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The world is but a canvas to our imaginations,Henry David Thoreau. Odyssey of the Mind,2016 2017 PROGRAM GUIDE,by Dr C Samuel Micklus Carole Micklus. This guide is intended for use by coaches and teams in the Odyssey of the Mind program It contains. the rules and regulations for competition and it will help them understand the basics of the program. This Guide is updated each year so please read it carefully especially the Program Rules. Published by,Creative Competitions Inc,406 Ganttown Road. Sewell NJ 08080,www odysseyofthemind com, Revised August 2016 Copyright 2016 Creative Competitions Inc. Table of Contents,INTRODUCTION iv,WELCOME TO THE ODYSSEY OF THE MIND 5.
What is Odyssey of the Mind 5, Getting the Most Out of Your Odyssey of the Mind Experience 6. COACHING AN ODYSSEY OF THE MIND TEAM 7,Who Can Coach 7. Role of the Coach 7,GETTING STARTED 8,First Generate Interest 8. Second Form a Team 8,Third Meet the Parents 9,Fourth Make a Schedule 10. Fifth Train Your Team 10,TRAINING YOUR TEAM 11,Teaching Teamwork 11.
Teaching Creativity 11,CHAPTER II,ABOUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP 16. School Memberships 16,Community Groups 16,Home Schooled Students 17. Age Divisions 17,Team Member Participation 18,Membership Identification 18. Membership Withdrawals and Transfers 19,CHAPTER III. ODYSSEY OF THE MIND PROBLEMS 20,Long Term Competitive Problems 20.
Long Term Scoring 22,Long Term Style 22,Scoring Style 23. Defining Style Categories 23,Requesting Long Term Problem Clarifications 24. The Primary Problem 25,SPONTANEOUS PROBLEMS 26,Scoring Spontaneous 27. Practicing Spontaneous 27,CHAPTER IV,GOING TO COMPETITION 29. On Competition Day 29,Checklist for Competing in Long Term 29.
Special Situations 30,Competition Scoring 31,Getting Long Term Scores 31. Questions About Scoring 31,The Spontaneous Competition 32. Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award 34,OMER s Award 35,Odyssey of the Mind Creativity Award 35. Odyssey of the Mind Spirit Award 35,PROGRAM RULES 36. Rules that Apply to All Problems 36,PENALTY CATEGORIES 44.
Spirit of the Problem Violation 44,Unsportsmanlike Conduct 44. Incorrect or Missing Membership Sign 44,Outside Assistance 45. Over Time Limit 46,Over Cost Limit 47,POTENTIAL REASONS FOR DISCIPLINE 50. Possible Disciplinary Action 50,CHAPTER VI,GLOSSARY 52. RESOURCES 54,u Style Form,u Cost Form,u Outside Assistance Form.
u Verbal Spontaneous Problem Things Change,u Verbal Spontaneous Problem Sunken Ship. u Verbal Hands On Spontaneous Problem Straw Improv. u Hands On Spontaneous Problem Tee It Up,Introduction. he mission of Creative Competitions Inc is to provide creative problem. solving opportunities for everyone and to foster original and divergent. thinking Through the Odyssey of the Mind program we promote. creativity by challenging teams to solve divergent problems that is. those with more than one solution By working in teams participants learn. teamwork the appreciation and understanding of others and that a group is a more. powerful thinking force than an individual They develop a sense of self respect and. respect for others through preparatory activities such as brainstorming and role. While the ultimate goal for most teams is to present their problem solutions. in official competitions this is not a requirement of participation The purpose of. the program is to provide students with an exciting learning experience that. promises to be challenging and fun,Introduction,Welcome to the Odyssey of the Mind. W elcome to the Odyssey of the Mind creative problem solving program Whether this is. your first experience with OotM or if you re a seasoned coach it s important that you. read this guide thoroughly This guide is updated annually so please pay close attention to all. sections especially the General Rules section since those rules pertain to every team. What is Odyssey of the Mind, Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving competition for students of all ages Teams of. students select a problem create a solution then present their solution in a competition against. other teams in the same problem and division There are many nuances of the program that are. explained further in this guide but here are some of the basics of participation. Students work in teams of up to seven members under the guidance of an adult coach. Teams spend weeks or months at their own pace creating solutions to long term problems. This includes Style enhancements described later in this guide. Team members come up with all the ideas for their solution and do all the work themselves. Coaches may help teach skills and educate the team on ways of approaching the problem and. of evaluating their solution, Teams work within the cost limit stated in the problem.
