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Course outline schedule and texts,I Defining Politics Weeks 1 3. Arendt Hannah Introduction into Politics In The Promise of Politics New York Shocken Books. 2005 93 153,Ranci re Jacques The Method of Equality In. Recognition or Disagreement A Critical Encounter on the Politics of Freedom Equality and Identity Katia. Genel and Jean Philippe Deranty eds New York Columbia University Press 2016 133 155. II Discourse Power Biopower Week 4, Foucault Michel The Subject and Power In Critical Inquiry Vol 8 No 4 Summer 1982. Jad Abumrad et al Producer and Host Radiolab Audio Podcast Download from. http www radiolab org story 91653 race 57 minutes,Recommended Readings. Foucault Michel The History of Sexuality Vol I New York Pantheon Books 1978 Page. selections to be announced,III Ideology and Hegemony Week 5.
The Pervert s Guide to Ideology Directed by Sophie Fiennes and Written by Slavoj i ek 2012 New. York Zeitgeist Films 2013, Karen Ho Biographies of Hegemony The Culture of Smartness and the Construction of. Investment Bankers in Liquidated An Ethnography of Wall Street Durham NC Duke University. Press 2009 39 72, Garrido Marco The Ideology of the Dual City The Modernist Ethic in the Corporate. Development of Makati City Metro manila International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Volume 37 1 January 2013 165 185, IV Globalization Climate Change and the Anthropocene Week 6. Warf B Introduction folding time and space In Time Space Compression Historical Geographies. London Routledge 2008 1 13, Harvey David The Right to the City New Left Review 53 Sept Oct 2008 23 40. V Politics and Aesthetics Focus on History and Remembering Weeks 7 8. Gutchess Angela and Maya Siegel Memory Specificity Across Cultures In Memory and Political. Change New York Palgrave Macmillan 2012 201 215, Miranda Lin Manuel and the Cast Hamilton An American Musical Atlantic Records The Original.
Broadway Cast Recording 2015 FLAC or Spotify, Tomine Adrian Shortcomings London Faber and Faber 2007. VI Democracy Week 9, Rodriguez Agustin Martin G Governing the Other An Introduction and The Ground of. Solidarity From Consensus to Discourse in Governing the Other Exploring the Discourse of. Democracy in a Multiverse of Reason Quezon City Ateneo de Manila University Press 2009 1 46. Gutmann A and Dennis Thompson What Deliberative Democracy Means In Why Deliberative. Democracy Princeton NJ Princeton University Press 2004 1 63. VII The State and Philippine Democracy,A Four Elements of the State Week 9. Roman Mars et al Producer and Host 2015 July 28 99 Invisible Audio Podcast. Download from https soundcloud com roman mars 99 invisible 174 from the sea. freedom download, B The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. B1 The Three Branches of Philippine Government Weeks 10 to 11. Rebullida Ma Lourdes G The Philippine Executive and Redemocratization in Philippine. Politics and Governance An Introduction Eds Noel M Morada and Teresa S Encarnacion Tadem. Quezon City Department of Political Science College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. University of the Philippines 2006, Mendoza Diana J Democracy and the Philippine Congress in Philippine Politics Democratic.
Ideals and Realities Ateneo de Manila University Department of Political Science Quezon City. Ateneo de Manila University Press 2010, Lim Millard O Courts Justices and Judges The Philippine Judiciary and Philippine. Constitutional Democracy in Philippine Politics Democratic Ideals and Realities Ateneo de Manila. University Department of Political Science Quezon City Ateneo de Manila University Press. C Preparing for Constitutional Change Presidential vs Parliamentary Systems Weeks. Mainwaring Scott Matthew S Shugart Juan Linz Presidentialism and Democracy A Critical. Appraisal In Comparative Politics 29 No 4 July 1997 449 471. M ller Wolfgang et al Parliamentary Democracy Promise and Problems In Delegation and. Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies Eds Kaare Str m Wolfgang C M ller and Torbj rn. Bergman Oxford Oxford University Press 2006 3 32,VIII Human Rights Week 14. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Asad Talal What Do Human Rights Do An Anthropological Enquiry Theory and Event 4 4. A Naomi Paik Testifying to Rightlessness Haitian Refugees Speaking from Guantanamo. Social Text 104 Vol 28 No 3 Fall 2010 39 65,Review Sessions Weeks 15 and 16 if time allows. Classroom Policies, 1 The maximum allowable absences excused and unexcused are nine class hours Absences.
