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Canton OH 44702,Phone 330 451 7371,Fax 330 451 7906. Contact Information Application Contact,Michael E Hanke. Stark County Administrator,110 Central Plaza,S Canton OH 44702. 330 451 7781 Main Phone,Fax 330 451 7906,Email mehanke co stark oh us. Tab 2 Collaborative Partners,Stark County Cuyahoga County.
Michael E Hanke Jeff Mowry,County Administrator Chief Information Officer. 110 Central Plaza 1255 Euclid Avenue,S Canton OH 44702 Cleveland OH 44115. 330 451 7781 Main Phone 216 443 8010 Main Phone,Mahoning County Trumbull County. Michael V Sciortino Bill Miller,County Auditor Director Trumbull County Planning. 120 Market Street Commission347 North Park Avenue,Youngstown OH 44503 Warren OH 44481.
330 740 2010 Main Phone 330 675 2790 Main Phone,Medina County OneCommunity. Adam Friedrick Brett Lindsey,County Commissioner Chief Operating Officer. 144 N Broadway Street Room 201 800 W St Clair 2nd Floor. Medina Ohio 44256 Cleveland OH 44113,330 722 9208 216 923 2200. City of Parma,Chief of Staff,6611 Ridge Road,Parma Ohio 44129. 440 885 8001,3 1 12 3 Round1,Tab 3 Project Description.
Network Readiness Assessment, The establishment of shared services depends on high functioning information technology. and communications a complex combination of infrastructure systems and human. capital To ensure that counties and cities are prepared to offer and receive high quality. customer centric shared services it is essential that data collection assessment and. analysis methodology be developed Stark County is requesting a 100 000 00 planning grant. from the State of Ohio Local Government Innovation Fund to support a Network Readiness. Assessment to ensure that our counties are positioned to leverage broadband enabled shared. Network readiness is critical to the delivery of shared services and essential to core 21st. century municipal functions Although network and infrastructure investments have been. made most government entities have not leveraged the full capacity of their networks. because of inequities in infrastructure complexities in aligning and coordinating. applications and services across the enterprise and a lack of leadership and expertise to. develop comprehensive network strategies For these reasons creating a network. readiness assessment that can be uniformly used across counties will not only ensure local. success but will also provide a common framework for cross county shared services. Stark County has enlisted the expertise and support of OneCommunity a nonprofit. broadband provider based in Cleveland Ohio to develop and implement a network. readiness assessment OneCommunity owns and operates a high speed fiber optic. network covering 23 Northeast Ohio counties and connecting more than 2 000 public. interest sites primarily health care education and government institutions In August. 2010 OneCommunity received a 44 8 million federal stimulus grant to expand its network. in Stark Trumbull Mahoning Medina and Cuyahoga Counties and establish Community. Anchor Institutions that can leverage and benefit from the ultra high speed network The. opportunity for local government entities to realize the benefits of this critical. infrastructure investment paired with the knowledge of current network providers and. existing configurations will enable the counties to strategically develop effective and. sustainable broadband enabled shared services strategies. Network Readiness Assessment, The intra county network assessment will identify existing county owned and operated. Wide Area Network WAN assets while gauging the network s current availability. capacity and performance based on accepted industry best practices and standards The. resulting information will be used to make recommendations for network design strategies. to develop a WAN infrastructure that will support and foster broadband enabled shared. Assessing fiber optic network resources is critical to the design and planning of reliable. and cost effective shared services strategies Counties own fiber assets have opportunities. to own or lease dark fiber and can fill gaps through contractual network services from a. variety of local and regional providers Capitalizing on existing assets and capacity is the. most effective way to drive down shared services costs as it reduces the large capital. expenditures necessary for building new fiber assets Identification and utilization of. existing fiber assets will also aid in expediting shared service models eliminating the need. for a lengthy fiber construction process, Once fiber assets are identified an architectural design can be developed that incorporates. the gaps in fiber infrastructure and the current and future requirements for its effective. intra inter governmental use The identification of existing and future applications and. services that are or will be network bandwidth dependent is considered in the overall. design These applications will drive the sizing of bandwidth and services needed on the. network and strategically map out the requirements for performance capacity and. sustainability Considerations for general and transactional data voice and video are. paired with quality of service strategies Redundancies and physical diversity can be. realized through a network meta design that capitalizes on