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Session Guide 4,Session 1 Overview 5,Learning Checklist Knowing the Play 6. Learning Checklist Exam Practice 7,Session 1 Scene Cards 8. Session 1 Scene Cards Exemplar 9,Session 1 Structure Chart 10. Session 1 Structure Table 11,Session 1 Structure Table Example 12. Session 1 Audience Engagement 13,Session 1 Setting 14.
Session 1 Setting Table 15,Session 1 Structural Devices 16. Session 2 Character Map 21,Character Card 23,Session 2 Character Quotes Romeo 24. Session 2 Character Quotes Juliet 25,Session 2 Character Quotes The Nurse 26. Session 2 Character Quotes Mercutio 26,Session 2 Character Quotes Friar Lawrence 27. Session 2 Character Quotes Tybalt 27,Session 2 Character Quotes Lord Capulet 28.
Session 2 Character Quotes Lady Capulet 28,Session 2 Character Quotes The Prince 29. Session 2 Character Quotes Lord and Lady Montague 29. Session 2 Character Quotes Benvolio 30,Session 3 Themes What s it all about 31. Theme Cards 32,Example Theme Cards 33,Session 3 Notes for Theme Cards 34. Session 3 Notes for Theme Cards 34,Session 3 Language Motifs 35. Language Motif Cards 36,Session 3 Language and symbols 37.
Language Symbol Cards 39,Session 4 Mark Scheme and Question Types 40. Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Student 41,Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Prompt Card 42. Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Prompt Card Answers 43. Prose Drama Romeo and Juliet Question Types 44, Prose Drama Romeo and Juliet Question Types Answers 45. Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Teacher 46,Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Student 47. Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Prompt Card 48, Romeo and Juliet Mark Scheme Prompt Card Answers 49.
Prose Drama Romeo and Juliet Question Types 50, Prose Drama Romeo and Juliet Question Types Answers 51. Session 5 Essay Planning 52,Paragraph Structures for your Essays 52. Essay Planning Foundation 1 53,Essay Planning Foundation 1 Exemplar 55. Essay Planning Foundation 2 57,Essay Planning Foundation 3 59. Essay Planning Foundation 4 61,Essay Planning HIGHER 1 63.
Essay Planning HIGHER 1 Example 64,Essay Planning HIGHER 2 65. Essay Planning HIGHER 3 66,Essay Planning HIGHER 4 67. Session 6 Exam Practice Foundation 68,Foundation Essay Planning Exemplar 69. Session 6 Foundation Exemplar Answer 1 70,Foundation Exemplar Answer Comments 73. Foundation Answer Exemplar 2 74,Foundation Answer Exemplar 3 75.
Session 6 Higher Exemplar 1 76,Session 6 Higher Exemplar Comments 78. Session 6 Higher Tier Practice Questions 79,Session Guide. Session Activities, Outline Learning Checklist to keep track of as students work through booklet. Complete Scene cards,Complete Structure Table,Complete Structure Table. 1 Identify different Audience engagement techniques in the play. Complete Setting Table,Identify Structural Devices.
Identify Language techniques in the play,Character Map. 2 Complete Character Cards using quotes,Complete Theme Cards. 3 Complete Language Motifs Cards,Complete Language Symbol Cards. Outline Mark schemes Foundation or Higher,4 Complete Mark Scheme Prompt Cards. Identify Question Types Foundation or Higher, Introduce Essay Planning Templates and Paragraph Structures.
Plan Essay 1 Foundation or Higher,5 Examine Example Essay Plan 1. Complete Essay Plans for remaining questions Foundation or Higher. Mark Exemplar Answer 1 Foundation or Higher, 6 Complete Other Questions based on their essay plans from Session 5 Foundation. Session 1 Question Topics Types, You will need to be prepared to answer a question on the following areas of Romeo and Juliet. Where the play is set and particular scenes and their significance to the. themes character audience response and writer s viewpoint. The main people in the play key quotes and key actions and what those. Characters,actions signify or mean for the whole story. The big ideas and issues of the play such as love and violence how they. Themes represent Shakespeare s ideas attitudes how they are presented and. how they engage the audience, Structure and Form The structure of the story and how this engages the audience through.
and Narrative rising tension and dramatic irony, The use of poetic language techniques such as metaphors. Language personification and other techniques to make the language interesting. engaging and thoughtful for the audience, Discuss how Shakespeare engages the audience in the story language. Audience Response characters and themes of the play and what emotions he generates in. the audience to keep them intrigued into how the play will end. What is Shakespeare trying to say about life in the 1600s and also issues. Writer s Viewpoint of gender class and families, What is Shakespeare s views on issues of love and family politics. How does the play link to the world of 1600s and also how it links to. Wider Context, today s society and issues of forbidden love and family ties and politics. You will get a question that will focus on one of the following or there could be a combination or a. wild card that might come up You need to be prepared. 1 A key character E G Romeo,2 A key scene e g Act 1 Scene 5.
