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WHAT S INSIDE,FIND IT HERE FAST, What s inside Where to Start pages 2 4 Soke Hatsumi Ryu DVDs pages 29 31. Bushindo University page 5 Soke Hatsumi Weapon DVDs pages 32 33. About Master Van Donk pages 6 Soke Hatsumi Daikomyosai DVDs pages 34 38. IBDA Training Opportunities pages 7 11 USA Tai Kai DVDs page 40. Ninjutsu Masters Course page 12 Soke Hatsumi Books Translations pages 41 43. Black Belt Home Study Course pages 13 16 Master Teachers Books page 44. Shidoshi Training Course page 17 DeCuerdas Eskrima Course pages 45 47. Budo Taijutsu Course page 18 Sword Course page 48, 2nd 4th Degree Black Belt Courses page 19 Spiritual Courses Section pages 49 53. Ninjutsu Made Easy DVD Series pages 20 21 Kuji Mikkyo Meditation pages 54 57. Van Donk Mastering Ninjutsu DVDs page 22 Training Gear Section pages 54 57. Master Van Donk Books page 23 What Others Say About Us page 58. Ninjutsu Weapons Course page 24 Your Paradigm Shift Opportunity page 59. Warrior Secrets Tai Kai Set page 25 Optimal Life Academy page 60. Best Sellers Takamatsu DVD page 26 Order Form page 61. About Soke Hatsumi page 27,Soke Hatsumi Kuden Densho page 28. Dear Friends and fellow martial artists, Thank you for your continued interest and support We at Bushindo University International Bujinkan. Dojo Association are dedicated to helping you and others around the world more easily obtain quality. Life Changing studies including martial arts like Bujinkan Ninjutsu Budo Taijutsu DeCuerdas Eskrima. Bushindo Sword and Enlightened Warrior Teachings We provide our students and friends direct lineage. access to Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan Through our concentrated efforts we became an official. Hatsumi Quest Co Ltd DVD distributor and secured English subtitles on Soke s videos for you so that. you can better understand what he is teaching We also secured distributors for his Japanese and English. book titles and hired translators of his Japanese books both in and out of print. We established a systematized structured step by step learning and ranking system from beginner to. 10th dan Our desire is to offer you the most comprehensive learning programs possible We also believe. that you should learn something for your grades and know why you have achieved a level The teachings. of the Do Way are very important to us We have created our courses with the thought of you someday. becoming a Shidoshi A teacher of these warrior ways of Enlightenment. Richard will tell you that being a pioneer has not been easy When he started in 1982 gathering. exchanging and offering information on the nine traditions of Bujinkan Ninjutsu he never imagined that. he d make well over 50 pilgrimages to Japan and around the world to personally train with Soke Hatsumi. Our Black Belt Home Study Course released in 1991 was well received all over the world We ve added. the Nidan Sandan and Yondan Course materials as well as expanded the Spiritual Path course material. We are constantly updating our website with new information and products Visit www Ninjutsu com. often and keep your heart happy Enjoy Your Studies. Linda Van Donk Judan,BUSHINDOTM YOUR BUJINKAN INFORMATION SOURCE.
PUBLISHER BUSHINDO INC LINDA VAN DONK Pres EDITOR LINDA VAN DONK. DESIGN LAYOUT IBDA RICHARD VAN DONK COVER GRAPHIC ART RICARDO ZAPATA. Copyright 8 2012 Bushindo Inc All rights reserved, Reproduction in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. IN THIS CATALOG,Want to know where to start Bushindo University. We have done our best to offer training programs for every Established in 1994 to expand our educational studies of martial arts. level of martial artist With so much information available many of and to be a pioneer of the best body mind spirit teachings available. our readers often wonder where to start in their training A good and to bring back the temple arts into the daily lives of our students. place to start is where you are in your training now or with what. originally grabbed your interest in the first place such as Wow. They have Hanbo stuff So you get Soke Hatsumi and Master Van Bujinkan Ninjutsu Source. Donk s Hanbo dvds and book first Or if learning Ninjutsu as an. art is your passion and you are a beginner then consider enrolling We represent Soke Hatsumi in every way we can as he is the. in The Black Belt Home Study Course which was designed to give source and life spring of the Bujinkan system Only Bushindo Inc. you a foundation and deep understanding of the Ninjutsu system offers Soke Hatsumi s dvd s Tai Kai videos Books translations. in a step by step format This is the best place to start especially if Home study materials Training gear Rank certification and direct. you do not have an instructor in your area or if you have to travel Japan training with Soke all in one place This is why we call our. long distances to train According to success testimonials from both training the Source. students and instructors alike our Black Belt Home Study Course is. guaranteed to help you progress faster even if you are currently. training in a dojo Our worldwide success is unprecedented In the. Masters section you will find something interesting no matter what. International Bujinkan,your tastes are Dojo Association. To see how Ninjutsu can work in a realistic situation get