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Ingenious Senior Film Fund,Voltage Pictures and Ferndale Films. with the participation of Bord Scann n na h ireann the Irish Film Board. A Noel Pearson production,A Jim Sheridan film, Rooney Mara Vanessa Redgrave Jack Reynor Theo James. and Eric Bana,THE SECRET SCRIPTURE, Six time Academy Award nominee and acclaimed writer director Jim Sheridan returns to. Irish themes and settings with The Secret Scripture a feature film based on Sebastian Barry s. Man Booker Prize winning novel and featuring a stellar international cast featuring Rooney. Mara Vanessa Redgrave Jack Reynor Theo James and Eric Bana Centering on the. reminiscences of Rose McNulty a woman who has spent over fifty years in state institutions. The Secret Scripture is a deeply moving story of love lost and redeemed against the backdrop. of an emerging Irish state in which female sexuality and independence unsettles the colluding. patriarchies of church and nationalist politics Demonstrating Sheridan s trademark skill with. actors his profound sense of story and depth of feeling for Irish social history The Secret. Scripture marks a return to personal themes for the writer director as well as a reunion with. producer Noel Pearson almost a quarter of a century after their breakout success with My Left. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. Lady Rose Vanessa Redgrave is an elderly woman who has lived in a hospital for over 50. years Despite her bleak surroundings there is a light in her eyes that cannot be extinguished. Dr Stephen Grene Eric Bana is drawn to her compelled to discover her past and help gain. her freedom Through Lady Rose s scripture a life of extraordinary love and great injustice. emerges revealing a remarkable young woman of courage whose only crime was to fall in. love Set against a backdrop of troubled times locally and chaos internationally we learn of. her ultimate triumph, Diagnosed as criminally insane for having killed her baby Roseanne Lady Rose Clear. Vanessa Redgrave has been a patient at St Malachy s mental hospital Co Sligo in the west. of Ireland for over half a century and is now its last resident There are plans to close the. hospital to make way for a five star hotel and spa and as the hospital s last inmate Rose. who insists her name is Rose McNulty must move to a new facility Psychiatrist Dr Stephen. Grene Eric Bana has been brought in to confirm Rose s mental incapacity but he quickly. discovers that Rose is no ordinary case and through the discovery of her secret scripture he. is drawn into an investigation of the reasons why she believes she is innocent and how she. ended up in St Malachy s, Rose s reminiscences transport us to Autumn of 1942 the Emergency when the Irish.
state remained officially neutral during WWII but retained a hard core of anti Britishness in. its IRA heartland Evacuating Belfast on account of the war the young Rose Rooney Mara. returns to her childhood home of Ballytivan Co Sligo where she takes a job at Prunty s. Temperance Hotel owned and run by her mother s sister Aunt Eleanor Prunty Aisling. O Sullivan Young beautiful and Protestant she is an exotic object of fascination and. distraction for the young men of the small town and the advances of Jack McNulty Aidan. Turner and more troublingly Fr Gaunt Theo James bring unwanted attention and a. suggestion of scandal which prompts Mrs Prunty to seclude her young relation in a disused. cottage in the woods She is no sooner there however when Michael McNulty Jack Reynor. another local lad who has become an RAF pilot crash lands in the woods where he is. discovered by Rose who hides him from the local IRA Outsiders within the deeply. conservative sexual and political climate of 1940s Ireland Michael and Rose find an instant. attraction to one another that quickly turns to a passionate love Their idyll is shattered. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. however as the local IRA gang led by Tailor O Donnell Tom Vaughan Lawlor hunt. down and eventually kill Michael as a traitor to Irish nationalism. Realizing that Rose has rejected him in favour of Jack though there were no signs she was. attracted to him in the first place Fr Gaunt writes a letter committing her to St Malachy s. mental hospital on the grounds that she is a nymphomaniac Bewildered by this injustice. Rose begins to lose her sense of reality Her disorientation is further exacerbated by the. realization that she is also pregnant She is then brought to St Ignatius convent a. Magdalene laundry to hide her shame from Irish society where her baby will be taken. from her and sent to adoption Just before childbirth she manages to escape but is pursued by. police and Fr Gaunt Swimming to a nearby island she is seen bashing her newborn child. with a rock For this act of infanticide she is immediately arrested and sent back to St. Malachy s asylum where she spends the rest of her days in a state of emotional confusion. speaking of her husband and child and writing apparently indecipherable notes and pictures in. the bible discovered by Dr Grene, The narrative returns to the present day Grene s confirmation of