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Table of Contents,Introduction 3,Important User Information 3. Safety Function Realization 4,General Safety Information 5. Setup and Wiring 7,Configuration 8,Programming 15,Calculation of the Performance Level 17. Verification and Validation Plan 19,Additional Resources 22. Introduction, This Safety Function application note explains how to wire configure and program a.
Compact GuardLogix controller and POINT Guard I O module to monitor a two hand. run station Only when the operator places their hands on the buttons signifying the. operator location can the GuardLogix controller energize the final control device in this. case a redundant pair of 100S contactors, This example uses a Compact GuardLogix controller but is applicable to any GuardLogix. controller This example uses 800Z Zero Force Touch buttons but is applicable to. buttons with one 1 N C dry contact and one 1 N O dry contact. The SISTEMA calculations shown later in this document would have to be re calculated. using the actual products,Important User Information. Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical. equipment Safety Guidelines for the Application Installation and Maintenance of Solid State. Controls publication SGI 1 1 available from your local Rockwell Automation sales office or online. at http www rockwellautomation com literature describes some important differences between. solid state equipment and hard wired electromechanical devices Because of this difference. and also because of the wide variety of uses for solid state equipment all persons responsible. for applying this equipment must satisfy themselves that each intended application of this. equipment is acceptable, In no event will Rockwell Automation Inc be responsible or liable for indirect or consequential. damages resulting from the use or application of this equipment. The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. Because of the many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation. Rockwell Automation Inc cannot assume responsibility or liability for actual use based on. the examples and diagrams, No patent liability is assumed by Rockwell Automation Inc with respect to use of information. circuits equipment or software described in this manual. Reproduction of the contents of this manual in whole or in part without written. permission of Rockwell Automation Inc is prohibited. Safety Function Realization Risk Assessment, The required performance level is the result of a risk assessment and refers to the amount of the.
risk reduction to be carried out by the safety related parts of the control system Part of the risk. reduction process is to determine the safety functions of the machine For the purposes of this. document the assumed required performance level is Category 4 PLe. Two Hand Control Safety Function, The safety function is the removal of power from the hazard when the safety system. detects that the operator does not have both hands on the palm buttons. Safety Function Requirements, Functional Safety is obtained by use of a controlled location of an operator s hands during. hazardous motion Continuous actuation of two pushbuttons is required to enable power to. the motor Upon releasing either of the two pushbuttons power to the motor will be removed. Faults at the two hand pushbuttons wiring terminals or safety controller will be detected before. the next safety demand The safe distance location of the two hand control station must be. established such that the hazardous motion must be stopped before the operator can. reach the hazard, The safety function in this example is capable of connecting and interrupting power to. motors rated up to 9A 600VAC The safety function will meet the requirements for. Category 4 Performance Level e Cat 4 PLe per ISO 13849 1 and SIL3 per IEC 62061. and control reliable operation per ANSI B11 19, Throughout this manual when necessary we use notes to make you aware. of safety considerations,General Safety Information.
Contact Rockwell Automation to find out more about our safety risk assessment services. Functional Safety Description, In this example if the machine is waiting to cycle the operator must place both hands on. individual palm buttons to energize a pair of redundant safety contactors enabling machine. motion The palm buttons are each wired to a pair of safety inputs on a Safety Input module. SI1 The safety contactors K1 K2 are connected to a pair of safety outputs on a Safety Output. module SO1 The I O module is connected via CIP Safety over an EtherNet IP network to the. Safety Controller SC1 The safety code in SC1 monitors the status of the palm buttons using the. pre certified safety instruction Two Hand Run Station THRSe When all safety input interlocks are. satisfied no faults are detected the machine is prepared to cycle and the palm buttons are pressed. a certified function block called Configurable Redundant Output CROUT controls and monitors. feedback for a pair of 100S redundant contactors,Bill of Material. Catalog Number Description Quantity, 800Z GL2065 800Z Zero Force Touch Button with no guard 2. 800F Reset Push Button Metal Guarded Blue R,800FM G611MX10 1. Metal Latch Mount 1 N O Contact S Standard,100S C09ZJ23C Bulletin 100S C Safety Contactors 2.
1768 ENBT CompactLogix EtherNet IP Bridge Module 1. Compact GuardLogix Processor,1768 L43S 1,2 0 MB standard memory 0 5 MB safety memory. 1768 PA3 Power Supply 120 240 VAC Input 3 5 A 24V DC 1. 1769 ECR Right End Cap Terminator 1,1734 AENT 24V DC Ethernet Adapter 1. 1734 TB Module Base with Removable IEC Screw Terminals 4. 1734 IB8S POINT Guard Safety Input Module 1,1734 OB8S POINT Guard Safety Output Module 1. 1783 US05T Stratix 2000 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch 1. Setup and Wiring, For detailed information on installing and wiring refer to the product manuals. listed in the Additional Resources,System Overview.
