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IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. Semester I, Course Course Title L T P Marks Distribution Total Credits. Code Internal External Marks, MTCS 101 Advanced Software Engineering 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. MTCS 102 Advanced Computer Architecture 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. MTCS 103 Information Security 3 1 0 50 100 150 4, MTCS 104 Advanced Database Systems 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. MTCS 105 Digital Image Processing 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. Total 15 5 0 250 500 750 20,Semester II, Course Course Title L T P Marks Distribution Total Credits. Code Internal External Marks,MTRM 101 Research Methodology 3 1 0 50 100 150 4.
MTCS 201 Advanced Data Structures 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. MTCS 202 Soft Computing 3 1 0 50 100 150 4,Elective I 3 1 0 50 100 150 4. Elective II 3 1 0 50 100 150 4,Total 15 5 0 250 500 750 20. Elective Computer Science Engineering,MTCS 203 Software Metrics. Elective 1 MTCS 204 Natural Language Processing,MTCS 205 Advanced Operating System. Elective Computer Science Engineering,MTCS 206 Cloud Computing.
Elective II MTCS 207 Data Warehousing Data Mining,MTCS 208 Service Oriented Architecture. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. 1 Semester, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. MTCS 101 Advanced Software Engineering, Software Project Management Software Project Planning and its characteristics Types of. metrics Effort Estimation FP LOC FP vs LOC Schedule Cost Estimation Models Activity. Networks PERT CPM COCOMO I COCOMO II Risk Assessment Probability Matrix Risk. Management Agile Methodology Scrum and XP, Formal Methods Basic concepts mathematical preliminaries Applying mathematical notions. for formal specification Formal specification languages using Z to represent an example software. component the ten commandments Of formal methods Formal methods the road ahead. Component Based Software Engineering CBSE process Domain engineering Component. based development Classifying and retrieving components and economics of CBSE. Client Server Software Engineering Structure of client server systems Software engineering. for Client Server systems Analysis modeling issues Design for Client Server systems Testing. Web Engineering Attributes Of web based applications the WebE process a framework for. WebE Formulating Analysing web based systems design and testing for web based. applications Management issues, Reengineering Business process reengineering Software reengineering Reverse reengineering.
Restructuring Forward reengineering economics of reengineering. Software Quality CASE tools metrics Standards Certification and Assessment TQM. Bootstrap methodology The SPICE project ISO IEC 15504 Six Sigma Concept for Software. Computer Aided Software Engineering Building Blocks for CASE taxonomy Of CASE tools. integrated CASE environments Integration architecture and CASE repository. Recommended Books, 1 Software Engineering a Practitioners Approach Roger S Pressman McGraw Hill 8thEdition. 2 Formal Specification and Documentation testing A Case Study Approach J Bowan. International Thomson Computer Press 2003, 3 Software Engineering for Embedded Systems Methods Practical and Applications Robert. Oshana Mark Kraeling Newnes Publisher 2013, 4 Software engineering an engineering approach James S Peters WitoldPedrycz Wiley India. 5 Software Engineering Principles and Practice Hans Van Vliet Yded 2015. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. MTCS 102 ADVANCED COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE, Fundamentals of Processors Instruction set architecture single cycle processors hardwired and. micro coded FSM processors pipelined processors multi core processors resolving structural. data control and name hazards analyzing processor performance. Fundamentals of Memories memory technology direct mapped associative cache write. through and write back caches single cycle FSM pipe lined cache Analyzing memory. performance, Advanced Processors Superscalar execution out of order execution register renaming memory.
