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Copyright this edition 1996 AK Press Freddie Baer,SCUM Manifesto Valerie Solanas. 187 3176 44 9, Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication Data. A catalogue record for this title is available from the. Library of Congress,British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. A catalogue record for this title is available from. the British Library, This edition of the manifesto is based on the 1991. Phoenix Press London publication which itself was,based on the 1983 Matriarchy Study Group London.
Published by,AK Press AK Press,P O Box12766 P O Box 40682. Edinburgh Scotland San Francisco CA,EH8 9YE 94140 0682. Design and layout work donated by Freddie Baer, Thanks to Johann Humyn Being for addtional research work. Life in this society being at best an utter, bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant. to women there remains to civic minded respon, sible thrill seeking females only to overthrow the.
government eliminate the money system institute,complete automation and destroy the male sex. It is now technically possible to reproduce,without the aid of males or for that matter. females and to produce only females We must,begin immediately to do so Retaining the male has. not even the dubious purpose of reproduction The,male is a biological accident the Y male gene is. an incomplete X female gene that is has an,incomplete set of chromosomes In other words.
the male is an incomplete female a walking abor, tion aborted at the gene stage To be male is to be. deficient emotionally limited maleness is a defi,ciency disease and males are emotional cripples. The male is completely egocentric trapped,inside himself incapable of empathizing or identi. fying with others of love friendship affection or,tenderness He is a completely isolated unit inca. pable of rapport with anyone His responses are, entirely visceral not cerebral his intelligence is a.
mere tool in the service of his drives and needs he. SCUM MANIFESTO 1,is incapable of mental passion mental interaction. he can t relate to anything other than his own,physical sensations He is a half dead unrespon. sive lump incapable of giving or receiving pleasure. or happiness consequently he is at best an utter,bore an inoffensive blob since only those capable. of absorption in others can be charming He is,trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans. and apes and is far worse off than the apes because. unlike the apes he is capable of a large array of,negative feelings hate jealousy contempt dis.
gust guilt shame doubt and moreover he is,aware of what he is and isn t. Although completely physical the male is,unfit even for stud service Even assuming. mechanical proficiency which few men have he, is first of all incapable of zestfully lustfully tear. ing off a piece but is instead eaten up with guilt. shame fear and insecurity feelings rooted in male,nature which the most enlightened training can. only minimize second the physical feeling he,attains is next to nothing and third he is not.
empathizing with his partner but is obsessed with,how he s doing turning in an A performance. doing a good plumbing job To call a man an,animal is to flatter him he s a machine a walking. dildo It s often said that men use women Use,them for what Surely not pleasure. Eaten up with guilt shame fears and inse,curities and obtaining if he s lucky a barely. 2 SCUM MANIFESTO,perceptible physical feeling the male is nonethe.
less obsessed with screwing he ll swim a river of,snot wade nostril deep through a mile of vomit if. he thinks there ll be a friendly pussy awaiting him. He ll screw a woman he despises any snaggle,toothed hag and furthermore pay for the oppor. tunity Why Relieving physical tension isn t the,answer as masturbation suffices for that It s not. ego satisfaction that doesn t explain screwing,corpses and babies. Completely egocentric unable to relate,empathize or identify and filled with a vast per.
vasive diffuse sexuality the male is psychically,passive He hates his passivity so he projects it. onto women defines the male as active then sets,out to prove that he is prove he s a Man His. main means of attempting to prove it is screwing,Big Man with a Big Dick tearing off a Big Piece. Since he s attempting to prove an error he must,prove it again and again Screwing then is a. desperate compulsive attempt to prove he s not,passive not a woman but he is passive and does.
want to be a woman,Being an incomplete female the male spends. his life attempting to complete himself to become,female He attempts to do this by constantly seek. ing out fraternizing with and trying to live through. and fuse with the female and by claiming as his,own all female characteristics emotional strength. and independence forcefulness dynamism,SCUM MANIFESTO 3. decisiveness coolness objectivity assertiveness, courage integrity vitality intensity depth of char.
acter grooviness etc and projecting onto women,all male traits vanity frivolity triviality weak. ness etc It should be said though that the male, has one glaring area of superiority over the female. public relations He has done a brilliant job of,convincing millions of women that men are women. and women are men The male claim that females,find fulfillment through motherhood and sexual. ity reflects what males think they d find fulfilling. if they were female,Women in other words don t have penis.
envy men have pussy envy When the male ac,cepts his passivity defines himself as a woman. males as well as females think men are women and,women are men and becomes a transvestite he. loses his desire to screw or to do anything else for. that matter he fulfills himself as a drag queen and. gets his cock chopped off He then achieves a,continuous diffuse sexual feeling from being a. woman I Screwing is for a man a defense against, his desire to be female Sex is itself a sublimation. The male because of his obsession to com,pensate for not being female combined with his.