3 A key extract from a scene in the play The Queen Mab speech by Mercutio. 4 A key theme in the play Death and Violence,5 How the play engages the audience. 6 The structure of the play How the ending is significant. Foundation Questions Higher Questions, These will be split into a and b You will get a choice of 2 questions that will focus on. a Will focus on a key character theme scene passage key character theme scene passage audience. audience engagement in a particular focal point engagement. b Will get you to look at that key character theme You will choose one question and write you essay. scene passage audience throughout the whole play style response. The Romeo and Juliet questions are usually,questions 8 and 9 on the exam paper. Answer Part a and Part b 8 Mercutio s main purpose in the play is comic He. Part a How does Shakespeare present the Nurse as offers the audience light relief from the tragedy of. a comic character in Act 1 Scene 3 the play,How do you respond to this view of Mercutio How. and then does Shakespeare shape your response by the. methods he uses,Part b What do you learn about the Nurse s.
character and role in the play as a whole 40 marks 9 How are ideas about honour presented in Romeo. and Juliet,Learning Checklist Knowing the,Tick the tasks as you go through. Tick if you,AQA iGCSE Literature Romeo and Juliet have it. Knowing the play,1 I know the general storyline of the play. I have completed my scene cards and know all the,scenes and what generally happens. 3 I know all the characters names and what they do. I have completed all my character cards with key,events quotes and notes about them.
5 I know the key themes of the play,I have completed my Theme cards and know the. key issues of each theme and the key quotes,7 I know the main language motifs and symbols. I have completed the language motif and symbols,9 I know the key skills needed in the mark scheme. I have read exemplar material and seen what,makes a good grade. Learning Checklist Exam Practice,Tick if you,AQA iGCSE Literature Romeo and Juliet have it.
Exam Practice, 11 I have planned a response to a practice question. 12 I have quotes in my answer, 13 I have tackled the question and task clearly in my answer. I have talked about the deeper meanings and, interpretations of the play linked to the question task. 15 I have talked about Shakespeare s ideas and attitudes. I have talked about language and structure features. linked to the questions task, 17 I have written my 1st practice answer in 45 minutes. 18 I have revised all the scene cards,19 I have revised all the character cards.
20 I have revised all the theme cards, 21 I have revised all the language motifs and symbols cards. 22 I have revised the essay planning structure, 23 I have written a 2nd practice answer in 45 minutes. 24 I have written a 3rd practice answer in 45 minutes. 25 I have written a 4th practice answer in 45 minutes. Session 1 Scene Cards, You are to create short scene cards to know how the whole play is structured. Use the short summary below of each scene to write your scene cards for each scene so you. get a map of the whole play, Act 1 Scene 1 Act 1 Scene 2 Act 1 Scene 3 Act 1 Scene 4 Act 1 Scene 5. Act 2 Scene 1 Act 2 Scene 2 Act 2 Scene 3 Act 2 Scene 4 Act 2 Scene 5 Act 2 Scene 6. Act 3 Scene 1 Act 3 Scene 2 Act 3 Scene 3 Act 3 Scene 4 Act 3 Scene 5. Act 4 Scene 1 Act 4 Scene 2 Act 4 Scene 3 Act 4 Scene 4 Act 4 Scene 5. Act 5 Scene 1 Act 5 Scene 2 Act 5 Scene 3,Session 1 Scene Cards Exemplar.
Act 1 Scene 1 Act 1 Scene 2 Act 1 Scene 3 Act 1 Scene 4 Act 1 Scene 5. Fight between Paris wants to Lady Capulet Benvolio Romeo meets Juliet and they. Montagues marry Juliet tells Juliet Mercutio get fall in love. and Capulets Nurse about Romeo to join Tybalt wants to fight Romeo. Romeo in love Paris proposal in but is stopped,with Rosaline masquerade. Act 2 Scene 1 Act 2 Scene 2 Act 2 Scene 3 Act 2 Scene 4 Act 2 Scene 5 Act 2 Scene 6. Romeo hides Romeo and Friar Ben Merc The Nurse R and J get. from friends Juliet arrange Lawrence joke about tells Juliet married. they joke for the Nurse agrees to Tybalt s about the. about his love to be their go marry R and J challenge marriage. for Rosaline between The Nurse,sees Romeo, Act 3 Scene 1 Act 3 Scene 2 Act 3 Scene 3 Act 3 Scene 4 Act 3 Scene 5. Romeo Juliet eagerly Friar Juliet s father Romeo and Juliet spend the. refuses to awaits Lawrence makes plan night together Romeo leaves. fight with Romeo but tries to for Paris to Lady Capulet brings news of. Tybalt Merc Nurse tells console marry Juliet Juliet s marriage to Paris. is killed by her of Tybalt s Romeo and,Tybalt death sort out a. Romeo kills solution,Tybalt and is, Act 4 Scene 1 Act 4 Scene 2 Act 4 Scene 3 Act 4 Scene 4 Act 4 Scene 5. Friar Capulets Juliet takes The wedding Juliet cannot be woken the. Lawrence prepare for the drug to day Juliet is whole family go into mourning. cooks up a wedding pretend to be found dead,plan to sort it Juliet says she dead.
out will obey her,Act 5 Scene 1 Act 5 Scene 2 Act 5 Scene 3. In Mantua Romeo finds out Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo kills Paris in the tomb. about Juliet s death but Romeo did not get the letter kills himself Juliet wakes and. doesn t know the truth about the plan kills herself the families end. their feud and make peace, Session 1 Structure Chart Structure Techniques Drama Tragedy. 1 Tragedy this is a type of play where, Task Look at the structure graph below that Shakespeare used in most of his plays Can you plot the key events of the play from your scene cards we are introduced to the main. characters who make some very bad,choices which lead to their downfall. there will be a moral lesson to be,Structure Points Beginning Resolution.
