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The Rules of the Board of Civil Service Commissioners. City of Los Angeles,Table of Contents,1 Definitions. 2 Classification Plan,3 Applicants and Applications for Examination. 4 Examinations, 5 Register of Eligibles66 Certification and Appointment. 6 Transfer and Reversion,7 Leaves of Absence and Seniority. 9 Restoration to Register of Eligible,10 Administration.
11 Police and Fire Service,12 Disciplinary Hearings. 13 Medical Standards and Examinations,Appendixes,A Special Sick Leave Deleted 4 22 1966. B Vacation Ordinance,C Medical Standards for Police and Fire Services. D List of City Departments for Civil Service Purposes. E Article X City Charter Repealed July 2000,F Service Ratings deleted 7 13 2017. G Training at the University of Southern California. under Ordinance No 122 849 deleted 6 13 1972, H Medical Standards for Maintenance Laborer Class deleted 5.
J Military and Veterans Code, K Medical Standards deleted 7 13 2017 for all classes except. those covered by Appendixes C and H,RULE 1 DEFINITIONS. Sec 1 1 These Rules shall be known as The Rules of the Board of Civil. Service Commissioners of The City of Los Angeles, Sec 1 2 ALLOCATION means the official assignment of a position to a. Sec 1 3 APPLICANT or CANDIDATE means a person who has filed an. application to take an examination, Sec 1 4 APPOINTING AUTHORITY or APPOINTING OFFICER or APPOINTING. POWER means any person or group of persons including any. board general manager or other officer having the power by. law to make an appointment to a position,Sec 1 5 APPOINTMENT.
a EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT or TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT means. an appointment made in accordance with Charter,Section 1013 a b and which must be terminated. when a regular appointment can be made, b INTERMITTENT APPOINTMENT means an appointment from an. eligible list to an intermittent position, c LIMITED APPOINTMENT means an appointment from an. eligible list to a limited position or to substitute. in a permanent position for an incumbent temporarily. d REGULAR APPOINTMENT means an appointment from a reserve. list to any position or an appointment from an eligible. list to a permanent position of half time or more, ORIGINAL REGULAR APPOINTMENT means an employee s first. appointment to a permanent position of half time or more. from an eligible list or his her first regular,appointment after his her last break in service.
whichever is the more recent, Sec 1 6 BOARD or COMMISSION means the Board of Civil Service. Commissioners of the City of Los Angeles, Sec 1 7 CALENDAR YEAR means any twelve month period beginning January. l and ending December 31, Sec 1 8 CERTIFICATION means providing to an appointing authority the. names and addresses of persons who are legally qualified for. consideration for appointment, Sec 1 9 CHARTER means the Charter of the City of Los Angeles. Sec 1 10 CITY means The City of Los Angeles, Sec 1 11 CLASS means a position or a group of positions sufficiently.
similar in duties and responsibilities that they are grouped. under a common title pursuant to Charter Section 1003 HIGHER. CLASS means a class that has been determined by the Commission. to be of higher level than another class for purposes of. Charter Section 1015 based on a comparison of the duties. responsibilities requirements and compensation, Sec 1 12 CLASS GROUP includes all the positions in a class in a. department THE CLASS GROUP for an employee being laid off. includes all positions determined by the Board to have been. created from such class group subsequent to his her original. regular appointment therein, Sec 1 13 CLASSIFICATION PLAN means an orderly arrangement of classes. to which positions are allocated and for which there are. written specifications describing the duties,responsibilities and qualifications of each class. Sec 1 13 5 DEMOTION OR DEMOTED pursuant to the provisions of Charter. Section 1017 means an involuntary change from one class to a. lower class, a DEMOTION IN LIEU OF DISCHARGE pursuant to the provisions. of Charter Section 1019 b means movement of an employee. from one class to another class in accordance with the. Rules of the Board of Civil Service Commissioners, Notwithstanding the definitions contained in this Rule.