the Combat American Bujinkan Dojo. Ninjutsu tape To learn about the history and philosophy of the art. get Soke Hatsumi s books History and Tradition and the Essence The ABD was founded in 1985 and IBDA was founded in. of Ninjutsu If you are experienced in Bujinkan Ninjutsu we highly 2000 by Shihan Richard J Van Donk a personal student of. recommend Soke Hatsumi s dvd s in the following order First dvd Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi who has given us full. to get is Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu as it covers the foundations of authority to promote the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Budo Taijutsu Tradition in. movement the San Shin and Kihon Happo Next get the Kobudo no America and throughout the world Shihan Van Donk was awarded. Kihon dvd to teach you deeper aspects of the core of the art Then a 15th degree BlackBelt menkyo kaiden the highest Ninjutsu rank. choose a weapon dvd like the Hanbojutsu Then get Shinden Fudo possible and has been given the prestigious Golden Dragon Award. Ryu And be sure to check out the Daikomyosai and Tai Kai dvd s from Soke Hatsumi for his efforts in promoting Ninjutsu around the. which have a lot of bang for the buck world Comprehensive curriculums are available. from beginner to 10th dan All IBDA Ninjutsu, Also if you do not already have a spiritual rank certification comes from Soke Hatsumi. practice and want to establish one then get in Japan Your 5th degree Godan test can be. the Living the Spiritual Path course or at taken with Shihan Van Donk or Soke Hatsumi. least the Sourcing Enlightenment Audio Cd s in Japan only at this time. that 25 years of research went into And, remember that for training you will Keep persevering and.
need to wear a black uniform enjoy your training,with a white belt until you pass. your first level grade of 9th kyu,and then you can wear a green. belt until you reach the BlackBelt,rank We have studies all the way. to 15th Dan and we have students,that have got there You can do it too but. most of all get started and enjoy the life changing. If you still need help call us at 707 987 9323,And we can help you decide.
Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. BUSHINDO UNIVERSITY,Master Van Donk Future of Bushindo. reveals his vision and University, story behind Bushindo Over the next few years we intend to grow. from a web presence offering products, The BushindoTM System was services and home studies to a full online. founded in order to integrate university and a brain mind research center. my martial arts knowlege and with an indoor outdoor year round BushindoTM. my experiences of spiritual training facility where individuals can make a. awakenings and brain mind committed difference in themselves and the world. research as well as to separate around us Designs and business plans are now. these teachings from those of the being completed If you have connections for. Bujinkan Ninjutsu System as taught funding let us know at it will make all our dreams a. by Soke Hatsumi in which I have invested over three reality sooner. decades of study In the past few years Soke Hatsumi has. merged his arts into a kobudo ancient warrior fighting. system now called Budo Taijutsu Although I have trained We love Ninjutsu and it is at the. extensively in these fighting arts both with him and with many other. Grandmasters my heart and the passion that drives my life is the core of our teachings. integration of the philosophical and spiritual sides of the sacred. temple arts I am very interested in seeing how far a group of I am still totally actively involved in the Bujinkan system of Soke. individuals can evolve ourselves as human beings The studies of Hatsumi Ninjutsu is my passion which is why I have already. brain mind research yoga kundalini research sound and light taken about 50 trips to train with the Master I received a Judan. activation of consciousness meditation practices body healing Menkyo now equal to 15th dan in his Budo Taijutsu system from. methods and alternative medicine are foremost in my personal Grandmaster Hatsumi at the beginning of the new. dedication now Therefore BushindoTM as a University was born millennium I and other high level instructors support IBDA students. worldwide with their Ninjutsu studies All of IBDA s Ninjutsu. ranking comes from Japan,What does Bushindo University. do for you BushindoTM as a Martial, Bushindo University brings back the temple arts and incorporates Arts System.
a complete system of integrating the human organism to its fullest. state of development Based on ancient sacred teachings that I In addition to studying with Soke Hatsumi in the arts of. have studied since I was a young boy I have synthesized skills Ninjutsu I have been studying and teaching with several councils of. of the best of the best from many systems of studies that have Grandmasters We gather for a few days or more to share each. transformed the lives of millions and millions of people I have other s arts We work on what really works and what doesn t We. taught several of these systems to others in the past and achieved work on what is the same and what is different Being exposed to. great results By using my 35 years of research into the science these wonderful masters has taught me many things made me. of how the brain mind