction I Tec s Maverick LSA falls into the same An added bonus different wings could be Running gear. only directional control I have As I barrel down category and it doesn t just make a decent car it s a attached to the undercarriage for different missions Let s start with the bottom half The place the people. the freeway at 60 mph and hit a pothole or encoun fire breathing hot rod But it s slow in the air You could have one trike portion and two or three sit could have 3 or 4 wheels for lightness let s start. ter a gust loss of control is likely What about changing the wing to something wings one for soaring another for cross country with 3 the lightest minimum set of wheels for an. Solutions are generally expensive heavy and faster and so on Many of these wings can be bought sepa aircraft Although we ve already got the C of G. complex or they badly compromise the utility of Trikes are gaining popularity as sport aircraft rately flight tested and ready to go though it s obvi issue tamed the absolutely optimal weight distri. the vehicle Molt Taylor s Aerocar arguably the and could put multi use aircraft within the reach ously incumbent on the designer of the bottom half bution suggests a delta trike would be best one. most successful attempt so far was quite compli of more pilots They are simple relatively inex to make sure it can stay attached to the wing There s wheel in the front and two in the back If we want. cated and despite many ingenious features took, too long to convert But a single integrated vehicle. is going to have to put up with a light front end,complex mechanisms or use considerable aerody. Modern trike wings can be folded up in about 10 minutes into a package that could be easily. namic force to keep things balanced in the air That. trailered or left in the garage for extended road use. means excessive down force on the elevator with,the resulting inefficiencies.
Make it a kit affordability must,be a primary design consideration. With the ability to buy the,wing off the shelf the builder s. job is drastically simplified,and the airworthiness of the. wing and associated structures,is already established. 10 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 11. an even amount of weight on above would probably be the while leave the wing behind and just drive Unfortunately the voiceover is in German but the. all three wheels for driving and lighter and simpler way to It s important to understand that what I m concept is amply demonstrated Besides spoiling. The ability to control, the hang point to be slightly implement this but would considering here is a relatively crude technology lift on the inboard wing they create drag helping.
forward of this point so the require some fabrication See demonstrator There s lots of room to develop the yaw the aircraft around in the right direction If. wing s angle of, nose wheel s natural posi Figure 1 previous page for concept into something with even more utility roll is controllable in this fashion then we can dis. tion in flight is slightly higher more or check out http pense with the control bar entirely and attach the. attack the pendular, than the back for flying this www jetrike com prior art Future Possibilities struts directly to the fuselage This would allow. is the better choice This intro US4887829 pdf A trike is about as open cockpit as you can get but I higher speeds and an enclosed cabin is just plain. aircraft s defining, duces the problem however wonder if there might be ways of enclosing the cock useful making the vehicle more of an all weather. of abrupt turns causing a tip Transmission pit At the very least a fairing can be added to reduce creature in either mode It would also allow for. characteristic can, There s a way around that and The vehicle will be light and the wind on the pilot and enhance the machine s a rigid wing quicker to stow and trailer while. we ll come to it presently we want the simplest lightest esthetic appearance But what about total enclosure allowing higher cruise speeds. be easily actuated, transmission as well a Con The ability to control wing s angle of attack the Another tantalizing possibility what about.
