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Introduction for Parents How to work with the book. Introduction for Children How to work with the book. Chapter 1 How Scratch is built The first program,Chapter 2 Making the first program more expanded. Chapter 3 Cyclical program flow,Chapter 4 First simple cartoon. Chapter 5 Soccer,Chapter 6 Let s learn X coordinate. Chapter 7 Let s learn Y coordinates,Chapter 8 Cartoon Flying Cat and Bat. Chapter 9 Maze game,Chapter 10 Ghost cartoon,Chapter 11 A kitten on a minefield game.
Chapter 12 Wizard game,Chapter 13 Mathematician cat. Chapter 14 Cat with jetpack game,Chapter 15 A platformer game. Chapter 16 Catch delicacies game,Annex 1 Scratch 2 concepts. Annex 2 Scratch 2 0 Blocks Reference book,Annex 3 Negative numbers. Annex 4 Degrees,Annex 5 Coordinates X and Y,Annex 6 Decimal fractions.
Annex 7 Percent,Annex 8 Functions,Description, The goal of the book is an introduction into programming and mathematics for middle school. The material is written for student self study for Grade 5 6 students who have basic skills of. operating a computer Children have to be able to use a mouse start using labels etc as well as. count to 480 multiply and divide More complex mathematical notions negative numbers. decimal fractions coordinate axis degrees will be explained in the pages of the book. Scratch is a new free programming environment that allows children 10 years old and older to. create their own stories cartoons games and other creations This program allows children to. express themselves creatively with a computer Scratch was specifically created as a new. learning environment for teaching school students programming. You can create cartoons in Scratch play with various objects change them move them on the. screen and set up forms of interaction between objects The programs are created with multi. colored blocks the same way as Lego construction sets are made of multi colored bricks Scratch. was created in 2006 under the supervision of Mitchel Resnick by a Lifelong Kindergarten group in. the MIT Media Lab Each chapter requires about 20 30 minutes to study It is not recommended. to study more than two chapters per day,How the book was created. I am 38 years old My background is in Computer Engineering not in Programming My son. Artem got into programming on Scratch at 7 years of age I started looking for books on Scratch. on the Internet for children of 7 9 years old but I could not find anything All Scratch textbooks. are for 13 15 year old children though there is nothing difficult about Scratch With basic Math. knowledge it is possible to use more than half of Scratch s capabilities to make cool games and. cartoons After Artem had mastered Scratch he got very upset because he learned they would. not be studying it in school and that other children who were his friends and classmates would. never learn about this interesting program I made a decision to sacrifice my Sunday evenings to. organize a club of programmers to use Scratch A year ago my son and I started teaching a club. of young programmers Scratch for kids 9 11 years old For each class Artem would think of a new. game that would use new Scratch blocks As a result we have collected enough material for a. whole book In the fall of 2013 new children came to the club and the book was tested with. them The children made a few comments I explained complex points in more detail and now. the book is published Some children have already studied the whole book and are asking for a. continuation The children like studying the book because everything is explained in great detail. and does not require their parents participation The parents also like it because they can do. their chores in the meantime,Acknowledgement, I would like to thank the creators of Scratch for a fantastic opportunity to reveal creativeness in. new ways and teach children how to handle new technologies. Great thanks to Mariya Konopatova for frontispiece and Kitten s icons Follow the link below to. see her works http komixsisters ru, Thanks to the guys who helped to test this book s chapters. Thanks to those who were empathetic and sent their feedback. All the examples from the book are published on the website. http scratch mit edu users scratch book,You can ask questions of the authors by e mailing.