stores codes and processes information think and helped me to become a better martial artist of my own. to create and understand paradigms of study and forge modeling kind I took the best and threw out the rest I simplified and made. processes I am able to help you integrate the knowledge everything flow better and easier I made it all more accurate and. successfully at a faster rate of learning by unifying these sacred arts precise I worked on all the angles distancing and timings of all. I break the studies down into 5 categories of training Physical these master systems until I discovered a master pattern which I. Mental Emotional Spiritual and Social To advance yourself call the Golden Matrix What I have worked out seems to be the. as a martial artist or human being you must enhance each of core of all movement systems BushindoTM is a body mind spirit. these levels to lead a positive and balanced life These Enlightened integrated system that will renew revitalize and rejuvenate your. WarriorTM teachings are now shared in my private transformation life while giving you martial art skills second to none. sessions and at special events,Respect Gratitude Devotion to Life. Rightful Action Much Joy and Play, Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. Who is Master,Richard Van Donk, Master Richard Van Donk was born in Stockton California on July 15 1950 Warrior names. kongo tatsu koutei Diamond Dragon Emperor Mr Happy and Yeeha by Soke Hatsumi. Master Van Donk is the founder of Bushindo University NINJUTSU Shihan Van Donk received his Nidan Black. Enlightened Warrior Teaching System and the International Belt and Shidoshi ho Junior teaching license directly. Bujinkan Dojo Association He is also the director of the from Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in 1985 At this time. International Bujinkan Dojo Association with its Soke Hatsumi also made him a personal student in a. International Hombu Dojo residing in northern special dojo ceremony In 1987 he passed his 5th. California USA He is married to his lovely wife Linda degree test in Japan in front of a panel of Japanese. a Bujinkan Shihan Shidoshi 10th dan and current Shihan At that time he was only the 9th non Japanese. president of Bushindo and director of American person to be awarded this rank in the art s 2 000. Bujinkan Dojos Master Van Donk is a year history In 1991 Richard received the Golden. direct and personal student of Dragon Medal Award which is the highest honor in. Grandmaster Hatsumi and has been this art Soke awarded Shihan Van Donk his 10th. authorized by Soke Hatsumi as a fully degree BlackBelt in a private ceremony on Dec. licensed teacher of the warrior 2 1995 Soke Hatsumi s birthday Richard was. ways to enlightenment of the Nine awarded 15th dan on Dec 2 2004. Ninjutsu Traditions which Soke, Hatsumi learned from the late ESKRIMA After 15 years of study. Toshitsugu Takamatsu Soke the Master Van Donk was given the rare. last true living Ninja Master Van title of Professor Master in. Donk has been a pioneer in the art DeCuerdas Eskrima from the late. of Ninjutsu in creating ranking curriculums Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio who. creating Home Study Courses and offering passed his art and. Soke Hatsumi s teachings including seminars Grandmastership to Master Van Donk. books and videos to the world He travels before his death. at least once a year to Japan and around the, world to personally train with Soke Hatsumi and HIS PERSONAL SPIRITUAL.
to share his knowledge worldwide QUEST, MARTIAL ARTS EXPERT With 45 years Master Van Donk has journeyed. experience Master Van Donk all over the world questing Truth. is one of the highest ranking Director of the International Consciousness and Bliss He has. Bujinkan Ninjutsu Instructors outside Bujinkan Dojo Association and visited spiritual people and holy. of Japan 15TH DAN MENKYO Bushindo University places such as the Pyramids in. SHIDOSHI Privileged to be a Egypt Machu Picchu in Peru. personal student of 4 grandmasters and member of several Satgurus in India the Dalai Lama Tibet Monasteries China sacred. Grandmaster councils worldwide Richard has received a mountains Israel Holy lands Stonehenge Ephesus in Turkey. unique understanding of the martial arts He holds Black Belt Mt Shasta American Indian holy sites Japan Mikkyo Temples. levels or above in Karate Jujitsu Tae Kwon Do Iaido Aikido and Hunas of Hawaii Ancient civilizations of Palenque Teotihuacan and. BattoJutsu He is also an internationally acclaimed Eskrima several others deep in the jungles of Mexico searching and. Grandmaster personal student of the late DeCuerdas studying aspects of spirituality He is considered a philosopher. Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio The International American Bujinkan by many and he has written several books and tapes on the. Dojo and Bushindo University have been founded to further. TM TM Enlightenment process He travels sharing the Awakening the. martial arts teachings around the world and to provide students an Optimal Human Experience Many new exciting brain mind spirit. unbroken transmission of Ancient Arts for Modern Times body projects are being developed with the BushindoTM System. Master Van Donk is dedicated to achieving World Peace and. inspiring personal transformation for every individual in our world Obtained Master Trainer Level in such therapies as Neurolinguistic. family A member of the prestigious WHFC World Head Of Family Programming Design Human Engineering Certified in Massage. Sokeship Council in Sept 1995 he was awarded Grandmaster of Therapy Hypnosis Psycho semantics he is a coach s coach. the Year Grandmaster Van Donk is profiled in Who s Who in Martial. Arts World s Most Elite Martial Arts and Who s Who in America Richard teaches enlightenment and martial arts in a direct and. publications yet very lighthearted way with lots of humor helping people to. find their truth and center themselves while giving them the tools. to empower their lives and become better human beings in the. Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. We bring Ninjutsu to your door,Taking you from Beginner to. Master Teacher, Train 24 hours a day Get the keys to the Ninja Vault loaded with How to teachings. Video clips the 9 Ryu histories Waza Meditations much more Get answers at. a Private Ninja Training Forum Get a cool IBDA Membership Certificate suitable. for framing Become a Teacher,ALL This for only 40 a year 3 a month. NINJA SOURCE VAULT,Explore the Living Densho Secrets.
Secret Densho Scrolls are hidden in our Ninja vault And the only. Vault key necessary is to become a Vault member for a low 40 per. year Our Students and IBDA members deserve special knowledge. that is not available to the general public Why hide stuff Heh. we are Ninjas in training aren t we So a special Ninja Members. Only Vault is has been created We are working hard to fill this vault. with lots of high quality martial arts and life empowering information. newsletters articles history of the 9 Bujinkan Schools Soke lineage. lists and ryu waza lists training techniques pictures of Takamatsu. Hatsumi Van Donk Martial arts wall papers free downloads audio. teaching files lots of video clips and whatever else that should be. Now Only 40 locked up only for our members If you have something cool to. contribute let us know as we are growing this library of knowledge. for you Join now and open the secret scrolls,NINJUTSU ONLINE STUDY GROUP. Exclusive Members Only, Become a member and get the answers to training that you want 24 hours. a day access For years it was open to everyone In order to keep it being. a Ninjutsu training forum and not a gossip forum of who is better than. whom forum we have taken it private where you can get real truthful and. respected answers to your training questions Discuss your favorite Martial. arts topic and learn from top instructors all in one place For a limited time. only the online Study Group and the Ninja Vault it will be included in the. IBDA Membership and the Shodan Training Course, The Ninja Vault Ninjutsu Online Study Group and Wall. Membership Certificate for only 40 Wow, One Stop Ninjutsu Shop 350 study items at Store Ninjutsu com. Your IBDA Opportunity,How far do you want to go in your Ninjutsu.
Studies 5th Kyu Shodan Godan Shihan,We take you from beginner to Master. Not just idle words Hundreds of Bujinkan high ranking teachers got. their start with us even a few made it to 15th dan Results speak for. themselves You can be next when you start today with our teachings at. IBDA Go as far as you want to go,At IBDA you will find the following. NOT ALL NINJUTSU TEACHING, We are dedicated to helping you personally grow as a human being. to become a better martial artist and to encourage you to become SYSTEMS ARE THE SAME. a teacher of what you love, May I speak privately and honestly with you Training and. All IBDA instructors and students know all the same teaching in the Bujinkan can be challenging Soke Hatsumi has. information from 9th kyu to their dan certification level left all organization ranking certification up to Godan and style of. IBDA instructors have solid reference material for themselves teaching his art to his Shidoshi students They can teach anything. and students they want how they want create any ranking structure they want. IBDA Shidoshi fully licensed or Shidoshi ho junior licensed even have their own organization or not. instructors have been taught how to teach and are certified While this is wonderfully freeing for a teacher it is also very. IBDA instructors and students are properly rank licensed confusing to many students who see a BlackBelt with solid skills. through Soke Hatsumi in Japan signed by Shihan Van Donk and from one teacher and then see a 4th dan BlackBelt with no skill. will be recognized worldwide level from another Even though they train in the same art students. All students will have the opportunity to learn whatever most often have not been taught the same information nor are. they desire of the Ninjutsu teachings while having a solid they required to be the Bujinkan system is so loose that there are. curriculum to follow from 10th kyu Beginner to 10th dan Master even disrespectful Shihan that fly around the country just ranking. other peoples students whom they have only met for a day or so to. much higher ranks than their own teacher has graded them This. often causes these students to leave their current teacher for the. Good people are tricked into momentarily believing that rank is. more important than knowledge as they think they can get the. knowledge later But without a standard study system this will. never happen and these students end up being left without the. guidance they truly need For over 25 years we have had a very. solid system of study from beginner to 10th dan ranking based on. knowledge and a worldwide organization that offers more study. information and opportunities than anyone else in the art. Become An IBDA BlackBelt Start the Masters or Shodan Course. We want to give our students what we did not get from our teacher. and he supports us in this endeavor to offer you the best experien. ce you can have in Ninjutsu We encourage students to train with. everyone they can to add to their knowledge while they foremost. keep a solid foundation and an organizational home to build their. martial arts experience on,There is great joy in helping.