Suspension tinuous Variable Transmis pendular aircraft s defining characteristic could an amphibious hull with retractable gear A tri. from an enclosed, We need a roadworthy suspen sion CVT similar to those be easily actuated from an enclosed cockpit with a ple use aircraft car aircraft airboat I just can t. imagine anything cooler or more useful,sion A light motorcycle wheel. cockpit Roll control found on quads snowmobiles stick or yoke rather than the control bar normally. and forks for the front and an and significantly on the 0 60 used by trikes All that remains is roll control In This needs to be done There are fewer and. independent rear suspension in 3 9 seconds Maverick LSA a trike this is normally accomplished by pushing fewer pilots and it is becoming less accessible for. can be initiated by, for the back There are a couple would fit the bill Off the shelf weight into the direction the pilot wishes to go the ordinary enthusiast If we can make aircraft. something more than an expensive toy we could,of ways we could go here a. aerodynamic spoilers units can be purchased from But spoilers have been demonstrated effective. double wishbone type similar various suppliers or even The Silent ME an electric motorglider based on revitalize light aviation and in turn preserve our. to what s found on some of the taken from an ATV a high performance rigid hang glider wing is a freedom to fly. higher end ATV s the Honda We ll need a dog clutch on pendular aircraft with an enclosed cockpit and. Rincon comes to mind though the parts are proba the power shaft so we can direct power either to the it does in fact control the pitch with a control bar. bly heavier than necessary or some sort of welded propeller or the wheels The overall arrangement is like device than hangs into the cockpit through a. up trailing arm suspension based on that found on the I TEC Maverick and has slot in the top of the canopy It also features a con. Before going further now would probably be proven itself with extended high stress ground use trol yoke on the end that actuates the spoilers see George Gregory is the RAA s resident roadable aircraft nut having caught the. the place to deal with the cornering issue With on and off road http www technologicvehicles com en details 1346 bug nearly 20 years ago He holds private commercial and Instructor III ratings. the engine mounted high enough to yield decent silent glider me price and specifications for a nice and is also the Recreational Flyer s Art Director This puts him in the enviable. prop clearance we will have a high vertical centre Wings wing mounted video of the aircraft in operation position of being able to spout off about flying cars whenever space allows. of gravity Throw in a single wheel in front and Now for the top half Trike wings are the most. we re prone to tipping However it is possible and obvious candidate and some are capable of usable. has been demonstrated in a number of patents airspeed And happily many tested and airworthy. and working prototypes to make a tilting trike units can be bought off the shelf Northwing s Pacer. so the tipping issue more or less goes away and 3 wing cruises in the vicinity of 60 mph and their. more fun is had in the process Maybe a little too GTX 5 wing for 2 place aircraft is another 10 20. much trouble to go to for ordinary road vehicles mph faster Other wings like the Pegasus Quik are. it s perfect for something that needs to drive and good for around 100 miles per hour. fly efficiently If we can lean into the turns we re These strut braced wings can be broken down. good because the weight leans to the inside of the to a towable package in about 10 minutes The. turn The leaning feature can be locked out with a control bar and its brace wires don t need to fold. single pin or clutch device when in flight mode or in fact they can hold the running gear when the. stopped on the ground wing s being trailered All that s really needed is to. This tipping feature can be implemented sev slide the battens out of their sleeves fold back the The beautiful Silent ME motorglider features an enclosed cockpit pendular pitch control and roll yaw controlled by spoilers This layout has the potential to deliver. eral ways depending on the style of suspension leading edges along with their struts and roll bag conventional fixed wing performance while retaining the ideal centre of gravity for both air and road use The small horizontal tail surface seen here is to reduce pitch. used The trailing arm suspension mentioned the wing fabric If you re going to be in town for a sensitivity but is not otherwise an active control surface pitch is still controlled by the manipulation of the main lifting surface. 12 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 13. In the following article I will discuss the all too sur. prisingly common issues that these five aircraft had If. you are building hopefully you will avoid these pit. falls If you are an owner they may be worth a second. look at your next annual, The purpose of the firewall is to prevent flames heat.