the City Charter does not provide for demotion by an. appointing authority, Sec 1 14 DEPARTMENT means an office or a department created by or. pursuant to the provisions of the Charter Where a department. of the City is divided into major divisions in accordance. with the provisions of Charter Section 1015 DEPARTMENT means. a major division See Appendix D for list of departments. Sec 1 15 DISPLACE means the act of replacing an employee with another. employee who has greater displacement seniority pursuant to. Charter Section 1015 b, Sec 1 16 ELIGIBLE means a person whose name is on an eligible list as. the result of qualifying by examination, Sec 1 17 EMPLOYEE means a person occupying a position in the classified. civil service, a EMERGENCY EMPLOYEE means one who is appointed in. accordance with Charter Section 1013 a b and, who must be terminated when a regular appointment can.
b EXEMPT EMPLOYEE means one who is exempted or who. occupies a position exempted from the civil service. provisions of the Charter, c INTERMITTENT EMPLOYEE means a person appointed from. an eligible list to an intermittent position, d LIMITED EMPLOYEE means a person appointed from an. eligible list to a limited position, e REGULAR EMPLOYEE means one who is appointed to any. position from a reserve list or to a permanent, position of half time or more from an eligible list. or who has been granted regular status in accordance. with the Charter, Sec 1 17 5 ENTRANCE LEVEL or ENTRY LEVEL means a class which is the.
beginning class in any series of classes and which requires. either no experience or experience which cannot be obtained. in the City service, Sec 1 18 EXAMINATION means a test or a combination of tests which. determine the relative capacity of candidates to discharge. the duties and responsibilities of the class in which they. are seeking appointment, a CONTINUOUS EXAMINATION means an examination which is. open for filing for an indefinite period of time and. which is held on a periodic basis, b OPEN COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION means an examination open. to any person who meets the requirements as specified. in these Rules and the examination announcement, c PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION means an examination open to. any employee in the classified service in a lowerrank. who meets the requirements specified in theseRules. and the examination announcement and who,1 has received a regular appointment or an.
appointment under Section 5 30 of these Rules,to a temporary position or temporary training. position and has not had a subsequent break in,service as defined in Section 1 34 of these. Rules or has been reactivated as a member of,the Fire or Police Department in accordance. with Section 1306 or 1410 of the City Charter,Amended 1 10 84. Limited or intermittent appointments from a,list or exempt or temporary emergency.
appointments do not qualify under this section,Amended 10 14 77. 2 is on a reserve list or on leave of absence,Amended 4 27 63. 3 has received an appointment under Section 5 30,of these Rules to a temporary position and has. been separated from the City service for lack,of work within the past five years. Amended 12 17 76,4 PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS may be announced on an.
INTERDEPARTMENTAL PROMOTIONAL basis or on a,DEPARTMENTAL PROMOTIONAL basis A DEPARTMENTAL. PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION restricts competition,to employees of a particular department. Amended 9 26 60,An employee shall be deemed to be in a lower. rank if appointment from the eligible list,resulting from an examination could result in. increased promotional opportunity or a higher,maximum salary New 6 21 63.
Sec 1 19 EXAMINATION ANNOUNCEMENT OR BULLETIN means the official. public written notice of an examination, Sec 1 20 EXAMINING PHYSICIAN means any physician who is authorized by. the General Manager to conduct medical examinations. Sec 1 20 5 EXAMINING PSYCHOLOGIST means a psychologist who is authorized. by the General Manager to conduct psychological examinations. Amended 9 01 84, Sec 1 21 FINAL GENERAL AVERAGE means the final score of a candidate in. an examination as computed according to Section 4 4 of these. Rules including any promotional seniority credit or. veterans credit allowed Amended 11 28 91, Sec 1 22 GENERAL MANAGER means the General Manager of the Personnel. Department Amended 6 28 68, Sec 1 23 LAYOFF means separation resulting from lack of work lack of. funds or abolishment of position, Sec 1 24 MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL means the independent committee of.
physicians appointed by the Commission to consider appeals. from medical findings or assigned limitations in medical. examinations by the Commission s Examining Physician. Amended 7 20 84, Sec 1 25 POSITION means any office or employment requiring the full or. part time services of one person, a CLASSIFIED POSITION means a position not specifically. excepted by the Charter from the Civil Service, provisions requiring competitive tests of fitness for. appointment, b HALF TIME POSITION means a position of half time or more. but less than full time, c INTERMITTENT POSITION means a position of the duties of.
