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Press Load Monitor Supported Press Load Output Contact
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Features Model No Indication Speci cations External Dimensions. Load Monitor Main Unit Hydraulic Unit,Operation Control Panel. Specifications,Die Lifter,Model No YK0100,Pre Roller. Supported Press Load 9999 kN or less,Supported Number of Press Strokes MAX 200 spm. Accessories,Accuracy 5 F S Press Ability 20 100,HI Upper Limit Warning Output Dry Contact. Output Functions LO Lower Limit Warning Output Dry Contact Cautions. Output Contact Capacity DC 30 V 0 5 A Company Profile. AD Sampling 5 mS,Power Consumption 10 VA or less,Drip Protection None Press Load Monitor.
Power Supply AC 100 V 50 60 Hz,Operating Temperature Range 0 60. Pressure Switch,Weight 2 5 kg,Pressure Sensor,Accessories. Cable with Connector 5 m,Pressure Gauge,External Dimensions JG A JG B. Operation Button,Indicator Lamp,Connector for Signal Manifold. Fluorescent Indicator,204 154 JX,Connector for Pressure Sensor.
LOAD MONITOR YK010 Coupler Switch,DATA POWER,MODE UP SET. KOSMEK LTD,Fuse Power Switch,Power Receptacle AC100V. Data Display,2 9 15 131 16 170,Pressure Sensor Included. Specifications,Model No YK0100 Pressure Sensor,Pressure Range 0 50 MPa. Allowable Maximum Pressure 75 MPa,Power Supply DC 24 V 10.
Output Format 4 20 mA,Accuracy 0 5 F S,Temperature Effect on Zero Point 0 05 F S. Temperature Effect on Span 0 05 F S, Guaranteed Temperature Range 20 70 Make sure no condensation or frost. Operating Temperature Range 20 70 Make sure no condensation or frost. External Dimensions,Throttle 0 7,Connector Tightening Torque 6 N m. XSC D421 OMRON model R1 4 Thread,19 21 9 Hex,Shielded Cable. 35 5 10 16,45 5000 61 5 1, Installation Notes Cautions for Hydraulic Series Hydraulic Fluid List.
ISO Viscosity Grade ISO VG 32,1 Check the uid to use. Maker Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil Multi Purpose Hydraulic Oil. Please use the appropriate uid by referring to the Hydraulic Fluid List. Showa Shell Sekiyu Tellus S2 M 32 Morlina S2 B 32,If hydraulic oil with viscosity grade higher than. Idemitsu Kosan Daphne Hydraulic Fluid 32 Daphne Super Multi Oil 32. ISO VG 32 is used action time would be longer, JX Nippon Oil Energy Super Hyrando 32 Super Mulpus DX 32. If using it at low temperature action time will be longer because. Cosmo Oil Cosmo Hydro AW32 Cosmo New Mighty Super 32. the viscosity of hydraulic oil becomes higher,ExxonMobil Mobil DTE 24 Mobil DTE 24 Light. Matsumura Oil Hydol AW 32,2 Procedure before Piping.
Castrol Hyspin AWS 32, The pipeline piping connector and xture circuits should be. Note As it may be difficult to purchase the products as shown in the table. cleaned by thorough ushing, from overseas please contact the respective manufacturer. The dust and cutting chips in the circuit may lead to uid. leakage and malfunction, Our products except some valves are not equipped with. protective function to prevent dust and cutting chips going. into the hydraulic system and pipeline,3 Applying Sealing Tape. Wrap with tape 1 to 2 times following the screwing direction. Pieces of the sealing tape can lead to air leaks and malfunction. In order to prevent a foreign substance from going into. the product during piping it should be carefully cleaned. 4 Air Bleeding in the Hydraulic Circuit, If the hydraulic circuit has excessive air the action time may.
become very long, After installing the hydraulic circuit or if the pump run out of oil. be sure to bleed air by the following step, Reduce hydraulic supply pressure to less than 2MPa. Please loosen the cap nut of pipe tting that is closest to. clamps RA die lifters by one full turn, Wiggle the pipeline to loosen the outlet of pipeline tting. The hydraulic uid mixed with air comes out,Tighten the cap nut after bleeding. It is more e ective to bleed air at the highest point inside. the circuit or at the end of the circuit,5 Checking Looseness and Retightening.