disambiguation dynamic instruction scheduling branch prediction speculative execution multi. threaded VLIW and SIMD processors, Advanced Memories non blocking cache memories memory protection translation and. virtualization memory synchronization consistency and coherence. Recommended Books, 1 Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach by J L Hennessy and D A Patterson. 2 Digital Design and Computer Architecture by D M Harris and S L Harris. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. MTCS 103 INFORMATION SECURITY, Overview Computer Security Concepts Requirements Architecture Trends Strategy. Edge boundary Security Firewalls Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention systems Honeypots. User Authentication Password Password based authentication token basedauthentication. Biometric authentication Remote User authentication Access Control Principles Access Rights. Discretionary Access Control Unix File Access Control Role Based Access Control Internet. Authentication Applications Kerberos X 509 PKI Federated Identity Management. Cryptographic Tools Confidentiality with symmetric encryption Message Authentication Hash. Functions Digital Signatures Random and pseudorandom Numbers Symmetric Encryption and. Message Confidentiality DES AES Stream Ciphers Cipher Block Modes of Operation Key. Distribution,Internet Security Protocols SSL TLS IPSEC S MIME. Database Security The Need for Database Security Database Management Systems Relational. Databases Database Access Control Inference Statistical Databases Database Encryption Cloud. Malicious Software Types of Malicious Software Malware Propagation Infected Content. Viruses Propagation Vulnerability Exploit Worms Propagation Social Engineering SPAM E. mail Trojans Payload System Corruption Payload Attack Agent Zombie Bots Payload. Information Theft Keyloggers Phishing Spyware Payload Stealthing Backdoors Rootkits. Suggested Readings, 1 Computer Security Principles and Practice William Stalling Lawrie Brown 2008.
Indian Edition 2010 Pearson, 2 Chuck Easttom Computer Security Fundamentals Pearson 2011. 3 M Stamp Information Security Principles and Practice 2nd Edition Wiley ISBN. 0470626399 2011, 4 M E Whitman and H J Mattord Principles of Information Security 4th Edition Course. Technology ISBN 1111138214 2011, 5 M Bishop Computer Security Art and Science Addison Wesley ISBN 0 201 44099 7. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. MTCS 104 Advanced Database Systems, Data BaseAnalysis and Design Techniques Review of basic Database Concepts Database. Design Methodologies ER Modeling Specialization Generalization Aggregation Normalization. Theory Database Implementation using UML Introduction to UML Structure diagrams. behavioral diagrams object oriented analysis class diagram. Advanced Transaction Processing and Concurrency Control. Transaction Concepts Concurrency Control Locking Methods Timestamping Methods. Optimistic Methods for Concurrency Control Concurrency Control in Distributed Systems. Query Compiler Introduction parsing generating logical query plan from parse tree. Query Processing Physical Query plan Operators Operations selection sorting join project set. Query Evaluation Introduction Approaches to QE Transformation of relational expressions in. Query optimization heuristic optimization cost estimation for various operations transformation. Distributed Database, Centralized DBMS and Distributed DBMS functions and architecture of a DDBMS Distributed.
Data Storage Transparency issues in DDBMS Query Processing DDBMS Distributed transaction. Management and Protocols Distributed Concurrency Control and Deadlock Management. Object Oriented Database, Limitations of RDBMS Need of Complex Datatype Data Definition ODBMS Fundamentals. issues in OODBMS Object oriented database design Comparison of ORDBMS and OODBMS. Emerging Database Models Technologies and Applications. Multimedia database Emergence difference from other data types structure deductive databases. GIS and spatial databases Knowledge database Information Visualization Wireless Networks and. databases Personal database Digital libraries web databases case studies. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. References, 1 Advanced database management system by RiniChkrabarti and ShibhadraDasgupta. 2 Distributed Databases by Ozsu and Valduriez Pearson Education. 3 Fundamentals of Database Systems by RamezElmasri ShamkantNavathe Pearson. 4 Database System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz Henry F Korth S Sudarshan Tata. McGraw Hill,MTCS 105 DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. Introduction Digital Image Representation Fundamental Steps in Image Processing Elements. of a Digital Image Processing System, Digital Image Fundamentals Elements of Visual Perception A Simple Image Model Sampling. and Quantization Some Basic Relationships between Pixels Mathematical Preliminaries 2D. Linear Space Invariant Systems 2D Convolution Correlation 2D Random Sequence 2D. Image Transforms Introduction to the Fourier Transform The Discrete Fourier Transform 2D. Orthogonal and Unitary Transforms Properties and Examples 2D DFT FFT DCT Hadamard. Transform Haar Transform Slant Transform KL Transform Properties and Examples. Image Enhancement Spatial Domain Methods Frequency Domain Methods Some Simple. Intensity Transformations Histogram Processing Image Subtraction Image Averaging. Background Smoothing Filters Sharpening Filters Lowpass Filtering Highpass Filtering. Generation of Spatial Masks from Frequency Domain Specifications. Image Restoration Degradations Model Definitions Degradation Model for Continuous. Functions Diagonalization of Circulant and Block Circulant Matrices Effects of Diagonalization. on the Degradation Model Algebraic Approach to Restoration Unconstrained Restoration. Constrained Restoration Inverse Filtering Formulation Removal of Blur Caused by Uniform. Linear Motion Restoration in the Spatial Domain Geometric Transformation. Image Compression Fundamentals Coding Redundancy Interpixel Redundancy Psychovisual. Redundancy Fidelity Criteria Image Compression Models Loss Less Variable Length Huffman. Arithmetic Coding Bit Plane Coding Loss Less Predictive Coding Lossy Transform DCT. Based Coding JPEG Standard Sub Band Coding, Image Segmentation Edge Detection Line Detection Curve Detection Edge Linking And.