inability to relate and to feel compassion has made. of the world a shitpile He is responsible for,4 SCUM MANIFESTO. The male s normal method of compensation,for not being female namely getting his Big Gun. off is grossly inadequate as he can get it off only. a very limited number of times so he gets it off on. a really massive scale and proves to the entire,world that he s a Man Since he has no compas. sion or ability to empathize or identify proving his. manhood is worth an endless amount of mutila,tion and suffering and an endless number of lives. including his own his own life being worthless, he would rather go out in a blaze of glory than plod.
grimly on for fifty more years,NICENESS POLITENESS AND DIGNITY. Every man deep down knows he s a worth,less piece of shit Overwhelmed by a sense of. animalism and deeply ashamed of it wanting not, to express himself but to hide from others his total. physicality total egocentricity the hate and con,tempt he feels for other men and to hide from. himself the hate and contempt he suspects other,men feel for him having a crudely constructed.
nervous system that is easily upset by the least,display of emotion or feeling the male tries to. enforce a social code that ensures a perfect bland. ness unsullied by the slightest trace of feeling or. upsetting opinion He uses terms like copulate,sexual congress have relations with to men. sexual relations is a redundancy overlaid with,stilted manners the suit on the chimp. SCUM MANIFESTO 5,MONEY MARRIAGE AND PROSTITUTION,WORK AND PREVENTION OF AN AUTOMATED SOCIETY. There is no human reason for money or for,anyone to work more than two or three hours a.
week at the very most All non creative jobs prac,tically all jobs now being done could have been. automated long ago and in a moneyless society,everyone can have as much of the best of every. thing as she wants But there are non human male,reasons for maintaining the money work system. 1 Pussy Despising his highly inadequate self,overcome with intense anxiety and a deep. profound loneliness when by his empty self,desperate to attach himself to any female in.
dim hopes of completing himself in the,mystical belief that by touching gold he ll. turn to gold the male craves the continuous,companionship of women The company of. the lowest female is preferable to his own or,that of other men who serve only to remind. him of his repulsiveness But females unless,very young or very sick must be coerced or. bribed into male company,2 Supply the non relating male with the.
delusion of usefulness and enable him to,try to justify his existence by digging holes. and filling them up Leisure time horrifies,the male who will have nothing to do but. contemplate his grotesque self Unable to,relate or to love the male must work Fe. 6 SCUM MANIFESTO,males crave absorbing emotionally satisfy. ing meaningful activity but lacking the,opportunity o r ability for this they prefe r to.
idle and waste away their time in ways o f,their own choosing sleeping shopping. b owling shooting pool playing cards and,other gam e s breeding reading walking. around daydreaming eating playing with,themselves p opping pill s going to the mov. ies getting analyzed traveling raising dogs,and cats lolling on the beach swimming. watching TV listening to music decorating,t h e i r h o us e s gardening s ewi ng n i g h t.
clubbing dancing visiting improving their,minds taking courses and abs orbing cul. ture lectures plays concerts arty mov,ies Therefore many females would even. assuming complete economic equality be,twe en the sexes prefer living with males o r. p eddling their asses on the street thus hav,ing most of their time for themselve s to. spending many hours of their days doing,boring stultifying non creative work for.
somebody else functioning as less than ani,mals as machines or at best if abl e to get. a good j ob co managing the shitpile,What will liberate women therefore fro m. male control is the total elimination of the,money work system not the attainment o f. economic equality with men within i t,SCUM MANIFESTO 7. 3 Power and control Unmasterful in his per,sonal relations with women the male attains.
to general masterfulness by the manipula,tion of money and of everything and every. body controlled by money in other words,of everything and everybody. 4 Love substitute Unable to give love or affec,tion the male gives money It makes him. feel motherly The mother gives milk he,gives bread He is the Breadwinner. 5 Provides the male with a goal Incapable of,enjoying the moment the male needs some.
thing to look forward to and money pro,vides him with an eternal never ending goal. Just think what you could do with 80 trillion,dollars invest it And in three year s time. you d have 300 trillion dollars,6 Provides the basis for the male s major. opportunity to control and manipulate,fatherhood,FATHERHOOD AND MENTAL ILLNESS FEAR COWARDICE. TIMIDITY HUMILITY INSECURITY PASSIVITY,Mother wants what s best for her kids Daddy.