the aggregation of all county. network assets Network Readiness Assessment Appendix 1. The second component of the network readiness assessment will focus on cataloging. information about applications and services being utilized by the partners The aggregated. information will provide a foundation for each county partner to identify strengths. redundancies and deficiencies in its application portfolio and map analyze the. opportunities to create shared services strategies The end result is a catalog for counties. to make informed decisions about combining or consolidating applications and resources. creating internal shared service approaches or collaborating with local regional and state. shared service providers Enterprise Application and Services Assessment Appendix 2. Proper human capital and expertise is another critical success factor for implementing. broadband enabled shared services Engineers and technical support staff who can design. configure and adapt network infrastructure to meet changing challenging business. requirements are critical to successful shared services strategies As part of the network. readiness assessment each partner s technology support staff will be identified and. mapped to recommended technical expertise including certifications FTE ratios and. subject matter expertise The resulting recommendations will include a return on. investment strategy that partners can to use to justify future staffing requests based on. gaps in expertise and leadership Personnel Skills Assessment Appendix 3. Project Type Planning Shared Services, The Network Readiness Assessment is designed to evaluate the ability of the partners to. plan and offer broadband enabled shared services In and of itself the Network Readiness. Assessment is a shared service providing a high quality non core and essential set of. technology services to the partners and their subsequent local agencies that realizes. cost savings through standardized data and reporting strategies. aggregated and standardized information and data that can be utilized for planning. shared services strategies, lower costs for each participant as compared to each individually contracting for a.
Network Readiness Assessment, Estimated Return on Investment ratio of expected savings. To create a model that predicts process human resources or material savings is highly. speculative without empirical data Each model is unique and cannot be constructed until. the controllable variables can be identified and worked into the savings model This. section will refer to some possible savings areas and some data that have been calculated. based on similar assessments, The goal of this project is to identify those variables that have the greatest impact on. savings and efficiency by employing a shared services environment. Aberdeen s research benchmarks1 provide an in depth and comprehensive look into. process procedure methodologies and technologies with best practice identification. From a 2007 survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group of 235 companies the following. research benchmarks were recorded, 1 158 average improvement in response times for business critical applications. 87 average improvement in bandwidth utilization,100 decreased WAN latency. The best in class are twice as likely to have capabilities to centrally manage WAN. optimization in appliances compare with laggards, 61 of average organizations do not have the capability to centrally manage.
network appliances, Additional benchmark information can be found in Shared Service A Benchmark Study. by Kristin Purtell The Johnsson Group 2 in 2005, Cost reduction and transaction efficiency remain the top two reasons for. transitioning to shared services, By implementing a shared services model companies across a wide variety of. industries have achieved significant cost savings averaging 15. 1 The Aberdeen Group October 2007 Optimizing WAN for Application Acceleration. 2 Kristin Purtell 2005 Shared Service A Benchmark Study The Johnsson Group. http www cfoclub cz data 1132664833 shared services pdf. This project will track environmental variables to calculate the following savings. 1 The effect of shared services on the number of level 1 helpdesk tickets. Savings through efficiency, 2 The number of support hours per critical application before and after a shared. platform is established,Savings through consolidated support hours.
3 Wide area network average aggregation utilization by critical application. Reduced total cost of ownership through efficient bandwidth. utilization,4 Budgeted system purchases, Reduced capital to support the same number of business critical. applications compared to a distributed environment. 5 Resource requirements, Using certified subject matter experts for strategic application design. and support that is shared across multiple entities is more efficient. than adding FTEs proactive vs reactive support structure. 6 Maintenance savings, Hardware systems reduction by maximizing system resources for. multiple location usage, When these variables are quantified and applied to the shared services model proposed. from the output of this readiness assessment quantitative savings can be predicted with. Probability of Program Success, The success of a Network Readiness Assessment starts at the highest levels with.