Rose s mental state. initially considered a formality which could be concluded by lunchtime by the callous Dr. Hart Adrian Dunbar has been complicated by his developing relationship with his patient. who is perhaps not so mad as she seems Through his conversations with Nurse Caitlin Susan. Lynch Grene slowly uncovers an alternative story and the meanings underlying the secret. scripture And the more he understands the more surprising and personal the revelations. ABOUT THE PRODUCTION, Jim Sheridan is an instinctive storyteller whose best work My Left Foot In the Name of the. Father In America has centered on themes of family and justice The Secret Scripture deals. with both and introduces us to elements both familiar and new a strong female protagonist. caught up in the currents of war time politics the power of the Irish Catholic church and state. over independently minded individuals and the subversive powers of love and the. imagination, Producer Noel Pearson optioned Sebastian Barry s prize winning novel soon after its. publication and a draft of the screenplay was completed by the late Irish screenwriter Johnny. Ferguson Jim Sheridan explains that Noel asked me to read it so I met with Johnny and a. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. long conversation began between us When Johnny passed away I just couldn t get the story. out of my mind it kind of haunted me and I wrote a long email to Noel explaining where I. thought the film should go As I was writing I began to see a movie that I felt I would want to. make So the project kind of chose me Nevertheless he was equally aware that he would. want to make some alterations to the source material When I came on board as director the. first thing I did was call Sebastian to tell him that I would like to make changes and he was. OK with that Once he gave me that permission I felt I could shape and develop the story the. way I wanted to Sheridan explains that while It s an incredibly lyrical and beautifully. written book more like Samuel Beckett than a movie really the challenge was to bring a. story that is inside her head out onto the screen She s been committed to the mental. institution by the priest Fr Gaunt and lives for a very long time afterwards during which she. writes her scriptures The problem from a dramatic point of view is that she s really a rather. passive character Sheridan therefore began by compressing the narrative limiting the past. section to a few months Autumn 1942 and the present section to just four days so we have a. greater sense of tension and pressure in the story We now have these two moments. contrasted against each other both centering on Rose and the men who seek to control her. Rooney Mara plays the young Rose an exotic siren to the sexually repressed and politically. charged young men in the Co Sligo town of Bally in the west of Ireland Mara explains that. she was attracted to the character of Rose because she was just such a complex female. character and because of how many different stages there are so many different stories. within the story So there s really a lot to work with and to play with and a lot of different. colors to bring to it as an actor Rooney sees Rose less as a victim of religion than of her. time I think similar things happen to many women in different contexts Certainly back then. in Ireland religion was a source of a lot of tension and within the community she happens to. live in she s outnumbered Being Protestant makes her the odd one out But I don t think. necessarily that if she were Catholic she wouldn t also have been locked up think that it s. more her being a beautiful and dangerous young girl who s driving all these men mad While. Rooney accepts that some of the men in the town simply lust after Rose she also thinks it is a. more complex dynamic than that I think a lot of them have genuine feelings towards her. they ve never really encountered anyone like her before there is this attraction to her that. they ve maybe never felt before I don t think it s just sexual it s also the way about her. and her mind and her personality Part of the attraction to her is that she s not really someone. that you could control she definitely has a little fight in her They re attracted to that spirit. of freedom, The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. Vanessa Redgrave plays the older Lady Rose who following the discovery of her. pregnancy and killing of her baby has been incarcerated for most of her adult life A life. long and very public advocate of human rights Redgrave is unsurprisingly moved by the. injustice at the heart of the story Governments have been mainly responsible Churches. have been responsible I wonder who spoke out and protested against these crimes during the. 30s 40s and 50s for instance A tragic story but it s true Truth should be told And this film. is part of telling the truth For Redgrave the character of Rose is of particular interest. because She s damaged that s for sure but the question that really interests me more than. any other is who thinks they are sane, Eric Bana plays Dr Gene an esteemed psychiatrist charged with reassessing Rose s mental.
