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ttAdobe CS6 Real World Productivity for Design Professionals. Introduction ttAdobe Illustrator CS6 Performance 3. This document presents key findings Illustrator CS6 has been rewritten from the ground up for better. of a benchmarking project designed to performance especially when working with large complex files. assess the impact of the Adobe CS6 ttAdobe Illustrator CS6 Gradients on Strokes 4. applications on the productivity of, designers and creative professionals Being able to apply gradients to strokes provides considerable creative. potential and increases productivity significantly. Benchmarks were designed to measure, how specific functions speed up ttAdobe Illustrator CS6 Pattern Creation 5. everyday tasks For details on the Illustrator CS6 provides a new pattern creation feature that makes. methodology used to conduct these creating and modifying patterns much more intuitive and efficient. benchmarks check out About the, Benchmarks at the end of this report ttAdobe InDesign CS6 Alternate Layouts and Liquid Layout 6. This report focuses specifically on Alternate layouts facilitates the creation of multiple variations of a. features and functionality geared design and speeds up delivering content for tablets and devices. towards the professional designer Web ttAdobe InDesign CS6 Linked Content 7. creation and interactive media digital, imaging and video production are Linked content in InDesign CS6 streamlines the production process of. covered in separate reports different documents that share assets and design elements. ttAdobe InDesign CS6 Content Collector Tools 8, A new tool in InDesign CS6 makes re purposing elements from existing.
documents significantly easier, ttAdobe Photoshop CS6 Efficiency in Working With Layers 9. Photoshop CS6 offers several ways of working more efficiently with. layers speeding up creation and modification of complex documents. ttAbout the Benchmarks 10, Find out more about the methodology and the techniques used to provide. a reliable assessment of productivity gains,Application Area. Illustrator CS6,Performance, ttThe new Illustrator 64bit Architecture and Performance Gains. What is all about,Illustrator has been rewritten from.
the ground up for the CS6 release,The redesigned user interface makes. many common operations much more,efficient the bigger color palette which. can have a measurable influence on,productivity in line editing in content. panels or enhancements in managing,type among many others. The most important improvements, Original Illustration Marie Hendricks All rights reserved.
though are under the hood Illustrator,CS6 is a 64 bit application that. eliminates memory limitations,The processing architecture of the. program has been redesigned to,provide significant performance gains. particularly when working with complex,About the Benchmarks CS6. We conducted over 80 individual 56 74 CS5 x or older. benchmarks covering a wide variety of 100,time consuming operations On average.
Illustrator CS6 took close to half the Illustrator CS6 38 03 sec Illustrator CS5 1 1 min 07 sec Shorter is better. time than earlier versions in these, benchmarks Average of 81 individual benchmarks on both Mac and Windows platforms covering a selection of. 15 common operations performed with Illustrator ranging from opening and saving files to common. editing operations as well as frequently used effects. Application Area,Illustrator CS6,Drawing Options, ttGradients on Strokes Productivity and Creative Potential. What is it all about,One of the major feature innovations. of Illustrator CS6 is to allow the use of,color gradients on strokes. This opens up a considerable creative,potential particularly when combined.
with the variable width stroke feature,introduced in Illustrator CS5 Gradients. on strokes allow creations that would,have been all but impossible using older. releases of the program,About the Benchmarks CS6, Since many of the creations possible 28 98 CS5 x or older. with gradients on strokes are very 100,difficult to emulate with pre existing. tools our benchmarks were limited to Illustrator CS6 7 45 sec Illustrator CS5 1 25 72 sec Shorter is better. two very simple examples The creative, potential of this feature is significant Average of 12 individual benchmarks comparing the Gradients on Strokes feature with the time.
necessary to create similar effects using older releases Note Benchmarks did not cover complex. effects easy to create with the new feature but very hard with older versions. Application Area,Illustrator CS6,Pattern Creation,ttHow Illustrator CS6 Re Invents Pattern Creation. What is it all about,Illustrator CS6 provides a pattern. creation feature that not only makes,pattern creation much more efficient. than in the past it also allows tiling and,other options unavailable before. The new Pattern Options panel makes it,very easy to experiment with variations.
and spacing of elements As a result,the sort of complex pattern such as the. one in our illustration common when, Original Illustration Marie Hendricks All rights reserved. creating fabric designs for instance,have been almost impossible in the. past In any case the productivity gains,are very significant. About the Benchmarks CS6, Illustrator CS6 took less than a 23 11 CS5 x or older.
quarter of the time to create simple 100,patterns Time savings with more. complex examples would be even more Illustrator CS6 7 64 sec Illustrator CS5 1 33 04 sec Shorter is better. significant, Average of 18 individual benchmarks covering creation modification and fine tuning of simple. monochrome and multi color patterns Note Elaborate patterns easy to create with the new pattern. tool but very hard in older releases have not been covered. Application Area,InDesign CS6,Layout Management, ttLiquid Layout and Alternate Layouts Variations Made Easy. What is it all about,In the world of modern digital media. where several different variations of,one page need to be created and.
updated rapidly the Liquid Layout and,Alternate Layouts features in Adobe. InDesign CS6 represents a major,breakthrough in terms of workflow. efficiency,Liquid Layout is a rule based system,that combined with Alternate Layouts. automates many of the tedious,repetitive steps when creating a. variation of an InDesign document,yet leaves the designer all the.
necessary freedom to make creative,adjustments and variations where. About the Benchmarks CS6, Even on relatively simple operations 44 54 CS5 x or older. on short documents our benchmarks 100,were able to complete the tasks in half. the time it previously took Productivity InDesign CS6 2 min 56 sec InDesign CS5 5 6 min 35 sec Shorter is better. gains on complete publications are likely, to be very significant Average of 3 different multi step workflow benchmarks covering the creation and fine tuning of. alternate versions of the same document In the case of InDesign CS5 1 some benchmarks were. executed using the Layout Adjustment feature others without it. Application Area,InDesign CS6,Content Management,ttLinked Content Keeping Your Content in Sync.
