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Retek Distribution Management, The software described in this documentation is furnished under a license. agreement and may be used only in accordance with the terms of the. No part of this documentation may be reproduced or transmitted in any form. or by any means without the express written permission of Retek Inc Retek. on the Mall 950 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis MN 55403. Information in this documentation is subject to change without notice. Retek provides product documentation in a read only format to ensure. content integrity Retek Customer Support cannot support documentation. Corporate Headquarters that has been changed without Retek authorization. Retek on the Mall,950 Nicollet Mall,Minneapolis MN 55403. Retek Distribution Management is a trademark of Retek Inc. Retek and the Retek logo are registered trademarks of Retek Inc. 888 61 RETEK toll free US,1 612 587 5000 2002 Retek Inc All rights reserved. All other product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks. European Headquarters of their respective owners and should be treated as such. Printed in the United States of America,110 Wigmore Street. United Kingdom,Switchboard,44 0 20 7563 4600,Sales Enquiries.
44 0 20 7563 46 46,Fax 44 0 20 7563 46 10,Customer Support. Customer Support hours, 8AM to 5PM Central Standard Time GMT 6 Monday through Friday. excluding Retek company holidays in 2002 Jan 1 May 27 July 4. July 5 Sept 2 Nov 28 Nov 29 and Dec 25,Customer Support emergency hours. 24 hours a day 7 days a week,Contact Method Contact Information. Phone US Canada 1 800 61 RETEK 1 800 617 3835,World 1 612 587 5000.
Fax 1 612 587 5100,E mail support retek com,Internet www retek com support. Retek s secure client Web site to update and view issues. Mail Retek Customer Support,Retek on the Mall,950 Nicollet Mall. Minneapolis MN 55403,When contacting Customer Support please provide. Product version and program module name, Functional and technical description of the problem include business impact. Detailed step by step instructions to recreate,Exact error message received.
Screen shots of each step you take,Contents i, Chapter 1 Introduction to Retek Distribution Management. What is Retek Distribution Management 1,Features 2. Benefits 2,Technology 2,Purpose of this guide 2,Prerequisites 3. Related documentation 3,Chapter 2 Navigation and security 5. Security 5,Passwords 5,Privilege level 6,Log on to Retek Distribution Management 7.
Navigation 9,Keypad keys 9,Exit RDM 10,Chapter 3 Receiving 11. Overview 11,Receiving 11,Receiving 12,NSC receiving 24. Blind Receipts 30,Checking 31,Lot tracking 33,Return receiving 34. ii Retek Distribution Management,Chapter 4 Build Container 35. Overview 35,Container consolidation 35,Troubled merchandise containers 35.
Chapter 5 Processing 39,Process WIP 40, Process personalization and gift wrap card orders 41. Build kit 44,WIP picking 48,Ticketing 52,Weigh container 55. Re Order Point ROP replenishment 57,Chapter 6 Inventory Management 65. Overview 65,Move merchandise 66,Putaway 69,Cycle count 73. Container inquiry 78,Inventory Container Trouble 82.
Mark for count 83,Confirm Return 84,Startup Convert Inventory 85. Return to stock 92,Split container 93,Reassignment 96. FPL management 98,Pack wave split process 100,Contents iii. Chapter 7 Picking 103,Overview 103,Bulk Picking 103. Put to store 105,No pick package 105,Picking direction 106.
Prime unit picking 122,Unit picking 128,Group unit picking 136. PTS zone selection 140,Put to store picking 141,Put to store close container 144. Pick without a pick package 145,Active unit picking 162. Order consolidation 163,Pick label printer 164,Pack wave release picking 165. Chapter 8 Shipping 167,Overview 167,Load containers 167.
Unload container 169,Conveyor cutoff 170,Ship trailer 171. Container Manifest Audit Report 174,Print ship label 175. QC outbound audit 177,Chapter 9 Trailer Management 179. Overview 179,Location inquiry 179,Move trailer 180. iv Retek Distribution Management,Chapter 10 Task Administration 181.