others have a better life, IBDA takes a solid stance on having a strategic standardized study plan that benefits everyone while. offering additional flexibility so everyone can grow and learn at their own pace in the way they desire. IBDA TAKING YOU FROM BEGINNER TO MASTER, Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. Memberships Patches,IBDA MEMBERSHIP HOMBU MEMBERSHIP. Official Annual,Bujinkan Hombu Dojo,International Bujinkan Membership card. Dojo AssociationTM This Official Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Annual Membership card. Your International Bujinkan Dojo AssociationTM membership comes direct from Soke Hatsumi s Japan office and is. comes with a very colorful IBDATM Certificate suitable for framing required when you train at the hombu Bujinden dojo in. an International Bujinkan Dojo Association oval patch occasional Japan or at the annual Daikomyosai Many Shihan teachers. member specials Ninja Vault access page 1 Ninja Online require this card for admittance into their training events. Study Group and is required for all IBDA rank testing The card is yellow with red hand stamps on it Membership. No application is needed All renewals receive a new certificate cards are good only for the year in which purchased All. and another IBDA patch The vault is worth 10 times this Please Hombu cards purchased after Sept 1st will be issued for the. see page 2 for details on the IBDATM Opportunity next year Annual Dues MEM HOMBU 40. Anual Membership MEM IBDA 40,IBDA PATCHES Soke Hatsumi s International.
International Bujinkan Bujinkan Dojo Patches,Dojo Association. Shoulder Uniform,Patch Official Bujinkan Hombu Dojo 9th kyu to 1st. kyu Patch direct from Soke Hatsumi in Japan,Metalic Gold IBDA letters written PA 03 35. over a metalic silver and grey globe with a Red circle and black. Bujin Kanji outlined in gold Oval shape outlined in black over a. red background PA 07 7,Uniform Stars,Official Bujinkan Hombu Dojo 1st dan to 4th. White Yellow or Silver dan Uniform Patch direct from Soke Hatsumi. 3 4 Uniform stars are to be used on your uniform above the proper gi patch for in Japan PA 04 35. the kyu or dan level that you are certified at They come in a package of 4 so. that you will have them as you advance The iron on backing allows you to set Please Note. them in place and then sew or tack them down to keep them in place To order a DAN patch a photocopy of your. Bujinkan Dan certificate is required to ve, 4 White Stars STAR4W 1 25 rify your official Bujinkan rank unless.
4 Yellow Stars STAR4YEL 1 25 you are on our certified dan list records. 4 Silver Stars STAR4SIL 1 50 Email to info ninjutsu com. Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. Black Belt Course,HOW DO I GET STARTED,www ninjutsu com beginnersreadthis shtml. Enroll in the Ninjutsu Home Study Course fill out the Bushindo. Student Registration form that comes with your set Find a training. buddy Obtain through us or your local martial art shop a black. uniform with a white belt You do not need to have tabi shoes. some do some don t Over time you will need to get or make. a few wooden weapons such as a knife 3ft staff 6 ft staff and a. wooden sword Study each move on the dvd s over and over. Become a Black Belt Instructor in Ninjutsu, until you can do them easily just like it is shown Most students. in your own home at your own pace take about 3 months at each level achieving their BlackBelt in 2. 1 2 years of dedicated study If you are athletic or already have. This revolutionary Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course martial arts experience you may go faster through the levels. pioneered by Master Richard Van Donk is used by high keeping in mind that the basics are the foundations that you build your. ranking Ninjutsu instructors and beginning students alike with great BlackBelt and above training on This Course was carefully crafted. success in over 50 countries worldwide Seven years 1000 s of over 7 years to give you a natural progression of material Test for. hours of research lots of blood sweat and tears and almost rank and keep studying. million miles of travel in 25 trips to Japan to personally train. with Grandmaster Hatsumi and other Shihan teachers went into HOW DO I TEST FOR RANK. providing you with this very comprehensive step by step Black Belt We make it simple Test at an IBDA dojo attend the annual IBDA. curriculum There is none like it anywhere else in the world The Ninja TaiKai come get a private. elite World Grandmaster Council,ed be g i nners lesson host a seminar or. ain submit a video up to 1st kyu to,We ve tr lled Black Belts. WHFSC gave us the 1 Top, International Videos Award our testing center We support.