Teams have 8 minutes to present their long term problem solution in competition. Teams are scored for meeting the requirements of the problem and for creativity in categories. specific to each problem, At the competition teams are presented a spontaneous problem to solve on site. A team s standing in competition is determined by its combined Long Term score Style. score and Spontaneous score, To solve a problem teams must follow the general rules in this guide limitations in the. problem and clarifications issued during the year, The rules in this guide pertain to all the problems any conflicting problem limitations. supersede these rules and clarifications issued throughout this program year supersede the. rules and the problem limitations,Introduction, Getting the Most Out of Your Odyssey of the Mind Experience. The Odyssey of the Mind program is based on the premise that creativity can be taught Can you. think of anyone who fits any of these descriptions the talented student that is naturally. creative the student whose talents require nurturing the student who does not think of herself as. creative but feels she is different than her peers or the student with untapped potential but no. outlet for it to thrive Odyssey of the Mind provides that outlet in an environment where almost. every type of student will thrive, You as the coach can provide the experiences for your team to reap the full benefits of.
participation in OotM You will find many exercises in the following chapters that will help you. to teach critical thinking and creative problem solving skills but the program can provide much. more than teaching students how to think it augments the lessons taught in the classroom and. allows students to apply what they ve learned to different situations In this time of budgetary. cutbacks in the arts and other important areas students can continue to learn art music creative. writing acting and just about whatever else they re interested in through incorporating those. subjects into their long term problem solution, It s important that coaches recognize the wealth of opportunity that comes with coaching. a team Your time spent with the students will make a difference in their lives The team will learn. more from their time in OotM than they imagined and they ll remember the good times they had. in the process And you the coach are the one to make that happen. Good luck and congratulations on becoming a coach, Coaches are the driving force behind the team While the members do all the work themselves. coaches are there to offer encouragement and to keep them on schedule And when the. students do well the coaches feel just as proud for their accomplishments. Coaching a Team,Coaching an Odyssey of the Mind Team. I n OotM the coach plays a limited but important role Each Odyssey of the Mind team must. have at least one adult 18 years of age or older registered as its head coach Having an. assistant coach will lessen the demands assumed by one person OotM does not assign coaches. The coach of a team is determined by the membership organization. Who Can Coach, Coaches come from all professions and from all walks of life Although teams must have the. support of the member school or organization coaches do not have to be teachers Frequently a. child s involvement in the program will generate the interest of the parents Oftentimes parents. will start the Odyssey of the Mind program in their child s school and assume a coaching role as. a way to get involved in their child s education,Role of the Coach.
Coaches must remember that Odyssey of the Mind is a hands on activity for students and hands. off for adults It s important that teams create their solutions without the help of others There is. value in letting teams succeed and fail on their own merits especially when achievement is rated on. effort as much as on results You the coach will offer guidance and encouragement and teach team. members how to explore possibilities listen to others learn from failures and evaluate solutions. effectively However you are not to give the team ideas or solve the problem for it You will be. amazed at what students can do on their own and in the end you ll be proud they did it themselves. And the students will amaze themselves and build self esteem from knowing they did it on their own. As the coach you will provide supervision and handle logistics such as scheduling meetings. making sure paperwork is done properly getting the team to competition teaching them how to. solve differences and so on You may be responsible for recruiting and selecting team members. You ll want to make sure the team understands the limitations of its long term problem and oversee. brainstorming and spontaneous practice sessions When team members get an idea you can make. sure they obtain the skills required to carry out that idea You ll provide moral support And if. something goes wrong the team might need to rely on your guidance to help them make things right. without actually fixing the problem for them Be sure to read and re read the problem and. clarifications Make sure the team reads them as well and recognizes what is being scored. Getting Started,Getting Started, S ometimes students will organize a team and then find an adult to coach However if you re. a coach who is trying to put together a team there are several ways to do this. First Generate Interest, Make sure you are familiar with the current year s long term problems so you can present the. ideas to the students Duplicate and hand out the synopses found in the membership packet or at. www odysseyofthemind com, Ask teachers school administrators and or parent groups to help identify students who. are creative thinkers who might enjoy being on a team or who might benefit from a hands on. approach to learning You may also choose to present an Odyssey of the Mind awareness session. to the entire student body in an assembly and ask those interested to sign up to participate. Another way to stimulate interest in the program is to ask teachers to conduct classroom. lessons using Odyssey of the Mind materials This will introduce a large number of students to. the creative problem solving process and bring new methods of learning into the classroom. Curriculum Activities found online are ideal for this and can be downloaded by anyone from. www odysseyofthemind com,Second Form a Team, Ultimately each membership is controlled by the school s or organization s administration but the. coach is responsible for selecting the best students for the team under the guidelines set by the. administration It s important to recognize that all students can benefit from participation in. Odyssey of the Mind and that performance in the classroom does not directly correlate with. success in the program, Many students have highly developed creative problem solving abilities but do not have.