and noxious fumes from entering the flight compart. ment long enough to allow the pilot to shut off the fuel. supply and for the fire to extinguish Realistically this. means that the firewall must be pretty much airtight. and able to withstand 1500 deg F for 45 seconds The. problem is that this is really tough to do especially. with all the wires controls and fluid lines that pass. through the firewall It is possible to achieve but it is. difficult and adds a little to the cost of the airplane. All too often all this stuff just gets passed through. a rubber grommet with perhaps a smush of silicone, around it Fig 1 It doesn t take much imagination to. realize that if 1500 degrees think a plumbers torch. were applied to the area the grommet wire insula,tion and even an aluminum fuel line would quickly. melt The correct way is to use steel bulkhead fittings. for fluid lines and electrical through fittings for wires. Learn Your Lessons Well Figs 2 3 4 Push pull cables are easily routed. through pass thru fittings available from Aircraft. Spruce Fig 5 Push rods are considerably more dif, Amateur Built Aircraft Best Practices Kevin Maher ficult to seal due to the range of motion Zenair type. throttle and nose wheel steering pushrods are the most. difficult of all due to the large arcs that their range of. I am fortunate to have a large teur built aircraft owners have con motion imparts The best answer in all cases is boots. well equipped hangar at our local ducted their annual inspections in my either commercially obtained or sewn from fire blanket. airport Since the Stearman project hangar It was with some alarm that material high temperature silicone impregnated fiber. currently only takes up a portion of I realized that of the six aircraft only glass cloth They are most easily affixed under slot. the hanger I try and make it available one did not have serious safety related ted stainless steel cover plates Figs 6 and 7 Lastly. to locals that need to do maintenance airworthiness issues Almost all of on a fabric or composite airplane there is little point. work on their aircraft For some these issues were related to the integ in building a super fireproof firewall if a fire can lick. reason that I haven t yet figured out rity of the firewall or fire resistance of around the edge of the firewall and burn into the struc. I often seem to end up attached to components in the engine compart ture fuselage fuel tanks and your new shoes In these. many of these maintenance projects ment hardware issues and compo cases there should be a sheet metal outer covering for. During the last several years six ama nents of questionable reliability the first few feet of the fuselage much like the boot. 14 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 15. Figure 3 The heat vibration and fluids in Figure 5 Figure 6. an aircraft s engine compartment,make it a very inhospitable place for. mechanical components And that is,when everything is working well.
to exposure to high undercowl temperatures See Fig 9. Even standard aluminum lines are easily melted in the. presence of a fire For rigid lines I like to use soft stainless. Figure 7 Figure 8, steel hydraulic tubing with an outer firesleeve covering. Flexible lines are best made from stainless braid cov. ered Teflon hose and also firesleeved Apart from being. Figure 4 extremely fire resistant these lines carry no calendar life. limits like rubber based hoses and can tolerate any type. of fuel or fuel additive An added bonus is that the reus. able ends can be quickly and easily installed with no spe. cial tools Fig 10,Fig 11 shows examples of two other tubing issues. Pipe threads are designed to be assembled with a thread. sealant Permatex 59234 thread sealant or something. similar works very well but avoid Teflon tape that can. contaminate the system by introducing fragments into Figure 8 shows a plastic oil pressure line that actually melted and caused an engine failure Don t let this happen to you. the fluid or RTV silicone sealant that is not fuel resistant. Flare fittings on the other hand are to be assembled dry bolts often fail they simply were but there is no tension in the bolt AN type washer is used it can crush. When a flare fitting is tightened any sealant applied to not able to be torqued to the required itself Anytime you see more than 3 causing the same loss of torque I. the threads will migrate into the lines The carb screens level and the steel used in them is threads of an AN bolt protruding be once came across this issue with a. on this aircraft were seriously contaminated with silicone prone to brittle fatigue failure By very suspicious of a threadbound Stearman s engine mount studs The. residue the way standard AN bolts are not fastener I recently came across a washer had crushed and the loss of. cowls on the older Piper Super Cubs of yesteryear The last issue I have noticed in fabricated rigid tubing particularly strong they are roughly Lycoming crankcase so assembled torque had allowed the mount to. is poor quality bends A small kink will cause a large equivalent to a Grade 5 commercial See Fig 13 a fatigue failure just start moving on the stud Fig 