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Which type of problem do your, pond fish show signs of Ulcers open wounds on the body. Objects parasites on the body and fins Page 4 6,Ulcers open wounds on the body Page 7 9. Fins rot away Page 6 7,Bulging eyes Page 9, Bloated or emaciated body Page 11 12 Page 7 Page 9 Page 8 Page 9. Fungal infections on the skin and fins Page 6,Frayed mouth rot Page 6. Fungal infections on the skin,Page 6 Page 6,Fins rot away.
Frayed mouth,Bulging eyes,Page 7 Page 6,Page 6 Page 9. Objects parasites on the body and fins,Bloated or emaciated body. Page 11 Page 12 Page 12 Page 12 Page 5 Page 4 Page 5 Page 4. Parasites B Fish leech Hirudinea Piscicola geometra C Lernaea Anchor worm Copepodes D Carp louse Argulus. The leeches up to 5 cm long attach themselves Although this 20 mm long parasite is called a Argulus the carp louse can be easily identified. to the skin of the fish suck blood and subse worm it belongs to the crustacea family In the on the infected fish The parasite can grow up to. A Spot disease scientific term Ichthyoph quently cause bacterial or fungal infections young stages this parasite can survive for about one centimeter long with a flat round body The. thirius multifiliis also known as white spot Leeches cannot be combated with conventional. ichthyo or white spot disease medication Even prescription medicines do not. This is a parasite from the ciliate group which can. be quickly and successfully eliminated with JBL, carp louse is one of the approx 70 species of fish. destroy leech eggs Mechani louse Brachiura which are parasitic They tunnel. cally removing the eggs with into the fish to suck blood The puncture wound. tweezers is one possibility The can become inflamed and infected Fish. MedoPond This parasite has a life cycle which,Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment. Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment, water should then be treated which are heavily infected may become.
includes several stages at which the parasite with JBL FuraPond against a emaciated At night the fish can often be. cannot be eliminated Successful elimination is probable bacterial secondary observed leaping. only possible in the free swimming swarming infection Vitamin supplements should be given in. stage Treatment must therefore be carried out Alternatively the fish can be autumn in order that the fish can store en. over a period of a week and bathed in a 2 to 3 solution 5 days without a host Treatment with ergy reserves for the winter Fish never stop. should be rounded off of sodium chloride cooking JBL ArguPond is fast and highly eating they just eat less in winter When. with JBL AccliPond to salt for a few minutes This effective To follow up the application selecting food the fact that metabolism is. build up the damaged will detach the leeches from of an anti bacterial medication such slower in the cold season should be taken. mucous membrane of the fish Follow up treatment to as JBL FuraPond is recommended into account and special low temperature. the fish and provide prevent a bacterial infection is to prevent bacterial infection of the food such as JBL PondEnergil should be. long term protection recommended wound Infection with Lernaea given. crustacean weakens the host fish and Treatment JBL ArguPond was specially de. involves a danger of a fungal or bacterial infection veloped to combat carp louse and lernaea Bath. Can be mistaken for ing in cooking salt or potassium permanganate. Spawning rash both have practically no effect Carp louse may. also be removed from the fish using tweezers,As a follow up the use of an anti bacterial medi. cation such as JBL FuraPond is recommended to,Spawning rash. 4 prevent any bacterial infection of the wound 5, Fungal infections Mouth and fin rot combat the disease it is not only necessary to Open sores ulcers etc. administer the correct remedy but also to improve, Fungal infections are easily identified on fish These two infections can be identified by the the water values The most important values. by the cotton wool like growths Fungal infec fraying rotting away and later the complete loss A Bacterial infections. tions can be easily and successfully treated with of the part of the body affected by this extremely. Internal and external bacterial infections can, JBL MedoPond It is important that treatment is disfiguring disease The disease can be quickly.
show a wide range of symptoms which can be, started promptly as the fungus releases toxic halted by the application of JBL FuraPond and. combated very quickly and successfully with JBL, metabolic substances into the organism of the the fish is able to fully regenerate the parts of. Fura Pond Often a whitish coating is visible on, fish This toxic contamination is actually the main the body infected In order to build up sufficient. problem The fish is able to regenerate repairing energy reserves we recommend giving the fish. JBL KoiVitol twice a week on the food,which need to be corrected are. Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment,Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment.