condition in advance of her being moved from St Malachy s mental asylum where she has. spent the majority of her adult life Dr Grene brings a professional objectivity and. compassion to his dealings with Rose that lead him on a path of discovery about her. background and the truth of her story and put him on a collision course with Dr Hart Adrian. Dunbar who sees Rose as nothing more than a mad old woman obstructing the path of. progress He actually ends up becoming more like a detective than a psychiatrist says Bana. so it s quite an interesting predicament that he gets put into His gentle unpeeling of her. backstory makes Grene think that maybe there is a real tragedy here and maybe this is a. woman was wrongly committed and that the story she insists on is true. The Secret Scripture is structured by successive attempts to remove the moral threat of. Rose from 1940s Irish society The first of these banishments is to a small rural cottage where. she is sent by Mrs Prunty following the interest of Fr Gaunt The priest s ambitions for his. relationship with Rose never have time to develop however because no sooner has she moved. to the cottage than she encounters Michael Mick McNulty Jack s brother who has fallen. from the sky when his Royal Air Force plane crashes. Jack Reynor plays Michael McNulty He s someone who has joined the RAF and obviously. he s antagonized the hardline republicans and his family too especially his brother Jack. by doing that I think when we meet him he doesn t really care whether he lives or dies but. through conversations and just being in her presence he starts to find the will to live again. and to have a life and to have a life with her Yet their happiness is to be short lived as the. local IRA gang led by Tailor O Donnell Tom Vaughan Lawlor have McNulty marked as a. traitor and come looking for him Vaughan Lawlor remarks that In the town Tailor. O Donnell leads the IRA cell that are charged with reconnaissance and intelligence and stuff. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. like that That s at a political level but he s also a young man in a small town with his own. personal and sexual frustrations like I suppose a lot of people had in those times Rose is. interested and very taken with Jack and that causes jealousy he gets the girl. For Jim Sheridan a fundamental decision in the process of adaptation involved the character. of Fr Gaunt One of the interesting things that happened in developing the screenplay was in. relation to the priest I felt he shouldn t be clich d We ve seen lots of Irish priests in films. down through the years that are very similar and of all the book s characters he went through. the biggest transformation Now he s a more sympathetic character very handsome very. masculine and the dark aspects of his character have been toned down I made those changes. because I felt he d be far more interesting and emotionally complex if we sympathized in. some ways with his feelings for Rose Gaunt is played by one of the film s many rising stars. Theo James This is a priest who is new to the parish whereas in the book he s a stalwart. he s very much part of the society So he s not fully trusted but yet there is still a respect. there He s revered and people are a little bit scared of him but then there s the perception that. he falls in love with Rose What s tricky in a way is that the ultimate love story is with a. different man that she ultimately abandons him and he her It s interesting how that works. out because he betrays her through his jealousy Explaining the dynamic between Rose and. Gaunt Theo explains he s a man of principle and a man of clarity but that s compromised. by the feelings that he has towards Rose character he in love with her which brings up other. doubts and so he becomes quite angry with God and with the church When he attempts to. defend her from Jack McNulty in public however Rose is more forthright You re a Priest. who wants to be a man Stephen Make up your mind But don t involve me in it For those. who witness the priest s jealous eruption the scene is scandalous. One commonly expressed sentiment across the large and diverse young cast assembled for the. film is an enthusiasm for working with Jim Sheridan an opportunity which drew an. extraordinary range of talented actors to the project Theo James explains that What s nice. about working with Jim is that there is a constant evolution He sees how people will. naturally play against one another and he can then mold it in a way which is very dynamic. and responsive Jack Reynor explains that in the process of working with Jim Sheridan. Michael McNulty has developed considerably and the same is true of many of the film s. characters We have got a lot more going on than was originally planned Jim is an. incredibly compassionate and empathetic person and that comes across in everything he does. He wants to gather as much perspective as he can on every character and I think that s his real. skill There are no filler scenes it s all working towards something It s all relevant to. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. somebody s character Tom Vaughan Lawlor is effusive Jim s brilliant with actors He. loves actors and what actors offer and it s interesting watching him jump into takes and. shows what he wants and you think wow he s really good It s amazing and you think that s. exactly spot on that s exactly it He s very passionate and committed but even playing a. fictitious character in a scene you think that it s amazing to have a man behind the camera. who understands acting and actors and it gives you great faith in him When asked about his. reputation for spontaneity on set Sheridan explains Well it depends Sometimes I stick. exactly to the script as it was written but other scenes I like to keep them alive so I might. make some changes or suggestions What I try to do is take away the responsibility of. performing from the actors so they might think that I m ad libbing or improvising but all I m. doing is protecting them I m saying you can t mess it up here be true trust yourself If you. know exactly what s happening next then it s dead, The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF THE SECRET SCRIPTURE, Set in two historical time periods and a variety of Irish settings the production of The Secret. Scripture made particular demands on department heads in costume production design. cinematography and music, Joan Bergin is a hugely respected Costume Designer five time Emmy nominee and three. time winner for her work on The Tudors and has worked on every Irish produced Jim. Sheridan film since My Left Foot, In conceiving the costumes for Secret Scripture Joan says that she was very anxious not to. do a typical 1940s period film because I feel that there has been so much of that and I also. wanted it to be very true to an Irish country town with as much wit and dignity as I could. bring to it given that the story is so dark So what I ve done is found rather than made a. great deal of clothes that are actually from the period 70 years old and that s quite. remarkable You can be certain that is what people wore these are actual garments from that. time I was very impressed at how well they dressed actually because the 1940s have a lovely. line to the clothes The tricky bit was to make Rose stand out in the town but not have her. look like something that came from Vogue magazine So I ve worked a lot with color and. Rooney Mara has perfect coloring for the period I ve used a lot of beautiful shades of green. blue turquoise orangy pink pinks gold with her So among all the brown there is this. flower In terms of the locals I ve also tried to bring a bit more variety than you often see in. film Mrs Prunty for instance Aisling O Sullivan is very well dressed and you can see what. her background was through her clothes she s a notch above the rest of the town s women in. terms of style and social class, What s remarkable is the quality of the local Irish tweeds from the period and I ve used.
those with the men A lot of men in the cast have been saying why aren t there clothes like. this now But you just couldn t afford them because of the craftsmanship. In switching to the contemporary part of the story I ve tried not to have a complete break in. style So while Rose is in an institution and has to wear day clothes she is confined a lot to. her room and to the recreation rooms and so she s a lot in nightdresses wraps and cardigans. that echo what she s worn before I want the audience to connect the two periods through the. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. clothes so that they are subconsciously aware of the person she was before and what she has. PRODUCTION DESIGN, Like Joan Bergin Production Designer Derek Wallace also has a long and highly. collaborative working relationship with Jim Sheridan In preparing The Secret Scripture he. and Jim began by visiting old mental asylums around Ireland getting a feel for both the. architecture and the mindset which frame the film s story. Derek explains that We met people who worked in these places and the main thing we. noticed was that they all seemed to be tied to local communities So we started building up a. whole picture of what the institutions looked and felt like in the 1940s Then it was a case of. finding the right location to recreate these places and it took many months of looking and. negotiations before we were able to use the unused wing of National Concert Hall formerly. University College Dublin We ve also used the Loreto Convent in South Dublin which has. now closed down and is a fantastic location And our third major location for the institutions. is Collins Barracks which gives a sense of scale, Derek gives a sense of what was involved in creating the film s institutional settings For the. 1942 period we had to cut holes through walls and remove radiators For the 1992 section. we ve painted and redecorated a whole wing of the old UCD building We did a lot of. construction all the floors windows lights radiators everything was built from scratch So. apart from all the other buildings like the cottage it s been a big job and I think it ll look like. a big film for what is a relatively modest budget We could have constructed all of that in a. studio but it would have cost a huge amount of money and here we have a building that is. exactly what is depicted in the film in terms of the period in which it was built. In recreating the village of Ballytivan the production went to Inisteague in Co Killkenny. which presented a huge challenge in recreating as a period setting Derek explains We ve. repainted and decorated every house and shop in the style of the period we changed interiors. for Prunty s hotel and every square metre of road was covered in tons of gravel and sand. because they didn t have tarmac roads in 1942 The council took down all the poles bollards. and street signs then we put in all our own period street lighting But when you see the film. its really worth it there s great depth in the frame which makes the story totally convincing. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. Jim is a very visual director so for me as a designer you have to be prepared for him to. change his mind or made changes or additions and they re usually totally right. CINEMATOGRAPHY, A final and key element in the visualization of the story has been the contribution of Russian. cinematographer Mikhail Krichman Jim Sheridan discovered Mikhail when he saw his. work on Miss Julie shot in Ireland in 2014 Says Jim Mikhail is just amazing He s a true. artist and brings a fantastic visual sense but also a sense of grandeur I thought it could be. really depressing for an audience to spend so much time in a dreary mental hospital and so I. really wanted someone with a very strong visual sensibility who could express the larger. themes of the story When you have a Russian cinematographer you have someone with a. completely different sense of time to ours in Ireland we tend to think in decades they think. in centuries And they have an extraordinary visual tradition to draw on both in terms of. painting and cinema So he s constructed a visual world for the film that really transcends its. historical points of contact Working on set was interesting mostly we worked without words. actually partly because of language barrier but partly because it wasn t necessary I m much. more language based and he s much more visual so there s an interesting tension between our. approaches,MUSIC AND THE CRY INSIDE, When it came to composing the score for The Secret Scripture Jim Sheridan approached. Golden Globe nominated Brian Byrne an Irish composer resident in Los Angeles with over. 15 scores to his credit and a rapidly rising international reputation Byrne had previously. worked with Sheridan on a number of projects as other projects and was hugely enthusiastic. to engage with the creative challenge of scoring an Irish set period film with strong. psychological themes, When we initially discussed the music Jim had some ideas around traditional Irish airs like.
Moore s Melodies and particularly Moore s well known song The Minstrel Boy about a. young man who has gone to war I have traditional Irish music in my bones and so I set out to. get the feeling of that but without replicating Moore or making the score sound maudlin or. like a cheesy pastiche of Irish music, The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. When I first read the screenplay my gut instinct was that the music had to convey a sense of. the wisdom stored up by Rose over a very long lifetime but to do it economically with only. two or three notes rather than the usual route of a huge theme or big Hollywood orchestration. So I took the traditional Irish music scale and wrote a three minute violin melody which. Kenneth Rice Irish Chamber Orchestra then recorded on one hundred year old violin It s. not even so much the notes but the way they re played by Ken the sound on the violin is. eerie and stark the way you d expect a fiddle player in the west of Ireland might have played. hundreds of years ago Then I took just two bars of that only a few notes and built around. that What I was trying to capture was a timeless music without glamour or ornamentation. Those few notes then became the basis of the score and then I ve added European sounding. piano for some scenes set in the 1940s and then some electronic elements for the more. cerebral institutional scenes set in the present, Brian explains that the main musical themes in the film emerged from Rose s relationships. Obviously the love theme for her and Michael Jack Reynor was crucial We hear a snippet. of it the first time she sees him as she arrives in the town and then fragments every time they. see each other and most clearly when they get married and the scene on the beech The. starting point for this theme was the script detail that Rose plays Beethoven s Moonlight. Sonata on the piano in the mental hospital So I took some minor elements of that and. developed them Although it s quite distant in musical terms it subtly connects her present. and her past in terms of mood and tempo, The other important theme is her relationship is with the priest Fr Gaunt Theo James. Again I ve tried to do this fairly minimally with just a few notes and it has a 1940s style. about it It s a similar theme to Rose and Michael s theme but its darker and more distorted. hinting at his own confusion, Byrne s collaboration with Sheridan on The Secret Scripture went beyond creating a. distinctive and original score Brian recalls that I like the idea of songs in movies that are. linked to the score and in one of our first meetings Jim had an idea of composing a song for. the movie So that s been in the back of our mind all along The elements of the song. remained vague during the process of composing the score and then in the final days of. mixing the song started to present itself Byrne explains that while Jim isn t an. experienced songwriter he is a great storyteller and so he wrote a number of pages of ideas. images and phrases and we began to work with those over a number of weeks until we had. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. shaped a song Byrne explains that it was a challenge to find a suitable singer capable of. recording the song within the time frame available but he contacted Kelly Clarkson the first. winner of American Idol and three time Grammy Award winner with sales of almost 14. millions album to date Although she was only weeks away from giving birth to her second. child to Brian s surprise and delight Clarkson replied that she loved the song was a huge fan. of Jim Sheridan and would love to record the track which she did at her home in Nashville. Brian is justifiably delighted by Clarkson s vocal contribution to The Cry Inside which he. describes as amazing and really exciting, The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16.