14. Preventing fuel and oil fires drop in fluid flow that will probably become apparent at bolt But they are fabricated from an waiting to occur Tribal knowledge of this issue makes. The heat vibration and fluids in an aircraft s engine com the worst possible time during take off or climb Buy or incredibly fatigue resistant alloy Another way for a fastener to me believe that this engine was only. partment make it a very inhospitable place for mechani borrow a good quality tubing bender and don t use your something to think about when the become under torqued is to sand a few hundred hours from parting. cal components And that is when everything is working thumbs and a piece of pipe like the builder of the tube local airport expert tells you that wich a soft material between the two company with the aircraft. well Add an exhaust gas or oil leak for example and assembly in Fig 12 did Grade 5 hardware is just as good parts being bolted together This is The last frequently encountered. only the most robust installation will survive to the next From the above it should be most commonly seen with fireproof deficiency is the inappropriate use. point of intended landing For this reason you want the Nuts bolts cotter pins and torque obvious that under torquing a ing materials behind firewalls such of self locking nylock nuts Prior. most rugged and durable installation that money can buy The metallurgical theory behind a bolted joint in tension fastener can be just as bad as over as asbestos fiberglass etc If you to WWII almost all fasteners were. While perfectly legal why would anyone ever use plas is that the tension applied to the bolt upon assembly is torquing it Unfortunately this often tighten the engine mount to fuselage safetied with cotter pins or lockwire. tic fuel lines ahead of the firewall See Fig 8 It doesn t greater than the tension loads that the bolt experience s in happens when a bolt is too long The bolts the softer material compresses The ready availability of self lock. take much imagination to comprehend the consequences service If this wasn t the case the bolt would stretch and nut torques up against the bottom over time causing a loss of tension ing nuts has made a mechanic s life. of a small hole in an exhaust pipe near a line like this shrink continually as the loads were applied and relaxed of the threads before tensioning the in the bolt Occasionally very high much easier but there are many. Recently a local homebuilt suffered an engine failure leading to the possibility of early fatigue failure This is two components tightly together strength MS type washers are spec places where they are inappropri. after an unprotected nylon oil pressure line melted due one of the reasons that super high strength commercial The fastener feels tight on a wrench ified If the much softer standard ate They are not to be used against. 16 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 17. Figure 13 above the stud is actually bent and the mount has a fretted stud. Some of the over 30 volunteers who evolved into the. C FLUG Family Donna Prowse C FLUG s Chief Pilot is in. rotating components nor in high temperature applications There. the front row Betty Ann McPhedran C FLUG s Assistant. is an argument that makes the case for their use in rotating assem. Chief Pilot is in the back row, blies that contain bearings as the argument is that any rotation is. Figure 11 within the bearing This is true but what if the bearing seizes and I. Women Fly Part 3, have changed plenty of seized bearings For something as critical. as a flight control it is not worth it It only takes an extra minute to. install a cotter pin Likewise if you need to use a self locking nut in. the engine compartment all metal high temperature ones are read. ily available They are more expensive but there really are not that. many needed in the average light aircraft It is interesting to note that A donated Cessna helps the RAA reach out to women aviators Story and Photos by Jill Oakes. the issue of the inappropriate use of self locking nuts seems to be as. prevalent in certified aircraft as it is with homebuilts. Homebuilt aircraft are generally more capable and perform better Less than six percent of commercial and recreational learn basic maintenance skills that aircraft. than their production counterparts while costing far less to build and pilots are women in 2013 In Winnipeg local owners are allowed to practise and. maintain pilots aircraft associations and businesses have develop social connections with aviation. Figure 12 Hopefully paying close attention to the issues I have identified taken an important step forward in making a associations. over the last several years of helping maintain amateur built aircraft difference 740 women were introduced to flying Research indicates that these three ingredients. will further improve our safety and enjoyment of flying in March 30 women were offered free 5 day are essential for many women pilots to thrive in. ground school in May 15 women became EAA the aviation community. Eagles in June 10 women have either completed, or about to complete their Private Pilots Licence Affordable Flying.
