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Royal International School, Q3 Read each description Fill in the blank with the correct suffix from the box to make. a word that matches each description,ian ist or,1 A person who acts on a stage is an act. 2 Someone who works in a library is a library,3 A man who works on a farm is a farm. 4 A woman who studies science is a scient, 5 Someone who resides or lives in your neighborhood is a resid. 6 Things that are alike are simil,7 A person who paints is a paint.
8 A person who cleans your teeth is a dent,9 Someone who studies history is a history. 10 A person in his or her teens is a teenag, Q4 Read each description in Column 1 Match each description with the correct word in. Column 1 Column 2, 1 A person who resides or lives in a neighborhood A Dramatist. 2 Things that look alike B Teacher,3 Someone who does not eat meat C Resident. 4 Someone who writes plays D Visitor,5 Someone who teaches E Similar.
6 Someone who visits F Vegetarian,Royal International School. Q5 Read each description in Column 1 Match each description with the correct word in. Column 1 Column2,1 step A smile,2 Happy B sleep,3 Book C staircase. 4 Tired D library, Q6 Read the sentences below Circle the correct word to complete each sentence. 1 He descended transcended the stairs into the basement. 2 The teacher transported translated the story from one language to another language. 3 The bulldozer demolished deceived the old building. 4 I was not free that night so I had to defend decline the baby sitting job. 5 We took a transit transatlantic flight from New York to Europe. 6 We can see outside because windows are transparent transformed. Q7 Read each word Write the prefix de or trans to make the word match its. definition,1 port to carry from one place to another. 2 mit to send to someone,3 rail to cause a train to go off its tracks.
4 fer to pass from one person to another,5 compose to rot or break down. 6 story to break damage or end something,7 late to change from one language to another. 8 tach to separate,Royal International School, Q9 Use context clues to choose the word from the box that completes both sentences in. Address operate present,record related spring,1 The in my watch was broken. is my favorite season, 2 Did the doctor say they would have to on the patient.
I can t wait to learn to a car,3 Amy brought a to the party. Were you on the day of the dance, 4 Write down your for me so I can send you the package. The presidential to the nation was on television,5 Addition and subtraction are operations. Do you think Paul is really to Abraham Lincoln,6 This old has the best songs on it. Did someone the notes from last week s meeting,Royal International School.
Add the suffixes ion ation or ism to complete each word below so it matches its definition. 1 act the state of being active, 1 subtract the act of subtracting one number from another. 2 ador the act of paying honor to something, 3 ego the state of being overly interested or concerned. with one s own interests, 4 reflect the state of reflecting on or thinking about. something that has happened,5 civiliz an advanced state of human society. 6 substitut the act of substituting one thing for another thing. 7 despot the act of ruling with absolute power,8 explor the act of exploring a place or idea.
9 confess the act of confessing or admitting guilt. Royal International School,Q10 Choose the best answer. A USING VOCABULARY CONTEXT, 1 What does the word miraculous mean in the sentence below. Megan made a miraculous recovery from her bicycle accident. b expected, 2 What does the word mentor mean in the sentence below. Mike s boss and mentor help him succeed at work, 3 What does the word phenomenal mean in the sentence below. The race car zoomed around the track with phenomenal speed. a alarming,b ordinary,c remarkable,d uncontrolled, 4 What does the word lingered mean in the sentence below.
Mike lingered at the park with his friends instead of rushing home. c practiced,Royal International School, 5 What does the word reserve mean in the sentence below. Even though he is a reserve player Carlos has played in three games so far this season. a excellent,c substitute, 6 What does the word compromise mean in the sentence below. Ben and Ian both want to fly the kite but they compromise by taking turns. a try to control,b strike a bargain,c discuss an issue. 7 What does the word decomposition mean in the sentence below. The rain forest floor is where decomposition of plants and animals takes place. D production, 8 What does the word lore mean in the sentence below. Maya is fascinated by the lore of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Royal International School, 9 What does the word altered mean in the sentence below.
Adding bright red curtains and a blue rug really altered the appearance of the. C improved,Q11 Match the following,1 employed,3 deprived. A guilty person, B work that has been given to someone possessing wanted characteristics. C lacking going without something,D scold or rebuke lecture angrily. E stylish skill showy talent,F take delight in enjoy as much as possible. Q12 Match the word to its meaning,A Shriveled 1 challenging hard to understand.
B equations 2 dried out withered, C intense 3 to burn slowly with smoke but no flame. D Hazards 4 risks or dangers possible sources of dangers. E complex 5 written mathematical statements in which two. quantities are equal,F Smolder 6 strong powerful forceful and extreme. Royal International School,Q13 Choose the correct meaning. 1 Important confrontation,1 lingered reserve phenomenal showdown. 2 Miraculous astonishing extraordinary,1 brainwashed lingered phenomenal fundamental.