At the beginning of the machine installation the bolt nut. may be tightened lightly,Check torque and re tighten as required. Installation Notes Notes on Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Fluid List Notes on Handling Maintenance Inspection Warranty. For Hydraulic Series Speed Control Unit,Hydraulic Unit. Operation Control Panel, Notes on Hydraulic Cylinder Speed Control Unit Die Lifter. Pre Roller, Please pay attention to the cautions below Design the hydraulic circuit for controlling the action speed of hydraulic cylinder.
Improper circuit design may lead to malfunctions and damages Please review the circuit design in advance. Accessories, Flow Control Circuit for Single Acting Cylinder In the case of meter out circuit the hydraulic circuit should. For spring return single acting cylinders restricting ow be designed with the following points Cautions. Company Profile, during release can extremely slow down or disrupt release action Single acting components should not be used in the same. The preferred method is to control the ow during the lock action ow control circuit as the double acting components. using a valve that has free ow in the release direction The release action of the single acting cylinders may become Cautions. It is also preferred to provide a ow control valve at each actuator erratic or very slow Installation Notes. For Hydraulic Series,Hydraulic Fluid List,Notes on Hydraulic Cylinder. Speed Control Unit,Notes on Handling,Maintenance Inspection. Company Profile, Accelerated clamping speed by excessive hydraulic ow to Company Profile.
Our Products, the cylinder may sustain damage In this case add ow control to Refer to the following circuit when both the single acting. regulate ow cylinder and double acting cylinder are used together. Sales Office,Separate the control circuit,Flow Control at the Release Side. Flow Control Circuit for Double Acting Cylinder, Flow control circuit for double acting cylinder should have meter out Reduce the in uence of double acting cylinder control unit. circuits for both the lock and release sides Meter in control can However due to the back pressure in tank line single action. have adverse e ect by presence of air in the system cylinder is activated after double action cylinder works. Meter out Circuit, In the case of meter out circuit the inner circuit pressure may. increase during the cylinder action because of the uid supply. The increase of the inner circuit pressure can be prevented by. Meter in Circuit reducing the supplied uid beforehand via the ow control valve. Especially when using sequence valve or pressure switches for. clamping detection If the back pressure is more than the set. pressure then the system will not work as it is designed to. Sequence Valve,Flow Control Valve,Any location is OK.
Notes on Handling Maintenance Inspection, 1 It should be handled by quali ed personnel 1 Removal of the Machine and Shut o of Pressure Source. The hydraulic machine air compressor should be handled Before the machine is removed make sure that the. and maintained by quali ed personnel above mentioned safety measures are in place Shut o the. air of hydraulic source and make sure no pressure exists in. 2 Do not handle or remove the machine unless the hydraulic and air circuit. the safety protocols are ensured Make sure there is no abnormality in the bolts and respective. The machine and equipment can only be inspected or prepared parts before restarting. when it is con rmed that the preventive devices are in place. Before the machine is removed make sure that the above mentioned 2 Regularly clean the area around the equipment. safety measures are in place Shut o the air of hydraulic source If it is used when the surface is contaminated with dirt it may. and make sure no pressure exists in the hydraulic and air circuit lead to packing seal damage malfunctioning uid leakage. After stopping the machine do not remove until the temperature and air leaks. cools down, Make sure there is no abnormality in the bolts and respective parts. before restarting the machine or equipment, 3 Do not touch clamps cylinders while they are working. Otherwise your hands may be injured, 3 If disconnecting by couplers on a regular basis air bleeding. should be carried out daily to avoid air mixed in the circuit. 4 Regularly tighten bolts and pipe line mounting bolts nuts. circlips and cylinders to ensure proper use,4 Do not disassemble or modify.
If the equipment is taken apart or modi ed the warranty 5 Make sure the hydraulic uid has not deteriorated. will be voided even within the warranty period, 6 Make sure there is smooth action and no abnormal noise. Especially when it is restarted after left unused for a long. period make sure it can be operated correctly, 7 The products should be stored in the cool and dark place. without direct sunshine or moisture,8 Please contact us for overhaul and repair. Installation Notes Notes on Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Fluid List Notes on Handling Maintenance Inspection Warranty. For Hydraulic Series Speed Control Unit,Hydraulic Unit.