this Fall and eight women have become members To provide affordable flying C FLUG is avail. of the Winnipeg Area Chapter of the RAA and able to women pilots who are current on a C152. RAA Canada C FLUG is available for 20 hour plus fuel. Kevin Maher is an expatriat member of Chapter 85 who lives and works on Vancouver Island He is currently In mid September Bill Vandenberg donated C FLUG has her own identity and as a corporate. restoring a 1936 Stearman and is president of the Duncan Flying Club his C150 C FLUG to the Winnipeg Area Chapter COPA Member she is insured through Magnes. of the RAA for women pilots to Gold Wing program Many women know their. build hours and stay current in an affordable work schedules only a few days in advance there. manner fore the C FLUG pilots are establishing a system. 18 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 19. Above Melody Hiebert picked up parts for C FLUG from Goulet Aircraft Supply and helped inspect inside the wings She is working. Why It s So Awesome Above Bo and Donna Prowse C FLUG s Chief Pilot and Betty Ann McPhedran C FLUG Pilot reassemble. C FLUG s cowling Betty Ann just completed her currency check out with Dana at Harv s Air Above. on her ground school with Winnipeg Aviation Left Jim Aitken licenced AME volunteered to be C FLUG s AME Lower left Amy. Johnson learning how to adjust C FLUG s seats Amy first went flying at Lyncrest Airport with Bill Gibson Air Canada on an EAA. Left Picking up C FLUG September 17th 2013 Bill Vandenberg donated C FLUG to the RAA with the. There are so many benefits I will try to outline them for you Young Eagles flight two weeks ago she earned her private pilots licence through Harv s Air Below Marissa Selman is a C FLUG. understanding that it was for women to fly and if it was sold the funds would be given to the Winnipeg. 1 The chance to feel a part of a larger mutually interested aviation Pilot who finished her private pilots licence with Brandon Flying Club and just completed her C152 check out with Harvs Air She is. Foundation for the local 99s Scholarship Fund, community cleaning the upholstery with Bill Vandenberg C FLUG donor. 2 The opportunity, to have a common plane to fly with other women that will support those individuals who are also often the primary. to have a financially feasible way to be able to fly stay current care giver for children or seniors in the family Social Networking finding the opportunity to chat with. to be able to learn about the inner workings of a plane under the Donna Prowse Air Canada Pilot is C FLUG s Chief Pilot and To provide an extensive social support other women pilots from all over the. supervision of an AME Check Out Pilot Murray Bryson Air Canada and Frank Thomas system for C FLUG pilots each pilot USA really useful In the event that. to get hands on learning and experience about the airplane West Jet are also helping as Check Out Pilots Each of these Check is a member of the local and national C FLUG is sold the sale is given to the. to take part in all the opportunities to meet other pilots and Out Pilots have been incredibly generous making themselves RAA 99s and Springfield Flying Club Winnipeg Foundation for the Local. network for friendships and opportunities worldwide readily available and sharing their years of experience in a most sup The RAA provides C FLUG with space 99s Scholarship Fund As members of. to be able to contribute to a community effort that encourages portive manner Ed Ulrich has set up an online booking system for in our heated hangar and will provide the Springfield Flying Club C FLUG. everyone to be philanthropic C FLUG and has volunteered to administer the site quarterly seminars the first will be pilots are able to purchase fuel at. to use the plane to pay it forward on winter flying C FLUG pilots have discounted member prices and be. to fly out of Lyncrest Airport with its friendly homey atmosphere Participate in Basic Maintenance just joined the 99s and they are already continued on page 41. to extend our experience from a concrete ATC aerodrome at St In order to reduce operating costs Jill and Rick Riewe donated. Andrews Airport to an uncontrolled turf home base 10 000 and Jim Aitken licensed AME volunteered to be C FLUG s. to witness the joy in other pilots when they discover new AME and spent a solid month inspecting replacing and repairing. information about the plane each of C FLUG s operating systems Women pilots participated. when they see that their donations contributions are appreciated in the frequent work parties Jim frequently stopped to answer as local well established pilots RAA. when they do something that assists another pilot to succeed questions explain systems and included the helpers any chance he members including Gary Smith tran. when they are able to donate volunteer to improve the aircraft for could For the first time these women pilots learn by seeing a variety sponder George Gavrailoff radio. themselves and or others of parts and participating