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THIS PART IS A CONTINUATION,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Chapter Page. RODRIGUES REGIONAL ASSEMBLY 1,INTRODUCTION 1,1 OFFICE OF THE CLERK 9. 2 CHIEF COMMISSIONER S OFFICE 13,2 1 Central Administration 14. 2 2 Civil Aviation 31,2 3 Civil Status Division 35. 2 4 Judicial Administration 39,2 5 Legal Services 41.
2 6 Meteorological Services 42,2 7 Education Administration 44. 2 8 State Lands Cadastral Office 50,2 9 Town and Country Planning Unit 54. 2 10 Rodrigues Fire and Rescue Service 55, 2 11 Prisons and Reforms Institutions Administration 61. 2 12 Agricultural Research and Extension Services 70. 2 13 Registration 83,3 DEPUTY CHIEF COMMISSIONER S OFFICE 85. 3 1 Gender Family Welfare and Child Development 85. 3 2 Information and Communication Technology Department 89. 3 3 Industrial Development Division 95,3 4 Cooperatives 96.
3 5 Human Resource Development Centre 98, 4 COMMISSION FOR PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE HOUSING TRANSPORT. AND WATER RESOURCES 101,4 1 Public Infrastructure 101. 4 2 Housing 110,4 3 National Transport Authority 111. 4 4 Mechanical Workshop 113,4 5 Water Resources Unit 117. 5 COMMISSION FOR SOCIAL SECURITY EMPLOYMENT LABOUR AND INDUSTRIAL. RELATIONS CONSUMER PROTECTION TRADE COMMERCE AND LICENSING 121. 5 1 Social Security 121,5 2 Employment 126,5 3 Labour and Industrial Relations 127.
5 4 Consumer Affairs Unit 129,5 5 Trade Commerce and Licensing 131. 6 COMMISSION FOR HEALTH AND SPORTS 133,6 1 Medical and Health Administration 133. 6 2 Sports Division 156, 7 COMMISSION FOR ENVIRONMENT TOURISM FORESTRY FISHERIES AND. MARINE PARKS 159,7 1 Environment 159,7 2 Forestry Services 165. 7 3 Fisheries 172,7 4 Marine Parks 181,7 5 Tourism Division 183.
8 COMMISSION FOR YOUTH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT LIBRARY SERVICES. ARCHIVES AND MUSEUM 185,8 1 Youth Division 185,8 2 Community Development 189. 8 3 Library Services 191,8 4 Archives and Museum 193. 8 5 Arts and Culture 195,WORKSMEN S CLASS 199,SPECIFIC CONDITIONS 205. MASTER SALARY CONVERSION TABLE Annex,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. RODRIGUES REGIONAL ASSEMBLY,INTRODUCTION,Background.
1 1 The Rodrigues Regional Assembly RRA was set up under Act 39 of 2001 with a. view to providing maximum autonomy to the Island of Rodrigues Being a body. corporate the RRA is empowered to make regulations pertaining to issues for which. it has jurisdiction The exercise of its functions is regarded as being conducted on. behalf of the Republic of Mauritius It is the responsibility of the Assembly to. formulate and or implement policies in respect of areas falling under its purview. 1 2 The functions of the Regional Assembly are carried out by the Executive Council. which comprises the Chief Commissioner the Deputy Chief Commissioner and five. Commissioners The Commissioners have the responsibility of exercising general. direction and control over the Commission falling under their purview in line with the. set policy, 1 3 As the Supervising Officer the Island Chief Executive ICE is vested with the. responsibility for the efficient administration of all the functions of the Executive. Council and the staff of the RRA operates under his administrative control The ICE. is empowered to exercise the functions of the Magistrate in the latter s absence of. the Director of Environment in the enforcement of environmental laws and of the. Tourism Authority in the enforcement of Tourism Act. 1 4 The departments under the jurisdiction of the RRA have been grouped under the. supervision of Departmental Heads who are Accounting Officers of their respective. departments,Consultations Work Session with Stakeholders. 1 5 Official visit to Rodrigues has been a traditional approach of the Bureau in the. context of a General Review of Pay and Grading Structures and Conditions of. Service in the Public Sector The visit is seen as an opportunity to meet people of. Rodrigues in general understand the changes taking place in the work place. consult the Chief Commissioner and officials of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly. to have a thorough grasp of the mandate of the RRA and to hold meetings with all. stakeholders to take cognizance of their organisational problems and provide. practical and implementable solutions for an enhanced service delivery. 1 6 Prior to the visit preliminary works were carried out inter alia to probe into the mass. of materials submitted by the Rodrigues Administration in response to our circular. letters to organise sampling and despatch of Job Description Questionnaire. sampling and interview of employees in the manual grades in the RRA and to plan. the different meetings with on the one hand the Staff Association comprising. namely the Rodrigues Government Employees Association RGEA the. 1 Pay Review 2016,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. Government Services Employees Association GSEA and the Rodrigues Public. Service Workers Union RPSWU and on the other hand the official side which. includes the Island Chief Executive and the Department Heads of the different. Commissions The list of officers sampled for Job Description Writing and for. interview as well as the schedule meetings with the official staff sides and joint Staff. Association and Official Side were communicated in advance to the Rodrigues. Administration for prior arrangements, 1 7 However prior to the official visit scheduled for May 2015 the Rodrigues. Administration invited the Director to have an official preliminary meeting with the. Island Chief Executive and other stakeholders The Director accompanied by the. acting Deputy Director went on a 3 day visit to Rodrigues from 6th to 8th March 