3 With no satisfaction,1 tumult deprived culprit grimly. 4 An experienced professional that guides and encourages others. 1 employed grimly tumult mentor,5 Keeps possession of continues to have. 1 Teeming Altered Heritage Retains, 6 A general idea or understanding especially one based on known facts or observation. 1 Heritage Abundance Cultural Concept,B USING STORY COMPREHENSION. 1 What did Mr Jones threaten Tom with if they won the game The Boy who. Saved Baseball, A Mr Jones threaten to close their school and fire the staff.
B Newspapers television radio and magazines, C Because we have to do our best and do the right thing. D Was the land owner and not interested in the community. E A rich man wants to buy a land that belongs to a small community and they need to win. a baseball game against the best team to save their land. 2 Why does the author compare the team to a caterpillar. A to show them going through a transformation like a butterfly. B to show that the team members just want to fly away at this point. C to show how insignificant the team is,D because the team moves slowly. Royal International School, 3 Amanda quickly becomes the one who organizes her group and the project because. she Science Friction,A is very neat and orderly,B doesn t care about other people. C is the smartest student in the class,D likes to take action rather than just talk.
4 Ellen stashed her bread under Amanda s clothing because she. F didn t care what other people thought of her,G was angry at Amanda and wanted to hurt her. H didn t like the food that Amanda s mother made, I wanted to fit in but was embarrassed by her allergy. 5 How is Selina similar to many children in other parts of the United States The Children Of. Midnight Sun,A She is able to speak Haida,B She wears jewelry and has a cat. C She wears a dance costume with an eagle on it, D She helps with drying seaweed that her brothers gather. 6 How has the Tlingit tradition of uncles teaching nephews changed over time. a Parents used to pay the uncle but now uncles receive no money. b Nephews used to live with their uncle but now they stay with their parents. c Uncles used to spoil their nephews but now they are extremely strict with them. d Uncles used to be involved in their nephews lives but now they have no contact. 7 What is the most likely reason the author wrote this article Knots in my Yoyo String. A to describe a football game,B to explain how he became a writer.
C to describe a small town in Pennsylvania,D to explain why he loved football as a child. Royal International School, 8 Which detail does the author use to show his determination to succeed as a writer. A He could not stop thinking about the football game. B He forgot about his poem until he saw it in the newspaper. C He kept writing novels even though no one would publish them. D He decided to write about the chicken bones from the kid s point of view. 9 How was the town s decision to build wooden sidewalks and pine block streets. several feet above the muddy earth a fire hazard The Great Fire. A The wooden sidewalks and streets were highly flammable. B Fire quickly spread from one house to the next in these densely populated sections. C The first fire alarm was turned in, 10 Why are the crowded conditions of Chicago so middle class and poorer districts at. the time important to understanding the Great Fire. D The wooden sidewalks and streets were highly flammable. E Fire quickly spread from one house to the next in these densely populated sections. F The first fire alarm was turned in,Give the meaning and sentence for each word. fundamental,Royal International School, Q12 Answer the following questions relate to the story title give beside each question.
1 In Knots In My Yo Yo string how does the Spinelli demonstrate his commitment to. becoming a writer, 2 Why does Tom believe it was time to speak The Boy Who Saved Baseball. 3 Explain how each character helped with the final project Science Friction. 4 Why is it important that it is a windyday and the O Learys have just had. hay delivered The Great Fire, 5 What is the difference between Lani and her parents Children s of Midnight Sun. Royal International School,Q1 Write the word that best belongs in each group. coax devote bracelet rely faithful,mute abuse confine conceal delete. 1 Unspeaking silent,2 Urge persuade,3 Harm mistreat.
4 Commit dedicate,5 Cage enclose,6 Necklace earings. 7 Hide cover,8 Trust depend,9 Erase remove,10 Loyal constant. Q2 Correct the misspelled words,1 fathfull Faithful fasful. 2 Rhyme ryme rehyme,3 Succeed sucsed sucseed,4 konseel Conceal conseil. 5 Reproach reprooch rebroach,6 forgave fourgave forgav.
Royal International School,Choose the correct answer. 1 Something a disgrace,1 reproach bracelet appraise terrain. 2 To be greater than,1 serene exceed delete defeat. 3 To do what you are trying to do to achieve the correct or desired result. 1 succeed conceal exceed scene, 4 A sequence of continuous action in a play movie opera or book. 1 rhyme abuse scene serene,5 The repetition of sounds at the end of words.
1 scene humane rhyme abuse,6 Jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration. 1 succeed confine bracelet lonesome,7 Have confidence or faith in. 1 abuse serene rely rhyme,Royal International School. 8 Express disapproval or disappointment To blame for something. lonesome devote reproach bracelet,9 To devote much energy or effort try hard. exceed refute strive serene,Write the word that best belongs in each group.
Leisure reign conceited grief,freight foreign veil deceive. 1 goods cargo,2 arrogant brag,3 distant faraway,4 relaxing recreational. 5 rule govern,6 sorrow despair,7 mislead betray,8 cover mask. Choose the correct answer,1 Hold royal office rule as king or queen verb. 1 freight brief reign veil, 2 A piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face noun.
1 veil belief field reign, 3 Consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly adj. 1 beige feign fiery conceited, 4 The action of receiving something or the fact of its being received noun.

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