which are performed on a recurrent basis Positions of. less than half time are considered to be intermittent. d LIMITED POSITION means a position the duties of which are. expected to terminate in less than the length of the. probationary period, e PERMANENT POSITION means a position which is expected to. last longer than the length of the probationary period. Sec 1 25 5 PROMOTION for purposes of transfer under Charter Section. 1014 means the placement of an employee in a different class. which is at a higher level than the employee s current class. as determined by a comparison of the duties,responsibilities requirements and compensation. Effective 8 14 75,Sec 1 25 5 Continued, When the class to which transfer is requested is found to be. at a higher level than the employee s current class a. transfer shall not be considered a promotion if it does not. result in an immediate pay increase excluding general pay. increases If the transfer is to a class with multiple pay. levels some of which exceed the employee s current pay level. advancement within that class to a higher pay level shall not. be made for at least six months or until an eligible list is. established for the new class whichever occurs first. However Charter Section 1014 transfers for the purpose of. allowing employees who are legally employed because of a. class consolidation to obtain status in a new class will not. be considered a promotion,Amended 12 22 98, Sec 1 26 PROBATIONARY PERIOD means the working test period during. which an employee is required to demonstrate his her fitness. by the actual performance of the duties and responsibilities. of his her position and during which he she may be terminated. without right of appeal to the Board of Civil Service. Commissioners, Sec 1 26 5 PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW PANEL means the independent committee of.
psychologists appointed by the Commission to consider appeals. from disqualifications in psychological evaluations by the. Commission s Examining Psychologist,Amended 7 20 84. Sec 1 27 REALLOCATION means the official reassignment of a position. from one class to a different class, Sec 1 28 REGISTER OF ELIGIBLES or ELIGIBLE LIST for a class means the. list of names of those persons who have qualified by. examination and who are ranked in the order of their final. general averages Persons with the same final general average. will have the same rank on the list,Amended11 28 91. Sec 1 29 REPORT OF EXAMINATION means the report made to the General. Manager of the results of an examination, Sec 1 30 RESERVE LIST means the list by class of the names in order of. layoff seniority as of the time of layoff of those persons. who have completed the probationary period and have been laid. a DEPARTMENT RESERVE LIST means the reserve list by class. for a specific department,b GENERAL RESERVE LIST means the list by class.
resulting from the merger in the order of the, greatest amount of layoff seniority of the reserve. lists for all departments except the department to. which certification is being made, Sec 1 31 RESIGNATION means the voluntary separation other than. retirement of an employee from his her position, Sec 1 32 REVERSION means the change of an employee from one class to. another class in which the employee formerly had a regular. appointment or an appointment from an eligible list to a. temporary training position as defined in Section 5 30 of. these Rules Amended 5 19 78,Sec 1 33 SENIORITY, a DISPLACEMENT SENIORITY is the length of service in a. class group and in all higher classes since original. regular appointment to such class after deducting all. absences without seniority credit,b LAYOFF SENIORITY in a class means the length of.
continuous service in that class and all higher classes. since original regular appointment to that class after. deducting all absences without seniority credit,Amended 8 9 73. c PROMOTIONAL SENIORITY CREDIT means the credit given in. promotional examinations for continuous service, d RESERVE LIST SENIORITY is the amount of LAYOFF SENIORITY. at the time of layoff, Sec 1 34 SERVICE or CITY SERVICE or SENIORITY means service in a class. or position as the result of having received a regular. appointment or having been granted regular status in. accordance with Charter provisions, a BREAK IN SERVICE means a separation from City employment. caused by abandonment of position resignation,retirement or discharge for cause Amended 1 10 84.
b CONTINUOUS SERVICE means service in the classified civil. service since original regular appointment excluding. all time prior to a break in service and all periods of. absence without seniority credit, Sec 1 35 STATUS CLASS means the class in which an employee was. examined certified and appointed to a position or in which. he she was granted status in accordance with the Charter. Sec 1 36 SUSPENSION when used in these Rules means a suspension without. pay under Charter Section 1016 involving personal, delinquency Suspension as used in Charter Section 1015 for. the purposes of these Rules is designated as LAYOFF. Sec 1 37 TEST means one of the parts of an examination such as written. test performance test or evaluation of general,qualifications. a PERFORMANCE TEST means a test consisting of a standard. task or series of tasks used to measure the relative. skill or abilities of candidates, b PHYSICAL ABILITIES TEST means a test used to measure the. capacity of a candidate to do the physical tasks of the. class involving strength stamina and or coordination. Amended 3 23 79, c QUALIFYING TEST means a test in which a minimum standard.
