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Product tracking and tracing with IoT and Blockchain
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The Current State of Track and,a Background,In today s globalized economy supply. chains in every industry are expansive and,complex Products are designed by teams. in one or more locations manufactured at,other locations stored elsewhere and sold. everywhere Goods and components pass,through various countries warehouses. weather conditions handling methods,and storage situations before final products.
reach end consumers The worldwide,logistics industry accounted for 6 of. GDP in 2017 or nearly 4 8 trillion USD,according to Plunkett Research which. highlights its enormity and importance,The use of high tech materials and. electronic components in modern,products makes it essential to monitor. the physical climatic condition of,manufacturing and storage during transit.
and warehousing For example a paper frequency identification RFID near visibility across a system of systems. published in the journal Nature showed field communication NFC and global conducting root cause and impact analyses. that lithium ion batteries degrade faster positioning system GPS devices becomes labor intensive and error prone. when stored above room temperature Such solutions often use a warehouse Real time visibility and transparency. 35 C Such factors play an important management system and RFID tags to can be achieved in supply chains only. role in the longevity and performance ensure product traceability through an integrated end to end solution. of products and ultimately in customer powered by the Internet of Things IoT. These tools have limited capabilities, satisfaction It is therefore vital that and blockchain technology a solution. physical and operational factors affecting that gathers granular data at all stages of. product performance and lifespan are They tend to be limited to logistics the supply chain and makes it accessible at. identified and measured at every step activities such as identifying locations any time to all supply chain members Only. in the supply chain This is particularly then can track and trace be conducted. Some data is captured in nondigital, significant for products that can have quickly efficiently and accurately to. formats with no single authority to verify, an immediate impact on human health adequately protect consumers and. data integrity or accuracy, such as packaged foods baby products organizations. produce medicines meat and medical Support for secure multiparty. devices information sharing is lacking c Business challenges. Most importantly these tools fall short Clearly single integrated source data the. b Current track and trace solutions of providing the real time end to end ability to track trace and verify products is. Some companies provide track and visibility and transparency needed for fundamental as counterfeit products and. trace solutions by using technologies all members of the supply chain during contamination plague the marketplace. such as data interfaces electronic data a product recall Swiftly identifying and An integrated track and trace solution. interchange EDI B2B messaging and recalling products is critical to minimizing not only ensures supply chain efficiency. reports bar codes QR code radio negative consequences and without product safety and sustained brand value. External Document 2018,2019 Infosys Limited, but it also saves cost time and effort while ii Food supply chain Product recalls for medical devices and.
helping companies adhere to regulatory drugs are extremely complex because. The Facts Food Supply Chain, requirements they often are sold across geographies. 48 million people in US become ill every, In industries where product safety is of Tracing the product back from individual. year because of foodborne diseases, the utmost importance increasingly customers is time consuming and. More than 128 000 people in US, complex supply chains pose challenges expensive and also is prone to errors. are hospitalized every year due to, for executing track and trace despite which poses a serious liability.
foodborne diseases,regulatory efforts to ensure consumer. More than 3 000 people die every year iv Logistics management. in the US from foodborne diseases,The Facts Logistics Management. Source Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,i Pharma supply chain. About 49 3 million tons of freight, This is an alarming public health burden moved through the US transportation. The Facts Pharmaceutical Supply, and one that is largely preventable The system each day in 2015 Bureau of.
FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Transportation Statistics. 1 million people die every year from,FSMA introduced in 2011 aims to ensure. counterfeit drugs WHO food safety through prevention inspection About 71 of US freight by weight. 25 of vaccines reach their destination compliance and enhanced product tracing is moved by truck American Trucking. in a degraded condition due to incorrect abilities which includes tracking raw Association. shipping AJOT materials ingredients and packaging,20 million shipping containers exist. 20 of temperature sensitive products materials,worldwide making approximately. are damaged during transport AJOT, Producers manufacturers distributors and 200 million trips a year BillieBox. 30 of scrapped pharmaceuticals can retailers share responsibility for ensuring. be attributed to logistics issues alone that only safe authentic food reaches the. The real time information of storage,AJOT end consumer However as the number of.