2015. The top management of the PRB met the Island Chief Executive ICE who was. apprised of the calendar of activities and different stages involved which form part. of the general review process These stages comprise job description writing site. visits meetings with different parties staff associations official side as well as. individual employees The ICE informed the PRB delegates that the RRA and the. staff association would be submitting a joint memorandum for consideration by the. Bureau and gave a brief description of the conduct of business of the RRA. 1 8 During consultations with all stakeholders the Director made an expos on the main. themes of the forthcoming report requested the Departmental Heads to focus on. problem areas that were impeding on the service delivery of their organisations and. to come up with proposals for PRB to address these issues On the other hand. representatives of the Staff Associations expressed their grievances on several. issues as well as implementation problem of certain recommendations made in the. EOAC Committee Reports The Director invited them to submit their proposals well. in advance to allow the Bureau ample time to study their representations before. hearings scheduled for May 2015, 1 9 As per the established practice the Bureau proceeded on its next mission to.
Rodrigues from 11 to 16 May 2015 Initially on the 12 May 2015 an Acting Principal. Job Analyst accompanied by a team of five Survey Officers started the interview of. the selected job incumbents wrote their job description and had them signed by job. holders and where possible vetted and signed by their immediate supervisors and. returned to the team That exercise continued up to 15 May 2015 Those job. description questionnaires which could not be completed were despatched later to. the Bureau, 1 10 The Director and the Acting Deputy Director went to Rodrigues in the evening of the. 12 May 2015 On the next day the Directorate assisted by the Ag Principal Job. Analyst met the Island Chief Executive apprising him of the 4 days visit programme. The delegation met the representatives of the Government Services Employees. Association GSEA and heard two other staff Associations namely the RGEA and. the RPSWU During the latter meetings the Modus Operandi of future. submissions were discussed and agreed thereon,Pay Review 2016 2. Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction, 1 11 On the 13 of May the Director HR and one Manager HR from the Ministry of Civil. Service and Administrative Reforms MCSAR joined the PRB team The Chief. Commissioner received the Directorate and the Director HR of the MCSAR in the. early morning of the 14 May, 1 12 The Chief Commissioner apprised the delegation of the new policy orientation of the. RRA and its main priorities He invited the Director to give particular attention to. some emerging and pending issues in the Next Review. 1 13 Consultative joint meetings were held as from the morning of 14 May which. continued till 15 of May Individual employees who expressed their wish to depone. were also heard by the PRB delegation Survey Officers after completing job. description writings joined and assisted the Directorate during the last part of. meetings which ended usually after 6 00 to 7 00 p m. 1 14 During their stay the Survey Officers conducted around 150 job description writings. Prior to the visit some 300 self written description questionnaires were submitted to. the RRA to be filled by officers, 1 15 A revised memorandum was handed over to the delegation at the time of meetings.
The Bureau examined and discussed thoroughly each issue that was raised Joint. representations which were made related mainly to the re structuring of different. units in the RRA restyling of grades cadres as is obtainable in the Mauritian Civil. Service increasing the establishment size of exiting grades creation of levels filling. of long standing vacant posts requests for job related allowances payment of. Rodriguan COLA provision of training facilities for continual development and. Recognition of Prior Leaving RPL to be adopted for certain categories of manual. workers who are performing duties of a higher nature though not possessing the. prescribed qualifications for the higher post amongst others Whenever creation of. levels were submitted parties were requested to provide profile duties and. justifications for same For a few representations which were found to be incoherent. parties were requested to provide fresh submissions with additional information for. examination anew It was also strongly highlighted during the meetings of the. excessive delay at times one year in the processing of representations by the. Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms for conveying approval for. payment of allowances and prescriptions of schemes of service Representatives. of the MCSAR promised to probe into the matter and to act fast on their. representations, 1 16 At the very start of every meeting the Director emphasized on the main theme of. the forthcoming Report which reads as follows Transformation of the Public Sector. for enhanced service delivery in order to meet citizen s non citizen s as well as other. stakeholders needs Expatiating on the theme the Director highlighted that for the. 3 Pay Review 2016,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. transformation to happen alignment of the resources of the following six institutions. would be mandatory, i Public Service Commission responsible for recruiting the best qualified. most suitable and meritorious candidates, ii the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for providing funds for. posts and projects, iii the Ministry of Technology Information Communication and Innovation for.
