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More Services Enhanced Security,Convenient secure access to file pay. and manage your taxes,Go to ftb ca gov,S TAT E O F C A L I F O R N I A. FILING ENFORCEMENT SECTION MS F180, F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D Request for Tax Return. PO BOX 942840,05 31 2017,SACRAMENTO CA 94240 0040,Code Number 21. Te l e p h o n e 8 6 6 2 0 4 7 9 0 2,Fax 916 855 5646.
ftb ca gov Inc, N o t i c e N u m b e r 0 1 5 6 5 1 5 7 4 0 5 3 11 7. J U LY 2017,S I T W T F S,2 TiH 6 7 8,ARNOLD R ROSNER 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22, 8 9 0 5 R H I N E R I V E R AV E Your reply is due. 25 26 27 28 29, F O U N TA I N V LY C A 9 2 7 0 8 5 6 0 7 Wednesday. July 05 2017, You must respond j We believe you need to file a 2015 California income.
tax return,by 07 05 2017, You have an excellent history of filing your annual tax returns How ever we have no. record of your 2015 California personal income tax return. We have no record of your,2015 California income, Our records show that you earned income reported on federal Form 1099 from. tax return,I R A S E RV I C E S T R U S T C O M PA N Y. We also received information that you earned income from but not limited to. B O A R D O F E Q U A L I Z AT I O N,ROCK HILL ASSOCS. GETTY IMAGES US INC, We want to work with you to resolve this matter as soon as possible.
This notice is a Refer to the Filing Requirement Guidelines on page 2 of this notice for 2015 filing. request for your requirements You must file even if you are due a refund. 2015 tax return, To respond to this 1 File your 2015 California income tax return. notice you must Complete your personal income tax return and mail it to the address on PAGE 3 by the above. referenced due date,complete one of, 2 Provide evidence that you already filed your 2015 tax return. the following, Complete Section A of the enclosed Reply to FTB form and mail it to the address on PAGE 3. by the above referenced due date, 3 Provide information that you do not have a requirement to file a 2015 tax return. Complete Section B of the enclosed Reply to FTB form and mail it to the address on PAGE 3. by the above referenced due date, If you would like to electronically complete and submit Section A or Section B online go to.
ftb ca gov inc enter the notice number and complete the appropriate section of the form by. the above referenced due date, Please call our Interactive Voice Response at 866 204 7902 to obtain additional information. regarding 1 order forms 2 request a delay 3 payment options 4 if you have filed a. return or 5 for Frequently Asked Questions, To file your state tax return directly to FTB for free go to ftb ca gov and search for CalFile. To G e t F o r m s Website Te l e p h o n e Mail, Go to ftb ca gov and search Call us at 800 338 0505 Request forms by mail to. for prior year forms to get to request forms TA X F O R M S R E Q U E S T U N I T. the form you need TTY TDD 800 822 6268 F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D. PO BOX 307,SACRAMENTO CA 95741 0307,For form requests only Do not mail Reply to FTB. FTB 4600B REV 04 2016 C3 PAGE 1 form or supporting documents to this address. 2015 California Fiiing Requirement Guideiines, rarfiivflH frnm P V come is less than the amounts on the.
Sii c in thKm SSrii nrnnS and chart you may Still have a filing requirement See. foiwiclhi irf fmm tnv mnrf int Requirements for Children with Investment Income. services that are not exempt from tax more than the amount j lAiu rN v n aahoi cii in. shown In the California Gross Income chart below for your p inn tJI Rn kifiJpni Hn th P. have astatus age,filing requi andIfnumber,rement no go toof dependents. Step 2 reqSSntTrloIf go,yes you i w2c Sinn, Step 2 Is your adjusted gross Income federal adjusted. g r o s s i n c o m e f r o m a l l s o u r c e s r e d u c e d o r I n c r e a s e d b y n fi r. all California Income adjustments more than the amount 9 separately with separate prof erty income If. shown In the California Adjusted Gross Income chart O 9 requirement If yes prepare. below for your filng status age and number of dependents r tum If you owe tax you have a filng requirement. If yes you have a filing requirement If no go to Step 3. On 12 31 15 and on 12 31 15 my, age was California Gross Income California Adjusted Gross Income. my fiiing status was,If your 65th birthday,is on January 1 2016 Dependents Dependents. you are considered to,be age 65 on December 0 1 2 or more 0 1 2 or more.