that exceed this automatically receives a grade of W Withdrawal Dean s Listers during the. previous semester as well as students with a Cumulative QPI of 3 35 or above are allowed. unlimited absences Students who intend to use this privilege must inform me beforehand Class. attendance will be checked at the second bell Students who arrive after the second bell are. considered late If a student is late it is the responsibility of the student to approach me after. class to make sure that I have correctly marked the students as late instead of absent Three. lates constitutes one cut The written record of attendance is the final and definitive source for. the counting of cuts On exceptional cases such as medical emergencies onset of psychological. illness deaths in the family etc proof appropriate to the specific absence must be presented to. me as soon as possible e g medical certificate letter signed by a legal guardian etc Such. exceptional cases will be dealt with on a case by case basis for matters such as make up exams. or catching up with missed lectures, 2 Procedures with regard to offenses involving dishonesty as per the Undergraduate Student s. Handbook will be strictly enforced, 3 The class emphasizes class participation and discussion As such students are expected to. have read the readings before coming to class The discussion will center around the ideas. presented in the readings and their pertinence to current political realities and other historical. events As such students are forewarned that coming to class without having read the readings. will result in a very confusing and unproductive session. 4 Students may only use their laptops or any other device for note taking Students are also not. allowed nor are they given permission to record the class proceedings Students who are caught. using their devices for surfing chatting recording the lecture etc will be reprimanded in class. Such incidents deviate from the flow of the class and is highly distracting to your colleagues. Students who wish to answer calls or texts during class may step out of the classroom Students. will not receive demerits if they properly follow this instruction Students who abuse this. provision will be asked to leave the classroom for the duration of the session and will. subsequently be marked absent and hence receive a cut. 5 Students may request for their class standing at any time before finals week I will not. entertain requests for extra credit or any other matter pertaining to the pre final grade beginning. a week before finals week, 6 I cannot emphasize enough that discussion is integral to the success of the class As such. students are encouraged to air out their questions opinions and their arguments as long as these. are relevant to the discussion Everyone in the classroom should be respectful and courteous to. his or her peers Students are also encouraged to make ample use of their consultation privileges. given the complexity of some of the readings and the short amount of time we are given to. discuss these, 7 Bonus points on any aspect of the course may be given when a student attends a talk seminar. forum activity etc designated by the teacher, 8 Given the timing of the requirements of the course i e a substantial part of the final letter.
grade will be determined at the final days of the semester students are hereby cautioned to keep. track of their class standing at all times More importantly they are reminded not to slack off in. fulfilling the work required in order to complete the said final requirements Both the group. project and the rules of the final oral exam allows the student to begin working on these. requirements from the first week of classes and they are highly encouraged to do so. Extra credit work may be given to boost the grades for online discussions quizzes and. participation albeit this happens very rarely but it is not possible to gain extra credit points for. the final oral exam and the class group project, 9 Any other concern with regard to classroom policies will be discussed and agreed upon on a. case by case basis I reserve the right to make changes to the syllabus including the readings as. long as these changes are not inimical to the goals of the course. 10 I will assign a class beadle The beadle is responsible for class coordination especially with. regard to photocopying of readings scheduling of classes creation of the class Facebook group. and other similar responsibilities The beadle is the only person authorized to contact me outside. office hours and during weekends, 11 If you are a person with disability please approach me so we could discuss accessibility to the. materials discussions etc,Course Requirements Grading System. Final Exam 25 A 92 100 B 87 91,Group Project 25 B 83 86 C 79 82. Quizzes 25 C 75 78 D 70 74,Online Discussions 25 F 69 and below.
