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Example 1 Bonus Lincoln Electric,II Discretion Fast Berg 75. Boss subordinate Arc welders and supplies in Cleveland Fortune 200. HQ department Pay piece rate bonus, supervisor assesses ideas cooperation dependability. Department department,bonus about half of typical worker s pay. Organization organization, bonus pool about half of pre tax pre bonus earnings. Vertical or horizontal Complementary relational contracts. People groups firms Change piece rate employment security. Re defining relational contract even after decades. Bosses have discretion So do peers, Example 2 Decentralization J J Example 3 Kenyan Flowers.
Aguilar Bhambri 83,Decentralization Creativity Productivity. J J 140 220 local operating companies,Exec Com 11 but Tylenol w codeine. center autonomy retained earnings, Hospital Services Group 3 years late A survey we conducted among exporters in Kenya reveals that relationships. with foreign buyers are not governed by written contracts enforceable by courts. Revising promises w LOCs The perishable nature of roses makes it unpractical to write and enforce contracts. on a supplier s reliability Upon receiving the flowers the buyer could refuse. New promises HSG payment and claim that the flowers did not arrive in the appropriate condition. Service group Cost center Staffing while the seller could always claim otherwise. III A Formal Relational Spot Contract W s b 1 p H,Incentive Contracts U s b a1cos a2sin k a12 a22 2. Baker Gibbons Murphy QJE 94,a1 b k cos a2 b k sin, Model updated to cos Total Surplus Vspot 1 2k cos2.
Pr y 1 a1 non contractible,Pr p H a1cos a2sin contractible. Cost of effort k a12 a22 2,Relational Contract W s B 1 y 1. Agent s outside option u First Best B 1,Principal s outside option 0. FB possible if VFB u r, First Best Second Best largest B such that Vrel B u rB. a1 1 k BSB solves 1 2k 2B B2 u rB,Total Surplus VFB 1 2k.
Optimal Spot or Relational Contracts Formal and relational contracts. Incentive r 0 28 u 0 03 k 2,W s b 1 p H B 1 y 1,interaction optimally zero. U s b a1cos a2sin Ba1 k a12 a22 2,a1 b cos B k a2 b sin k. Total Surplus Vboth B VFB 1 2k 1 B 2sin2,First Best B 1 b 0 feasible if. VFB max 0 Vspot r,TSspot 0 TSspot 0 Second Best largest B such that. Vboth b B max 0 Vspot rB, Optimal Spot and Relational Contracts Inefficient Spot Crowds Out Relational.
Incentive r 0 28 u 0 03 k 2,BGM QJE 94,b Distortionary contract vs subjective bonus. Prendergast Stole EER 99,B Money vs favor exchange. Di Tella McCullough EJ 02,State welfare vs family eqbm. BGM QJE 02,Spot non integration vs relational integration. No relational contract possible TSspot 0,Formal Structures Affect.
IV Within Firms Versus Between,Relational Contracts. BGM QJE 02,Klein Leffler 81,Punish NE NE2 g2, Shadow of the Future Range of equilibria under U U. fixed governance structure,g1 Integration g2 Non integration. Choosing Formal Structures to What Do Contracts Do. Facilitate Relational Contracts Klein Rev Ind Econ 00. g1 A lthough Macaulay and others are correct in noting that many. 2 business relationships are self enforced transactors are not. indifferent regarding the contract terms they choose to govern. their self enforcing relationship,Optimal gov, struc eqbm T he fundamental economic motivation for the use of court. enforced terms is to supplement self enforcement, NE1 Court enforced explicit contract terms are a necessary evil that.
NE2 are used by transactors solely because the transactors possess. limited reputational capital, Different ranges under different governance structures. III B Contracting for Control,Our best deals were those. where we put the contract in a farm freeze storage distrib retail. drawer and built the,Farmer Birds Eye,relationship on top. Farmer Birds Eye,Other rights Seeds planting, J Lewent personal communication 2002 Profits fertilizer harvesting. Merck 1980 2007,CFO 1990 2007, EVP 2001 2007 Evidence on Contracting for Control Lerner Merges 98 Arrunada.