Single or Under 65 16 256 35 914 13 005 24 238 32 663. Head of household 65 or older 21 706 36 871 18 455 26 880 33 620. Married RDP filing jointly Under 65 both 32 514 43 747 52 172 26 012 37 245 45 670. Married RDP filing separately The spouses RDPs, income of both spouses RDPs must 65 or older one 37 964 46 389 53 129 31 462 39 887 46 627. be combined both spouses RDPs spouse RDP, may be required to file a tax return 65 or older both 43 414 51 839 58 579 36 912 45 337 52 077. even if only one spouse RDP had spouses RDPs,income over the amounts listed. Qualifying widow er Under 65 24 238 32 663,65 or older 26 880 33 620. Dependent of another person Any age More than your standard deduction Use the California Standard. Any filing status Deduction Worksheet for Dependents on page 11 to figure your. standard deduction, For additional Registered Domestic Partner RDP filing status Information get FTB Pub 737 Tax Information lor Registered Domestic Partners.
Answers to Frequentiy Asked Questions, In this document we refer to the California Revenue and Taxation Code as R TC. Q What if I cannot pay the amount due on my tax return Q What happens if i file a vaiid tax return by the due. A It Is Important that you file even If you cannot pay We date indicated on this notice. will work with you to set up a monthly Installment agreement A If you file a valid tax return by the due date Indicated. once you file your tax retum Go to ftb ca gov and search on this notice we will adjust the tax delinquent filing. for payment options To make credit card payments call penalty and Interest according to your return. 800 272 9829 or pay online with Web Pay For more, Information call 916 845 4470 Q What happens if I have a filing requirement and i do. not file a valid tax return by the due date indicated on. Q I am not a California resident Why did i get this notice. this notice A We will assess the following, A Even If you are not a California resident you must Tax Tax Is based upon Information available to us. 4116 Callfornla tax return and pay tax on California source DeiinquentFiiing Penalty We may Impose a penalty. Income Examples of California source Income Include of 25 percent of the amount due after applying any. gain from the sale of property located In California Income payments and credits made on or before the original tax. from a partnership or S corporation doing business In return due date We Impose the penalty from the original. California wages earned while working In California Income due date of the tax return For a tax return that shows a. from a California rental property and payments you balance due the minimum delinquent filing penalty Is. received for services performed In California You should 135 or 100 percent of the tax due after applying timely. file your tax return using our Form 540NR California payments and credits whichever Is less R TC. Nonresident or Part Year Resident Income Tax Return For Section 19131. additional Information on nonresident or part year resident Interest Generally Interest accrues on unpaid liabilities. filing requirements get FTB Pub 1031 Guidelines for from the original due date of the tax return until the date. Determining Resident Status For military personnel get we receive full payment We also charge Interest on. FTB Pub 1032 Tax Information for f ilitary Personnel penalties R TC Section 19101. at ftb ca gov, Q W h a t i s t h e M e n t a l H e a l t h S e r v i c e s Ta x. Q i cannot locate my Form W 2 What should I do A The Mental Health Services Act Imposes an additional. A Contact your employer and ask for a copy If you cannot 1 percent tax on the portion of the individual s taxable. get a copy you may report your Income and withholding income In excess of 1 million. on Form 3525 Substitute for Form W 2 Get this form at. ftb ca gov or call 800 338 0505,FTB 4600B REV 04 2016 C3 PAGE 2.
FTB 1810 REV 08 2008,Place stamp here,P o s t O f fi c e w i l l. not deliver mail,without postage,F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D. PC BOX 942840,SACRAMENTO OA 94240 0040,This Reply Form and or a Tax Return. Is Due to FTB by JULY 05 2017 From Reply to FTB,FILING ENFORCEMENT SECTION MS F180. F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D,PO BOX 942840,SACRAMENTO CA 94240 0040 ARNOLD R ROSNER.