the provision of innovating IT Infrastructure, iv the Ministry of Good Governance and Financial Services for assisting. organisations in adopting adapting the principles of transparency and. accountability and good governance in their day to day management. v the Pay Research Bureau responsible for making recommendations. pertaining to salary grading and condition of service and ensuring the. proper interpretation and implementation of its recommendations. vi the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms responsible for. implementing PRB s recommendation and spearheading reforms in the. Public Sector, 1 17 The Director expatiated that after the publication of the Report it would be. mandatory for Ministries Departments Organisations to carry out HR Audit in order. to identify the appropriate number of officers employees on establishment so as to. enable the right sized organisation to deliver on their respective mandate He also. averred that in the forthcoming Report emphasis would be made on the concept of. Strategic HR which would encompass HR Planning Recruitment Retirement and. other HR policies to ensure best practices in the Service. Report on Man Power Assessment and Re engineering of Commissions Departments. 1 18 The staff association and the Management has expressed their deep concern. regarding the need for a re engineering of the Commissions the absence of which. is impeding service delivery The Island Chief Executive requested for a separate. exercise to be carried out independently by PRB The Director advised the parties. and particularly the ICE to take up the matter with the Secretary to Cabinet and Head. of Civil Service We have made recommendation pertaining to specific Reform in. RRA in this Report,Specific Reforms for the RRA, 1 19 During meetings Management and Staff Associations averred that after. 14 years of existence of the RRA the need for certain reforms has become. imperative in order to enable the Commissions to deliver on their respective. mandate pertaining to befitting organisation structure catering for the specificity of. Rodrigues better existing human resources to adapt to changes and new. responsibilities,Pay Review 2016 4,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. Findings and Considerations, 1 20 During consultations with Management of the different Commissions of the.
Rodrigues Regional Assembly and the Unions the following salient features were. highlighted, i A few divisions sections cannot deliver their objectives effectively in. accordance with laws and regulations in the absence of the appropriate. structures human resources Some divisions are manned by a single officer. and as such this causes long delays and work being attended to only. ii In several sections the most senior officer is being paid an ad hoc allowance. for performing higher duties in addition to the normal ones. iii Some structures need re invention and modernization as they do not fit the. new sets of expectations in line with the new policy framework and the new. direction These structures have so far proved to be defective to meet the. gradual increase in demand, iv Certain structures particularly in those sectors constituting the major pillars. require professional and trained staff on their establishment. v Some structures call for strengthening at the top to cater for additional. administrative and technical responsibilities as there is a gap in the overall. supervision coordination hence the need for a permanent head to be. accountable, vi Other structures need reinforcement at the promotional level even on a one. to one basis as of necessity to be in compliance with legal requirements and. regulations in force, vii There is need for polyvalent and multifunctional personnel in some sectors. which would prove beneficial in terms of the judicious use of available human. resources job enlargement and a reduction of the multiplicity of grades and. grade appellations, viii Some schemes of service need restructuring to remove rigidities and to widen.
the field of recruitment, ix With the advent of rapid development in the island and the consequent. changes the services of officers in a few grades would no longer be required. 5 Pay Review 2016,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. Conclusions, 1 21 To address the foregoing issues we have among others professionalised certain. functions strengthened several structures with the creation of posts at the apex to. ensure proper accountability strengthened other cadres to ensure an adequate level. of supervision phased out those grades which are no longer required and. restructured the schemes of service of a few grades to remove rigidities to widen. the field of recruitment and to align with the provisions set in the guidelines for. prescription of scheme of service In other instances where more in depth studies. are required we have recommended that appropriate HR assessment exercises be. undertaken for a complete modernisation of the whole service. 1 22 In the process of making our recommendations we have taken into consideration. the physical separation of Rodrigues its isolation the limited opportunities for. employment and career fulfilment as well as the special needs of Rodrigues in view. of its distinct identity, 1 23 We are in this Report while making recommendations taken into consideration the. i the qualified job market, ii service provided to communities by certain cadres and.