Garicano Vazquez 01 Elfenbein Lerner 03 Kaplan Stromberg 03 Robinson. Stuart 07 Ryall Sampson 09 Lerner Malmendier 10, Organizing Some Literature Elemental Adaptation Model. Gibbons JEBO 2005,Ex ante Ex post,incentives adaptation. 2 parties i 1 2,Grossman Hart 86 Hart Holmstrom 10. Ownership words,Changing state s S,firm Woodruff 02 Forbes Lederman 09. boundaries,alienable DR d D,Aghion Tirole QJE 94 Aghion Bolton 92.
Fixed firm,private benefit i d s,boundaries Lerner Merges 98 Arrunada Garicano. Vazquez 01 di s solves maxd D i d s,dFB s solves maxd D 1 d s 2 d s. Timing of Adaptation Model Effectively Binary Decision. BGM WP 2011,1 Gov structure allocate control to i or j. di s solves maxd D i d s,given s only di s and dj s are of interest. 3 State s S realized,i di s s i s 0,4 Ex post decisions d D non contractible.
5 Payoffs i d s j d s i dj s s 0,i d s 0 otherwise. Decision right contractible ex ante not ex post, Decision not contractible ex post no renegotiation dFB s di s or dj s. RPFB P s RBFB B s,Payoff to pharma of,Payoff to pharma of. doing marketing its,doing marketing its,Payoff to biotech of. Payoff to biotech of RBFB B s doing marketing its,doing marketing its.
RPFB P s tempted,B s B s Pharma, First best decision rule s First best decision rule s. Do it biotech s way Do it pharma s way Do it biotech s way Do it pharma s way. First best decision rule Optimal allocation of control in first best relational contract. give control to pharma,Second Best Governance Structure. V Implications for Productivity,Relational Contract. A control reducing temptation vs reducing surplus,Arguments in GH HOE 2013 Example 4 ProPub Merck. Henderson Cockburn SMJ 94, 1 There exist persistent performance difference PPDs.
among seemingly similar enterprises Syverson JEL 11 Sec 2 bio tech revolution science based discovery. 2 Understanding PPDs matters for business strategy hire PhDs build labs attend confs do research. government policy and economic research publish papers. 3 Proxies for management practices are correlated ProPub patents e g Merck. with these performance differences BVR QJE 07 Sec 3. 4 Many of these management practices rely on Imagine recruiting first rookie Merck. relational contracts Gibbons Henderson Org Sci 12 Sec 4. better lab less teaching better pay,5 Economic models of building and changing. relational contracts have arrived Sec 5 almost like asst prof. 6 Building and changing relational contracts remains but clearly not identical. more difficult than most theory has described Sec 6 e g Nobel in 3rd year with no drugs. References References, Aguilar Francis and Arvind Bhambri 1983 Johnson Johnson A B Gibbons Robert and Rebecca Henderson 2012 Relational. HBS Cases 384 053 and 054 Contracts and Organizational Capabilities Organization Science. Baker George Robert Gibbons and Kevin Murphy 1994 Subjective Henderson Rebecca and Iain Cockburn 1994 Measuring. Performance Measures in Optimal Incentive Contracts QJE Competence Exploring Firm Effects in Pharmaceutical. Baker George Robert Gibbons and Kevin Murphy 2002 Relational Research SMJ. Contracts and the Theory of the Firm QJE Klein Benjamin 2000 The Role of Incomplete Contracts in Self. Baker George Robert Gibbons and Kevin Murphy 2011 Relational Enforcing Relationships Revue D conomie Industrielle. Adaptation Working Paper Prendergast Canice and Lars Stole 1999 Restricting the Means of. Di Tella Rafael and Robert McCullough 2002 Informal Family Insurance Exchange Within Organizations EER. and the Design of the Welfare State EJ, Fast Norman and Norman Berg 1975 The Lincoln Electric Company. HBS Case 376 028, Gibbons Robert 2005 Four Formal izable Theories of the Firm JEBO.

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