Overview 181,Appendix A Abbreviations and Acronyms 183. Chapter 1 Introduction to Retek Distribution Management 1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Retek Distribution,Management. This user guide provides you with information to effectively use Retek. Distribution Management,The topics covered in this chapter are. What is Retek Distribution Management,Purpose of this Guide. Prerequisites,Related documentation,What is Retek Distribution Management.
Retek Distribution Management RDM is an N tier Web architected warehouse. management system RDM is the centerpiece of the Retek Logistics Enterprise a. suite of software products that manages and optimizes retail and consumer direct. catalog e commerce supply chains RDM streamlines the supply chain for. multi channel retailers including stores catalog and e commerce retailers RDM. also supports consumer direct fulfillment capabilities both to and from the. customer faster and at a lower cost, The RDM Radio Frequency RF System increases your efficiency in picking. shipping receiving and inventory functions Designed for hand held hardware it. allows you to access the system while remaining mobile. 2 Retek Distribution Management,The features of RDM include. Optimizes the flow of merchandise and utilization of resources at. warehouses distribution centers or fulfillment centers. Functionality exclusively designed for the distribution operations across any. channel to reach and service customers, Supports push pull cross dock or flow through distribution environments. in any combination and unit of measure,User configurable design. Supports dual user modes,Supports multiple languages.
Modified through user exits which are external to base source code. The benefits of RDM include,Reduced errors,Improved inventory accuracy. Increased productivity,Reduced paperwork,Improved space utilization. Elimination of physical inventories, Support of value added customer compliance programs. Improved customer service,Technology, RDM works on any Unix Linux or NT server supporting Oracle RDBMS. Database Server or RF platform RDM also works with Oracle Designer and. Oracle Developer Ad hoc reports can be done using Oracle reports or any. standard ODBC tool,Purpose of this guide, This user guide concentrates on how to use the components of the Radio.
Frequency RF gun or hand held device with Retek Distribution Management. It provides you with,Overview of each function within the application. Step by step procedures for completing specific tasks. Chapter 1 Introduction to Retek Distribution Management 3. Prerequisites, This user guide makes no assumptions about your experience using Retek. software applications However it does assume the following. You are familiar with operating a personal computer PC and keyboard. All components of the software application have been successfully installed. Related documentation, Additional documentation for Retek Distribution Management is available That. documentation includes,Name of Manual Description, Installation Guide Hardware software and browser requirements. Installation instructions, Batch Operations Functional overviews of batch programs.
Guide Detailed designs of batch modules,Data Model Relational integrity diagrams. Table names and descriptions,Column summaries,Primary and foreign keys. Check constraints, Online Help Online help is available within the GUI application. GUI User Guide User guide for the GUI interface of RDM. Chapter 2 Navigation and security 5,Chapter 2 Navigation and security. This chapter describes the navigation and security features of Retek Distribution. Management RDM Passwords and privilege levels are discussed Information on how. to log on to and exit RDM is presented An introduction to the help features of this. application is also provided, RDM features two security measures passwords and privilege levels.
A password is required to access RDM Logon standards require that you change. passwords every 94 days however this number is an adjustable system parameter. Passwords must be unique and at least five alphanumeric characters in length Passwords. are also case sensitive, The system tracks the age of each user s current password and issues an alert at log on. time with a message once the password is 90 days old or more You must change the. password by the 94th day or you will not be able to access RDM. When it is time to change your password the Change Password screen is displayed when. you try to log on,XX CHANGE PASSWORD,Enter New Password. Confirm New Password,Password Age,CHANGE PASSWORD,Change Password Dialog. 6 Retek Distribution Management,Change password, 1 In the Enter New Password field enter the new password and press the Enter key. 2 In the Confirm New Password field enter the new password again and press the. 3 Press the Change Password key to save your new password. Privilege level, Each user is assigned a privilege level by the your system administrator Not all menu.
options and screens in RDM are accessible to lower privilege levels RDM recognizes. each user privilege and allows menu or screen entry accordingly. Chapter 2 Navigation and security 7,Log on to Retek Distribution Management. Navigate Log onto the program using your user ID and password This log on. procedure applies to both the system and RF terminals The Introduction screen is. Retek Distribution Management Screen, 1 Press the Enter key The RDM Log On screen is displayed. Log On Screen, 2 If your operating system user ID is not displayed at the User ID prompt then enter.

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