only wants what s best for Daddy that is peace and. qUiet pandering to his delusion of dignity re,spect a good reflection on himself status and. the opportunity to control and manipulate or if,8 SCUM MANIFESTO. he s an enlightened father to give guidance,His daughter in addition he wants sexually he. gives her hand in marriage the other part is for,him Daddy unlike Mother can never give in to his. kids as he must at all costs preserve his delusion. of decisiveness forcefulness always rightness and,strength Never getting one s way leads to lack of.
self confidence in one s ability to cope with the, world and to a passive acceptance of the status quo. Mother loves her kids although she sometimes,gets angry but anger blows over quickly and even. while it exists doesn t preclude love and basic,acceptance Emotionally diseased Daddy doesn t. love his kids he approves of them if they re,good that is if they re nice respectful obedi. ent subservient to his will quiet and not given to. unseemly displays of temper that would be most, upsetting to Daddy s easily disturbed male nervous.
system in other words if they re passive veg,etables If they re not good he doesn t get angry. not if he s a modern civilized father the, old fashioned ranting raving brute is preferable as. he is so ridiculous he can be easily despised but,rather expresses disapproval a state that unlike. anger endures and precludes a basic acceptance, leaving the kid with a feeling of worthlessness and. a lifelong obsession with being approved of the, result is fear of independent thought as this leads.
to unconventional disapproved of opinions and,ways of life. SCUM MANIFESTO 9,For the kid to want Daddy s approval it must. respect Daddy and being garbage Daddy can,make sure that he is respected only by remaining. aloof by distantness by acting on the precept,familiarity breeds contempt which is of course. true if one is contemptible By being distant and,aloof he is able to remain unknown mysterious.
and thereby to inspire fear respect,Disapproval of emotional scenes leads to. fear of strong emotion fear of one s own anger and. hatred and to a fear of facing reality as facing it. leads at first to anger and hatred Fear of anger and. hatred combined with a lack of self confidence in, one s ability to cope with and change the world or. even to affect in the slightest way one s own destiny. leads to a mindless belief that the world and most. people in it are nice and that the most banal trivial. amusements are great fun and deeply pleasurable,The dfed uf fatherhood on males specifi. cally is to make them liMen that is highly, defensive of all impulses to passivity faggotry and. of desires to be female Every boy wants to imitate. his mother be her fuse with her but Daddy forbids, this he is the mother he gets to fuse with her So he.
tells the boy sometimes directly sometimes, indirectly to not be a sissy to act like a Man The. boy scared shitless of and IIrespecting his father. complies and becomes just like Daddy that model,of Man hood the all American ideal the. well behaved heterosexual dullard,10 SCU M MANIFESTO. The effect of fatherhood on females is to,make them male dependent passive domestic. animalistic nice insecure approval and security,seekers cowardly humble respectful of.
authorities and men closed not fully responsive,half dead trivial dull conventional flattened out. and thoroughly contemptible Daddy s Girl always,tense and fearful uncool unanalytical lacking. objectivity appraises Daddy and thereafter other,men against a background of fear respect and. is not only unable to see the empty shell behind the. aloof facade but accepts the male definition of,himself as superior as a female and of herself as. inferior as a male which thanks to Daddy she,It is the increase of fatherhood resulting.
from the increased and more widespread affluence,that fatherhood needs in order to thrive that has. caused the general increase of mindlessness and, the decline of women in the United States since the. 1920s The close association of affluence with fa,therhood has led for the most part to only the. wrong girls namely the privileged middle class,girls getting II educated. The effect of fathers in sum has been to,corrode the world with maleness The male has a.
negative Midas touch everything he touches,turns to shit. SCUM MANIFESTO 11,SUPPRESSION OF INDIVIDUALITY ANIMALISM. DOMESTICITY AND MOTHERHOOD AND FUNCTIONALISM,The male is just a bundle of conditioned. reflexes incapable of a mentally free response he,is tied to his early conditioning determined com. pletely by his past experiences His earliest experi. ences are with his mother and he is throughout his. life tied to her It never becomes completely clear to. the male that he is not part of his mother that he. is he and she is she,His greatest need is to be guided sheltered.
protected and admired by Mama men expect,women to adore what men shrink from in horror. themselves and being completely physical he,yearns to spend his time that s not spent out in. the world grimly defending against his passivity,wallowing in basic animal activities eating sleep. ing shitting relaxing and being soothed by Mama,Passive rattle headed Daddy s Girl ever eager for. approval for a pat on the head for the respect of,any passing piece of garbage is easily reduced to.
Mama mindless ministrator to physical needs,soother of the weary apey brow booster of the. puny ego appreciator of the contemptible a hot,water bottle with tits. The reduction to animals of the women of,the most backward segment of society the privi. leged educated middle class the backwash of,humanity where Daddy reigns supreme has. been so thorough that they try to groove on labor,12 SCUM MANIFESTO.

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