leadership buy in and executive support OneCommunity has been engaged in planning. with county officials since 2009 building coalitions and support for a regional broadband. strategy funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ARRA OneCommunity has successfully brought together public and private. organizations to leverage the federal stimulus award and has focused on collaboration. strategies among government health care and education entities The organization s. demonstrated ability to engage leadership to support a regional broadband initiative. bolsters this proposal s chances for success, Each of the counties involved in the grant proposal believes that broadband is an essential. infrastructure investment to ensure successful shared services models The value of. identifying documenting and evaluating each county s physical network assets cannot be. overstated Just as a county cannot plan new construction projects without maps of its. roadways improving government education and health services requires a comprehensive. understanding of the broadband infrastructure necessary to deliver current and future. services Through cooperation with a variety of county and regional leaders engineers. and organizations OneCommunity has completed a Network Readiness Assessment on a. macro level for Northeast Ohio from Sandusky to Youngstown and from Columbus to. Cleveland demonstrating that it can replicate the effort at a local level for county and. municipal wide area networks,Plan to replicate scale. This project is both Scalable and Replicable In regards to scale other county agencies. within the counties as well as any municipality in the State could implement the Network. Readiness Assessment to evaluate their capability to provide or receive broadband enabled. shared services,Part of larger consolidation effort. OneCommunity s Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program stimulus award has. led to almost 70 million of investment in 25 counties across Northeast Ohio The initiative. seeks to connect 800 community anchor institutions with high speed broadband services. and a total of 11 7 million of new fiber construction is already underway in the seven. counties involved with this grant request There will also be millions of dollars spent to. activate the fiber with networking equipment that enables connections among thousands. of government health care and education sites across the region This emerging network. provides the infrastructure required for collaboration and shared services. How Project responds to current substantial changes in economic demand. Various reports outline the need for Ohio counties cities and municipalities to seek shared. services strategies to reduce costs decrease redundancies and inefficiencies and improve. customer service These reports include, Transforming Government into a 21 Century Institution Redesigning Ohio December 2010. by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and Restoring Prosperity. Transforming Ohio s Communities for the Next Economy 2010 by Greater Ohio Policy. Center at The Brookings Institute, Both publications provide recommendations and justification for the changes required to.
streamline government and establish shared services strategies. Ohio s local government system is outdated and unsustainable After years of using a. 19th century model that has produced 3 700 political subdivisions in the state all in. the name of local control it is time to bring the system into the 21st century. Recommendations that will produce fewer governments lower costs and more. value include creating and implementing county led local government service. Redesigning Ohio pg 9, Ohio s legacy system of government was the reigning business model when it was. established The Fords and General Motors of the world created large centralized. bureaucracies with elaborate rules and regulations and hierarchical chains of. command and governments copied them But in today s world of economic crisis. fierce global competition and sophisticated information technologies such. institutions are dinosaurs To be effective in the 21st century institutions must be. flexible adaptable and innovative as GM and Ford have learned the hard way. They must search constantly for new ways to improve services and heighten. productivity We must lead the charge for a new and better operating system for. government Redesigning Ohio Pg 7, The next economy in Ohio as in the U S as a whole will be metro led There is no U S. German Chinese or Ohio economy but rather a network of sophisticated hyperlinked and. globally connected metropolitan economies These metropolitan regions benefit from what. economists refer to as agglomeration or geographically clustered activities Agglomeration. is an unwieldy term suggesting that metros are more than the sum of their parts They. create a multiplier effect that results from linking human capital innovative activity. infrastructure and value creation in goods and services in dense geographies Restoring. Prosperity Pg 14, We must catalyze a network of public sector leaders to promote high performance. government Just as Ohio s local government leaders need to collaborate within their. own metropolitan area they also need to collaborate across metropolitan areas and. share ideas on lowering costs and improving service delivery To facilitate this Ohio. should use its convening power to catalyze an inter metropolitan network of public. sector leaders enabling the state to share best practices for lowering costs while. providing better services to learn from high performing businesses and to receive. training in implementing a range of private sector inspired process improvements. Restoring Prosperity Pg 38, The establishment of the Local Government Innovation Fund and the Ohio Office of Budget. and Management s Shared Services department is proof of a commitment to establishing. innovative programs to provide shared services,Performance Audit Evaluation.