CAST BIOGRAPHIES,ROONEY MARA ROSE CLEAR AS A YOUNG WOMAN. Rooney began her career shortly after enrolling as a student at New York University It was. during her college years that she decided to explore her interest in acting landing small parts. in independent films and eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue it full time. Mara mesmerized audiences and critics alike in the David Fincher directed U S adaptation of. the popular Stieg Larsson book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 Mara portrayed the. female lead Lisbeth Salander opposite Daniel Craig and Robin Wright For this role Mara. was recognized by the National Board of Review for Breakthrough Performance as well as. earned a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for Best Actress Drama. In 2013 Mara starred in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Competitive entry Ain t Them. Bodies Saints for writer director David Lowery with Casey Affleck and Ben Foster The. drama tells the story of a young mother who struggles to cope with life after her husband is. imprisoned for a deadly crime, Also in 2013 Mara starred in Side Effects directed by Steven Soderbergh and opposite. Channing Tatum and Jude Law Mara portrayed a woman who turns to prescription. medication as a way of handling her anxiety and depression The film was released by Open. Road Films and was an official entry at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival In December 2013. Mara appeared in the Academy Golden Globe Best Picture nominated film Her Directed. by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams the film tells a story about a. man who finds love and companionship with the computerized voice of a personal operating. Mara can be seen starring opposite Cate Blanchett in Carol 2015 directed by Todd. Haynes Based off the controversial romance novel The Price of Salt the critically. acclaimed drama tells a story about a burgeoning romantic relationship between two women. in 1950s New York The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where Mara won Best. Actress Mara was recognized with an Oscar SAG Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. for her performance, In October 2015 Mara appeared as the role of Tiger Lily in Joe Wright s Pan She co. starred in the film alongside Hugh Jackman and newcomer Levi Miller The film was. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16. released by Warner Brothers Mara also starred in Stephen Daldry s film Trash set in the. slums of Brazil with a script written by Richard Curtis Mara portrayed a government aid. worker The film premiered at the Rome Film Festival in October 2014 and was nominated. for a BAFTA Award for Best Film, Mara recently wrapped production starring alongside Ryan Gosling Michael Fassbender and. Natalie Portman in the Untitled Terrence Malick film This feature involves two. intersecting love triangles sexual obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in. Austin Texas Mara also recently completed production on the film adaptation of Una based. on David Harrower s Olivier Award winning play Blackbird Starring alongside Ben. Mendohlson the film directed by Benedict Andrews will be released in 2016 At the end of. 2016 Mara co stars in Lion with actor Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman for the Weinstein. Company Lion is an adaptation of the book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley and. follows a young street kid from Calcutta who lands in an orphanage only to be adopted to a. couple in Australia, Mara will lend her voice in the first of the three picture animated series Kubo and the Two.
Strings by LAIKA and Focus Features Set in ancient Japan the story follows kindhearted. Kubo who lives a humble life caring for his mother in their village when a spirit from the. past catches up with him and he s forced on the run from gods and monsters The film also. stars Matthew McConaughey Charlize Theron and Ralph Fiennes and is set to release in. August 2016, Mara will soon begin production on two films including Discovery opposite Robert Redford. and Jason Segal for director Charlie McDowell and Mary Magdalene in the title role with. director Garth Davis, Mara is attached to produce and star in Annapurna Pictures A House in the Sky Based. off The New York Times bestselling memoir the abduction drama tells the story of Amanda. Lindhout s 15 month imprisonment in Somalia, Additional film credits include Tanner Hall directed by Francesca Gregorini and Tatiana von. Furstenberg David Fincher s The Social Network The Weinstein Company s Youth in Revolt. and The Winning Season opposite Sam Rockwell, On the small screen Mara s credits include memorable guest starring roles on ER The. The Secret Scripture Production Notes FINAL 8Apr 16.

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