of performance is required as a condition of eligibility. to compete in the examination or as a condition to. appointment Effective 8 14 68, d WRITTEN TEST means a test composed of multiple choice or. essay questions or problems Amended 6 20 60, Sec 1 37 e INTERVIEW means a personal meeting with candidates to. evaluate their training experience and personal,qualifications Amended 9 12 67. Sec 1 38 TRANSFER, a REGULAR TRANSFER means the change of an employee from. one department to a position to which he she may be. legally assigned in another department, b TENTATIVE TRANSFER means the change on a trial basis.
for a maximum of six months of an employee who has. completed his her probationary period from one, department to a position to which he she may be legally. assigned in another department, c TENTATIVE TRANSFER UNDER CHARTER SECTION 1014 means the. change on a trial basis for a maximum of six months of. an employee from one class to another class under, provisions of Charter Section 1014 Amended 2 15 79. Sec 1 39 VETERANS CREDIT or MILITARY CREDIT means the credit given for. military service to an applicant in an open competitive. examination in accordance with Charter Section 1006 provided. that the five year period of eligibility defined under Charter. Section 1006 and elsewhere in these Rules refers to the time. during which the application for employment in the affected. class must be received by the Personnel Department. Sec 1 40 REVIEW PERIOD means the time during which a candidate can. review appropriate test materials and submit claims against. certain portions of an examination The Rules provide for up. to three review periods during an examination, a PROTEST means a supported written statement disagreeing. with the content or conduct of a test Unsupported, claims late claims and claims against the judgment of.
the raters shall not be considered to be protests, b SUPPORT for a protest on the written test content. grading criteria or answer key means citing an, authoritative independent source either a document or. expert that agrees with the protest, c SUPPORT for a protest on the administration or conduct. of a test means citing specific circumstances that. occurred which were inappropriate and that clearly. indicate a reference to the alleged impropriety,Effective 3 23 79. CLASSIFICATION PLAN, Sec 2 l The classification plan shall serve as a guide in the handling.
of all personnel activities and transactions It shall be. considered as an administrative tool and not a part of the. Commission s Rules, Sec 2 2 The classification plan may be amended by the Commission at. any meeting Action leading to such amendment may be initiated. by the Commission or the General Manager or upon request of. any person, Sec 2 3 Whenever a new position is created or whenever the General. Manager determines that any position is not allocated to its. proper class he she shall subject to the approval of the. Commission allocate or reallocate such position to one of. the classes established in accordance with Charter Section. See Sections 4 49 4 50 4 54 and 4 131 of the Los Angeles. Administrative Code Ordinance Number 138 300 as amended. for procedure affecting Council controlled departments. Sec 2 4 Whenever the General Manager believes there is urgent. necessity for establishing a new class he she may add such. new class tentatively to the classification plan Such action. shall be subject to the Commission s approval at its next. regular meeting and if approved shall be effective as of. the time of the General Manager s action, Sec 2 5 Class specifications are descriptive and explanatory and not. restrictive They are intended to indicate the kinds of. positions that should be allocated to the various classes and. shall not be construed as declaring to any extent or in any. way what the duties and responsibilities of any position shall. be or as limiting or modifying the power of any appointing. authority to assign duties to and to direct and control the. work of employees under its supervision Provided however. that except for training purposes or to maintain essential. operations no employee shall regularly be assigned to perform. duties which differ substantially from those that were. included in the class for which the employee was examined and. appointed The use of a particular expression or illustration. as to duties shall not be held to exclude others not mentioned. that are of similar kind Amended 2 20 76,See Section 2 11. See Charter Sections 1003 and 1020 Sections 4 49 to 4 57. and 4 131 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code Ordinance. Number 138 300 as amended and Sections 4 to 12 of the Salary. Standardization Ordinance for Firefighter s and Police. Officer s Ordinance Number 89 935 as amended, Sec 2 6 In determining the class to which any position should be.
