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JUly august 2012 contents,automotive PAGE 8,Hamid Moaref. Sub Editors,Sonja Baikogli,Sherry Chen,Sales Marketing. Shabeer Azeez,Circulation Assistants,Sasi Pillai,Contributors. Peter Baikogli,Arezou Marzara,Farsh Shafikhani,Kristen Koulic. Media Representative for,Taiwan Hong Kong and,P Sean Mulvihill.
International Relations,Department Worldwide,Services Co Ltd. 11F 2 No 540 Wen Hsin,Road Section 1,Taichung 408,Tel 886 4 2325 1784. Publishers Note,All images designs lay out and advertise. ments are copyrighted Any attempt to,recreate plagiarize or copy in part or in. whole is violation of international copy,right laws.
While compiling this issue of Tires Parts,the utmost care and attention has been. given to ensure that all information is ac, Morjan Media is not responsible for the Infinity launches its new generation of Q A With Manfred Wolf. accuracy of content provided by third The new Toyota 86. automotive PAGE 22,tires Tires PAGE 48 MANN HUMMEL pARTS PAGE 58. party sources,To submit news and content please,email to editor tirespartsmag com. Please note by submitting news and con,tent to Morjan Media for publication in.
Nissan power forA quarter of le 06 Hankook Tire Receives World 42 Ferrari chooses Stringo for 62. Tires Parts you automatically agree that, Morjan Media is not obliged to publish mans 24 Hours field Excellence Award from Ford vehicle handling. this content Furthermore Morjan Media, reserves the right to further edit and or The enhanced McLaren MP4 12 ZEETEX showcased ZT1000 as 42 The Nissan House Hunter Test 65. reduce the size of any content or news 12C an environment friendly tire Drive. stories sent publication, ICC World Twenty20 cricket MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tire 50 Hot products 72. trophy to tour Middle East, TIA applauds Automotive Tires Parts efforts to bring. the latest tire and automotive news to the Middle East. Morjan Media L L C For more information on TIA visit www tireindustry org. P O Box 7830 Dubai U A E, For administrative inquiries or for a copy of our media kit please Contact.
971 4 2270096 info tirespartsmag com www tirespartsmag com. www tirespartsmag com l 4, What is you flagship vehicle at Hyundai What other markets show the greatest growth We work ceaselessly for customer. potential for Hyundai and why satisfaction and will create new. Our flagship model is the Hyundai Centennial our,initiatives to enhance the brand. luxury top of the range sedan The Centennial A key market for Hyundai this year will be the. perception While new products and, successfully competes with the best sedans in luxury market We are now seeing an increase. marketing campaigns can increase, the world while adding a new level of customer in demand for our new Genesis and Centennial. awareness of Hyundai in the Middle, experience to luxury car ownership The models as people are becoming more aware of.
East it is important that customers, Centennial named Equus in other markets these luxury products For Hyundai Middle East this. have an enjoyable experience from, features Hyundai s most powerful engine ever year we are really focusing on the luxury car market. all aspects of dealing with Hyundai, the direct injected 5 0 litre Tau V8 engine This and increasing awareness of this fantastic range. In the Middle East we will strengthen, engine produces 429 horsepower and is mated to We are known for one of the widest selection of. our focus on qualitative growth and, an in house eight speed transmission providing vehicles in the market from smaller cars through.
implementing innovative marketing, Centennial drivers more power and refinement to the bigger SUVs but we do still need to focus on. strategies Hyundai s new thinking, The interior is truly luxurious too with high making people aware of the luxury models we offer. seeks to uplift our customers quality,quality leather massaging seats cruise control. The Genesis has won many awards in the USA of life in continuous pursuit of better. and temperature control seating so you are, where it is recognised as one of the leaders in quality and services through new. comfortable whatever the weather, the luxury large cars segment The 2012 Hyundai experiences.
What is your highest selling vehicle and why Genesis is a fantastic choice for customers who. JD Power placed us first in vehicle,want a luxury vehicle a powerful engine excellent. The Elantra is our biggest selling model in the Dependability Survey VDS for the. levels of equipment and a smooth ride but don t, Middle East and it is certainly the buyers number third consecutive year and this is very. want to pay a premium for similar cars from other, one choice in model The reason why it does so important to us. luxury brands like Lexus Audi BMW and Mercedes, well is that is it stylish hi tech and loaded with. Benz How important is R D to, specification as standard It returns excellent fuel.