Boundary Extraction Boundary Representation Region Representation And Segmentation. Morphology Dilation Erosion Opening And Closing Hit And Miss Algorithms Feature Analysis. Color and multispectral Image processing Color Image Processing Fundamentals RGB. Models HSI Models Relationship Between Different Models Multispectral Image Analysis. Color Image Processing Three Dimensional Image Processing Computerized Axial Tomography. Stereometry Stereoscopic Image Display Shaded Surface Display. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. 1 Rafael C Gonzalez Richard E Woods Digital Image Processing 2 e Pearson Education New. Delhi 2006,Reference Books, 1 W K Pratt Digital Image Processing 3 e Edn John Wiley sons Inc 2006. 2 M Sonka et al Image Processing Analysis and Machine Vision 2 e Thomson Learning India. Edition 2007, 3 Digital Image Processing Kenneth R Castleman Pearson Education 1995. 4 Digital Image Processing S Jayaraman S Esakkirajan T Veerakumar McGraw Hill. Education 2009, 5 Fundamentals of Digital image Processing Anil Jain K Prentice Hall of India 1989. IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. 2 Semester,MTRM 101 Research Methodology, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. METHODS OF RESEARCH, Nature and Objectives of research historic al descriptive and experimental Study and.
formulation of research problem Scope of research and formulation of hypotheses Feasibility. preparation and presentation of research proposal,INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. Measures of central tendency and dispersion mean median mode range mean deviation and. standard deviation Regression and correlation analysis Probability and probability distributions. Binomial Poisson Geometric Negative binomial Uniform. Exponential Normal and Log normal distribution Basic ideas of testing of hypotheses Tests of. significance based on normal t and Chi square distributions Analysis of variance technique. DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS, Basic principles study of completely randomized and randomized block designs Edition and. tabulation of results presentation of results using figures tables and text quoting of references. and preparing bibliography Use of common softwares like SPSS Mini Tab and or Mat Lab For. statistical analysis,BOOKS RECOMMENDED, 1 G C Ramamurthy Research Methodology Dreamtech Press. 2 Borth Way ne C The Craft of Research Chicago Guides to Writing Edition and Publishing. 3 Johnson R A Probability and Statistics PHI New Delhi. 4 Meyer P L Introduction to Probability and Statistical Applications Oxford IBH. 5 Hogg R V and Craig A T Introduction to Mathematical Statistics MacMillan. 6 Goon A M Gupta M K and Dasgupta Fundamentals of Statistics Vol I World Press. 7 Gupta S C and Kapoor V K Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics Sultan Chand and. MTCS 201 ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURES, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. Algorithms Complexity and Analysis Probabilistic Analysis Amortized Analysis Competitive. Analysis Internal and External Sorting algorithms Quick Sort Heap Sort Merge Sort Counting. Sort Bin Sort Multi way merge sort Polyphase sorting Search Hashing. Advanced Data Structures AVL Trees Red Black Trees Splay Trees B trees Fibonacci heaps. DataStructures for Disjoint Sets Augmented Data Structures. Graphs Algorithms Representation Type of Graphs Paths and Circuits Euler Graphs. HamiltonianPaths Circuits Cut sets Connectivity and Separability Planar Graphs. Isomorphism Graph Coloring Covering and Partitioning Depth and breadth first traversals. Minimum Spanning Tree Prim s and Kruskal s algorithms Shortest path Algorithms Dijkstra s. and Floyd s algorithm Topological sort Max flow Ford Fulkerson algorithm max flow min cut. String Matching Algorithms Suffix arrays Suffix trees Rabin Karp Knuth Morris Pratt Boyer. Moore algorithm, Approximation algorithms Need of approximation algorithms Introduction to P NP NP Hard.