whenever feasible including Art Tendies avionics Bill Dawson. But most of all C FLUG brought us all closer to the influence the ribs and spars when the wing tips were removed for inspection Bill Gibson Victor PreFontaine Larry. and mentoring of Jill Oakes Donna Prowse and their team of the engine compartment when the cowling was removed and they Brown Bert Elam Steve Sadler Derek. experienced pilots Their generosity and incredible work ethic learned how to reinstall it Wrigley Jim Goold Adrian Meilleur. enhance all of our lives and they are infectious They encourage inside every inspection cover Bob Russell Mike Gauthier Frank. by doing by setting the example to follow They energize us to how every grease nipple bearing and hinge was lubricated and Thomas Harold Kroeker Rick Riewe. step up and to help make a difference just like they do worked and and about 20 other helpers provided. I feel truly blessed by these opportunities and challenges how to bleed the brake lines thousands of dollars of certified parts. Betty Ann McPhedran Goulet Aircraft Supply Air Parts Keystone and ICOM as well and expertise. 20 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 21. Building the old fashioned way,by Peter Whittaker Photos by George Gregory. C GKWI is a scratch built wings to the fuselage the arrange. Zenith 601 HDS which got started ment with my wife called for me to. in 1999 from plans purchased in scrape windshields and warm up her. 1998 I had just sold a Piper Chero vehicle in the winter no problem if. kee and was looking for a means to it meant I could get extra space The. stay involved with aviation and at weight and balance was done in June. the same time have an interesting of 2012 and the Special Certificate of. building project After consideration Airworthiness was issued in Octo. of other plans the Zenith 601 HDS ber 13 years from the time building. had the attraction of being all metal began After engine runups on the. it used construction methods that Jabiru 3300 and modifications to air. did not require specialized tooling flow baffles in the cooling ducts the. and had the speed and range for first test flight one circuit was done. cross country flights My goal was in April of 2013 The project effec. to build from scratch with the excep tively took 14 years from the time the. tion of welded parts fuel tanks first plywood and metal was cut to. landing gear engine mount and the the first flight. firewall forward components,Once the decision was made to. The first 6 to 8 months were spent start building the first task was to. studying the book of plans and read prepare a detailed materials list so. ing the construction manual before that the appropriate sheets of 6061. deciding to take the plunge and get T6 aluminum could be ordered in. into the project The goal was to the required thicknesses of 0 016. spend a few evenings and parts of 0 025 0 032 and 0 040 Two sizes. weekends building while leaving of Avex rivets aviation equivalent. enough time to get things done to pop rivets would be needed A4. around the house I used my half of and A5 plus a collection AN nuts. our 2 car garage in Sudbury Ontario and bolts Everything in the air. and when it was time to assemble plane uses Avex rivets except the. September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 23, Old School The project effectively took 14 years from the.
time the first plywood and metal was cut to,the first flight. wing and centre section main spars useful for cutting parts particularly Horton coffee fund in payment required one side of each block is protected by 1 8. These spars are built up from 0 040 for some of the thicker components aluminum plate The HDS Heavy Duty Speedwing. aluminum with 1 8 extruded angle in 1 8 aluminum A 4 X8 work Forming Blocks The first step can also be built as the HD Heavy Duty model the. and flat bar stock held to together table was built and equipped with before any metal was cut involved difference being that the HDS has a tapered wing and. by solid rivets A friend had buck castors plus parallel levelling beams making plywood forming blocks the HD has a constant chord wing Having decided on. ing bars and a rivet gun so with all to allow the wings and centre section This went on for some time and the HDS wing this meant that I needed to make dif. the layouts done the riveting was to built with clearance underneath made me wonder if there was more ferent sized forming blocks for each rib and thus even. done in one evening I also bought while being kept level I acquired a wood work to be done than metal more wood work Forming blocks are also needed to. an air compressor with a pneu small 2 long bending brake and for work The centre section and wings make the formers for the fuselage top rudder elevator. matic rivet puller and metal shears longer bends such as wing trailing are each 8 long to give a total wing and stabilizer ribs. and from previous wood working edge spars I found a local metal span of just under 24 The