Hyundai with regards to product, economy has the peace of mind of reliability that What are your 2012 business expectations for. development for this market, comes with all Hyundai models it also exemplifies Hyundai in the region What will be the likely. Hyundai s emotional Fluidic Sculpture design main market drivers this year Research and Development is. principles It has won awards across the globe and extremely important to product. This year will see the 2012 face lifted Genesis, in fact it was North America s car of the year for development in this market Hyundai. Coupe a sports car that in its previous form was,2012 technical research and design. very well received and won awards around the,centres and testing facilities never.
What are the new launching models for 2012 world We have high hopes for this new 2012 model. rest in their continuous quest to,here in the region. 2012 is an exciting year for Hyundai in the Middle create the style and quality that. East We have the facelifted Genesis Coupe the Our biggest selling model in 2011 was the Elantra customers desire creating more. New generation i30 the New i40 and at the end of up 27 which sold 62 636 units across the than just a mere automobile With. the year the New SUV will be launched region At the end of 2011 we introduced a new technical centres in Korea California. Elantra with updated exterior styling and levels Frankfurt Japan and India over. Do you think the current trend in the Middle, of specification which puts the new model way 10 000 researchers are working. East is gearing towards smaller more fuel, ahead of competitors in the compact car sector so constantly to develop vehicles with. efficient cars, we expect to see demand for this vehicle further world class performance quality. Smaller cars are definitely popular however so are increase and environmental friendliness The. bigger more luxurious cars especially in the gulf specification of vehicles is chosen by. With the introduction this year of the new i40, region this is because that economic downturn the regional head office therefore.
and also an all new Santa Fe we shall see new, has not affected the region as much as the US we always tailor the vehicles to the. customers to the brand this year as well as repeat. Europe etc and people are still spending their features that we know customers. custom by previous owners of these models as they, income on bigger cars In the US and Europe the want in the market. consider updating their cars,situation has not been as stable and so people. are gravitating more towards smaller more fuel How does Hyundai plan to enhance its brand What is your main target customer. efficient cars perception in the Middle East in the region e g GCC national. or expatriate businessman or, I don t believe that fuel efficiency in cars is a major Last year Hyundai Motor launched its new brand housewife etc. factor in the Middle East The reason is that gas direction New Thinking New Possibilities. prices are cheaper than other regions therefore This encompasses Hyundai Motor s new brand The great thing about Hyundai is the. most people here are not sensitive to the price of concept Modern Premium which aims to provide extensive vehicle range offering the. gas and won t let it influence their buying options customers with emotional value and experiences perfect car for different needs We. beyond expectations through new thinking and have smaller vehicles such as the i10. In terms of sales and revenues how important i30 Elantra and Accent through to. new possibilities The new brand direction also, is the Middle East to Hyundai globally now larger SUVs such as Tucson Santa Fe.
captures the spirit of change at Hyundai which, The Middle East Market is our fifth biggest market has shown dramatic growth in all areas of business and Veracruz We then have family. worldwide it is indeed one of the most important We keep a close eye on the needs of our modern and executive saloons with the. markets for us because of how much potential it world and have embarked on a new direction with Sonata and Elantra sporty coupe. holds for our continued growth This is why we Modern Premium The new concept of premium with the Veloster and luxury vehicles. have made it our top priority put a lot of focus on that we are pursuing stands for highly finished with the Genesis and Centennial. improving the awareness regarding our brand quality and flawless technical perfection providing We really have a car to suit every. name and quality in the region everything necessary and leaving out everything customer and their needs. else www tirespartsmag com l 5,NISSAN POWER FOR,A QUARTER OF LE MANS. 24 HOURS FIELD,Everything about DeltaWing is designed with. efficiency in mind its unique shape has half, Japanese manufacturer s engines will dominate the aerodynamic drag of a conventional racer. round the clock classic powering more than half of while all parts including the downsized. all LMP2 cars plus the experimental Nissan DeltaWing Nissan 1 6 litre DIG Turbo engine are smaller. and weigh much less than traditional Le,Mans machines The car is so unique that it.
