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16 following principles of Sustainable Development. has been defined and drafted in MDDEP,1 Health and quality of life. 2 Social equity and solidarity,3 Environmental protection. 4 Access to knowledge,5 Economic efficiency,6 Biodiversity protection. 7 Respect of the ecosystem supporting capacity,8 Participation and engagement. 9 preservation of cultural heritage,10 Internalization of costs.
11 Polluter pays,12 Respect for ecosystem support capacity. 13 Precaution,14 Prevention,15 Protection of cultural heritage. 16 Responsible production and consumption, 16 principles must be respected by all government ministries and. agencies as they seek to improve the incorporation of sustainable. development in their policies programs and actions These principles. serve as a guide to action in a sustainable development perspective while. furthering the coherence of government action in this area. Government of Quebec,Does the shale gas industry respect. the 16 principles of the sustainable,development,Parallel BAPE report 2011.
Shale gas is against the sustainable,development principles. The SEA plan draft and the 16 principles of,sustainable development. Most of the principles are already ignored or, violated but this fact is been neglected by the SEA. Vague in how the principles are going to be,analyzed in relation with the shale gas industry. Most relevant principles get more attention and,assessment by committee according to the report.
Health and quality of life, People human health and improved quality of life are at the. centre of sustainable development concerns People are entitled. to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. Health impacts of the shale gas industry is widely reported. from other countries specially US, Health impact threats has been reported by various. researchers INSPQ Theo Colborn Michelle and Robert. Bamburg Oswald, The quality of life of citizens is already affected by the. industry in Quebec 1 53 L hearing People are sad and. Social equity and solidarity, Development must be undertaken in a spirit of intra and inter. generational equity and social ethics and solidarity. No inter generational equity, Citizens living close to wells are already victimized by the industry.
1 53 in Longueuil hearing,Lack of solidarity among neighbors. No intra generational equity, SEA is designed for a period of 25 years However the. environmental consequences stay for many years Marc Durand. Properties near the shale industry wont have any value for the. future generation, Dishonesty and lack of transparency is against the social ethics. Environmental Protection, To achieve sustainable development environmental protection. must constitute an integral part of the development process. Environmental protection is certainly not an integral part. of the shale gas development since it is associated with. production of environmental issues,Air pollution Theo Colborn 2012.
Water contamination Theo Colborn 2012,Waste management Dr Duard 2011. Shale gas production decrease the investment in, renewable energies Bernard Saulnier R al Reid and Normand. Respect for Biodiversity preservation,ecosystem support Biological diversity offers. capacity incalculable advantages and must,be preserved for the benefit of. Human activities must be present and future generations The. respectful of the support protection of species ecosystems. capacity of ecosystems and and the natural processes that. ensure the pereniality of maintain life is essential if quality of. ecosystems human life is to be maintained, Ecosystem is a part of nature and biodiversity is one of the.
ecosystem services Previous slide shows the disrespectfulness. of the industry towards it,Protection of cultural heritage. The cultural heritage made up of property sites landscapes. traditions and knowledge reflects the identity of a society It. passes on the values of a society from generation to generation. and the preservation of this heritage fosters the sustainability of. development Cultural heritage components must be identified. protected and enhanced taking their intrinsic rarity and fragility. into account,The Ministries of Culture Communications and the. Status of women has not been consulted during the,BAPE hearings and the SEA. Nothing in the industry has been designed to protect. the cultural heritage of Quebec,Responsible production and consumption. Production and consumption patterns must be changed in order. to make production and consumption more viable and more. socially and environmentally responsible in particular through an. ecoefficient approach that avoids waste and optimizes the use of. No responsible production for the production of shale gas. Consuming huge amounts of water, Causing various forms of pollution air pollution light.
pollution contaminating water,Destabilizing the ground. No responsible consumption, Shale gas is a fossil fuel and it s consumption is as irresponsible. as other already existing fossil fuels,Prevention Precaution. In the presence of a known,When there are threats of. risk preventive mitigating,serious or irreversible damage.
and corrective actions must be,lack of full scientific certainty. taken with priority given to,must not be used as a reason. actions at the source,for postponing the adoption of. effective measures to prevent,environmental degradation. Not having a moratorium is against the precautionary principle. Today there are still lots of uncertainties about the impact of. the shale gas industry Lots of research warns against the. technological flaws of this industry However there no. moratorium in place,Economic Efficiency, The economy of Qu bec and its regions must be effective.
geared toward innovation and economic prosperity that is. conducive to social progress and respectful of the environment. It has been proven that there are no economic,progress from shale gas for the region of Quebec. see details in the the main document,Economic study considering the environment and. social effects seems not to be the case in the,current SEA draft. Participation and Engagement, The participation and commitment of citizens and citizens. groups are needed to define a concerted vision of development. and to ensure its environmental social and economic. sustainability, Shale gas exploration started in 2008 without the permission.
and consultation with citizens, Even now in the SEA draft phase the level of local engagement. seems to be not of a concern the public hearings have been. announced only on Internet and were held just before the. Christmas holidays, Verbatim is not available as is usually the case when there are. public hearings ex BAPE transcriptions are partial. Documents from participants at the public consultation are not.

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