centre. projects I already had a 93 band fabrication shop where they were section has a constant chord and Wings I began building by making all ribs for both. saw for which I acquired metal cut intrigued with the project and would uses one set of forming blocks for the the wings and the centre section and then moved into. ting blades This proved to be very only accept a donation to their Tim ribs and since multiples of these are constructing the wings first The layout fits the 4 X. 8 work table Fig 1 and the plans give measurements. for washout blocks that are placed on the trailing edge. of each wingtip to provide the required wing washout. The washout is set when the wing skins are riveted. on The wing nose skin was the trickiest part to make. in terms of establishing the initial leading edge bend. This was done by building a jig out of parallel 2 X 4 s. on the garage floor and rounding one edge of a third 2. X 4 The flat nose skin sheet was placed on top of the. parallel 2 X 4 s and the rounded edge of the third was. placed on top along the bend line and then gradually. pushed into place between the parallel 2 X 4 s just. enough to initiate the bend I quickly learned to NOT. help the bend along by hand which is a good way to. crease the sheet metal The partly bent nosekin is then. placed on the wing leading edge ribs and is pulled. into shape with ratcheting straps Fig 2,Centre Section The centre section was assembled. in the same way as the wings with cutouts then being. made to allow for the seat and centre armrest struc. ture which are integral to the section Fig 3 The, centre section also carries the torque tube for aileron. and elevator control Aileron cables run from the, torque tube to bellcranks which are fitted to each. 24 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 25. Old School, and these are joined by L stiffeners cables A rear access panel was also this consisted of aluminum plates.
and the bottom and side panels A installed in the rear right hand side drilled for 3 8 threaded rods nuts. reinforced box assembly is built up of the fuselage for the ELT and washers By tightening the nuts. at the back of the fuselage and this on the threaded rods the bungees. becomes the attachment structure On Wheels In July of 2007 the could be stretched in order to insert. for the rudder and stabilizer The project had progressed to the point the tube struts. elevator is attached to the stabilizer where the airplane was ready for. using a continuous length of piano wheels The steel tube struts were Engine A Jabiru 3300 engine was. hinge and a servo was installed in taken to be chrome plated mainly selected because it was designed as. the stabilizer to give electric eleva for corrosion resistance and were an aircraft engine with direct drive. tor trim Access panels were also inserted into the main gear assem and air cooled This meant a simple. cut into the bottom of the fuselage blies on dual bungee chords A com engine that I could understand. and in the centre section bottom to pression device was made to assist plus it had a low total weight which. give access for inspections of control with stretching the bungees and included exhaust and oil and came. Zenith 601 HDS C GKWI, Clockwise from upper left Initial wing set up with ribs attached to the spar One surface of each for the cockpit where the seat and centre console will go is in the top middle reinforcement of the. outside rib on the centre section The bellcranks con Wingspan 23 wing and all other airframe parts were left unriveted clecoes only to enable the pre cover outboard 2 ribs with L angles is designed to house the main gear strut and between the two rear. nect to their respective aileron horns by solid rods Max Gross Weight 1 200 lbs inspection Once the wings were completed they were stored on a wheeled frame so that they lightening holes are the hinge brackets for the aileron bellcrank. while the elevator and rudder are connected by 1 8 Empty Weight 695 lbs could be moved around as needed Wings and the centre section are connected at the splice plates and leading and trailing edge. cable More time and parts are involved in making Engine Jabiru 3300 120HP Pulling the nose skin into place was done using several ratcheting straps and lots of padding to attachments have been connected to give the overall wing alignment Black clecoes for heavier. the centre section and it is made from heavier sheet Cruise at 2 900RPM 95kts protect the main wing skins straps were placed adjacent to rib lines marked by clecoes A5 rivets can be seen along the top skin in the foreground where the noses kin is yet to be riveted. metal 0 25 and 0 032 whereas the wings use 0 016 Max cruise to date 115kts in a dive Construction of the centre section at this stage has the top skins clecoed into place The opening. bottom skins and 0 025 top skins The centre Header Tank 7 5 US gallons. section is further reinforced by closely spaced ribs Wing Tanks 7 5 US gallons each. for the walkways used for cockpit