allocated the specification of each class shall be. considered in its entirety Consideration shall be given to. the general duties specific tasks responsibilities. qualifications desired and relation to other classes as. affording together a picture of the kind of employment that. the class is intended to include, Sec 2 7 Qualifications commonly required of all employees such as. the physical mental and emotional ability to perform the. essential duties of their positions without threat of hazard. to themselves or others a legal right to work respect for. and awareness of sexual and cultural differences honesty. sobriety and industry shall be implied as requirements for. each class even though they may not be specifically mentioned. in the specification Amended 7 3 79, Sec 2 8 The statement of qualifications in the class specification. shall be a guide for the establishment of minimum requirements. for admission to examinations for the tests to be included. in the examinations for the evaluation of the qualifications. of applicants and for other purposes, Sec 2 9 Class titles shall be used when referring to positions for. all records and communications of the Commission the. Controller and the Treasurer and in all reports and payrolls. providing for the payment of personal services Any other. title desired by the appointing power may be used to designate. any position for purposes of internal administration. Sec 2 10 It shall be presumed that each employee is entitled to the. position which he she holds unless the Commission finds that. he she been illegally appointed to the position or that after. appointment he she been assigned duties contrary to Charter. provisions or these Rules, See City Attorney Opinion to the Personnel Committee of the. City Council November 26 1945, Sec 2 11 Whenever the Commission finds that any regular employee is.
performing duties or responsibilities for which he she not. been examined certified and appointed the Commission shall. withhold payroll approval of that employee, See City Attorney Opinion to the Civil Service Commission. March 12 1942, Sec 2 12 Increase or decrease in the compensation of any position shall. not affect the right of the incumbent to continue in the. position unless the Commission finds that such change. involves a change in duties or responsibilities for which the. incumbent has not been examined certified and appointed. APPLICANTS AND APPLICATIONS FOR EXAMINATION, Sec 3 l In order to qualify for examination an applicant must. a Have a legal right to work as required by state and federal. laws Amended 2 l 75,See City Attorney Opinion to the Civil Service. Commission August 20 1974, b File an application on the form furnished by the Commission.
on or before the date established for that examination as. the last date to file Amended 9 25 82,c Deleted 7 l 67. d Meet all the requirements specified in these Rules and. in the examination announcement,See City Attorney Opinion to the Civil Service. Commission December 16 1940, 1 Experience gained while working out of class will not. be accepted as qualifying However credit may be given. for experience gained through a training program, approved through the Personnel Department or obtained. through the temporary performance of duties outside the. employee s status class as a result of unique,operational needs Added 9 25 82.
2 Appropriate types of job related experience,and or education will be established as meeting. examination requirements Experience at certain levels. within multiple pay level classes may be designated as. qualifying Added 9 25 82, Sec 3 2 Applicants need not be residents of the City except when. residence is stated as a qualification in the examination. announcement,See City Attorney Opinion to the Civil Service. Commission April 25 1940, Sec 3 3 Applications shall be marked with the date and time filed. Amended 9 25 82,See Charter Sections 1005 and 1019 c.
Sec 3 4 Applications shall not be accepted unless an examination is. open for filing except from persons to be employed on. emergency appointments, Sec 3 5 Any applicant or eligible candidate may be rejected or. disqualified at any time prior to appointment who Amended. a Lacks any of the published examination requirements. See City Attorney Opinion to George M Ulh M D Health. Department March 11 1947,b Is physically or mentally unfit for the type of. employment for which the eligible is being examined. c Practices or has attempted to practice any deception or. fraud in making application or in securing eligibility or. appointment, See City Attorney Opinion to the Civil Service Commission. September 27 1956, d Has a history of poor work performance or experience. which would interfere with or prevent effective,performance in the type of employment sought.
