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Table of Contents,SELECTION 3,M IT CARNEGIE CURRICULUM 4. DEGREE FORMAT 8,CONTACT DETAILS 9, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MIT STREAM B CONTACT DETAILS 10. UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA 11,E MAIL ADDRESS POLICY 11. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 www up ac za mit Page 2. Aim of programme, To build capacity within sub Saharan African countries to empower the next generation of. library and information professionals with knowledge and skills to apply modern information. communication and technology ICT in order to support academics and research in Africa. The project is intended for middle management level involved in managing ICT or working in. ICT intensive environments in academic libraries and faculty members at Library and. Information Science schools, The programme will consist of coursework as well as a mini dissertation based on applied.
research related to the individual s own institution each component carrying 50 of the. credits of the programme, Selection of candidates for this fully funded academic programme will be highly competitive and will. only be considered from tertiary institutions in sub Saharan Africa viz university libraries and. Library and Information Science schools Only applications from Carnegie partner institutions and. countries will be considered for the funded programme viz South Africa Uganda Nigeria Tanzania. and Ghana However anyone may apply for this course considering that all fees should be paid for. by the student him herself or with help from his her university see below for fees. Twenty prospective students will be selected every year for admission into the funded programme in. addition to possible non funded students Selection is based on previous education work experience. and the strength of submitted portfolios Applicants must meet the basic requirements for. admission as stated below but this does not guarantee admission only admissibility There is only. one intake in January every year,Basic Requirements for Admission. The competitive selection process will be based inter alia on the following criteria. Current qualifications at least an Honours degree in Library and Information Sciences a. four year degree in Library and Information Science a Masters in Library and Information. Science degree or equivalent degree from a reputable University. Younger than 45 years of age 1969,Past academic performance. Proficiency in English, Work experience current job description and responsibilities. A recommendation letter from the current employer line manager and. A commitment from the current employer that they will make time available for the. employee to devote to his her studies including the visits to the University of Pretoria. abroad every semester, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 3.
M IT CARNEGIE, The schedule of the program is as follows CURRICULUM. Year 1 2015,Module title and Schedule Content,description. Social networking and other Web 2 0 tools,offer a wealth of opportunities for the design. Web Trends in Year Module presented and delivery of new and innovative resources. the library during 2015 and services in libraries This module provides. February to November an understanding of the basics of Web 2 0 and. 8 credits instruction in the practical implementation of. Coordinator,MIT 865 various Web 2 0 tools and technologies. Dr Cecilia Penzhorn,Students will furthermore be instructed on the.
specific uses and applications of these Web 2 0,tools in the library environment. This module aims to address a series of topics,applicable to the development and. implementation of digital repositories with the,emphasis on repositories in an academic. Digital Year Module presented,context The course presents the opportunity. repositories during 2015,to acquire a wide spectrum of knowledge.
February to November, 8 credits covering the necessary core concepts and. Coordinator technologies the processes involved in the. MIT 866 Dr Heila Pienaar establishment and running of repositories and. of evaluating various approaches and aspects,This will provide information professionals with. a sound foundation for offering quality,information services in the digital environment. This module evaluates concepts and,approaches to the study of the Knowledge. The Knowledge,Society from the perspective of LIS,Society and Year Module presented.
professionals in Africa It also examines,international during 2015. contemporary challenges trends and issues in,librarianship February to November. globalization for international and regional, 8 credits library services development such as Open. Coordinator, Access initiatives the internationalization of LIS. MIT 867 Prof Archie Dick,education and international employment as.
well as issues related to the freedom of access,to information and freedom of expression. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 4. Facilitating The module intends to enable managers of. information Year Module presented library and information services to manage. retrieval and during 2015 opportunities to ensure optimal access to. information use February to November electronic information resources and the use of. information in their specific contexts and with,8 credits Coordinator. support of the latest ICTs,Prof Ina Fourie,The course investigates typical large IT systems. IT systems in Year Module presented that a typical medium to large library will need. libraries during 2015 to manage The themes covered are OPACS. February to November Enterprise Resource Management ERP. 8 credits systems including HR human resource, MIT 869 Coordinator management systems Open Source Software. Prof Shana Ponelis IT Security policies Customer Relationship. Management CRM systems,The aim of this module is to provide an.
overview of the fundamental concepts and,Knowledge Year Module presented. theories of knowledge management,Management during 2015. Participants will be introduced to tools and,February to November. 8 credits techniques relevant to knowledge sharing. Coordinator retention and dissemination Attention will also. MIT 872 Ms Marietjie Schutte be paid to planning and implementing a. knowledge management initiative with special,focus on the academic library environment. The purpose of the module is to provide,students with an introduction to different types.