the opportunity to apply them in the classroom Participation in Odyssey of the Mind removes the. apprehension and self consciousness that may inhibit students from becoming more involved in. the classroom Students who are not high achievers often discover through solving Odyssey of. the Mind problems that the knowledge attained in school can be applied to many real life. situations and they become more involved in the classroom as a result. Getting Started, It s a good idea to involve students with different skills and abilities so the team has a. wide talent base to draw upon This helps to build teamwork because the members will learn to. recognize and appreciate the abilities of others, Whether you re trying to generate interest in the program or choosing from a well of eager. students here are a few suggestions on making that final decision of who should be on your team. l Recruit as many students as possible and allow them to form their own teams When. tournament time comes around have teams compete against each other to determine who. will represent the school Of course you can always purchase additional memberships and. send all your teams to your tournament, l Hold a creativity play off where candidates are presented with problems that require. creative thinking Those who enjoy the activity will enjoy being on a team. l Compose each team with a selection of students with varying skills for example an. artist musician computer expert writer depending on the nature of the problem. Third Meet the Parents, It s always a good idea to hold an initial meeting of team members and their parents Most likely. the parents will support their child s involvement in the program and will want to help It is very. important however that you let them know their limitations Make clear the rules for outside. assistance Stress that their children will reap the full benefits of creative problem solving if they. create their solution themselves, Parents need to understand what will be expected of them regarding money time.
transportation and so on Find out what days and times are convenient from a family perspective. and develop a practice schedule accordingly Make sure you inform the parents of the competition. dates well ahead of time so they don t schedule activities that conflict with those dates. Getting to know the parents is a way to learn about the resources skills and facilities that. they have to offer Parents may be willing to teach skills that team members need to execute their. solution carpentry sewing dancing etc Parents can also supply general information on. subjects such as engineering and scientific principles and they are a good resource to serve as. judges scorekeepers or tournament assistants,Getting Started. You might want to have parents solve a hands on spontaneous problem during the meeting. to break the ice with each other and to demonstrate what their kids will be doing. Fourth Make a Schedule, After you ve met with the parents and discussed time constraints and what they re willing to. contribute set a schedule of team meetings that you ll stick to as best as you can until the. competition date approaches You might want to meet one day during the week and on Saturday. mornings for a couple of hours As competition season draws near you ll probably want to. increase the frequency of your practice sessions Try not to have your meetings conflict with any. of the team members curricular activities, If you can meet as a team only once a week make this a planning session where all team. members give input into the solution then assign different tasks to specific team members that. they can work on at home Make sure each team member has equal responsibilities For example. one could write one scene of a skit and another team member could write another One could. make a costume another could build a prop and still another could create music. Fifth Train Your Team, Once you get the logistical matters in place it s time to start training your team on what the. program is all about Because students work in teams they ll need to learn how to work. cooperatively They will solve problems using their creativity so teach them how to think more. creatively The following section gives an overview of team building and creative thinking. techniques that you should employ in your team meetings and practice sessions. A judge discusses a team s performance at World Finals. Training Your Team,Training Your Team, A n important benefit of Odyssey of the Mind is that students learn to work with others.
Oftentimes to encourage creativity talented individuals are given free reign to do their. own thing They may be accustomed to having their own ideas recognized but now they have the. ideas of their team members to consider as well It is natural for new teams to take time. developing into a cohesive group You may have to help that process along Ultimately you ll find. that team members will form life long friendships and develop a deep respect for one another s. Teaching Teamwork, It is the coach s responsibility to provide stability and to ensure that each team member has equal. input to the problem solution Everyone s opinion counts so avoid allowing one or two team. members to overpower a meeting If this happens you may have to be the one to draw out the. ideas of the quieter students in the group You may find that team members will not agree on one. solution and will work against each other at first You may have to be the one to initiate the process. of reaching a consensus In time the lessons you provide will become natural behavior Here are. suggestions to help ensure fairness and equal input for all team members. l Rotate team captains and have them take turns conducting the meetings. l Have members come to an agreement on issues that are impeding progress They should. do this by listing the pros and cons of the issue so they see both sides of the argument If. a consensus cannot be reached have the members vote by secret ballot. l Schedule meetings where all team members work on only one aspect of the solution This. way all team members will contribute to many aspects of the solution to some degree. l Form committees with each team member in charge of one group responsible for a team. determined contribution e g artwork costumes This will help develop leadership skills. Teaching Creativity, Coaches must prepare teams for three phases of competition Long Term Style and Spontaneous. More about these later Many teams will work on their own to develop their long term problem. solution but may need guidance in building creative thinking skills or practicing solving.

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