and NP Complete Deterministic non Deterministic Polynomial time algorithms Knapsack TSP. Set Cover Open Problems, Randomized Algorithms Introduction Type of Randomized Algorithms Quick Sort Min Cut. 2 SAT Game Theoretic Techniques Random Walks,Recommended Books. 1 Thomas Coremen Introduction to Algorithms Third edition Prentice Hall of India 2009. 2 Kleinberg J Tardos E Algorithm Design 1st Edition Pearson 2012. 3 Motwani R Raghavan P Randomized Algorithms Cambridge University Press 1995. 4 Vazirani Vijay V Approximation Algorithms Springer 2001. MTCS 202 Soft Computing, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. Soft Computing An introduction Artificial Neural Network An introduction Supervised. Learning Network Perceptron Networks Adaptive Linear Neuron Multiple Adaptive Linear. Neuron Back Propagation Network and other networks Associative memory networks. Unsupervised Learning Networks, Fuzzy Logic Introduction to Fuzzy logic Classical Sets and Fuzzy Sets Classical Relations and. Fuzzy Relations Membership functions Defuzzification Fuzzy Arithmetic and Fuzzy measures. Fuzzy Rule base and approximate reasoning Fuzzy decision making. Genetic Algorithm An introduction Traditional Optimization and Search Techniques GA and. Search Space General GA Operators in GA Stopping Condition and GA flow Constraints in. GA Classification of GA Genetic Programming, Hybrid Soft Computing Techniques An Introduction Neuro Fuzzy Hybrid Systems Genetic.
Neuro Hybrid systems Genetic fuzzy Hybrid and fuzzy genetic hybrid systems. References, 1 Principals of Soft Computing by Sivanandam and S N Deepa Wiley Publication. 2 NEURAL NETWORKS FUZZY LOGIC AND GENETIC ALGORITHM SYNTHESIS AND. APPLICATIONS By S RAJASEKARAN G A VIJAYALAKSHMI PHI. 3 Introduction to Soft Computing By Samir Roy and Udit Chakraborty Pearson. MTCS 203 Software metrics, IK GujralPunjab Technical University M Tech CSE Batch 2015. Basics of measurement Measurement in everyday life measurement in software engineering. scope of software metrics representational theory of measurement measurement and models. measurement scales meaningfulness in measurement goal based framework for software. measurement classifying software measures determining what to measure software measurement. validation empirical investigation types of investigation planning and conducting investigations. Software metrics data collection and analysis What is good data how to define the data how to. collect the data how to store and extract data analyzing software measurement data frequency. distributions various statistical techniques, Measuring internal product attributes Measuring size aspects of software size length. functionality and complexity measuring structure types of structural measures control flow. structure modularity and information flow attributes data structures. Measuring external product attributes Modeling software quality measuring aspects of. software quality software reliability basics of software reliability software reliability problem. parametric reliability growth models predictive accuracy recalibration of software reliability. growth predictions importance of operational environment wider aspects of software reliability. Metrics for object oriented systems Intent and characteristics of object oriented metrics various. object oriented metric suites LK suite CK suite and MOOD metrics. Dynamic Metrics Runtime Software Metrics Extent of Class Usage Dynamic Coupling Dynamic. Cohesion and Data Structure Metrics, Metrics for component based systems The intent of component based metrics distinguishing. characteristics of component based metrics various component based metrics. Resource measurement Measuring productivity teams tools and methods. REFERENCES, 1 Norman E Fentor and Share Lawrence Pflieger Software Metrics International Thomson.
Computer Press 1997, 2 Norman Fenton and James Bieman software metrics a rigorous and practical approach 3rded. 3 Stephen H Kan Metric and Models in software Quality Engineering Addison QWesley 1995. 4 C Ravindranath Pandian software metrics A guide to planning analysis and application CRC.

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