scratch book ya ru, Introduction for Parents How to work with the book. The major principle of teaching a child how to program is the creation of a complex game by the. child that will consist of many minor structures called scripts The operational mode of each. script has a lot of in detail After the creation of such a game a child can spend some time playing. and simultaneously changing it either simplifying or complicating it. Each chapter contains a quiz for the child to verify whether he she has grasped the idea of. programming a game and several tasks for improvement Each game in the book is a complete. program and its improvement may become an ongoing process It will help beginners work out. complex applications and improve memory and analytical thinking. Remember that game creation presupposes computer painting skills for your child Early versions. of Scratch included a simple picture editor similar to standard Paint But Scratch 2 0 described. here also features a vector editor a It really matters Games are more attractive It is easier to. change the characters and learning has become much more fun This book contains a great deal. of information on how to operate a vector editor Some kids find it difficult to create vector. characters but after learning new drawing skills they may show off their professionally created. games Be advised that all game characters are easily modified and may be changed by pupils. without the author s notice At the classes of The Young Programmers Club the most scrupulous. children were willing to create three copies of characters depicted in the book The majority of. children want to draw them in their unique way If the programming of characters behavior. makes it hard for children to improvise and modify the program at their own discretion they. may reveal their creativeness while working with backdrops and characters Poor Cat has seen so. many scenes, There are two ways to work with Scratch You may work using your browser or download the. offline editor and create programs without accessing the Internet If you are planning to use the. Internet please read the first part of the Introduction If you select to work offline go straight to. the second part of the Introduction, Be advised that all examples shown in this book were created in offline mode. How to download and install the offline Scratch editor. This is an easy task Go to http scratch mit edu scratch2download First download and install. Adobe AIR If you are using Microsoft Windows click on the Windows Download. Now download and install Scratch If you are using Microsoft Windows click on the Windows. After the installation a nice icon will appear on your desktop. Scratch on, Introduction for Children How to work with the book. This book is not organized as a traditional textbook I will not explain anything about. programming You will immediately start making games While making games you will learn how. to program Each step in the creation of games is depicted in the pictures Do everything very. carefully and your game will work immediately You can play them and also show the game to. your parents and friends After the game is programmed I ll explain how it works You can. change each game a little bit When you change each game you will have a good idea of how. they work and learn programming very quickly You can create your own game Sometimes you. will have a lot to draw with the mouse Do not worry if you get ugly drawings I do not know how. to draw beautifully If you practice you will learn how to paint beautifully You will learn very. well if you know how to count to 1000 and know how to multiply two digit numbers If not you. can still start making games Mathematical concepts that you need are explained in the. application Go ahead Program with Scratch It is easy. Chapter 1 How Scratch is built The first program,Start Scratch from your icon on the desktop.
Press the square in the top right corner in order to expand Scratch to take up the whole screen. Now you can see very well that Scratch has three parts. There is a bunch of blue blocks in the center, On the left side there is the Stage where the program will. At the moment we have only one character a cat named Sprite1 Characters in Scratch are. called sprites I believe the famous soda water is to blame. This area we will call the sprite area, At the right corner there is a grey blank place There we will make a program out of blocks This is. a working area or scripts area, The basis for Scratch is made of multi colored blocks We will mainly use blue yellow violet and. light blue blocks Here are the blue blocks,Here are the yellow blocks. Here are the violet blocks, I will tell you more about the functions of all the remaining buttons of Scratch while you are.
programming Now let s teach the Kitten to run, Select the Events blocks and drag the block with the spacebar pressed to the center of the. screen and drop it there To drag the block press on it and hold the spacebar while dragging. Drag the block to the right and drop it by releasing the mouse button. Now select the blue Motion blocks and drag the move 10 steps block to the right. Fix it under the brown block by pressing the space key. When the blue block is ready to be attached to the brown one there is a white strip visible. Release the mouse button and it will be attached, Well done You ve managed to create your first program or script as some may call it. Press the Spacebar and watch how the kitten is moving. If you keep on clicking he will go to the edge of the screen and will hide there The tail will be. still visible, And that is how you bring it back Press on its tail and drag the Cat back to the center of the. stage Then press spacebar again to move the Cat to the right. Drag it to the left side of the stage and answer the question how many times did you press the. spacebar to move the Cat to the right edge of the screen. I managed to press it 40 times Forty times per 10 steps or a total of four hundred The screen is. nearly 400 steps wide Remember this number, Let s add a Meow sound to our program Press the crimson Sound blocks and drag the play. sound meow block under the move 10 steps blue block. Attach the crimson block to the bottom, Now the Cat is moving and meowing when you press spacebar.
If he meows too loudly adjust the volume by pressing the volume icon in the right bottom. corner of your Windows screen as you usually do, If you are bored with his meowing you may add new sounds For instance you can make him. First you have to go to the Sounds tab,Then press the Choose sound from library button. The sound library will appear It is where you can find several types of sounds Select Animals. All other sounds will disappear and there will be animal sounds only You can listen to the sounds. first by pressing the triangle in the circle similar to the Play button in your music player. Click on different files listen to the animal s sounds and imagine you are on holidays in the. countryside Then select the Dog1 sound and click OK. The OK button is in the bottom,Now we can use two different sounds for the Cat. Go to the Scripts tab and then click on the triangle in play sound meow block and select the. Dog1 sound, See what you have now Press the spacebar and watch the Cat walking and barking. The first chapter is coming to an end so let s save your project Click File.

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