into ski r the world, in 1999 Find out why for you in every way in your distance. yourself Train at home at your learning Worldwide success over. all ove xt,the last 15 years has helped,time at your pace Become an. Instructor in Ninjutsu,100 SATISFACTION,Are yo u n us to perfect our teachings. creating BlackBelts and, GUARANTEED certified Instructors with these lessons Your BlackBelt test. and promotion must be done in person at a semi annual camp. WHY A HOME STUDY COURSE www BlackBeltCourse com seminar tai kai dojo or private session even at your location This. Simply put authentic Ninjutsu is hard to find in many parts of is a real BlackBelt and we want your day to be special Check out all the. the world You won t find a qualified instructor available on every testing options details at www Ninjutsu com rank testing shtml. corner The Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course gives people. who are not fortunate enough to have a good teacher near them an CAN I STUDY THE COURSE WITH A FRIEND BUDDY PLAN. opportunity to study this art in a step by step manner offers them It is fun to have someone you can share this art with Each of you. a way to get feedback on their training and if desired obtain a will inspire the other s growth Understanding this we designed a. certified ranking From the reports of our video students this is a plan where you and a friend can share your training at a reduced. dream come true The Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course even price Check our website for complete information or call 1 707. helps those who have a Ninjutsu dojo near them to practice the 987 9323 and ask them to send you the information form Check. lessons at home enhancing their training Our students who train out all the Buddy Plan details at www Ninjutsu com buddy plan. at the dojo and at home with the Course advance at least twice as shtml. quickly The Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course also creates. a standard for growth and gives a new BlackBelt a method for CAN I REALLY LEARN WITH THE DVD COURSE INSTEAD OF. becoming an instructor themselves AN INSTRUCTOR, Absolutely The DVD videos are your instructor teaching you in.
HOW WILL I BENEFIT BY STUDYING THE COURSE your home or dojo in a step by step way You can slow motion the. People who want a life change new martial art students instructor and practice the move until you learn it No intimidation. families or buddies who want a hobby together those who already of a class Go at your own speed And do it when you have the. train but want more information and to learn faster those without time Of course you will need to find training partners or a Bujinkan. instructors instructors who want a curriculum for students school near you when you feel you are ready to take your training. blackbelts in other arts and schools who want to add to their to a new level We have created a unique and very effective video. system knowledge or credibility Our success tells us that our dvd testing feedback system that really works We know because. Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Course will give you the edge you it produces results. need to become a better martial artist, Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. Black Belt Course,From Ninjutsu Maste,Richard Van Donk. How to Go From a Beginner to Instructor in 10 Step by Step. Instructional DVDs a Training Technique Manual and even an. online study forum where you can get the answers you need. A Complete Ninjutsu Learning System, Now anyone anywhere in the world can level was carefully designed to be progressive. study Authentic Ninjutsu Master Van,Donk took 35 trips to Japan during the. from easy movements to disarming weapons, Progress quickly as you watch moves over and LEARN AT.
last 20 years to personally study with,Ninjutsu Grandmaster Hatsumi to bring. over or frame by frame in slow motion as you, practice them at your own rate of learning HOME AT. you this opportunity Good teachers of While no DVD course is a complete substitute. authentic Ninjutsu are limited and hard for a qualified licensed instructor many have. to find so we created a way for you to,used this very set to become one The next. learn the art without traveling These one could be you Read details of rank testing. Ten comprehensive learning DVD S and our Buddy Plan on Page 6 Enroll in the. give you endless techniques plus the Complete Black Belt Home Study Course and. forms philosophy weapons and dyna Begin your training today. mics of this 1 000 year old art in a,Get the Complete. Become an IBDA Instructor,step by step learning format including.
the names of techniques in Japanese, for the serious student Nowhere else Ninjutsu Black Belt. in the world is this information available, formatted as it is in this easy to learn Home Study Course. Beginners to Black Belt 10 DVD with TEN 1 hour DVD videos and receive over. Ninjutsu System Each DVD study 150 in FREE Bonuses including. A comprehensive Black Belt Training Manual,Japanese Terms learning Audio 1 yr. Membership IBDA shoulder patch Online Ninja, Vault beautiful Wall Certificate with your name on. it Registration for distant learning rank testing with. the Bushindo Martial Arts University Buddy,program and more.