What is it all about,Linked content allows elements to be. shared within a single document or,across different InDesign files and to. easily update them as the original is,The linking feature includes not only. the content of a frame but also graphic,parameters and interactivity The. considerable power of the feature lies,in the fact that the user can choose.
which aspects of a linked instance are,updated It is possible for instance. to update the text in a text frame but,preserve changes made to shape and. appearance,About the Benchmarks, We benchmarked the Linked Content 35 50 CS5 x or older. feature in a variety of workflow 100,situations on relatively short. documents Productivity gains on longer InDesign CS6 15 08 sec InDesign CS5 5 42 48 sec Shorter is better. or more complex documents are likely to, be significant Average of 15 individual benchmarks covering a variety of workflow situations that require updating.
text images or graphic elements of a secondary version of a master page layout that has been. Application Area,InDesign CS6,Layout Efficiency, ttThe Content Collector Tools A New Perspective on Repurposing Content. What is it all about,The Content Collector tools provide. a sophisticated way of re purposing,content from existing InDesign. Unlike using the Cut Paste method,elements can be collected from several. pages or open InDesign documents at,the same time and can subsequently.
be placed individually or as groups,Collected items can also be scaled. while being placed or placed as a,repetitive grid If required a link to the. original content can be automatically,About the Benchmarks CS6. Our benchmarks covered several 44 55 CS5 x or older. common workflow situations where 100,elements from different designs are. re purposed collecting several elements InDesign CS6 23 17 sec InDesign CS5 5 52 01 sec Shorter is better. from different pages of a document or, collecting different elements and scaling Average of 12 individual benchmarks comparing the efficiency of the Content Collector tool with the.
them upon placement time necessary to transfer different design elements between documents by manual cut and paste. operations,Application Area,Photoshop CS6,Working with Layers. tt Photoshop Layers A New Level of Efficiency,What is it all about. Layers have been an essential feature,of Adobe Photoshop for many years. Photoshop CS6 adds several essential,options Layer Styles can now be. applied not only to individual layers but,to groups as in our illustration.
Other productivity enhancements,include a sophisticated search function. that can help locate layers by name or,type speeding up work with complex. documents significantly,About the Benchmarks CS6, Our benchmarks covered the key 37 81 CS5 x or older. productivity enhancements to the layer 100,architecture in Photoshop CS6. Photoshop CS6 11 53 sec Photoshop CS5 1 30 50 sec Shorter is better. Average results from 12 individual benchmarks executing a selection of layer related. operations including applying effects to multiple layers locating a specific layer in complex. file by name or by type and renaming multiple layers. ttAbout the Benchmarks How We Measure Productivity. About the Adobe CS6 Productivity Benchmarks How we prepare hardware for testing. The productivity figures in this report are part of We use factory standard configuration hardware. an extensive productivity benchmarking project that has been completely re initialized prior to. commissioned by Adobe in order to independently benchmarking Only the system software and. assess the productivity gains that CS6 applications application software necessary for tests as well. can provide creative professionals as all required updates at the time of testing are. Pfeiffer Consulting independently developed and installed on the benchmark system No peripherals. executed the benchmarks presented here The other than the ones required for the benchmarks are. benchmarks were designed and executed by creative connected. professionals Hardware, This report was created by Pfeiffer Consulting How we design the benchmarks Benchmarks for this document were conducted on.
http www pfeifferconsulting com, All texts and illustrations Pfeiffer Consulting 2012 The basic approach is simple in order to assess several different Mac and Windows workstations. Reproduction prohibited without previous written, productivity gains that a new release or a different and notebook computers with 8 16 GB of RAM see. approval For further information please contact, research pfeifferreport com product may or may not bring we start by analyzing complete benchmark report for details. The data presented in this report are evaluations and. generic simulations and are communicated for, the minimum number of steps necessary to achieve About Pfeiffer Consulting. informational purposes only The information is not a given result in each of the applications that have. intended to provide nor can it replace specific, productivity research and calculations of existing to be compared Pfeiffer Consulting is an independent technology.
companies or workflow situations Pfeiffer Consulting research institute and benchmarking operation. declines any responsibility for the use or course of Once this list of actions has been clearly focused on the needs of publishing digital content. action undertaken on the basis of any information, advice or recommendation contained in this report established we start to execute the operation or production and new media professionals. and can not be held responsible for purchase workflow in each program with the help of seasoned. equipment and investment or any other decisions and. undertakings based on the data provided in this report professionals who have long standing experience in Download the full Adobe CS6 Productivity. or any associated document, the field and with the programs that are tested Benchmark Report as well as other benchmark. Adobe Adobe Premiere After Effects Dreamweaver,Encore Flash Illustrator InDesign and Photoshop. reports and research studies at, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of In order to be certain that no lag or operator induced www pfeifferreport com. Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States, and or other countries Mac is a trademark of Apple.
delays are included in the productivity measures, Computer Inc registered in the United States and each benchmarked example is cut down into small. other countries Windows is either a registered, trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in. segments of three or four steps each After an initial. the United States and or other countries training phase each segment is executed three. All other trademarks are the property of their, respective owners times and the average time is used as a result. The cumulative times for all segments that form,a complete workflow example are then used as.

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