iii harmonisation to the extent possible of cadres with what obtains in the Civil. Consequential Structural Changes, 1 24 In general structural changes effected in the General Services Administrative. cadres Purchasing and Supply cadre Finance cadre Internal Control cadre and the. Workmen s Group in the Civil Service have as appropriate been extended to the. Rodrigues Regional Assembly These changes are dealt with in details in the. relevant Chapters of Volume II Part I of this Report. Structure of the Report, 1 25 As the organisation structures are linked to and depend upon the mandate of the. Commissions Divisions and the pay structures are based on the number of levels in. the organisation structures the Bureau considers that for this present review. exercise it would be practical to look at both structures i e organisation and pay. Commissionwise Divisionwise as it was the case in past reviews Such an approach. would besides emphasising the link between the mandates of the. departments divisions and their structures facilitate the treatment of specific issues. proper to each department division, 1 26 The recommendations related to organisation design and pay structures have. therefore been made under the respective Commissions Divisions The Master. Conversion Table is given at Annex I,Pay Review 2016 6. Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction, 1 27 In the introduction in respect of each Commission Division we have wherever.
possible defined and spelt out clearly the goals objectives and future orientations. for our users and have emphasised the link between the mandate of each. Commission Division and the pay and grading structures a link primordial in the. context of the drive to inculcate a performance management culture in the Public. Sector In defining the mandates we have had the collaboration and inputs from all. parties more particularly management which we acknowledge. 7 Pay Review 2016,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Introduction. Pay Review 2016 8,Rodrigues Regional Assembly Office of the Clerk. 1 OFFICE OF THE CLERK, 1 1 The Office of the Clerk provides administrative procedural and political support. services to the Parliament of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly It has the. responsibility for the proper organisation and conduct of the business of the. 1 2 Its primary objectives include among others to enable the Regional Assembly and. its Committees to conduct their business effectively enable individual members to. perform their parliamentary duties effectively and promote public knowledge and. understanding of the work and role of the Assembly. 1 3 The overall responsibility of the Office of the Clerk befalls the Clerk Regional. Assembly who is assisted by the Deputy Clerk Regional Assembly and supported. in his tasks by staff belonging to the professional technical and general services. cadres as well as employees in the workmen s group. 1 4 In the context of this Report we are maintaining the existing structure which we. consider as appropriate We are however extending the payment of the Robing. Allowance to the Clerk and Deputy Clerk whilst providing an allowance payable to. the Editor on a sessional basis,Clerk Regional Assembly. Deputy Clerk Regional Assembly, 1 5 Both positions of Clerk Regional Assembly and Deputy Clerk Regional Assembly.
are filled on assignment basis or contractual term This arrangement has so far. served its purpose and is being maintained,Recommendation 1. 1 6 We recommend that, i the post of Clerk Regional Assembly and Deputy Clerk Regional. Assembly should continue to be filled on assignment basis or. contractual basis, ii the retirement benefits of a public officer who has been assigned the. duties of Clerk Regional Assembly or Deputy Clerk Regional Assembly. by the appropriate Service Commission or through delegation of power. by the Public Service Commission and retires or is subsequently. reverted to his substantive post should continue to be computed on the. prevailing pensionable emoluments of the office to which he was. assigned duties provided he satisfies the provisions made at paragraph. 15 29 at Chapter 15 of Volume 1 of the Report,9 Pay Review 2016. Rodrigues Regional Assembly Office of the Clerk,Robing Allowance.
1 7 Representation has been made for the payment of a Robing Allowance to the Clerk. Regional Assembly and Deputy Clerk Regional Assembly in view of the fact that. by nature of their duties they have to be properly dressed to maintain the decorum. of the House, 1 8 In line with what obtains in the National Assembly the Bureau is recommending. accordingly,Recommendation 2, 1 9 We recommend that the Clerk Regional Assembly and Deputy Clerk Regional. Assembly should be paid a Robing Allowance of Rs 4800 yearly. Editor Regional Assembly, 1 10 In the EOAC Report recommendation was made for the creation of a grade of. Editor Regional Assembly to be filled by selection from candidates possessing a. Cambridge HSC with passes in English and French at Principal Level and a Degree. in English or French However as the workload was not sufficient to warrant the. employment of a full time Editor provision was made for incumbent in the grade to. be employed on a sessional basis and to be paid an allowance of Rs 1000 per. session of three hours, 1 11 We have been apprised that there has been no substantial change in the actual. workload and that the RRA is in the process of enlisting an Editor on a sessional. basis We are accordingly maintaining the present arrangement. Recommendation 3, 1 12 We recommend that the allowance of Rs 1000 per session of three hours.
payable to the incumbent in the grade of Editor Regional Assembly for being. employed on a sessional basis should be maintained. Allowance to Sergeant at Arms, 1 13 A monthly allowance of Rs 2900 is paid to the Police Officer acting as Sergeant at. Arms We are maintaining the payment of the allowance as well as its quantum. Recommendation 4, 1 14 We recommend that the Police Officer performing the duties of Sergeant at. Arms should continue to be paid a monthly allowance of Rs 2900.

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