The 1734 IB8S input module monitors the N C and N O contacts of both 800Z Zero Force buttons. Because the Zero Force buttons uses one N O and one N C contact all wiring faults will either. be detected either before or at the next demand so there is no reason to perform pulse testing. on the channels, If the inputs remain discrepant for longer than the discrepancy time then the function blocks in the. controller safety task will declare a fault Only after the fault is cleared and the gate is cycled will the. function block reset Note that in this case complimentary is the normal state of the contacts. so if equivalent for longer than the discrepancy time a fault is declared. The final control device in this case is a pair of 100S safety contactors K1 and K2 The contactors. are controlled by a 1734 OBS safety output module The contactors are wired in a redundant. series configuration A feedback circuit is wired through the N O contacts and back to an input on. the 1734 IB8S module to monitor the contactors for proper operation The contactors cannot restart. if the feedback circuit is not in the correct state. The system has a reset button for resetting faults. Note that the reset button and the contactor feedback circuit are both wired to the 1734 IB8S. module in this example This is not required for functional safety These inputs could be wired. to a standard input module,Electrical Schematic,Configuration. The Compact GuardLogix controller is configured by using RSLogix 5000 software version 17 or. later You must create a new project and add the I O modules Then configure the I O modules for. the correct input and output types A detailed description of each step is beyond the scope of this. document Knowledge of the RSLogix programming environment is assumed. Configure the Controller and Add I O Modules,Follow these steps. 1 In RSLogix 5000 software create a new project, 2 In the Controller Organizer add the 1768 ENBT module to the 1768 Bus. 3 Select the 1768 ENBT module and click OK, 4 Name the module type its IP address and click OK.
We used 192 168 1 8 for this application example Yours may be different. 5 Add the 1734 AENT adapter by right clicking the 1768 ENBT module in the. Controller Organizer and choosing New Module,6 Select the 1734 AENT adapter and click OK. 7 Name the module type its IP address and click OK. We used 192 168 1 11 for this application example Yours may be different. 8 Click Change, 9 Set the Chassis Size as 3 for the 1734 AENT adapter and click OK. Chassis size is the number of modules that will be inserted in the chassis. The 1734 AENT adapter is considered to be in slot 0 so for one input and one. output module the chassis size is 3, 10 In the Controller Organizer right click the 1734 AENT adapter and choose New Module. 11 Expand Safety select the 1734 IB8S module and click OK. 12 In the New Module dialog box name the device IB8S and click Change. 13 When the Module Definition dialog box opens change the Output Data to None and verify. the Input Status is Combined Status Power and click OK Setting the output data to None. means that you cannot use the Test Outputs as standard outputs and we are not doing that. in this example Note this saves one 1 controller connection because we are only using the. input connection, 14 Close the Module Properties dialog box by clicking OK. 15 Repeat steps 10 14 to add the 1734 OB8S safety output module Name the module OB8S. Note this module will be in slot 2 and select Combined Status Readback Power for. Input Status definition,Configure the I O Modules, Follow these steps to configure the POINT Guard I O modules.
1 In the Controller Organizer right click the 1734 IB8S module and choose Properties. 2 Click Test Output and configure the module as shown T0 and T1 are being used to source. 24Vdc for the 800Z buttons Note that the 24Vdc could be sourced directly from a power. supply Sourcing from T0 and T1 is not required for functional safety T2 is being used to. pulse test the contactor feedback circuit, 3 Click Input Configuration and configure the module as shown Inputs 0 1 are the. TLS3 GD2 door monitoring contacts Recall that inputs 0 1 are being sourced from test. outputs 0 1 Inputs 2 3 are the lock monitoring contacts They are also being sourced from. test outputs 0 1 Inputs 4 5 are the reset buttons Input 7 is the contactor monitoring circuit. Recall that input 7 is being sourced from Test Output 2 Note that there really is no. difference when an input channel is configured for safety or standard It is used more. for documentation,4 Click OK, 5 In the Controller Organizer right click the 1734 OB8S module and choose Properties. 6 Click Output Configuration and configure the module as shown The electromechanical. coil on the contactor outputs 0 1 can be pulse tested without reacting to the brief LO pulse. 7 Click OK,Programming, The Two Hand Run Station THRSe instruction monitors dual channel buttons and turns on. its output when the buttons are pressed within the discrepancy time one 1 second in this. example The THRSe has an Enable input that must be HI for the output to turn on In this. example it represents a machine is ready to cycle tag that is a summation of safety interlocks. and standard machine run code This programming is outside the scope of this document. Input Status typically represents the channel status of the four 4 input channels. In this example the Combined Input Status bit goes LO if any of the 8 input channels. on the 1734 IB8S module has a fault, The output O1 of the THRSe is used to energize the outputs enabled tag that drives the. Actuate input of the CROUT Outputs Enabled will de energize if the machine cycle completes. or the operator removes their hands from the buttons. The Configurable Redundant Output CROUT instruction controls and monitors redundant. outputs Essentially this instruction verifies that feedback follows the safety outputs. appropriately For the negative feedback used in this example if the outputs are HI the feedback. should be LO and vice versa In this example the feedback has 500ms to change to the proper. state Since only a single feedback circuit is being used the feedback tag is used for both. Feedback 1 and 2, The two 2 output tags from the CROUT instruction are used to drive the contactor outputs on.

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