NINJABBCOURSE for only 397,Or for only 20 more Add the Award winning. Combat Ninjutsu DVD,and see the rock and roll action you ll be able. to do when you complete this course,NINJA BB SET Combat Ninjutsu. DVD DVD371 only 417,We Bring Authentic Ninjutsu To Your Door. Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line. Ninjutsu Black Belt Course,What You Will Learn, reversals techniques of Omote Oni Kudaki Hon Gyaku Basic.
tanto knife techniques are also covered Advanced Rolling. methods Breakfalls Kicks Fire Wind feeling forms SanShin. 9TH KYU REQUIREMENTS Beginners Level 1 Beginning grappling Kihon Happo Knife understanding attacks. Building your foundation Learn the proper Ninjutsu bowing in Postures Ihen Kosei Hicho Posture flow drill Oni kudaki. procedures how to tie your belt how to warm up stretch before. training the basic standing postures of Seiza Hira Ichimonji. no kamae This first dvd teaches you basic forward backward. rolls and breakfalls how to go to the ground without getting hurt 6TH KYU REQUIREMENTS Intermediate Level 4. as well as the basic punches and kicks of Ninjutsu It covers how At this level in your taihenjutsu body movement skills you should. to be out of the way of attacks with proper evasion by using your be able to roll without using your hands so that you can either pick. body effectively You ll begin learning the Sanshin no kata a set up a weapon or take down an attacker as you are. of 5 elemental movement forms which teach rolling This tape covers how to do this as well. very important principles of movement and as Shiho Tenchi Tobi 4 way leaping skills. feeling At 9th Kyu level you ll learn the Shiho Geri 4 way kicking and. basic Chi or earth feeling form of the Sokoyaku Ken heel sole foot dance. Sanshin Intro Level Basic Body You ll learn the last set of the Sanshin. conditioning Belt tying Bowing no kata the Ku or void feeling form. Movement Basics Natural Postures of From the Kihon Happo you ll practice the. Shizen Seiza Ichimonji Earth Form Jumonji no kata crossed hand posture. Evasion Rolling Basic Punching and movement drill Musha Dori The Kusari. Kicking fundo a weighted chain is the weapon,focus for this level we always use a rope. version for safety when training with a,partner The importance of meditation diet. 8TH KYU REQUIREMENTS Beginners Level 2 are covered as well Leaping skills in several. The focus of the 8th kyu level is taihenjutsu or basic directions Thumb striking Void feeling form. falling leaping evasion skills The foundation for all Medium level Grappling Weapon Kusari Fundo. of the more advanced techniques you will learn rests Rope Chain techniques Advanced kicking. upon your ability to move fluidly and go to the ground including 4 way Shiho tenchi Tobi Meditation Diet. without fear In 8th Kyu you ll work more on your rolling More Kihon Happo. body movement skills as well as adding the postures of Hoko Doko. Jumonji no kamae You ll learn Omote Ura Gyaku inside and. outside basic wrist grabs reversals as well as Tehodoki basic. wrist escapes basic Hanbo 3 ft staff movements Continuing 5TH KYU REQUIREMENTS Intermediate Level 5. the Sanshin no kata you ll learn the basic Sui or water feeling The focus at this level is learning the Kihon Happo movements. form movement At 8th kyu you will be introduced to the Kihon with efficiency and knowledge of the Japanese names for each. Happo movements the fundamental ways of moving upon which technique This level is a major step and accuracy as well as. our art and most all of the martial arts are based From this level good body flow is a must Advanced kicking punching methods. on up you will need a partner to work out with Ichimonji no kata practiced while going to the ground as well as Muto Dori Gata. is the first movement drill you will learn from the Kihon Happo empty handed sword evasion forms are on this tape You ll learn. Wrist grabs Locks and escapes Cartwheels Weapon Hanbo 3ft how to strike using the Boshi Ken thumb fist Shako Ken claw. wooden staff Water form Being a training partner Uke Blocks fist and to kick using Kakushi Geri Sampo Geri forms. Escape from grabs Striking techniques Jumonji Hoko and Doko Continuing the Kihon Happo you ll learn Hicho no kata flying. No Kamae bird form movement drill and Ganseki Nage beginning throwing. forms Basic grappling forms are also covered and the weapon. focus for this level is Shuriken throwing stars Sword evasion. forms Medium level Grappling Kihon Happo Body grab escapes. 7TH KYU REQUIREMENTS Beginners Level 3 Shuriken techniques Beginning throws Nage advanced kicking. Emphasis at this level is on having more flowing body and punching methods also done while falling. movement with less effort You need to be able to go to the ground. effectively and be able to take your partner off balance using your body. movement rather than muscle You ll learn side rolls more. advanced back rolls standing forward backward sideways Get the Ninjutsu. breakfalls The postures of Kosei Hicho Ihen no kamae are. covered as well as Shuto cupped hand strikes backward and Home Study Course. BECOME A BLACKBELT, sideways kicks More punching drills Kihon Happo the Sanshin. forms of Ka fire Fu wind as well as the Gyaku Waza wrist. Store Ninjutsu com Tel 800 348 6822 707 987 9322 24 hr order line.