entry and with Wheels and Brakes Matco. a landing gear attachment box The main gear are, part of the centre section and this facilitates removal Instruments. of the wings which only requires disconnection of Dynon Flightdek D180 with engine monitoring. the aileron horn fuel lines from the wing tanks and for the 6 cylinder Jabiru EGT and CHT plus flight. electrical connections to the wingtip navigation and instruments. strobe lights If one were so inclined the HD model Garmin Aera 500 portable GPS. constant chord wings could be built and attached to Garmin SL40 Com Radio. the centre section Garmin GTX 327 Transponder,Trans Cal Industries SSD120 altitude encoder. Fitting Wings and Centre Section With both Power Panel Composite Designs. wings and the centre section completed it was time ELT Kannad 406. to see if they would fit together The aim was to see Standard Altimeter Falcon Guage. if first of all the wings and centre section would Standard Airspeed Falcon Guage. slide together at the splice plates and then to see if. the top rivet lines for each wing and the centre sec. tion would actually give a straight line Everything Fuselage The fuselage layout Fig5 was also done. came together and lined up and this was the first on the 4 x 8 building table and involves a box frame. great hurdle done and flat sided sides and bottom Extruded 1 8 L. angle longerons make the top and bottom edges, 26 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 27. Left Trial fitting of the Jabiru 3300 engine Installation. manuals from Jabiru USA for the Zenith 601 were excellent. and made for an interesting and enjoyable job especially for a. non engine person, Below Weight and balance with members from RAA Chapter.
85 the digital scales Bruce and Rob Prior are busy discussing. the readings from the three scales, from Sudbury Ontario to Vancou help of RAA Chapter 85 members. This again ver BC The project went into the and the digital aircraft scales the. back end of the moving van and weight and balance was completed. reinforced the was secured and padded with the This gave an empty weight of 695lbs. wings above it It was unloaded for a design with a maximum gross. time and planning at Pitt Meadows without a scratch weight of 1 200lbs. and was temporarily placed in the, law that anything large hangar at Pacific Rim Aviation In preparation for the final inspec. until longer term hangar space was tion by MDRA fuel flow tests were. you do is going to arranged run with the tail firmly placed on. Above On the gear The fuselage and centre section hinge pin location at the rear of the fuselage to the top the ground to give the required nose. have become one continuous part of the airframe The outboard end of the centre section main spar Once. take 5 times longer At Pitt Meadows the full airframe high attitude A compass swing. fuselage top skin formers are in place and the centre everything was aligned within or 2mm the fuselage was assembled and instruments was carried out at the Pitt Meadows. section main drilled for the wing splice bolts can be bottom skin which overlaps the centre section bottom. than you think were purchased and installed This compass rose and all was set for the. seen at the right end of the centre section The centre rear skin was drilled and riveted to the centre section again reinforced the time and plan final inspection which was done in. section rear spar protrudes from the right hand at the Lower left The fuselage has been aligned with the ning law that anything you do is November 2012. back The completed stabilizer and bottom end of the centre section and attached at the bottom edge of the going to take 5 times longer than. rudder are in the far background on the right rear spar Fuselage top longerons extend forward and you think In June of 2012 with the Test Flights The final stage of. Left The second critical fitting step was joining the connect to the firewall to give the correct angle to the. fuselage to the trailing edge of the centre section This firewall Cockpit side panels were fitted next to enclose. was done with measurements taken from the top rudder and tie the structure together. in at 178 pounds The engine and firewall forward package was pur. chased through Jabiru USA since they carried a complete firewall for. ward package for the Zenith 601 series aircraft CANZAC Aviation at. Kitchener Waterloo airport provided many tips and much useful advice. when selecting and installing the engine During later runup tests and. the first test flight it was decided to replace the fixed pitch 49 wood. propeller from Sensenich with a 2 bladed composite ground adjustable. propeller also from Sensenich The flexibility with pitch adjustment is. worth every penny, With the airframe completed engine on and only instruments and. wiring left to do a change in jobs came along This entailed a move. 28 Recreational Flyer September October 2013 September October 2013 Recreational Flyer 29.

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