Fax 916 855 5646,0 1 5 6 5 1 5 7 4 0 5 3 11 7,T a x r e t u r n fi l e d. If you already filed check and complete the appropriate Mail or fax us the following. boxes for your situation, The social security number SSN on my tax return is 1 A complete copy of your 2015 California. income tax return with all wage statements, I filed a joint tax return for 2015 My spouse s RDP s SSN is. 2 Proof of payment e g a copy of the,canceled check cash receipt canceled. My records indicate I mailed my tax return to you on money order etc. Taxpayer is deceased Date of death A fi n a l,3 This completed Reply to FTfi form.
tax return was filed under the Taxpayer Identification Number. For privacy information see the enclosed FTB 1131 Franchise Tax Board Privacy Notice. No filing requirement or unsure whether you must file. B If you do not have a requirement to file or are unsure whether you must file complete the following. s t a t e m e n t s, A My filing status for 2015 was Single Head of household Married RDP filing jointly. Qualifying widow er Married RDP filing separately, B In 2015 the number of dependents I had was 0 EH 1 2 or more. C In 2015 my age was Under 65 65 or older, D In 2015 my spouse s RDP s age was Under 65 65 or older. E I supported myself in 2015 by, F If you were a resident of California for all of 2015 then complete questions 1 7 below If not skip Section F. and complete Section G, 1 Total amount of wages and or tips you earned in 2015.
2 Income you earned before expenses for services you performed and reported on federal Form 1099. 3 Realized gain from property sale,4 Interest and dividend income. 5 Total of all other income for 2015 including income from a Schedule K 1 pension income. business income before expenses and any other income not shown above. 6 Total of lines 1 through 5, Refer to the 2015 California Filing Requirement Guidelines on PAGE 2. 7 Is the amount you entered on line 6 more than the minimum income amounts for your filing status and number of. dependents listed on PAGE 2 of this notice, YES You have a requirement to file a California tax return File your tax return by July 05 2017. NO You do not have a California filing requirement Complete sign and mail this Reply to FTB form so. we can correct our records,Section B Continued on Next Page. I FTB 4600B REV 04 2016 C3 PAGE 3 1 460002061333 f. Reply to FTB,0 1 5 6 5 1 5 7 4 0 5 3 11 7, G If you were a part year resident or nonresident of California in 2015 complete questions 1 9 below.
1 Number of months during 2015 that you were a California resident. 2 Total amount of gross income you received from all sources. 3 Total amount of income you earned before expenses for services you performed in. California and reported on federal Form 1099,4 Realized gain from California property sale. 5 Total wages you earned while a California resident and wages you earned in California. while a nonresident, 6 Income you earned before expenses while you were self employed in California. 7 Income reported to you on Schedule K 1 from a business entity doing business in California. 8 All other income from a California source if not listed above. 9 Total of lines 3 through 8, Refer to the 2015 California Fiiing Requirement Guidelines on PAGE 2. If the total on line 2 above meets the minimum income amounts for your filing status and number of dependents and you. entered California income on line 9 you are required to file a 2015 Form 540NR You must file your 2015 tax return by. July 05 2017, If your income is less than or equal to the minimum income amounts for your filing status and number of dependents. you do not have a California filing requirement Complete sign and mail this Reply to FTB form so we may correct. our records, Thank you for the information Sign and mail this Reply to FTB form with any supporting documents.
to the address on PAGE 3 bv J J Y 2017,Explanation. Complete if Section A or B does not reflect your situation. I deciare under penaity of perjury the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowiedge. and belief,Daytime telephone,Best time to reach you. Between 8 a m and 5 p m weekdays except state holidays. if you moved provide your new address below,New address. FTB 4600B REV 04 2016 C3 PAGE 4 4 6 0 0 0 2 0 6 1 3 3 4. A v i s o D e P r i v a c l d a d D e l F r a n c h i s e T a x B o a r d FTB ofrece esta traduccion para su conveniencia No reemplaza ni Gambia la version oficial en ingles. La privacidad y seguridad de su informacion Consecuencias del Incumpilmlento Terceras personas para determinar o recaudar. personal es de suma importancia para nosotros Cobramos multas e interes si usted sus obligaciones tributarias. Queremos que usted tenga la mas alta confianza Cumple con los requisitos del ingreso pero no Si usted debe impuestos podriamos divulgar. en la integridad eficiencia e imparcialldad de su impuesto adeudado como parte de nuestro. nuestro sistema tributario estatal presenta una declaracion de impuesto valida. No proporciona la informacion que,proceso de recaudacion a. Sus Derechos solicitamos Empleadores, Tiene derecho a saber que tipo de informacion Proporciona informacidn fraudulenta Instituciones financieras.
