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Rugged PC Review News June 2010 https ui constantcontact com visualeditor visual editor previe. Handheld Group that can run Windows 7 or several other operating systems. Juniper Systems,See the DLI 8400,Logic Instrument USA. MobileDemand, Motion Computing Panasonic Toughbook 31 Next generation of the rugged. RAM Mounts notebook that started it all,Ruggedbook With their toughbooks. Winmate Panasonic was an early,pioneer in the rugged. notebook market Now,they released the,Panasonic Toughbook 31.
that replaces the,Toughbook 30 with a,variety of technology. updates and, enhancements that brings the platform technologically. up to date without obsoleting existing customers investment in. Toughbook 30 docks and peripherals Standard voltage Intel. Core i3 and Core i5 processors provide high performance. while still yielding exceptional battery life LED backlighting. makes for an even brighter 1 100 nits display touch is now. standard optional Gobi 2000 supports 4G wireless and the. new model is more rugged than ever Read about the,Panasonic Toughbook 31. Motion Computing F5v Motion brings Core i5 i7 power to enhanced rugged tablet. Motion Computing released a major update to its rugged. Motion F5 tablet The new Motion F5v gets a substantial. performance boost by switching to Intel Core i5 i7 processors. In RuggedPCReview s benchmark testing the new Motion. F5v has roughly 2 2x performance compared to the 2009. Core 2 Duo machine while improving on battery life The new. F5v also benefits from additional enhancements such as. onboard USB dual cameras larger hard disk Gobi 2000 and standard Corning Gorilla glass. for a nearly unbreakable display Read about the Motion Computing F5v. Moorestown Intel s new Z6xx Atom platform and how it fits in. On May 4th Intel introduced the next generation of its initial family of Z5xx Atom processor. Codenamed Moorestown the Z6xx family together with a new I O controller and signal. processing chip are meant to make Intel competitive in the booming smartphone and internet. access device market On paper at least the new processor family looks very good and may yet. help Intel establish itself in the device market which interestingly they abandoned when they. sold the XSCALE application processor business to Marvell a couple of years ago But before. we go into details of Moorestown let s backtrack and see how Intel s whole Atom venture began. and developed more,Full review General Dynamics Tadpole Topaz. 2 of 5 10 15 10 4 15 PM, Rugged PC Review News June 2010 https ui constantcontact com visualeditor visual editor previe.
The Tadpole Topaz by General Dynamics Itronix is a rugged. 12 pound notebook computer designed to provide, functionality and performance that exceeds what is commonly. available in the mobile computing space Featuring a high res. 15 1 inch touch display it is overall the fastest rugged. machine we have ever tested and its 3D OGL performance is. phenomenal And since the Topaz is based entirely on COTS. commercial off the shelf technology the Topaz is a veritable bargain more. Full review Logic Instrument FieldBook, In a phenomenon that caught the computer industry by. surprise consumers have been buying tens of millions of. netbooks They did that because netbooks are smaller. lighter handier and less expensive than full size notebooks. We re starting to see a similar trend in the mobile rugged. computing industry with the introduction of smaller lighter. and handier tablet computers that weigh three pounds or. less yet provide performance that s more than adequate for. many jobs RuggedPCReview com has just completed a full review of the Logic Instrument. FieldBook read more,Full review Juniper Systems TK 6000. The Juniper Systems TK6000 represents another ultra. rugged no nonsense handheld computer from the Logan. Utah based company that specializes in field computing. solutions for rugged applications such as land survey natural. resources industrial agriculture and the like Initially designed. for a Juniper Systems business partner Carlson Surveyor. the ultra rugged TK6000 is a product as much as a mobile. platform for OEM solution providers We had a TK6000 in the. RuggedPCReview lab for a couple of months and here s our full report and review Read our. description of the Juniper Systems TK6000 Field PC. The Apple iPad, It s not a rugged or industrial computing device but the Apple iPad. will nevertheless change our industry That s because the iPad. redefines what is possible with a tablet and it also redefines how. elegantly and effortlessly it can all be done Everyone else will. struggle to recreate the iPad experience and there will be many. similar slates and tablets Sooner rather than later this will spill over. into the rugged vertical space David MacNeill executive editor of. Pen Computing Magazine and contributor to RuggedPCReview takes. a detailed look at the iPad in what is perhaps the definite review of. the platform Read an assessment of the Apple iPad,RAM Mount for the Apple iPad.
