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Situational physical mental or emotional,Real or perceived. Positive or negative,Slowly or out of the blue,Stress and Multitasking. Connectivity Creep Distraction Disadvantage,Stress Statistics. Approximately 30 of Americans reported extreme stress levels. Over 60 of Americans consider work a main source of stress. APA 2013 national survey of top causes of stress,job pressure. relationships,poor nutrition,media overload,sleep deprivation.
Evolution of Autonomic,Nervous System,Polyvagal Theory. There are three general states that,we exist in,social engagement myelinated. fight or flight sympathetic,frozen unmyelinated,Physiological responses are. hierarchically organized,Autonomic Nervous System,Sympathetic. Fight Flight,Most fibers located in the psoas,Parasympathetic.
Rest Digest,Largely the vagus nerve,Stimulated by deep breathing. Impacts of Stress on the Brain,Amygdala survival reaction. Hypothalamus hormonal reaction,Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis. Activation of the HPA Axis during stress,neuroendocrine feedback loop. Release of hormones,cortisol epinephrine norepinephrine.
Chronic stress can create a highly sensitized,HPA axis highly reactive ANS and low PNS. Effects of Stress,Overexposure to stress,increases risk and severity of. numerous health problems,Everyone can benefit from. practicing relaxation response,How Do You Relax and Reduce Stress. Yoga Nidra,Ancient Eastern teachings of Yoga Swami Sivanada.
State in early morning when just waking from a dream. Equilibrium between waking and sleep,Yogic sleep,Complete awareness and receptive relaxation. Innate intelligence and intrinsic clarity, Releases tension physical mental and emotional through breathing. relaxation training visualization and meditation,Benefits of Yoga Nidra. Resets the hypothalamus,Heightened cortical arousability. Reduced limbic arousability,Heightened awareness,Reduced emotional reaction.
Benefits of Yoga Nidra,Deep relaxation of body and mind. Reduced stress,Overcome insomnia improved sleep,Solve personal and interpersonal problems. Resolve trauma,Reduced anxiety fear anger and depression. Boosts the immune system,Decreases inflammation reduces pain. Symptom relief related to cancer asthma diabetes addictions heart. disease and migraine headaches when used in conjunction with. conventional medical care,Helps with pre and post surgical conditions.
Can be used to control physical body functions such as breathing heart. rate blood pressure metabolism body temperature and brain waves. Effects on Stress and Anxiety,Effects on Nervous System Functioning. The Yoga Nidra state,reflects an integrated,response by the. hypothalamus,resulting in decreased,sympathetic nervous. activity excitatory,and increased,parasympathetic,relaxatory function. Effects on Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate,Effects on Heart Rate Variability.
Effects on the Brain,Increased dopamine production up to 65. Increased stimulation of the brain, At rest During meditation End of Yoga Nidra Body part relaxation. Active frontal Active visual center Most activity in Most activity in. lobes brain stem somatosensory, and cerebellum center and limbic speech and visual and tactile. ready for action system emotions language centers centers. 8 Stages of Yoga Nidra Practice, Internalization Relaxation Preliminary preparation of the body. Affirmation Sankalpa A positive affirmation is declared silently. Rotation of Consciousness Body part relaxation,Respiration awareness Awareness of the breath.
Manifestations of Opposites Pairs of feelings and emotions are experienced. Creative Visualization Guided imagery, Affirmation Positive affirmation is repeated and programmed into the. subconscious mind, Return to Full Awareness A careful and gradual return to a normal state. Four Levels of Practice,Level 1 Deep relaxation Useful for self healing. The brain first produces Alpha waves which may verge on. Theta waves during deeper practice,Level 2 Creativity invention achieving. decisions solutions to problems creating lectures and. research papers poetry etc, The brain produces Theta waves that verge on Delta waves.
during deeper practice,Level 3 The participant experiences deep non REM. sleep but remains aware of his or her surroundings. The brain may initially produce Theta waves followed by Delta. Level 4 During this state the practitioner may alternate. between Theta and Delta waves,References,Peer Reviewed Journal Articles. Dwivedi MK and Singh SK 2016 Yoga Nidra as a Stress Management Intervention Strategy Purushartha A Journal of Management Ethics and Spirituality. Krugers HJ Hoogenraad CC and Groc L 2010 Stress Hormones and AMPA Receptor Trafficking in Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Nature Reviews. Neuroscience 11 Oct 675 681, Kumar K 2008 A study on the impact on stress and anxiety through Yoga nidra Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge 7 3 401 404. Kumar K and Pandya P 2012 A study on the impact on ESR level through Yogic Relaxation Technique Yoga Nidra Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. 11 2 358 361, Loh KK and Kanai R 2014 Higher Media Multi Tasking Activity is Associated with Smaller Gray Matter Density in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex PLoS One. Setp 24 9 9 e106698, Manik R and Gartia R 2016 A Comparative Study on Yoga Nidra and Nadisodhana Pranayam on Essential Hypertension Advanced Science Letters.
22 2 437 441, Markil N Whitehurst M Jacobs PL and Zoeller RF 2012 Yoga Nidra Relaxation Increases Heart Rate Variability and is Unaffected by a Prior Bout of Hatha. Yoga The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 18 10 953 958. Parker S Bharati SV and Fernandez M 2013 Defining Yoga Nidra Traditional Accounts Physiological Research and Future Directions International. Journal of Yoga Therapy 23 1 11 16, Singh AK and Tiwari SP 2014 A Study on the Effects of Certain Yogic Practices Surya Namaskar Yoga Nidra on Emotional Intelligence Journal of. Progressive Science 5 1 52 58, Tripathi RC and Bano S 2014 Yogic Practices A Healing Therapy to Relieve Stress of Middle Age People Journal of Psychosocial Research 9 2 319 328. Tyagi A and Cohen M 2016 Yoga and heart rate variability A comprehensive review of the literature International Journal of Yoga 9 2 97 113. References, Kamahkya K 2013 A handbook of Yoga Nidra An Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine DK Printworld New Delhi 146p. Kumar K 2013a A Handbook of Yoga Nidra New Delhi India D K Printworld. Lusk J 2015 Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief New Harbinger Publications 200 p. Miller R 2010 Yoga Nidra A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing Sounds True Incorporated Pap Com edition 104p. Miller RC 2015 The iRest Program for Healing PTSD A Proven Effective Approach to Using Yoga Nidra Meditation and Deep Relaxation Techniques to. Overcome Trauma New Harbinger Publications 226 p, Swami Saraswati S 2009 Yoga Nidra 2009 Re print 6th Edition Yoga Publications Trust Munger India 261 p.
Organizations Websites, Kuchinskas S 2008 Why Multitaskting Is a Myth WebMD the Magazine Accessed September 30 2016 Available at http www webmd com mental. health features why multitasking isnt efficient, American Psychological Association APA Understanding Chronic Stress Accessed October 1 2016 Available at. http www apa org helpcenter understanding chronic stress aspx.

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