location condition of storage, Sources World Health Organization AJOT parties involved in farm to fork provenance. grows so does the complexity of the duration of storage ownership. These numbers indicate that supply chain which can degrade supply transit time statuses are key. pharmaceutical supply chain safety is often chain transparency and make shared information specially when a product. measured only after the damage is done responsibility more difficult to enforce malfunctions However most logistics. To address counterfeiting contamination companies are unable to provide such. iii Medical devices supply chain, and degradation the US Food and Drug granular visibility of product in transit. Administration FDA in 2017 issued The Facts Medical Devices Supply when requested due to unavailability. the Drug Supply Chain and Security Chain,of data This poses additional. Act DSCSA which outlines the steps More than 201 million class I units were challenges for manufacturers who. manufacturers distributors dispensers recalled in the first three quarters of. lack such insights when undertaking,i e pharmacies and third party logistics 2018. root cause analysis and trying to,21 of medical device recalls are due.
providers must take to develop an identify the cause and location of. to software issues the top cause of,electronic and interoperable system that damage. recalls for the past 3 years,tracks drugs at the unit level throughout. 51 of medical device recalls were Moreover last mile information. the drug supply chain DSCSA further,nationwide in the third quarter of 2018. mandated serialization at the product and generally resides with logistics. Source Stericycle Recall Index Q3 2018, package levels for enhanced tracing providers This is critical information. for all supply chain members as they,contact customers and facilitate.
replacements or returns,External Document 2019 Infosys Limited. v Manufacturing operations with a lack of real time capabilities a of a supply chain including producers. lack of tamper proof data and data in suppliers processors distributors and. The Facts Manufacturing Operations nondigital formats These limitations cost retailers is a node in the blockchain. Each year the automotive industry loses businesses billions of dollars network and can access all data within. USD billions of dollars globally Example the blockchain at any time The data. As a result there is a renewed focus on feeds in continuously and is validated. in 2011 it is estimated b 12 45 billion, shifting away from time consuming immutable and secure Smart contracts. globally is lost to counterfeit auto parts, report based approaches to reliable self executing scripts residing within the. Automotive Logistics Global Banking, mechanisms that enable real time blockchain integrate members and allow. 10 of medical products and medicines transparent data sharing among supply for proper distributed heavily automated. are counterfeit and life threatening chain stakeholders workflows for information sharing which. NPR mitigates trust issues arising from the,By 2022 the total value of counterfeit.
The Current State of Track and absence of a third party intermediary. goods in the world will be Trace This provides a fully transparent single. source of truth about the provenance of,approximately USD 1 9 trillion to 2 8. a A new paradigm for supply chain materials production history condition of. management IoT and Blockchain items in transit including temperature and. Frontier Economics NPR Automotivelogistics Global location deviations changes of custody. Banking The combination of IoT and blockchain and ownership and last mile delivery. provides a powerful mechanism to gather information all in real time. Manufacturers need effective product store and share data with all supply chain. traceability to protect their reputations partners reliably and in real time With the transparency of integrated IoT. maintain customer loyalty streamline blockchain and supply chain management. distribution and minimize cost It IoT systems use open standards based systems enabled by the cloud track and. is also important for product recall connected sensors devices to capture data trace can be conducted digitally and in real. and compliance The use of product automatically without human intervention time with full visibility for all supply chain. identification codes such as Global Trade In supply chains IoT connected sensors members. Item Number GTIN International Article can help determine and verify the. Number EAN or Universal Product Code source of component materials and their Oracle s enterprise grade platform. UPC by manufacturers was the first step regulatory compliance In manufacturing offers mission critical IoT applications. toward enabling product traceability lines sensors can capture production for enterprise assets production lines. metrics to monitor and record process, In today s fast changing business transportation fleets and mobile. quality and deviations Sensors embedded, environment manufacturing companies workers These applications securely. in transported goods can monitor items, need more powerful technology to connect devices analyze real time and. and alert supply chain members to issues, succeed This is especially important historical data and integrate with back.