3 of 5 10 15 10 4 15 PM, Rugged PC Review News June 2010 https ui constantcontact com visualeditor visual editor previe. The Apple iPad transcends conventional computing boundaries and. classifications While it is not a rugged or vertical market device. many will use an iPad in addition to their current mobile computing. gear and in quite a few cases iPads will replace older technology. That s probably why RAM Mounts has introduced RAM Mounts for. the Apple iPad a series of mounting products designed to mount. and take the iPad anywhere We took a look at RAM s new iPad. cradle and mounting solutions for you read more,Waterproofing rugged computing equipment. During the course of testing here at RuggedPCReview com we examine ruggedness specs and. claims For the most part while we report and comment on those specs we do not put them to. the test That s because ruggedness testing is pretty involved business and checking how much. punishment a device can take before it fails makes about as much sense as a car magazine. running a test vehicle into a concrete wall to see if it is indeed as safe as the manufacturer. says There are however exceptions If a manufacturer claims their product can be dropped. from four feet without damage we may try that And if a product is advertised as being. waterproof we may check that claim out as well And this is where it gets interesting read. Advantech ARK DS303 Rugged Intel Atom based digital signage player. Digital signage players are essentially specialized computers. that display customized information in a variety of settings. and locations Since those locations are not always easily. accessible they are usually remotely controlled and. managed via wired or wireless IP connections This makes it. possible to easily program schedule and update playlists. remotely monitor player status and issue remote commands no matter where the player is. located RuggedPCReview com took a detailed look at the tiny but rugged and powerful. Advantech ARK DS303 that can even run 1080p video more. What else is going on in the Rugged World, These past few months have been hectic Now that the iPad is here and a success everyone is. trying to figure out how to react see Will industrial tablets benefit from the iPad We re also. seeing a lot of product upgrade announcements with rugged manufacturers upgrading their. notebooks and tablets to the Intel Core i3 i5 i7 Based on our benchmark tests that s a very. With Android coming on strong we ve been wondering about Windows Mobile and the vertical. markets Microsoft simply has to react as the current uncertainty and fragmentation cannot. continue for long, With Intel pushing all those new technologies and acronyms and some manufacturers using. them in their marketing materials we contemplated Intel vPro technology and what is it all. 4 of 5 10 15 10 4 15 PM, Rugged PC Review News June 2010 https ui constantcontact com visualeditor visual editor previe.
In closing here s the benefit of what we learned in the past couple of months here at the. RuggedPCReview lab, The jury is now in Yes the new Intel Core i3 i5 i7 chips are good very good You get. much more power at roughly the same battery life or better. Watch the Apple iPad or better yet get one It s redefining customer expectations for. performance interface and ease of use, Also watch the Google Android mobile OS platform It s still mainly on smartphones but. we expect Android based rugged devices any week now. Auuugh more Atoms You re not the only one confused about all those flavors of Atom. processors For now N270 280 450 mostly cheap netbooks Z530 etc mostly vertical. and industrial The new Moorestown Z6xx No one knows. Speaking of Atom It IS possible to get the ever more important high def playback on. Atom devices But you need either discrete graphics or a Broadcom add on module. N Series or the right codecs and hooks Z Series,Best of luck for the second half of 2010. PS We re proud to be 1 for rugged PC both on Google and on Bing To get details on our. Sponsorship Program click here,Conrad Blickenstorfer Ph D. Editor in Chief,RuggedPCReview com,Forward email,Email Marketing by.
This email was sent to cb scubadiverinfo com by cb pencomputing com. Update Profile Email Address Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe Privacy Policy. RuggedPCReview ruggedpcreview com Folsom CA 95630,5 of 5 10 15 10 4 15 PM.

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