This shared service approach is in direct response to State of Ohio audits References from. two audit documents that reflect a possible need for shared resources and consolidation. are included below, Cuyahoga County Auditor s Office Performance Audit August 3 2010. Page 1 5 paragraph 2, Regarding technology the performance audit found that the County could gain efficiencies. by linking the purchasing and payroll systems used by each unit with the accounting. system used by the Auditor s Office Furthermore adopting a formal computer. replacement plan would better ensure computers are replaced at the appropriate time and. in accordance with the appropriate operating standards. Page 1 12 paragraph 2, The lack of interfaces between BuySpeed NOVUS and FAMIS and the use of manual. timecards in at least the Auditor s Office and the Treasurer s Office creates duplication of. effort The County should work with the vendors of the BuySpeed Novus and FAMIS. software programs to determine if an automated interface can be established If the County. determines that it cannot establish the interfaces it should conduct a cost benefit analysis. associated with replacing one or more of the current programs with alternative software. that will allow for direct interfaces,Page 2 48 paragraph 2. if implemented the County s use of SAP in all departments reporting to the County. Executive would be consistent with Payroll Best Practices Bragg 2005. Medina City School District Performance Audit September 21 2010. Page 7 5 paragraph 1, Medina CSD should implement a technology plan that clearly identifies goals objectives.
and action steps it is critical that District leaders have a process to prioritize technology. goals and ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of limited technology resources. The audit recommendations above address the reduction of duplicated processes and. technology the development of standardized technology plans and the sharing of. resources through common infrastructure and interfaces. Description of how project improves business environment or promote community. attraction, The value of broadband infrastructure investments has been documented to show. economic growth and is cited as a critical commodity for cities and. counties Recommendations from the Federal Communications Commission s National. Broadband Plan also indicate that broadband is a critical component of efforts to improve. transportation health care education public safety and government services. Federal Communications Agency 2010 National Broadband Plan Recommendation 14 4. http www broadband gov plan 14 government performance s14 1. In a recent New York Times column Thomas L Friedman author of the universally. renowned book The World is Flat cited broadband as a critical piece of a thriving. The best of these ecosystems will be cities and towns that combine a university an. educated populace a dynamic business community and the fastest broadband. connections on earth These will be the job factories of the future The countries that. thrive will be those that build more of these towns that make possible high. performance knowledge exchange and generation explains Blair Levin who runs. the Aspen Institute s Gig U project a consortium of 37 university communities. working to promote private investment in next generation ecosystems. Historians have noted that economic clusters always required access to abundant. strategic inputs for success says Levin In the 1800s it was access to abundant. flowing water and raw materials In the 1900s it was access to abundant electricity. and transportation In the 2000s he said it will be access to abundant bandwidth. and abundant human intellectual capital places like Silicon Valley Austin. Boulder Cambridge and Ann Arbor, In a 2008 EduCause white paper John Windhausen makes the case that Big Broadband. Networks Promote Economic Development, a growing body of research suggests that big broadband networks stimulate. greater economic development Several communities have decided to build their. own fiber optic networks where the private sector would not These communities. made the bold judgment that even if the projects could not support themselves in a. traditional commercial sense they were still worthwhile because of the important. public benefits the networks bring to the community. A number of recent studies confirm that these communities made the right decision. The research finds that communities that deployed fiber networks have generally. enjoyed greater job growth economic productivity and tax revenue The following. summarizes some of the case studies and research that validates the economic. benefits of big broadband networks, Criterion Economics study A 2003 study found that ubiquitous adoption of. current generation broadband technologies would result in a cumulative increase in. gross domestic product of 179 7 billion while sustaining an additional 61 000 jobs. per year over the next 19 years The study projected that 1 2 million jobs could be. created if next generation broadband technology were rapidly and ubiquitously. Brookings Institute A June 2007 report found that for every 1 percentage point increase. in broadband penetration in a state employment is projected to increase by 0 2 0 3 per. year For the entire U S private nonfarm economy the study projected an increase of about. 300 000 jobs assuming the economy is not already at full employment. Windhausen John January 2008 A Blueprint for Big Broadband Educause. http net educause edu ir library pdf EPO0801 pdf, The Network Readiness Assessment will support implementation of broadband strategies.
