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2019 11 26,Relationship between arterial pressure and. urine production,Pressure diuresis,2019 11 26,TUBULAR FUNCTIONS. Learning objectives 54 57,2019 11 26,Tubular Transport. About 99 of filtrated water and more than 90 of the filtrated substances will. be resorbed Additionally some substances will be secreted. Bicarbonate,Glycin Hystidin,Other amino acids,2019 11 26. Epithelial transport Learning objective 54,non polar cells.
STRUCTURAL POLARITY,polar cells,epithelial cells,1 adhere tightly together. 2 separate compartments,tubules kidney,sacs gallbladder. canaliculi liver,Epithelial transport,Non Polar Cell. Epithelial cells are polarized,2019 11 26,Transepithelial transport Polarized cell. FUNCTIONAL POLARITY, Epithelia can transport solutes and water in two directions.
Absorption is the transport from some lumenal, compartment back into blood The fluid transported is. either isotonic or hypertonic to plasma, Secretion is transport from blood into a given lumenal. compartment,2019 11 26,Basement membrane,Brush border. Water channels,lateral invaginations,Apical membrane. 2019 11 26,Highly Water Permeable Epithelia,e g proximal tubule.
Iso osmotic Absorption, Epithelia that transport large amounts of solute and water. have long and highly enfolded lateral intercellular spaces. The apical surface area is usually enhanced by long and. numerous microvilli called the brush border,It reduces the amount of fluid in one compartment. and add fluid to another compartment without changing. the ionic composition of either compartment,Water Impermeable Epithelia. These epithelia have low water permeability,of their apical surfaces They transport a. solution that is strongly hypertonic,Hyper osmotic Absorption.
In these epithelia salts are absorbed but not water. The net effect is that salt is removed from the luminal. compartment into the interstitial fluid without changing. the amount of fluid in each compartment,Examples of this kind of epithelium are the thick. ascending limb of the loop of Henle and the distal nephron. In some epithelia water permeability is regulated,2019 11 26. Transepithelial transport, Transcellular and paracellular ways of transepithelial transport. 2019 11 26, Transepithelial transport 2 membrane 3 compartment model. Transepithelial transport can be found in,kidney gastrointestinal tract exocrine.
glands choroid plexus,Solvent drag mechanism, Schmidt Thews Physiologie des Menschen 27 Auflage 1997. Direction of transport,2019 11 26,Passive transport. Facilitated diffusion,2019 11 26,Primary active trasport ion pumps. Secondary and tertiary active transport,2019 11 26. Characterization of tubular functions,Learning objective 55.
Clearance principle,Clearance is the amount of plasma that is cleared. of a substance during one minute or one sec,It is a virtual plasma volume characteristic to. a substance in question,Significance of Clearance,Characterization of kidney function. Estimation of characteristic parameters of the kidney. Characterization of the fate of particular substances in. the kidney,2019 11 26,C U x Vu P,GFR U x Vu P Inulin Cretainin. For example, The creatininconcentration in the plasma is P 0 1 mmol l in the.
urin U 5 mmol l minutediuresis Vu 2 ml min C GFR U x. Vu P 100 ml min,C 0 660 ml min,0 C GFR filtrated and partially reabsorbed. GFR C RPF filtrated and partially secreted,Paraaminohippuricacidclearance PAH. PAH filtrated free and will be totally secreted in the. tubulussystem The whole amount will be extracted by the. kidney Thus the PAH Clearance equal to the renal plasma. flow RPF PAH Clearance is 600 ml min thus the RPF is. also 660 ml min, In the knowledge of RPF and the hematokrit we could calculate. the renal blood flow RBF, RBF RPF 1 Hematokrit Thus the RBF is about 1320 ml min. 2019 11 26,Osmotic Clearance, The amount of plasma that will be cleaned by the kidney of.
the osmotic active substances in a minute,Cosm Vu x Uosm Posm. Free water Clearance, After the subtraction of the osmotic clearance from the whole. amount of urine we get the free water clearence,CH2O Vu 1 Uosm Posm. Osmotic diuresis,Glomerular Urine,Volume 180 l day 1 5 l day. Glucose 16 g day,Protein 20 g day,Sodium 700 g day 5 15 g day.

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