of networks and network management, First Semester including the different technologies available. presented during 2015 such as broadband and wireless The course. technologies, February to June focuses on fundamentals and general principles. 6 credits rather than technical details Current, Coordinator broadband initiatives in Africa and the. Dr Marlene Holmner influence this will have of the working. environment of information professionals will,also be addressed. Organizational First Semester This module is designed to give students an. behaviour and presented during 2015 understanding of how organizations and. leadership February to June leadership in organizations work and how to. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 5. 6 credits Coordinator manage yourself and others in an. Ms Joan de Beer organizational environment The module. follows a sequence of individuals groups and,teams Individuals include the student s own.
Mr Meinhard Peters perspective how to determine your own. strengths and weaknesses how to tailor make,your environment to capitalize on your. strengths and compensate for your,weaknesses Under groups we consider how. groups form and how they function Aspects,such as conflict management as well as group. dynamics are considered,An overall theme of the module is that ICT is a. strategic enabler and the management of ICT is,a responsibility of not only ICT specialists and.
ICT managers but also ICT knowledgeable,Second Semester. Strategic ICT business managers As a departure point the. presented during 2015,management context for studying the management of. July to November information and communication technology in. the new economy or e World is analyzed The,Coordinator. MIT 876 primary objective is to increase student,Prof Ian Strydom. awareness and understanding of how ICT can,be used as a strategic resource in an ever.
changing business environment with specific,reference to libraries. Year Course Basic Research Methodology,IT Research. Coordinator,Dr Cecilia Penzhorn,Year 2 2016,Year Project specifically Mini Dissertation. taking place during the Individual Supervisors will be assigned to the. Third and Fourth students,Dissertation,90 credits,Coordinator. MIT 840 Prof Theo Bothma, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 6.
The aim of this module is to serve as an,introduction to the basics concepts of. computing Algorithms will be explored on, Computing in Third Semester different levels of abstraction this will include. perspective presented during 2016 some basic modeling of algorithms and code. February to June using UML understanding the nature of. 6 credits programming and how to work with, MIT 874 Coordinator programmers We will also be exploring some. Dr Katherine Malan relevant topics in Computer Science such as. computer security hacking etc artificial,intelligence computer supported collaborative. work CSCW and software engineering,This course is designed to put IT project.
management in the context of library business,and general management It is not intended to. ICT project Third Semester teach students the fundamentals of project. management presented during 2016 management nor will it go into more depth in. February to June the discipline of project management than. 5 credits graduate courses on the subject It is assumed. MIT 877 Coordinator that students already know the basics of. Prof Ian Strydom project management and that being a project. manager is not their ultimate career,aspirations but that they may have project. managers reporting to them,This module gives an overview of the financial. management responsibilities of the ICT,manager in a library clarification of what. IT financial Third Semester,financial management means to the ICT.
management presented during 2016,manager discussion of various financial. February to June,6 credits concepts which the ICT manager will. encounter e g accounting concepts IS audit,MIT 878 Coordinator. and control total cost of ownership etc It also,Prof Ian Strydom. provides clarification of functions which the ICT,manager will be required to perform e g.
budgeting asset management etc, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 7. DEGREE FORMAT, The M IT Carnegie degree is only offered in English. Students will follow a blended learning programme during which they will have face to face. meetings for 2 3 weeks per semester supplemented by web based teaching consisting of. lectures via video conferencing podcasts etc and Web 2 0 technologies as well as further. interaction with lecturers and by means of group work facilitated through Blackboard our. learning management system and Alfresco It is assumed that students have readily. available technology that will support such interaction i e bandwidth laptops for visits. and or desktop PC s, Face to face lectures in the first and fourth semesters will take place in Pretoria In the. second semester September October 2015 students will go to the USA and in the third. semester June July 2016 they will visit the University of Makerere in Uganda All visits will. also include library and industry visits Detailed planning for these visits is done a few. months prior to the visits to ensure availability and applicability. Duration of Course,The course duration is a minimum of two years. Conferment of Degree, The M IT Carnegie degree is conferred on a student who successfully completes 180 Credits.