to realize economic impacts and governmental efficiencies It is a critical first step to. ensuring that the county s broadband networks are capable of realizing these. tremendously beneficial outcomes,Tab 4 Financial Documentation. Proposal Request, Stark County is requesting a 100 000 grant from the Local Government Innovation Fund. to implement a Network Readiness Assessment,Project Plan and Costing. OneCommunity s Program Management Office PMO has produced a process for creating. developing and executing a program methodology that focuses on resources tools and. techniques The PMO has responsibility for the centralized management of a particular. program or programs so that customer benefit is realized by the sharing of resources. methodologies tools and techniques and a related high level project management focus. The overall success of OneCommunity s customer group program office is directly related. to executive sponsorship of the program particularly during business unit or government. wide implementation Historically program office failures can be tracked to a lack of. executive support which forms a barrier to widespread acceptance The importance of. executive sponsorship is directly proportional to the realization of benefits at the executive. level of management,Standardization of operations,Company rather than silo decision making. Better capacity planning i e resource allocations,Faster access to higher quality information.
Elimination or reduction of company silos,More efficient and effective operations. Less need for restructuring,Fewer meetings,More realistic prioritization of work. Project costing for each of the three phases of this readiness assessment is shown in exhibit. 6 the remaining discussion in this section will refer to this exhibit. Network Performance Assessment, This section of the project uses a team of six engineers two analysts and one program. manager The total cost is estimated at 102 317 58 and has a baseline duration of. approximately six weeks, The network assessment applies four engineering teams to the largest section of the. project which is establishing an accurate network logical design of the current. infrastructure environment, County IT support personnel are required throughout the network assessment to supply.
the most current logical diagrams and network documentation. Enterprise Application and Services Assessment, This section of the project uses a team of two business analysts and one program manager. The total cost is estimated at 32 280 00 and has a baseline duration of approximately six. weeks running concurrently with the network assessment portion. The majority of this phase consists of documenting and categorizing application and. operating software package information into standardized templates. County IT support personnel are required throughout the application inventory process to. supply the most current application licensing and services documentation. Personnel Skills Assessment, This section of the project uses a team of one engineer one program manager and one. business analyst The total cost is estimated at 18 660 00 and has a baseline duration of. approximately four weeks beginning at the 50 completion point of the network. assessment, The majority of this phase consists of entering skills information into templates that are. distributed to county support personnel who rank their technology skills according to a. quantitative scale, County IT support personnel are required throughout the skills assessment phase to supply. the most current staff job descriptions and details of duties and responsibilities. Total Project, The total cost of the readiness assessment is 153 257 58 with project execution baselined.
to begin on 7 2 12 and completed on 8 24 12 An amount of 53 257 58 in program. match is provided from OneCommunity projects,In kind matching source. Funds from LGIF In Kind from In Kind from,In Kind from. Funds from LGIF for Enterprise Funds from LGIF OneCommunity for OneCommunity. OneCommunity, Task for Network Application and for Personnel Software Inventory for Proposal. for Network, Assessment Services Skills Assessment and Skills Documentation. Assessment,Inventory Assessment Process, 15 428 00 8 820 00 3 752 00 5 158 32 6 568 80 11 375 00.
management, Engineering 17 687 10 10 111 50 4 301 40 5 913 65 7 530 66 0 00. 16 034 10 9 166 50 3 899 40 5 360 97 6 826 86 0 00. Customer 5 950 90 3 402 00 1 447 20 1 989 64 2 533 68 0 00. Total 55 100 00 31 500 00 13 400 00 18 422 58 23 460 00 11 375 00. Total Local,Innovation 100 000 00,Total In Kind 53 257 58. OneCommunity is providing funding for 35 of the total project cost which equates to a. 53 match of the LGIF requested funding In kind funding stems from donated. OneCommunity resources to complete the network infrastructure assessment Enterprise. Application and Services inventory and Personnel Skills assessment in addition to hours. expended during the proposal documentation process. of Local Matching funds available, OneCommunity provides high speed network broadband services to government. healthcare and education It s goal is to provide the foundation network architecture to. connect institutions transforming their business through technology enablement In. addition to the In kind matching sources OneCommunity has the following network plant. in operation within the partnering counties,Name Amount. Stark 2 045 068,Cuyahoga 3 465 139,Medina 506 471,Mahoning 542 752.

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