such as temperature deviations or product, because manufacturers are beginning to damage At every stage of the supply end applications With such capabilities. shift from merely selling products to using chain IoT connected sensors provide data companies can extend their supply chain. subscription based models and they need that paints a full picture of a product from ERP systems and CX applications to the. performance data on their user base to raw materials to final delivery and with physical world and enable automation. support the subscription model While sufficient granularity to conduct root cause powered by intelligent predictive. many companies are making efforts to analyses determine liability in case of an algorithms Oracle provides out of box. leverage alerts preventive maintenance incident and gain any number or type of agents that can be installed on any device. and reports they continue to struggle due insight Better still all data is digital and in or IoT gateway These agents then connect. to a lack of transparency and real time real time providing rich data for efficient. information availability physical devices with Oracle IoT Cloud. specific and accurate track and trace,Services using a secure communication. capabilities,mechanism Oracle IoT Cloud also provides. d A shifting approach to track and, When IoT data feeds into a blockchain RESTful APIs allowing information and. the data can be shared within a peer operation professionals to build vertical. The current state of track and trace has left to peer network distributed ledger or specific IoT solutions and integrate. organizations across industries struggling a cloud based database Each member. disparate enterprise IT systems,External Document 2019 Infosys Limited.
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service offers preconfigured blockchain code to optimize standard Oracle s blockchain solution with IoT. business processes including ERP transactions The enterprise grade service leverages out is designed to meet the requirements. of the box validations that traditionally require third party validation As an Oracle managed of the pharmaceuticals industry food. cloud platform it is backed by 99 95 SLA availability with an in built highly available suppliers medical device makers industrial. configuration autonomous recovery agents and continuous ledger back up capabilities for manufacturers and logistics service. multi datacenter disaster recovery across availability domains Oracle s blockchain platform providers Once information is securely. integrates all underlying infrastructure dependencies container lifecycle management event shared with the other nodes interested. services identity management REST proxy and a number of operations and monitoring tools parties according to the smart contracts. under a single console thereby expediting the set up and application development process actions can be initiated based on information. Figure 1 provides an overview of the Oracle blockchain architecture and how it interacts with that is accurate and indelible Such a network. Oracle Blockchain as a Service BaaS SaaS PaaS and on premises ERP products is applicable across companies ERPs or any. other system and geographies, Fig 1 Overview of Oracle Blockchain Platform architecture source Oracle 14. Blockchain promotes trust resistant peer distributed ledger information with its members Hosted. between organizations by that eliminates the need for manual on cloud it is a managed platform. providing independent reconciliation or reports It securely and part of Oracle s innovative cloud. validation through a tamper transfers and centrally shares application portfolio. b Mechanism of interaction This information is securely shared with the based on information that is accurate and. Blockchain and IoT for supply chains other nodes interested parties according indelible Such a network is applicable across. The Oracle blockchain solution with IoT is to the smart contracts Then actions companies ERPs or any other system and. designed to meet the requirements of the can be initiated by the interested party geographies. medical device manufacturing fraternity,industrial manufacturers pharma supply System. Regulatory Authority,chains and logistics service providers. Blockchain and IOT offers new ways to,automate business processes among your Suppliers. ERP Customer ERP,Distributors System,partners without setting up a complex Oracle.
and expensive centralized IT infrastructure Blockchain. IOT and Blockchain combination is a new and IoT,landscape that allows digital capture of data. in different supply chain entities and share, to a centralized ledger or any database on ERP Logistics Provider Manufacturer ERP. System System,cloud In this powerful combination IoT. tracks monitors and transmits real time data, about an incident into a blockchain node Fig 2 How Oracle blockchain and IoT can be central to all supply chain stakeholders Source Authors. External Document 2019 Infosys Limited, Generally permissioned blockchains IoT function This information includes chain event or sensor data is contained in.
are the most suitable for such purposes storage conditions weather conditions a block in the blockchain which is copied. From a supply chain perspective using and any physical parameter that is to all participating nodes The mechanism. permissioned blockchains raises three relevant to the product or supply chain of interaction involves capturing and. main considerations namely using supply chain information from. Storing information on the blockchain, Capturing supply chain events and various stakeholders for the benefit of the. to be used when required and, passing these to the blockchain Such end customer and to improve product. executing smart contracts based on this, events include functions like order performance Oracle Blockchain has. information, booking order shipping ownership features like channels that help maintain. Smart contracts play a key role in the confidentiality of transactions At every. changes etc, aligning stakeholders permitting stage of the supply chain process.