Core Modules 50 of Degree 90 credits,Mini Dissertation 50 of Degree 90 credits. Pass Requirements, A minimum final mark of 50 has to be obtained in the mini dissertation as well as in each of the. modules of the prescribed course work For examination entrance a minimum of 40 is required. The dean may on the recommendation of the admissions committee cancel the studies of a student. who fails more than one module A module may only be repeated once. Degree with Distinction, The degree is conferred with distinction on students who have a weighted average final mark of at. least 75 for the course work as well as 75 for the Mini Dissertation. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 8. Funded Programme, Note that although this is a fully funded program the student will be expected to pay their own. Application fees The fee for 2014 was R220 take therefore a 10 increase into account Very. important the funding covers registration fees for two years books and other academic. expenditures accommodation and a daily stipend during visits to Pretoria and partner. institutions and travel to these institutions excluding local travel in a student s own country Visa. applications personal expenses for example medicine are explicitly excluded The grant also does. not make provision for computer hardware and software as well as internet access and internet. data costs Laptops modems and internet connection are therefore also explicitly excluded. Non funded Programme, Applications from students not selected for the funded programme will be considered if the student.
or his her university can pay the fees These fees include application registrations visa studies. books flights and transport to Pretoria and partner institutions accommodation meals and living. expenses whilst visiting partner institutions and all technology requirements This may amount to. approximately R 250 000 00 for the two years and even more for the students who have to travel. considerable distances for the face to face lectures Note that all site and industry visits are non. negotiable since it is an essential part of the programme A rough estimate of course fees is. R35 000 00 for two years,CONTACT DETAILS,M IT Carnegie Administration. Mrs Rachel Fischer,Email mit info up ac za,Telephone 27 12 420 5218. Fax 27 12 362 5181, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 9. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MIT STREAM B CONTACT. General MIT Contact E mail Address Telephone, Chairperson of School of IT MIT Programme theo bothma up ac za 012 420 2961. Coordinator,Prof Theo Bothma, MIT Carnegie Academic Coordinator Marlene holmner up ac za 012 420 5215.
Dr Marlene Holmner, MIT Carnegie Programme Administration rachel fischer up ac za 012 420 5218. Mrs Rachel Fischer, MIT Carnegie Technical Assistant mit techsupport kendy up ac za 012 420 4655. Ms Jamie Easton Mr Peter Msimanga, Faculty Administration dawn taljaard up ac za 012 420 4095. Mrs Dawn Taljaard,Module Code Lecturer E mail Address Telephone. MIT 865 Dr Cecilia Penzhorn cecilia penzhorn up ac za 012 420 2920. MIT 866 Dr Heila Pienaar heila pienaar up ac za 012 420 2020. MIT 867 Prof Archie Dick archie dick up ac za 012 420 2294. MIT 868 Prof Ina Fourie ina fourie up ac za 012 420 5216. MIT 869 Dr Shana Ponelis ponelis uwm edu NA, MIT 872 Ms Marietjie Schutte marietjie schutte up ac za 012 420 2963.
MIT 873 Dr Marlene Holmner marlene holmner up ac za 012 420 5215. MIT 874 Ms Katherine Malan kmalan cs up ac za 012 420 3618. MIT 875 Ms Joan de Beer joanfdebeer gmail com NA,Mr Meinhard Peters meinhard peters gmail com. MIT 876 Prof Ian Strydom ian strydom up ac za 012 420 4276. MIT 877 Prof Ian Strydom ian strydom up ac za 012 420 4276. MIT 878 Prof Ian Strydom ian strydom up ac za 012 420 4276. MIT 840 Prof Theo Bothma theo bothma up ac za 012 420 2961. MIT 862 Dr Cecilia Penzhorn Cecilia penzhorn up ac za 012 420 2920. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 10. UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA,E MAIL ADDRESS POLICY, It is the policy of the University of Pretoria to supply all students who study at the University with an. e mail address for life, The official communication medium with students of the University is via the web interface Student. Online Services SOS This is accessible through the University s Homepage. Every student is therefore supplied with a unique life long standard e mail address Please follow. the below link for your email address, https www google com a tuks co za ServiceLogin service mail passive true rm false continue. https mail google com a tuks co za ss 1 ltmpl default ltmplcache 2 emr 1. Every year during registration a student had the opportunity to save an alternative forwarding e. mail address to which the student s e mail can be sent This e mail address will then be set up as the. forwarding address, Should the student want to change the e mail address after registration it can be changed on.
Student Online Services SOS, You are therefore encouraged to change and or correct your e mail address personally on Student. Online Services as and when necessary The Faculty Administration no longer has access to make. changes to a student s email after registration, MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Carnegie Stream B 2015 Page 11.

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