Operation Control Panel,Warranty Die Lifter,Pre Roller. 1 Warranty Period, The product warranty period is 18 months from shipment from. Accessories, our factory or 12 months from initial use whichever is earlier. 2 Warranty Scope Cautions,Company Profile, If the product is damaged or malfunctions during the warranty. period due to faulty design materials or workmanship we will. replace or repair the defective part at our expense. Defects or failures caused by the following are not covered Installation Notes. For Hydraulic Series,Hydraulic Fluid List, If the stipulated maintenance and inspection are not carried out.
Notes on Hydraulic Cylinder, If the product is used while it is not suitable for use based on Speed Control Unit. the operator s judgment resulting in defect Notes on Handling. If it is used or handled in inappropriate way by the operator Maintenance Inspection. Including damage caused by the misconduct of the third party Warranty. If the defect is caused by reasons other than our responsibility. If repair or modi cations are carried out by anyone other than Kosmek Company Profile. or without our approval and con rmation it will void warranty Company Profile. Other caused by natural disasters or calamities not attributable to Our Products. our company History,Sales Office, Parts or replacement expenses due to parts consumption and. deterioration, Such as rubber plastic seal material and some electric components. Damages excluding from direct result of a product defect shall be. excluded from the warranty,Company Profile,Sales Offices. Sales Offices across the World,Japan TEL 81 78 991 5162 FAX 81 78 991 8787.
KOSMEK LTD 1 5 2 chome Murotani Nishi ku Kobe city Hyogo Japan 651 2241. Overseas Sales,651 2241 2 1 5,USA TEL 1 630 620 7650 FAX 1 630 620 9015. KOSMEK USA LTD 650 Springer Drive Lombard IL 60148 USA. Mexico TEL 52 442 161 2347, KOSMEK USA Mexico Office Blvd Jurica la Campana 1040 B Colonia Punta Juriquilla Queretaro QRO 76230 Mexico. EUROPE TEL 43 463 287587 FAX 43 463 287587 20, KOSMEK EUROPE GmbH Schleppeplatz 2 9020 Klagenfurt am W rthersee Austria. China TEL 86 21 54253000 FAX 86 21 54253709, KOSMEK CHINA LTD Room601 RIVERSIDE PYRAMID No 55 Lane21 Pusan Rd Pudong Shanghai 200125 China. 21 55 601 200125,India TEL 91 9880561695, KOSMEK LTD INDIA F 203 Level 2 First Floor Prestige Center Point Cunningham Road Bangalore 560052 India.
Thailand TEL 66 2 300 5132 FAX 66 2 300 5133, Thailand Representative Office 67 Soi 58 RAMA 9 Rd Suanluang Suanluang Bangkok 10250 Thailand. Taiwan Exclusive Distributor,TEL 886 2 82261860 FAX 886 2 82261890. Full Life Trading Co Ltd 16F 4 No 2 Jian Ba Rd Zhonghe District New Taipei City Taiwan 23511. Philippines,Philippines Exclusive Distributor,TEL 63 2 310 7286 FAX 63 2 310 7286. G E T Inc Phil Victoria Wave Special Economic Zone Mt Apo Building Brgy 186 North Caloocan City Metro Manila Philippines 1427. Indonesia Exclusive Distributor,TEL 62 21 29628607 FAX 62 21 29628608. PT Yamata Machinery Delta Commercial Park I Jl Kenari Raya B 08 Desa Jayamukti Kec Cikarang Pusat Kab Bekasi 17530 Indonesia. Sales Offices in Japan,Head Office TEL 078 991 5162 FAX 078 991 8787.
Osaka Sales Office,Overseas Sales 651 2241 2 1 5,TEL 048 652 8839 FAX 048 652 8828. Tokyo Sales Office,331 0815 4 81,TEL 0566 74 8778 FAX 0566 74 8808. Nagoya Sales Office,446 0076 2 10 1,TEL 092 433 0424 FAX 092 433 0426. Fukuoka Sales Office,812 0006 1 8 10 101,Global Network. Overseas A liates and Sales O ces,Distributors,Asia Detailed Map.

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