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Products for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles that reduce CO2 Traction inverters are critical to the control of electric. emissions are equipped with some speci c products motors DENSO provides inverters boasting the. not found in conventional gasoline powered vehicles world s top discharge power density with a new. DENSO provides products based on its cutting edge cooling technology that limits temperature levels in. technologies These include traction inverters for built in semiconductor power devices This cooling. controlling electric drive motors and regenerating technology is based on both radiator cooling. energy and drive battery monitoring units for power technologies and electronics technologies that have. electronics systems been developed through in house production of. semiconductor devices,DENSO will continue to assist the advancement of. hybrid vehicles by developing new technologies and. Power devices are electronic components that act as switches to turn on and o the ow of high current. Products for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles,Press the button to see your selected product. Battery Monitoring Unit,Power Control Unit DC DC Converter. for Lithium ion Batteries,Hybrid Vehicle,System Main Relay Battery Current Sensor.
Electronic Control Unit,Electric Compressor,Power Control Unit. Higher output power is required for luxury hybrid vehicles as well as smaller packaging for full line. implementation of hybrid systems, DENSO has achieved 60 increase in power density output power per unit volume from conventional. models by a dramatic improvement of cooling performance. Feature Power Chips,View Double Sided Power Module B. Cooling Tubes,New Design Double Sided,Section A A,Outlet Power Chips. A Double Sided Cooler,Conventional Design Single Sided.
Inlet Diaphragm Cooler,Construction,Section B B,Power Control Unit. Engineering Key Point, Newly developed double sided power module for dramatically improved cooling. Newly developed stacked double sided cooler for dramatically improved cooling. Newly developed diaphragm construction for dramatically improved adhesion of power module and cooler. Power Density Ratio Volume Ratio, Output power per unit volume 60 Miniaturization 30. At the same output power,New Conventional New Conventional. Design Design Design Design,DC DC Converter, DC DC converter designed to recharge the auxiliary battery.
Reduced conversion loss by using,DENSO s original dual transformer system. fewer circuit elements synchronous recti cation 14V. Simpli ed structure and reduced transformer,winding loss by integrating magnetic parts. Improved heat dissipation e ciency, by optimally arranging circuit elements Synchronous. recti cation,Speci cations,Nominal input voltage 288V. Output voltage 13V to 15V Controllable Transformer Choke coil Complex dual. transformer,Max output current 120A,Max e ciency 96 Integration.
Dimensions 360mm 95mm 105mm,Weight 2 7kg,Battery Monitoring Unit for Lithium ion Batteries. It is expected for Battery Monitoring Unit to control the battery. s voltage highly accurately in order to, operate lithium ion batteries safely and e ciently. Compared to the conventional voltage control method DENSO s new method enables to control the. voltage of each cell and eliminate the uctuation among the cells at lower cost. Battery Monitoring Unit for Lithium ion Batteries,Average Target. Compare the cell Measure the voltage of,voltage with the each cell and detect the. average for cell s cells which have,discharge by using a higher voltage than the.
Microcomputer,Logic Circuit,simple circuit target level using a. microcomputer and,enable all cells to,discharge at the same. Comparison Judgment Discharge Voltage Detection Circuit Discharge Circuit. Circuit Circuit Circuit, Newly developed voltage control method Conventional voltage control method. Simple circuit structure without an I F Interface circuit. A D circuit or a microcomputer A D Analog to digital conversion circuit. Engineering Key Point, The function of new voltage control method is to compare the single cell voltage with the average. voltage of all cells for cell s discharge by using a simple circuit. System Main Relay SMR, High voltage relay for the safety Opposed magnet arrangement Contact.
and protection of hybrid systems,E ect of magnets,By arranging magnets opposite each other. and lengthening the arc path with magnetic force Magnets for contact. arc extinction chamber, it allows the arc to be extinguished in a smaller space. Reduced size by using an unsealed contact chamber,Speci cations. Contact rating DC360V 60A Relays in the system,On o cycle life More than 100 000 times. Dimensions 40mm 37mm 50mm,Weight 0 17kg,Battery Current Sensor.
Current sensor to detect the current ow and monitor the state of the main battery charge. Simple structure consisting only of a Hall IC Structure. and a core,No printed board or soldering required, Input and output terminals with capacitors for Current. improved noise reduction Hall IC Noise,Capacitor Core. Case with Magnetic flux,Specifications embedded Capacitor. connector Hall IC,Supply voltage range DC5 0 0 5,Measured current range 200 200. Accuracy after reliability test 3 FS Measured,Dimensions 47mm 37mm 17mm.
Weight 34g,Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit HV ECU. ECU to control overall hybrid system in a hybrid vehicle. Control traction of motor and engine HV battery,regenerative braking and other functions. Accelerator,pedal sensor,HV Shift position sensor,Air conditioning ECU etc. Speci cations Hybrid Battery monitoring unit,IC Engine Engine system. control DC DC, Nominal input voltage 12V sensors control Converter.
CPU 32Bit High performance Injector,Clock speed 128MHz. Electronic MG ECU Main,throttle battery, Dimensions 160mm 150mm 35mm Inverter Boost converter. Power 245V,Weight 0 3kg,High voltage,Electric Compressor. Co development product with TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION. A conventional compressor is hardly possible to be applied to EV and HV because it is driven by engine. It is not necessary to drive engine for air conditioning Fuel e ciency improved. Vehicle Electric Compressor,Feature 34cc rev,The world rst Mass production electric compressor. integrated inverter and motor Large, Compact size almost same as a conventional compressor.
Minimizing mass increase for vehicle fuel power e ciency. Low noise vibration design for quiet environment, 3 varieties covering from small class vehicle to luxury class. cc rev Voluminal displacement per revolution,Electric Compressor. Engineering Key Point,Small displacement High speed Compact Inverter. Small internal loss scroll,Inverter Motor cooled by suction. refrigerant gas low temperature,High E ciency Low Vibration Motor.
Refrigerant ow, Electric compressor improves fuel consumption by maximum 19 compared to. conventional compressor Belt driven compressor for HV.

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