competes in the race outside the regulations, Nissan will be the dominant force at this kind of experiment in design and technology that of Le Mans wearing the number 0 and. year s Le Mans 24 Hours with a quarter of only a company as forward thinking and bold as running from Garage 56 reserved exclusively. all entries running on Nismo tuned Nissan Nissan could get behind for experimental racers. As a test bed for future road car and motorsport Nissan s involvement in LMP2 is similarly. Leading the charge in the LMP2 class in innovations there is no greater more publicly ground breaking thanks to the presence of. which Nismo produced Nissan units power scrutinised laboratory than the Le Mans 24 Hours for GT Academy graduates Spaniard Ordonez. more than half of the competing cars are the experiment that DeltaWing represents but the and Frenchman Tresson. Nissan s partner teams Signatech Nissan and concept will prove that the technology for a vastly. Greaves Motorsport Winner of the first Nissan GT Academy in. more efficient future is viable now whether the car 2008 Ordonez finished second in LMP2 at. Among the drivers vying for LMP2 victory this finishes the race or not Le Mans in 2011 and this year will race with. year will be two graduates of Nissan s unique The Nissan DeltaWing is the most revolutionary car the Greaves Motorsport team alongside 1990. GT Academy initiative which has made to appear in motorsport for a generation the aim is Le Mans 24 Hour winner and former F1 racer. motorsport careers a reality for Playstation 3 to show that it is possible to make huge efficiency Martin Brundle and his son Alex. gamers Lucas Ordonez who will share his savings by downsizing and using a truly innovative. car with ex Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle Also aiming to become the first gamer. aerodynamic package turned racer to win Le Mans outright Tresson. and second GTA champion Jordan Tresson,winner of the second GT Academy in 2010. Paul Willcox Senior Vice President Nissan joins 2011 Le Mans LMP2 winner Olivier. in Europe said This year s Le Mans 24 Lombard and runner up Franck Mailleux at. Hours will be our biggest yet and the Nissan the Signatech team. DeltaWing shows the direction we are,looking to take with motorsport technology. in the future We are already dominant in,LMP2 where teams know that we can help. them win while the DeltaWing project is the,www tirespartsmag com l 6.
The new 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT One look at the technical specifications When changing gears manually via the. boasts enhanced driving dynamics and even highlights the fact that AMG successfully alloy shift paddles on the AMG Performance. better on track performance With an enhanced elevated the dynamic profile of the SLS steering wheel gear change are executed. maximum output of 583 hp 435 kW a re AMG GT even further The maximum crisply and markedly quicker than previously. calibrated AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7 speed output of the AMG 6 3 liter V8 front all of which is ideal when striving to achieve. sports transmission and the redeveloped mid engine has been increased to 583 ambitious lap times on a closed race circuit. AMG Adaptive Suspension the new SLS AMG hp at 6800 rpm while the maximum. GT which is available both as a Coup and a torque is maintained at 479 lb ft at These changes in shift reaction time and feel. Roadster has raised the bar even higher As a 4750 rpm These changes yield a 0 60 provide an even more emotional experience. further highlight a new optional AMG designo mph acceleration time of 3 6 est for the driver The automatic double. STYLE interior package is now also available seconds with a max speed of 197mph declutching function when downshifting is. for the 2013 SLS AMG GT According to Tobias electronically limted also more pronounced in the SLS AMG GT. Moers Board Member and Head of Overall Due to a modified engine mapping profile. Mercedes AMG has achieved the output that changes the engine torque delivered. Vehicle Development for Mercedes AMG, of 583 hp through internal dethrottling in manual mode the shift procedure is even. GmbH The new SLS AMG GT demonstrates, measures in conjunction with an increase quicker than previously and is accompanied. the sort of potential which lies in AMG s super, in peak combustion pressure The SLS by some passionate acoustic feedback for. sports cars With its even higher levels of, AMG GT M159 6 3 liter eight cylinder the driver Overall the optimization of the. performance the SLS AMG GT excites out on, engine responds with even greater dual clutch transmission complements the.