Capturing information from sensors and transactions and driving protocols The information event data or sensor data is. transmitting it to the blockchain ledger information captured as a part of a supply passed to the blockchain. c Putting IoT and blockchain to work together A use case. Figure 3 Food tracing and tracking using IoT and blockchain Source Oracle. Figure 2 provides an example of digital supply chain of future with IOT and blockchain. node network It will digitize systems,Figure 3 depicts how IoT and blockchain. the information and make it available,capture data right from the. to any platform as,all transactions across the supply chain. can be used to create a track and trace time the fish is caught through when and into the blockchain network Every. mechanism for the food industry in it is served to customers The data node in the blockchain network can. this case for fish distribution through a captured using IoT continuously feeds access this information at the click of a. e Mechanism of interaction,temperature controlled supply chain IoT. Blockchain and IoT for supply,real time and immutable data about button.
The Oracle blockchain solution with IoT is designed to meet the requirements of the. medical device manufacturing fraternity industrial manufacturers pharma supply chains. and logistics service providers In this powerful combination IoT tracks monitors and. transmits real time data about an incident into a blockchain node This information is. External Document 2019 Infosys Limited, Infosys Expertise in blockchain networks for greater value uses a Design Thinking led assessment to. realization It leverages proven expertise in identify use cases assess technologies and. Designing Integrated IoT and Expand, other technology areas such as analytics and enable rapid prototyping This approach. Blockchain Solutions cloud to complement blockchain solutions ensures constant. Scale the network with clients,collaboration,thereby amplifying its value Infosys offers. Onboard multiple,during their blockchain adoption journeys. Infosys provides a suite of offerings to stakeholders onto. Functional, Blockchain Incubation as a Service which Figure 4 depicts.
help clients adopt and integrate IoT and blockchain network. Experiment prototype,Co invent with key,Proof of concept. users Expand,Explore Technical feasibilty,Build the first. Identify use cases network Scale the network,Value articulation Engage Onboard multiple. stakeholders onto,Functional,blockchain network,Experiment prototype. Co invent with key,Proof of concept,Explore Technical feasibilty.
Build the first,Infosys blockchain, Identify use cases services includes technology advisory consulting development. integration and, Value articulationtesting services We also offer industry specific business case. development for adopting blockchain along with relevant solutions for integrating. blockchain with enterprise applications like Oracle ERP or Oracle Cloud Our Blockchain. Figure 4 Infosys Blockchain Incubation as a Service approach Source Infosys Authors. Assessment,Infosys blockchain servicesFramework,includes analyzes. ideates the need forthe,and prototypes blockchain and ideates. right solutions and,Internet of prototypes,Things thebuilds.
IIoT roadmaps,right solutions, technology advisory consulting smart connected products that helps. Infosys offers easily deployable that,development o ers blockchain. integration easily,and testing services,deployable includes. solu ons for technology,enterprises advisory,gather data consulting. fromcreate,customer sensorsdevelopment,new to provide.
revenue streams,for enterprises that gather data from. integration,services ac onable,Infosys andinsights. offersbusiness testing,industry specific services,as a part We also. of IOT solu ons offer,Infosys industry specific,enables customers with. and creates new business,IoT by leveraging,vertical case.
industry solutions,sensors to provide actionable business. businessthedevelopment,caseIndustrie,development 4 0forfor. Maturityadopting,adopting blockchain,Index Infosys along with. being a pioneering relevant,expert in thisand solutions. eld de nesthat,platforms for,and integrating,harness the power of.
insights as a part of IoT solutions Infosys,blockchain blockchain. along IIoT withsolutions,with roadmaps,relevant enterprise. build smart applications,connected like,products Oracle. enables customers with IoT by leveraging,customer create. machineCloud,new OurandBlockchain,learning streams.
advanced analytics,Assessment,for integrating new ver cal. blockchain Framework,with enterprise analyzes,industry solu ons andthe need for. pla orms thatblockchain,harness the and ideates,to help and prototypes. ofcustomers,machine learning,become more the,andefficient. applications like solutions, Oracle ERP Cloud Our the Industrie 4 0 Maturity Index As a.
