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Manufactured By Jake Cowan s3539660, First the part file had to be inserted Then I had to insert a rod long The process was quite simple as. into the wire machine This file was enough for the machine to long as the file was in the computer. converted so that the machine successfully bend the part without all that had to be done was clicking. could work out where it had to place the rod bending in on itself as it was the start button watching the. bends and at what angles these a 3D part machine do its work Once the. would bend at,machine had finished I could,remove the wire cut off the part I. Unfortunately I couldn t figure out a way for the Lastly my team I had to manually insert the. machine to create the 3D part Instead I had DIWire part into the formed bracket developed. to complete the remaining bends by hand The by Mario using the laser cutter It fit quite nicely. machine made a 2D model in which I then had my section of this project proved to be a strong. to make a 3D model by pushing the piece onto, two separate planes quite similar to how it was hanging device for the pulley considering it was a. completed in SolidWorks thin rod of aluminium, There were no discrepancies in my process of making the. DiWire part Although some of the other students found that. their aluminium rods were receiving little tooth marks on them. from the machine, Overall it was an interesting process proved as a useful.
one for industrial designers I can definitely see myself using. the same process in the near future for other assignments. perhaps even in the working world,Formed Bracket,Manufactured By Mario Girton s3533095. The following process required to, This is the production of the form This next screen allows the complete the formed bracket is the. bracket the part of the pulley which manufacturer to set the speed bending of sheet aluminium by the. is held by the wire hook and supports and the intensity of the laser For brake press The machine used for. the pulley In the initial stage of example is the material being cut bending allows the manufacturer. production a DXF file is exported to is thin the intensity can be lowered to input specific values such as the. the laser cutter the display screen and the speed can be increased degree of bend and the depth of the. looks like the image above The all the while still maintaining an bend This machine is controlled by. interface allows the manufacturers accurate cut the manufacturer using two pedals. to control the laser resting on the floor,The machine has a laser guide to. line the sheet material to the correct,dimensions for the bend You then. After the manufacturer has selected the appropriate inputs the process is use the foot pedal on the ground. initiated by pressing the start button This has a maximum sheet thickness to lower the clamp and bend the. of three millimetres for steel anything larger will result in an unsuccessful sheet aluminium For this part one. cut Pressurised gas is used to dispose of the molten metal from the piece to 90 degree bend was required for. each After this the form bracket, ensure a cleaner cut The completed pieces will fall into the tray beneath the was complete and ready for.
cutting bed and are collected after the cutting process is completed manufacture. Side Plate,Manufactured By Joshua Tai s3468402, Both the side plate and the reinforcing plate were Before cutting could begin the technician informed. manufactured using a laser cutter Before cutting us that the extractor fan had to be turned on to. the profile out on the laser cutter a dxf file had to remove potentially flammable substances such as. be imported into the laser cutters software This gas and sawdust. file was initially made using Solidworks,The lasers intensity and. speed were selected to,best suit the 2mm sheet,of mild steel as it has to. be intense enough to pass,all of the way through the. material and move slow,enough to effectively cut,out the reinforcing plates.
The laser traced around,the various shapes rapidly. and produced a nice final, After I removed the side plate from the collection. at the bottom of the laser cutter I had to wipe off. dirt the laser cutter had left and I did my best to. remove some burn marks from the face of the side, I also slightly rounded the edges of the side plate. so that I would not harm myself or others in close. proximity to the side plate,Reinforcing Plate,Manufactured By Joshua Tai s3468402. The lasers intensity and speed were selected to, best suit the 2mm sheet of mild steel as it has to.
be intense enough to pass all of the way through,the material and move slow enough to effectively. cut out the reinforcing plates,The manufacturing of this piece was. the same as the side plate which is,on the previous page All four parts. two side plates and two reinforcing,plates were removed from the same. sheet of 2mm mild steel,I collected these two,parts from the collection.
bed on the laser cutter to,see marks on the surface. which I could not remove,by wiping the surface,of the reinforcing plates. with a dirty cloth I saw,that the laser cutter had. engraved four octagons on,to the surface by altering. its intensity These pieces,fitted together perfectly.
with the two side plates,Acetal Wheel,Manufactured By Matt Lobb s3539625. The CNC router is operated by a,computer and is used to shape. material based on a CAD file,exported The block of Medium. Density Foam was secure to the,CNC bed using double sided. tape and a vacuum beneath the, The CNC used a 6mm milling bit to Here are the completed wheel halves.
remove unwanted from the foam block resting on the router bed The router. This was done in numerous passes used to manufacture these parts had. where each pass removed a small some variables which could be changed. amount of material usually 1 2mm during the manufacturing process. The wheels were constructed in two These were the passing rate of the. halves because of the routers inability to milling bit and the speed that the milling. perform undercuts Above the outline bit rotates,of the six wheel halves can be seen still. connected to the rest of the foam block, Once the CNC machine had finished the excess foam on. the base about 1mm excess was cut off using a Stanley. knife and then both sides were stuck together using double. sided tape To finish the wheel light 320 grit sand paper. was used to make it a smooth and remove and rough,edges and dents left by the machine bit. Manufactured By Jacob Sandom s3539926, The CNC router makes passes along The CNC router continues to make. the length of the cutting area removing passes removing millimeters of. small quantities of pine from the material at a time The manufacturer. original block In the photo above the can alter the speed of the drill and. drill has removed approximately two the cutting rate while the CNC router. millimeters of unwanted material and is operating If the cutting rate is. the product slowly begins to appear increased this will compromise the. A block of pine was fixed in position final quality. in the top left corner of the CNC,routers bed using double sided tape.
and aided with a vacuum The IGES,file is exported to the computer and. the appropriate speeds and tools are,selected for the job. The material is cut away until there is Due to the size of the previous drill bit The above image shows the. a small thickness remaining to hold that was used not all of the material completed base prior to any required. the cut out in place The CNC router could be removed so a smaller drill finishing completed by hand. then proceeds to remove material bit was used for the remainder This. from the center of the base drill bit left a fillet on all surfaces. because of the dome shaped cutter,The images on,the left show the. completed base,which underwent,sanding to remove,the contours left by. the small drill bit from,the CNC Further,sanding occurred.
to smooth the,remaining surfaces,and to ensure that.

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