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Political Science 452: Text as Data - Stanford University

Political Science 452 Text as Data Stanford University

Political Science 452: Text as Data Justin Grimmer Assistant Professor Department of Political Science ... optimization algorithm - A partition of documents-We can include more information throughmodeling-Include information with hierarchical model ... Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Approximate Inference (Gibbs sampling, Variational Approximations)



1 Parlamentul Romaniei CODUL DE PROCEDURA CIVILA AL ROMANIEI din 01/07/2010 Publicat in Monitorul Oficial, Partea I nr. 485 din 15/07/2010

G51MP - - #1 Source for OEM Lennox Parts

G51MP CozyParts com 1 Source for OEM Lennox Parts

All G51MP units are equipped with the Lennox SureLight ... 2 Kits contain enough parts for two, non?direct vent installations. 3 Non?direct vent only. Page 4 BLOWER PERFORMANCE G51MP?24B?045 PERFORMANCE (Less Filter) External StaticExternal Static Air Volume / Watts at Different Blower Speeds Pressure High Medium Low in. w.g. Pa cfm L/s Watts cfm L/s Watts cfm L/s Watts 0.00 0 1225 580 ...

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF - Multilingual Education


International Journal of Multilingual Education second or foreign language. In addition, the ethnic diversity of the population gives the impetus for the creation of English language courses and schools for the residents of Canada, whose mother-tongue is not English language. Given this, one can find a continuous development and search for new methods of teaching ...

Propuneri de modific?ri ale noului Cod de Procedur? Fiscal?

Propuneri de modific ri ale noului Cod de Procedur Fiscal

Codul de procedur? fiscal? vechi Noul Cod de procedur? fiscal? ascunderea, ... Procedura de atragere a r?spunderii solidare se aprob? astfel: a) ...


CODUL DE PROCEDUR PENAL romaniacurata ro

CODUL DE PROCEDUR? PENAL ... Procedura de solu?ionare a cererii de ab?inere sau de recuzare a persoanei care efectueaz? cercetarea penal? Art.69.

Signal Processing Techniques to Improve an Acoustic ...

Signal Processing Techniques to Improve an Acoustic

Signal Processing Techniques to Improve an Acoustic Emissions Sensor Eric Bechhoefer1, Yongzhi Qu 2, Junda Zhu 2 and David He 2 1Green Power Monitoring Systems, LLC, Vermont, 05753, USA ebechhoefer@gmail.com1 2Dept of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, The University of Chicago, Illinois, 60607 USA 2 jz@renewablenrgsystems.com2

Cuprins Noul Cod de Procedura Civila -

Cuprins Noul Cod de Procedura Civila probanat ro

Codul de Procedura Civila republicat 2012. Legea 134/2010 privind Codul de procedura Civila republicat Republicat in Monitorul Oficial, Partea I nr. 545 din 3 august 2012

CODUL DE PROCEDURA PENALA din 12 noiembrie 1968

CODUL DE PROCEDURA PENALA din 12 noiembrie 1968

Orice persoana care se afla in curs de urmarire penala sau de judecata trebuie tratata cu respectarea demnitatii umane. Supunerea acesteia la tortura sau la