No curving 56 grades and above,are rounded up,Breakdown of Class Requirements. Final Oral Exam 25, Students are required to take a final oral exam The oral exam gauges the student s mastery of the. class material and their ability to discuss the concepts discussed in class in a logical and coherent. manner and to provide relevant examples that elucidates on these concepts The students are. to write their own thesis statements The components of the final oral exam grade will be. given at an appropriate time The final oral exam process is as follows. a The venue for the sign ups will be announced at an appropriate date Students are not allowed. to assign proxies for signing up Once the sign up sheet is collected that will be considered final. Students are allowed to change the schedule only if there is a valid reason i e conflict with a. final exam scheduled by the University Registrar provided also that the student accepts that a. reschedule regardless of the circumstances warrants the lowering of the student s final oral. exam grade by half a letter grade A to B B to B D to F. b The oral exam is open notes You may bring in anything that would help you complete the. c Students are expected to arrive at the oral exam venue 5 minutes before their scheduled time. Examinees are expected to be quiet while waiting for their turn to take the oral exam No dress. code for the exam except for the LS dress code where appropriate. d Each student is allotted 9 minutes to speak Upon entering the room the student will give me. a copy of his her thesis statement and then begin speaking He she will then randomly pick a. topic to discuss The student will then read the thesis statement and then begin the discussion. The timer will begin as soon as the student begins reading the thesis statement Hint signpost. please The student may sit walk around or stand while giving the speech I will then ask. follow up questions after the discussion,Module Quizzes 25. Quizzes on the course material are unannounced,Online Discussion 25. I will post questions for everyone in the class Facebook group related to current events and or a. set of readings Students are then to reply with their comments and or answer to the question. There is no minimum nor maximum number of words for each comment although students. must be able to write an essay of an appropriate length based on the material i e too short an. essay will receive demerits I primarily base the grade for this component on the rigor and. quality of the reply Students are also encouraged to reply to each other s comments and to reply. in turn i e have an actual conversation regarding the question All other factors who posted. first the comment which gets the most likes or is liked by myself does not factor in the grade. There will be a deadline for each round of discussion and these are announced in the post itself. or in class,Group project Wikipedia Project 25, 25 of the grading component asks that the students contribute substantively to a currently.
existing but not very well written article in Wikipedia or to create a new page where one does not. exist The following explains in detail the process to be followed. I Pre Midterm Season, 1 During the first week of classes the class will be divided into two groups or more The groups. must recommend an existing article or topic of their choice subject to the approval of the. instructor Deadline for topics or suggestions and their approval for this project is any time. before the Wiki seminar, 2 The students will then be asked to attend a Wikipedia seminar schedule TBA to be. conducted by a Wikipedia editor ambassador to learn the basics of how to edit a Wikipedia. article the Wikipedia editorial process on how to write in a neutral and encyclopedic way etc. 3 After the first week the class group will then have to come up with a rough outline a. preliminary bibliography minimum of 5 reputable academic sources and a preliminary list of. links or other sources of material that you would like to add. 4 Sandbox work After the approval of the topic and the submission of the requirements. mentioned above groups must have a sandbox WP page for writing and drafting As the project. progresses the sandbox should begin to look like a working draft of the WP article that the class. wishes to live post This includes a more fleshed out outline a Table of Contents and some. material at each level of the article, 5 Live Posting The article will have to be posted live This would mean that the public will. now have access to it and it will then be commented on through the WP editorial process by WP. editors Students at this time are expected to have considered the instructor s comments as well. as other feedback relevant to the success of their article. 6 Students are expected to work on additional research writing editing and on selecting. image s map s etc that adheres to the Wikipedia guidelines for the class group s entry. Students may work on their articles at any time,II Finals Week. 7 At the beginning of the period for final oral exams all articles are considered final Thus it is. expected that the students have made the proper changes and have worked on the article for the. allotted time period before finals week, Students will be graded based on the following criteria 50 of the grade for this component.
1 Appropriate use of research in order to find relevant and diverse sources. 2 Organization of the entry and content, 3 Whether the research is well supported and well researched. 4 How the group addressed the comments of the instructor and the WP community. 50 of the grade will be based on the confidential evaluation of your groupmates The.

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