Disruption Crisis Falling Action learned by the end. 2 Beginning the set up of the play, Audience Effect introducing the main characters and. dramatic situation,Extreme 3 Disruption this is the event that sets. Tension the events in the wrong direction for,the characters. 4 The Crisis this is the worst possible,event for the main characters that sets. uncertainty them on the downward spiral towards,tragedy it s the point of no return.
5 The falling action this is when each,Anticipation event makes the main characters. situation worse and worse and,even worse,6 The resolution the main characters. Intrigued are killed or destroyed by themselves,or by another evil force then the. interested,moral lesson is explained the tragic,element of the play is things could. Calm have been different but it may seem,informative the characters were cursed from the.
Act One Act Two Act Three Act Four Act Five,Session 1 Structure Table. Task Complete the table below with your key scenes from each act this has a lot to do with your. choice and not a wrong answer so be positive and pick a key scene Use your structure chart. choices to help you, Act Key Event How does this scene event engage the audience. Session 1 Structure Table Example, Below is an example of a play structure table You can use this to help guide you in your own. Act Key Event How does this scene event engage the audience. This creates tension as they come from,1 1 v when Romeo feuding families. meets Juliet,Audience will feel happy because two people.
have put aside the family feud to marry, 2 2 vi R and J get Creates tension because of the feud. married anticipation they are excited about the,possible conflict that will happen. Feel upset as the lovers have been separated, 3 3 i Romeo is Romeo was provoked by Tybalt to kill him. banished But they may see as Romeo is to blame,The audience can feel positive as they the. plan to fake Juliet s death may well help the,young lovers escape but the Chorus at the.
4 4 vi Juliet is found,beginning of the play does predict they will. take their lives so the audience will be,intrigued to see how it will all go wrong. Audience feel sad at the deaths of the lovers,5 iii the suicides. Session 1 Audience Engagement, When you analyse the play always try and think of how each scene character event engages the audience. using the responses below, Task Identify your key scenes form your Structure Table and identify which audience responses the event.
Reader Audience Response, How the reader audience is engaged made to feel by the technique language used. 1 Enjoyment of character and narrative the reader enjoys the characters and. storyline of the text and the way it uses language. 2 Enjoyment of stereotypes some readers may like to see certain groups. presented in a stereotypical way positively or negatively. 3 Enjoyment of conflict and negative events the reader enjoys to see character. struggle against the problems and conflicts they face and either overcome them. heroes or be defeated by them villains or unlikeable character Negative. events keep the narrative moving forward and readers find them enjoyable too. 4 Entertainment the reader enjoys the text and the way it uses language to put. its ideas forward, 5 Sympathy Empathy the audience feel sorry for the character or may also be. able to understand their situation and have an emotional engagement with the. character s dilemma, 6 Dramatic Irony the reader enjoys having more knowledge than the characters. in the text this makes them feel empowered and important for having. privileged information, 7 Debate the text raising an issue that begs for a discussion and has clear for and. against sides, 8 Personal Identity the reader sees their lifestyle reflected in the characters and.
can engage at a deeper level, 9 Preferred Meaning the reader agrees with the viewpoint of the text and. supports its ideas, 10 Negotiated Meaning the reader agrees with some of the text but disagrees. with the rest, 11 Oppositional Meaning the reader disagrees with the text and rejects its ideas. Session 1 Setting, Task How does the setting of 1600s Verona in Italy have a significant role to play in the play. 1 Time Period is the text set in the past present or in the future 1600s. Elizabethan Tudor First Major Female monarch Links to issues of. gender marriage, 2 Time of day what time of day does a scene or chapter take place.
sunrise morning midday afternoon dusk evening night early hours. 3 Place where does the action take place think about where the. characters are and its deeper meanings, 4 Interior or Exterior is the setting indoors or outdoors and what is the. significance, 5 Geographical settings what is the climate like in the setting is it hot. and humid is it cold and bleak what is the significance. 6 Regional Settings is the text set in a particular area of a country. what is the significance, 7 National Settings what country is the text set it and what is the. significance, 8 Continent Settings which continent is the text set e g The Americas. Africa Europe Asia etc,Session 1 Setting Table, Task Identify the different setting aspects and analyse their significance and meeting throughout the play.
Setting Aspect Example Analysis Notes,Time Period Elizabethan late 1500s. Times of Day Opening Scene day time,Romeo and Juliet meet at. night in the orchard,Places Exterior on street in,Interiors opening scene. The Capulet Orchard,Geographical,Climate settings,for scenes. Regional settings Verona as a city State in,National Settings Italy.
Continental Setting Europe the centre of the,known civilised world.

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