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First published 1995 by,Harvester Wheatsheaf,Campus 400 Maylands Avenue. Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire HP2 7EZ,A division of. Simon Schuster International Group, ISBN 978 0 333 76324 7 ISBN 978 1 349 15022 9 eBook. DOI 10 1007 978 1 349 15022 9,Wyn Grant 1995,Reprint of the original edition 1995. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any. means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise. without prior permission in writing from the publisher. Typeset in 10 12pt Times,by Dorwyn Ltd Rowlands Castle Rants.
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Pressure groups politics and democracy in Britain I Wyn Grant. p em Contemporary political studies series,Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978 0 7450 1672 6, 1 Pressure groups Great Britain 2 Lobbying Great Britain. 3 Great Britain Parliament House of Commons I Title. JN329 P7G73 1995,322 4 3 0941 dc20 94 30434,British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from. the British Library,ISBN 978 0 7450 1672 6 pbk,2 3 4 5 99 98 97. CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL STUDIES SERIES, Series Editor John Benyon Director Centre for the Study of.
Public Order University of Leicester, A series which provides authoritative yet concise introductory. accounts of key topics in contemporary political studies. Other titles in the series include,UK Political Parties since 1945. Edited by ANTHONY SELDON Institute of Contemporary British. Politics and Policy Making in Northern Ireland,MICHAEL CONNOLLY University of Ulster. Local Government and Politics in Britain,JOHN KINGDOM Sheffield Polytechnic. British Political Ideologies,ROBERT LEACH Leeds Polytechnic.
British Government The Central Executive Territory. PETER MADGWICK Professor Emeritus Oxford Polytechnic. Race and Politics in Britain, SHAMIT SAGGAR Queen Mary and Westfield College University. Selecting the Party Leader,MALCOLM PUNNETT University of Strathc yde. Does Parliament Matter,PHILIP NORTON University of Hull. The President of the United States,DAVID MERVIN University of Warwick. The Politics of Economic Policy,WYN GRANT University of Warwick.
Introduction to International Politics,DEREK HEATER formerly of Brighton University and. G R BERRIDGE University of Leicester, Elections and Voting Behaviour in Britain 2nd Edition. DAVID DENVER Lancaster University,The Law and Politics of the British Constitution. PETER MADGWICK and DIANA WOODHOUSE Oxford Brookes University. PRESSURE GROUPS POLITICS AND,DEMOCRACY IN BRITAIN,Preface vii. I INTRODUCTION THE KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF,PRESSURE GROUPS I.
What is a pressure group 3,Social movements 5,Political parties 8. A working definition of a pressure group 9,Typologies of groups 13. A classification of group strategies 15,Pressure groups and democracy 23. 2 PRESSURE GROUPS AND THE POLITICAL SYSTEM 27,Pluralism 28. Policy networks and policy communities 34,Corporatism yesterday s theory 37.
The liberal critique of pressure groups 39,3 HOW PRESSURE GROUPS INFLUENCE WHITEHALL. AND THE POLITICAL AGENDA 47,Getting issues on the political agenda 49. Food additives a case study of issue emergence 51,Influencing the executive branch of government 57. Policy implementation and enforcement 63,vi CONTENTS. 4 PARLIAMENT 66,Ways of using Parliament 67,Professional lobbyists 74.
Conclusions 78,5 EXERTING PRESSURE OUTSIDE WHITEHALL. AND WESTMINSTER 80,Pressure groups and the party system 80. Pressure groups and the media 84,Pressure groups and the courts 89. Local government 91,6 PRESSURE GROUPS AND THE EUROPEAN UNION 98. The decline of the national route 100,European level pressure groups 104.
The targets of representation 110,The leading role of big business 114. European corporatism 121,7 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PRESSURE GROUPS 12S. Why measuring pressure group influence is difficult 127. A typology of factors affecting pressure group effectiveness 130. Conclusions 149,8 CONCLUSIONS PRESSURE GROUPS AND DEMOCRACY IS3. The legacy of Thatcherism ISS,Labour in office IS7. The case for pressure groups reviewed IS9,The limits to pressure group power 164.
References 166, This book seeks to provide a general introduction to the role of. pressure groups in British democracy for those relatively. unfamiliar with the subject Readers who wish to follow up the. subject in more depth by reading some of the academic literature. on pressure groups can refer to the list of references at the end of. Since the first edition of this book was published a considerable. amount of important new work has been undertaken on pressure. groups in Britain Of particular significance has been the British. Interest Groups Project at Aberdeen University coordinated by. Grant Jordan and his colleagues referred to hereafter in this book. as the Aberdeen group and the work on lobbying at the Euro. pean Union level undertaken by Sonia Mazey of Cambridge Uni. versity and Jeremy Richardson at Warwick University. As well as making use of what is now an extensive literature on. pressure groups this book draws on interviews I have conducted. over the years with pressure group officials politicians and civil. servants Some of this research has been funded by the Economic. and Social Research Council and by the Nuffield Foundation. I would like to express my appreciation to the series editor John. Benyon for originally suggesting that I should write this book The. second edition was prepared while I was a Visitor at Nuffield. College Oxford I would like to thank the Warden and Fellows of. Nuffield College for inviting me to be a Visitor and particularly. viii PREFACE, my sponsor Vincent Wright While I was there I had the oppor. tunity of meeting Mancur Olson again I do not agree with all his. views but I have always found his work stimulating Not all aca. demics who have accomplished so much are as open or approach. able or as willing to discuss their work with anyone whatever their. This book is dedicated to the memory of my uncle Sidney Field. who sadly died before publication of the first edition Conversa. tions I heard as a child in his newsagent s shop in Plumstead SE18. helped to stimulate my interest in politics and gave me my first. lessons in looking for the story behind the story in the day s. newspapers, I would like to thank Sophia Grant for her help with materials. on the Motor Cycle Action Group As always special thanks are. due to my wife Maggie who was writing up her own work on. pressure groups at the same time as I was working on this second.

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