advanced analy cs to help customers become more e cient and compe ve The o erings in the area and competitive The offerings in the area. Blockchain areo ers,Assessment,IOT easilyo erings,integrated deployable solu ons. pioneering,to deliver for in,andexpert enterprises. manage this that gather data,field Infosys,solu ons from. of IoT are sensors,integrated to provide,to deliver and manage. analyzes the businessand,need for blockchain insights as adefines.
part ofand,IOT solu ons,implements Infosys,optimal enables customers. Industrial solutions with IoT by leveraging,the5 Industrie. Blockchain implementation,4 0 Maturity process,Index Infosys being a Source Authors. pioneering expert in this eld de nes and implement. op mal IIoT roadmaps build smart connected products that helps customer create new revenue streams. create new ver cal industry solu ons and pla orms that harness the power of machine learning and. advanced analy cs to help customers become more e cient and compe ve The o erings in the area. of IOT are integrated o erings to deliver and manage solu ons. Fig 5 Blockchain,Identify pilot implementation,Use case process. Business case Source Authors,creation Operational Program.
use cases assessment development onboard roadmap management. Identify pilot Use case Business case creation Operational Program. use cases assessment development onboard roadmap management. Figure 5 Blockchain implementation process Source,partnersInfosys Author. External Document 2019 Infosys Limited, Conclusion across complex supply chains by using a. distributed yet centralized system The use, From a system perspective the combination cases and capabilities of these powerful. of blockchain and the Internet of Things is technologies underscore the value of digital. both reliable and impregnable while being adoption in improving tracing and tracking. comprehensive enough to accommodate, all supply chain needs It offers a mature Best of breed track and trace solutions can. track and trace technical solution to improve help manufacturers and suppliers improve. compliance and assist with other tasks preventive maintenance root cause analysis. such as product recalls returns etc More service levels and product performance. importantly it simplifies the process of thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and. searching for acquiring and gathering data cementing customer loyalty. About the author,Arnab Banerjee, Principal Consultant Enterprise Applications Infosys.
Dr Arnab focuses in bringing business and technology together through his researches solutions and publications. He has more than 17 years of experience in consulting business and product development in the domain of. Manufacturing Hi tech and Distribution Currently he is a Principal Consultant and consults in the Supply chain area. for Enterprise Management and Blockchain His research interests include information technology and blockchain. applications in supply chain management He has extensive publications in the area of reverse supply chain lean. agile leagile initiatives theory of constraints supply chain transformations and humanitarian logistics. Murali Venkatesh, Director Emerging Technologies AI ML Blockchain IoT Oracle. Murali Venkatesh has worked with strategic Big 5 management consulting led consulting practice and product. development for various sectors such as Financial Hi Tech Energy and Supply Chain over 25 years He is a Director. of Emerging Technologies designing future use cases where customers can take advantage for Oracle products ERP. SCM HCM etc integrated with latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Blockchain Chat. Bots and Internet of Things He helps guide customers and partners around the world in applying these emerging. technologies to a broad range of business challenges supporting discovery and sharing best practices deployment. models and integration architecture to facilitate rapid experimentation and production ready results. Additional Resources, Oracle IoT Cloud Service Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service. 1 https www oracle com solutions 1 https www oracle com cloud. internet of things blockchain,2 https cloud oracle com en US. 2 https cloud oracle com IOT apps blockchain, 3 https www infosys com engineering 3 https www infosys com. services service offerings internet of blockchain block chain 3. For further discussion on getting started with this solution and process methodology please contact oracle mktg infosys com or. arnab banerjee08 infosys com,For more information contact askus infosys com.
2019 Infosys Limited Bengaluru India All Rights Reserved Infosys believes the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date such information is subject to change without notice Infosys. acknowledges the proprietary rights of other companies to the trademarks product names and such other intellectual property rights mentioned in this document Except as expressly permitted neither this. documentation nor any part of it may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical printing photocopying recording or otherwise without the. prior permission of Infosys Limited and or any named intellectual property rights holders under this document.

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