recopilamos como la usamos y a quien se la Tambien podn amos rechazar exenciones Registradores del condado. podn amos proporcionar Fondos fiduciaries de vacaciones. exclusiones creditos deducciones o ajustes, Sus Responsabllldades reclamados y emprender un enjuiciamiento Agentes de proceso u otros poseedores de. Si cumple con ciertos requisitos debe penal El incumplimiento puede aumentar su bienes. presentar una declaracion de impuesto valida obligacion tributaria o retrasar o reducir cualquier Responsabllldad de los Reglstros. y o documentos relacionados Debe incluir su reembolso de impuesto El director de la Oficina de Servicios de Tramite. numero de seguro social en su declaracion de, DIvulgaclon de Informacion mantiene los registros del Franchise Tax Board. impuesto y documentos relacionados para fines No divulgaremos su informacion personal a. de identificacion R TC Secciones 18501 Obtenga informacion sobre sus registros por. menos que este autorizado por la ley Podriamos Te l e f o n o. 18621 y 18624, divulgar su informacion de impuesto a 800 852 5711 dentro de los Estados Unidos. Razones para Sollcltar Informacion El Servicio de Impuestos Internes. Funcionarios del impuesto sobre el ingreso de 916 845 6500 fuera de los Estados Unidos. Podn amos solicitar informacion adicional para, verificar y cobrar el monto correcto del impuesto otros estados Correo. Debe proporcionar toda la informacion solicitada L a C o m i s i o n M u l t i e s t a t a l Tr i b u t a r i a DISCLOSURE OFFICER MS A181. a menos que se indique que es opcional Agencias gubernamentales y funcionarios de F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D. California PO BOX 1468, FTB 1131 ENG SP REV 07 2016 SACRAMENTO CA 95812 1468 osp I6 i.
Franchise Tax Board Privacy Notice, The privacy and security of your personal Consequences of Noncompliance If you owe taxes we may disclose your tax due. information is of the utmost mportance to us We charge penalties and interest if you as part of our collection process to. We want you to have the highest confidence in Meet income requirements but do not file Employers. Financial institutions, the integr ty efficiency and fairness of our state a valid tax return. tax system Do not provide the information we request County recorders. Provide fraudulent information Va c a t i o n t r u s t f u n d s. Your Rights Process agents or other asset holders, You have a right to know what types of We may also disallow your claimed. information we gather how we use it and to exemptions exclusions credits deductions or Responsibility for the Records. whom we may provide it adjustments and pursue criminal prosecution The director of the Processing Services Bureau. Noncompliance can increase your tax liability or m a i n t a i n s F r a n c h i s e Ta x B o a r d s r e c o r d s Yo u. Your Responsibilities can obtain information about your records by. If you meet certain requirements you must file delay or reduce any tax refund. a valid tax return and or related documents Information Disclosure Te l e p h o n e. You must include your social security number We will not disclose your personal information 800 852 5711 within the United States. on your tax return and related documents for unless authorized by law We may disclose your 916 845 6500 outside of the United States. identification R TC Sections 18501 18621 tax information to Mail. The Internal Revenue Service,and 18624 DISCLOSURE OFFICER MS A181. Other states income tax officials, Reasons for Information Requests F R A N C H I S E TA X B O A R D.
T h e M u l t i s t a t e Ta x C o m m i s s i o n. We may request additional information to verify PO BOX 1468. California government agencies and officials, and collect the correct amount of tax You SACRAMENTO CA 95812 1468. Third parties to determine or collect your tax, must provide all requested information unless liabilities. indicated as optional,FTB 1131 ENG SP REV 07 2016,Do you still need to file. your tax return,f Use CalFile to e file your state tax. return directly to the Franchise Tax,Board CalFile is fast easy and free.
Import your W 2 information and,avoid data entry,See what your employer reports to us. so you can view edit and complete,your tax return faster. Don t worry you can save and,Need to grab a tax receipt or step away. from your computer Now you can,save your information and return. to it at your convenience,Get instant confirmation online.
or by email,instant confirmation assures your tax return. has been received and filed successfully,O Go to ftb ca gov and select CalFile. FTB 4082 REV 09 2015 SIDE 1,Our online,services make. California taxf,filing easy,Review your tax filing options. e file your taxes directly for free with,CalFile Other free and fee based e fiiing.
options are also available You can,access all tax forms instructions and. booklets online,You have payment options,Use Web Pay to pay your balance due. or pay by credit card Apply to make,monthly installment payments if you. can t pay the amount you owe,Getting a refund this year. For a faster refund use direct deposit,You can check your current year refund.
status online,Access your information anytime,View your payment history update your. mailing address and check wage and,withholding information. O For online services that make filing,and paying your taxes easier go to. ftb ca gov,FTB 4082 REV 09 2015 SIDE 2 ospi7 43005.

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