e Has committed any act which constitutes a crime and. which is of such a nature that it would interfere with or. prevent effective performance in the type of employment. f Has engaged in conduct which would interfere with or. prevent the individual s effective performance in the type. of employment sought Amended 3 22 74, Sec 3 6 Any applicant who is rejected shall be advised of the reasons. for the rejection Amended 08 16 07, Sec 3 7 Promotional applicants who are rejected for not filing. applications within prescribed times may request late. acceptance of their applications These requests must be made. timely and may be granted for good and sufficient reasons. provided the applicant is without personal negligence. Requests for review will not be accepted after the first test. administration in a regular examination or the last. administration of any portion of a continuous examination. Amended 08 16 07, Sec 3 8 Applications will be evaluated and processed for examinations. in an equitable and consistent manner Added 9 25 82. Sec 3 9 Promotional Applicants who have been rejected for not filing. applications within prescribed times or failing to meet. minimum examination requirements may request the General. Manager or designee to conduct a final review of their. rejection Amended 09 13 18, Sec 3 10 The Commission shall not entertain requests to review the. General Manager or designee s actions on late or lacking. minimum qualifications applications unless there are. supported claims of failure to comply with the provisions of. the Civil Service Commission Rules or Personnel Department. Policies Added 09 13 18,EXAMINATIONS, Sec 4 l The type of examinations are Open Competitive Departmental.
Promotional and Interdepartmental Promotional Examinations. may be postponed by the Commission or the General Manager. Amended 8 7 67, Sec 4 2 The General Manager may announce an examination provided. there is no limit placed on the number of applicants tested. nor any change in the requirements or tests of fitness from. the last approved by the Commission When any of these occur. the General Manager may announce the examination subject to. approval by the Commission at its next regular meeting In. announcing examinations public notice must be given for a. period of not less than two weeks Amended 10 27 2011. Sec 4 3 Examinations shall include one or more tests to which weights. are assigned The weight assigned to each test shall be stated. in the examination announcement and shall represent its. relative value in determining the fitness of the applicant. When its purpose is stated in the examination announcement. an unweighted test may be used, Sec 4 4 Each test shall be graded independently the resulting grade. shall be multiplied by the weight assigned to each test the. sum of the resulting products rounded to the nearest whole. score shall be the final general average except where. promotional seniority credit or veterans credit is added. Promotional seniority credit will be added prior to rounding. the final score Veterans credit will be added to the final. general average of passing Open Competitive candidates. Effective 11 28 91, Sec 4 5 The passing mark in an examination shall be seventy percent. Amended 5 19 61, Sec 4 6 An applicant whose test score or scores make it impossible. for him her to attain a final general average of at least. seventy percent including promotional seniority credit may. be excluded from the remaining tests and shall be considered. as having failed the examination Amended 4 27 63,See Charter Sections 1005 and 1007.
Sec 4 7 In all open competitive examinations veterans credit shall. be given to each person passing the examination who has served. in the armed forces of the United States during a period. identified below and who presents for inspection satisfactory. proof of honorable discharge Veterans credit shall be added. to the passing score during the five years following release. from active military service provided that the five year. period may be extended for the time during which the veteran. is engaged as a full time student or vocational trainee or. is hospitalized due to service related injury or illness. Veterans credit shall be added to the passing score of the. spouse of a person killed or unable to work due to. disabilities resulting from military service as identified. below The credit shall be added to the passing score of such. spouse during the five year period following the death of the. person or during the five year period following the date on. which the person was determined to be unable to work such. determination to be made by the Board Effective 2 15 79. Amended 11 13 03, A lifetime veterans credit shall be added to the passing. score of a person who served during a period identified below. and who has been certified by the Veterans Administration as. disabled Effective 2 15 79, Such evidence of military service may be presented with an. application or at any time thereafter An eligible who. presents evidence of his her military service after the. Report of Examination has been adopted by the Board shall. have the final general average on this Report adjusted and. reported to the Board Credit will be given for military. service only if it meets the following criteria Amended. Service during December 7 1941 to December 31 1946 World. War II June 25 1950 to July 27 1953 Korean War January. 1 1964 to August 15 1973 Vietnam Operations August 2. 1990 to April 11 1991 Persian Gulf War Amended 11 13. Service during periods in which the City Council grants. continued employee benefits for City employee reservists. called to active duty Effective 11 13 03, See Charter Section 1006 and City Attorney Opinion to the. Civil Service Commission August 20 1974, Sec 4 8 If passing a qualifying test is to be a condition of. eligibility it shall be stated in the examination,announcement If such qualifying test can be rated.
competitively the Commission may use the ratings of those. candidates who meet or exceed the minimum standard in. determining their final general averages provided that such. use of the ratings and the weights assigned thereto are stated. in the examination announcement Effective 8 14 68,Sec 4 9 Deleted 6 21 63.

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