the race track in particular by providing an, agility to accelerator pedal movements sportier focus of the SLS AMG GT perfectly. emotionally enjoyable and passionate driving,and excites with even sportier tuned. experience New AMG Adaptive Performance,performance characteristics The. Masculine and decidedly athletic the new SLS AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7 speed sports Suspension. AMG GT is distinguished by darkened headlamp transmission located on the rear axle It is not just the enhancements to AMG s. and tail light lenses a unique wheel color and is more direct and aggressive in the M159 6 3 liter V8 and the optimized dual. red painted brake calipers The wing shaped manual M transmission mode Thanks clutch transmission which are responsible for. cross fins and the star recess in the radiator to newly developed gear change logic increasing the driving dynamics of the SLS. grille are given a new high gloss black finish as and optimised transmission control it AMG GT The newly developed AMG Adaptive. do the exterior mirrors and the fins on the hood has been possible to shorten reaction Performance Suspension also enhances the. and front fenders The AMG logo on the right of time significantly during shifts vehicle s sportiness In the case of the SLS. the trunk lid also features the additional letters. GT to clearly identify this new model,www tirespartsmag com l 8. AMG GT Mercedes AMG has combined Selection of suspension modes via the AMG polished high sheen finish on the face. the sophisticated suspension layout of DRIVE UNIT of the wheel Three additional optional. twin aluminium wishbones all round with AMG light alloy wheel styles colors are. specially tuned variable electronically Depending on the driving conditions speed and also available. controlled dampers Compared with vehicle load the AMG Adaptive Performance. the AMG Adaptive Suspension from the Suspension adjusts the damping characteristics Interior with consistently sporty. 2012 Model Year SLS AMG the new AMG at lightning speed and automatically reduces highlights. Adapative Performance Suspension the roll angle of the body The two modes can be The interior of the SLS AMG GT features. for the SLS AMG GT features stiffer and selected via a button on the AMG DRIVE UNIT The a distinctivly sporty design combining. more aggressive spring damper tuning activated suspension mode is indicated by means the high quality exclusive ambience of. for a more dynamic feel of indicator lamps on the button and the display in a true AMG model with the emotional. the AMG main menu atmosphere of a racing car The sports. Sport mode is tuned as the optimum, setting for undulating road surfaces and As standard the vehicle comes with 265 35 R 19 seats covered in designo leather feature.
routes requiring increased suspension tires on the front and 295 30 R 20 tires on the rear center sections finished in Alcantara. travel such as found on rural roads fitted to weight optimized AMG forged light alloy and are accented with an embossed. or the legendary North Loop of the wheels featuring a 10 spoke design and that are AMG crest on the head restraint. N rburgring for example inlayed in a matte black finish and with machine Complimenting the styling design of. the seats Alcantara is also found as, The control algorithm of the AMG an accent on the door panels These. Adaptive Performance Suspension premium materials are combined with. reacts best to fluctuations in the road red seat belts red trimmed floormats. surface with a tendency towards lower and red contrast stitching thoughout. softer damper force levels The resulting the interior on the sports seats center. effect is the best possible performance console dashboard and door panels. by effectively preventing body roll, for enhanced contact with the road The high gloss black trim on the center. when adopting a sporty driving style console and door panels perfectly. The enhanced driving dynamics and match the new high gloss black finish. even better race track performance found on the trim rings of the air. are measureable as part of an internal vents and the real metal insert on the. comparison with the SLS AMG the SLS AMG Performance steering wheel The. AMG GT is able to achieve faster lap steering wheel has been enhanced. times on a race track as well with side grips finished in. Alcantara a flat bottom section and, Sport plus provides higher firmer now features a new red 12 o clock. damping forces and features specific marking for easier orientation while. control algorithms which have been driving The instrument cluster of the. adjusted for a decidedly sporty driving SLS GT has also been visually enhanced. style on routes with a level road surface with new black dials and a black accent. such as when trying to achieve surrounding the LED shift lights. ambitious lap times on a race circuit,such as Hockenheim. www tirespartsmag com l 9,TEAM HOT WHEELS LANDS GUINNESS WORLD.
RECORDS TITLE AS DRIVERS RACE THROUGH 60 FOOT,TALL DOUBLE LOOP. Two drivers for Team Hot Wheels set a Guinness, World Records title for successfully racing through. a 60 foot tall double vertical loop at X Games Los. Angeles 2012 The Team Hot Wheels Double Loop,Dare a life sized version of a Hot Wheels orange. track set defied gravity with a first of its kind two. driver challenge Green Driver Greg Tracy one of,Hollywood s top stuntmen took first place victory. as he edged three time X Games gold medalist,and Hot Wheels Yellow Team Driver Tanner Foust.
as the two simultaneously raced through the giant,up side down loop. Boys of all ages around the world imagine playing, with Hot Wheels on a life size scale and our vision. with Team Hot Wheels was to transform this fantasy. into reality said Simon Waldron vice president,marketing wheels Mattel The Double Loop Dare. was truly a can t miss spectacle that altered the Los. Angeles skyline Anyone downtown couldn t miss, this massive six story tall bright orange structure. it was unmistakably Hot Wheels,Bringing Toy to Life.
The Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare was,modeled after the new Team Hot Wheels Double. Dare Snare track set available globally at retail,which lets boys race their 1 64 scale Hot Wheels. cars side by side in a vertical loop competition, The larger than life Double Loop Dare incorporated. an enormous side by side loop exerting a force of,7 G s which Team Hot Wheels drivers took on at a. speed of 52 MPH, I ve been a fan of Hot Wheels since I was a little.
kid racing cars around my parents living room,said Tracy a six time Pikes Peak Champion and a. Hollywood stuntman since 1991 So to be able to,be a part of something like this with Hot Wheels. bringing one of its toys to life is remarkable,Meanwhile Foust who provided tremendous. competition and spirit can continue to boast, about his latest world record obtaining the longest. distance vehicle jump at last year s Indianapolis 500. Additionally Foust a world renowned professional,stunt driver has two Formula Drift Championships.
complimenting his three X Games gold medals,He will be racing for more X Games glory in the. RallyCross competition Sunday July 1 on ESPN,Double Loop Dare on Instant Replay. While the live broadcast took place on ABC and,internationally on ESPN footage of the Team Hot. Wheels Double Loop Dare can also be viewed on,the Hot Wheels YouTube channel www youtube. com hotwheels Additional behind the scenes,footage will be available on www HotWheels com.
For added entertainment in 2012 Hot Wheels,will unveil 19 live action webisodes on www. HotWheels com,www tirespartsmag com l 10, offered a package of upgrades including the extra 25PS 25hp at no. cost underlining McLaren s commitment to its customers ensuring. they enjoy owning their 12C as much as they do driving it. Antony Sheriff McLaren Automotive Managing Director said Given. our racing heritage it is in our nature to continuously seek out. improvements The team at McLaren Automotive recognizes that. our existing and future customers deserve the very best product and. service we can offer and the launch of the enhanced 12C reaffirms its. position as the most powerful luxury sports car among its competitor. We designed and engineered the 12C from a clean sheet of paper and. I am delighted with the innovative technology package created for our. first sports car Our customers love driving a car with technologies and. systems that have proved successful in Formula 1 and which create. an incredible driving experience in a unique new high performance. McLaren Automotive rather than resting on its laurels has instead sports car New and existing customers will now enjoy an even better. announced a package of enhancements that will make its 12C high experience thanks to the upgrades. performance sports car even more invigorating to drive yet even easier. to live with, Headlining the changes is a 25PS 25hp power increase It takes the. maximum output of the mid mounted twin turbocharged V8 engine. to 625PS 616hp to give yet more vivid acceleration at track speeds. with no loss in efficiency Modifications have been made by McLaren s. engineers to the 12C s engine and SSG transmission increasing. responsiveness Ease of use a phrase not often associated with cars. of this type is further improved through a host of detail changes while. a wider variety of paint leather and wheel options give customers yet. more scope for personalisation, The 12C s unique Intake Sound Generator ISG system which. controls the amount of engine intake sound heard in the cabin is. now programmable across three levels in all three Powertrain modes. allowing the driver to select the amount of aural drama he or she wants. to enjoy whatever the road But one aspect that hasn t changed is the. 12C s purposeful styling apart from a subtle revision to the McLaren. Speed Marque badge that is, This latest iteration of the 12C which at launch set a new benchmark.
among its competitors for power efficiency and pioneering technology. is available to order now Customers who have already taken delivery. of a 12C are not being neglected though Every 12C owner is being. www tirespartsmag com l 12, Chosen as Concept for First Ever SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women. Thousands of fans voted for a satin black The concept selected by everyone who voted is amazing. luxury Ford Mustang concept in the first ever Evans added It will be very exciting to see the vehicle. SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women transformed in just eight short weeks by this dedicated group. The project a collaboration between Ford of women The drive and talent this collaboration of women. Motor Company and the Specialty Equipment from the SEMA Business Network SBN Ford and Source. Market Association SEMA invited the Interlink Media brings to this project is nothing short of. public to view three concepts online and phenomenal. vote for the one they would like to see built As title sponsor of the project Ford donated a 2013 Ford. by a group of women volunteers Mustang GT Women members of SBN will perform the hands. Known as High Gear the winning concept on modifications from July to August The finished car will. was designed by Jennifer Seely of Ford debut at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas then be auctioned. on eBay to raise money for the SEMA Memorial Scholarship. Inspired by international products in Jennifer Seely Fund The fund is dedicated to fostering the next generation. categories such as jewelry couture clothing,of automotive aftermarket leaders and innovators. and architecture High Gear is meant to,stimulate the senses by fusing luxury. and power Highlights include rose gold,chrome accents throughout the exterior. and interior satin black body plush quilted,suede seats and a leather wrapped interior.
Modifications will also be made to the,engine undercarriage drivetrain and sound. We appreciate our readers and fans helping,us determine which concept will be used for. this very exciting project said Doug Evans,executive vice president of Source Interlink. Media SIM SIM a partner in the project,hosted the voting on several of its websites. and will also host the physical build at its El,Segundo Calif headquarters.

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