carbonate hardness CH pH,the destruction of the skin pH level ammonium NH4. ammonia NH3 and nitrite NO2 the skin or bloodshot patches or completely. and surrounding tissues in, Information on these water different symptoms may occur A clear diagnosis. the course of healing Often, values and instructions on how to can practically only be made with a microscope. the visible fungal infection, improve them can be found in the The initial assumption is often a parasitic infec. is a secondary one The, JBL Online Laboratory www tion a suitable remedy such as JBL MedoPond.
primary infection may be,jbl de is selected and if no improvement appears. of a bacterial nature for example So combina,treatment is continued with JBL FuraPond. tion treatment is recommended JBL FuraPond, Can be mistaken for against bacterial infections rounded off with. against the primary bacterial infection rounded, Fungal infection JBL AccliPond to build up the damaged mucous. off with JBL AccliPond to build up the damaged Mouth and fin rot are caused by. membrane of the fish and provide long term, mucous membrane of the fish and provide long problems in the quality of the.
protection,term protection water even if the pathogen is a. bacteria The bacteria from the,Can be mistaken for aeromonas and pseudomonas. B Spring viraemia SVC Viraemia Erythro,Mouth rot group which are responsible for. dermatitis,this infection increase dramatically, in the pond if the water quality These are virus infections of fish particularly in. 6 is poor In order to permanently carp species such as koi The trigger is a virus 7. called Rhabdovirus carpio RNS virus The disease in spring Increasing temperatures coupled with D Koi herpes virus KHV Koi pox Popeyes Exopthalmus. occurs mostly in spring in ponds with water tem increasing activity in the fish and a lack of energy. Often occurs in summer even amongst fish kept, peratures between 10 and 20 C The symptoms reserves often lead to an outbreak of the disease One or both of the eyes protrude unnaturally from.
under the best conditions and is highly conta, are bloodshot areas of skin at the base of the Help and prevention is very simple as soon as the head The reasons for this clearly identifi. gious It is caused by a virus which only multiplies. fins apathetic behavior and distended abdo the fish start feeding again after the winter rest able disease can be many In most cases the. at temperatures above 10 and below 30 C and, mens Fish which survive the disease can remain the correct low temperature food should be given disease is due to deterioration in the water. which only affects koi The fish exhibit serious, carriers of the illness for life without displaying JBL Pond Energil A weekly supplement of JBL. any symptoms themselves At present direct,treatment with medication is not possible It is. important that the conditions under which the fish. are kept are improved Adding vitamins to the food, with JBL KoiVitol is very beneficial and treatment.
should be rounded off with JBL AccliPond to quality Checking the pH KH. build up the damaged mucous membrane of the KoiVitol provides the fish ammonium nitrite and nitrate. Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment,Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment. fish and provide long term protection with the restorative vitamins is urgently recommended It. Increasing the temperature of the water to 20 C required to prevent an out has also been observed that. is also reported to be of benefit Dr Sandra Lech break of the disease vitamin deficiency can lead to. leiter Krankheiten der Koi DATZ Aquarienb cher protruding eyes Please check whether the fish. are getting a varied diet and whether open cans of. food are used up within a maximum of 3 months,Hardly any vitamins remain in a can of food 3. C Ulcerous growths on the body skin ulcers,months after being opened Vitamin supplements. Ulcers and open sores on the body of the fish are should be added to the food with JBL KoiVitol. triggered by bacteria which are always latent in If only one single fish is affected it may be a. the water or in the body of the fish Under suitable changes in their mucous membrane and die bacterial infection In this case prompt treat. conditions these can explode in number leading within a few days The gills show clear signs of ment with JBL FuraPond is necessary to combat. to problems An anti bacterial remedy such as necrosis whitening and decay As a result the the disease and prevent it spreading further. JBL FuraPond is extremely effective against fish rise to the surface of the water and gasp for Unfortunately it could also be an incurable fish. the bacteria but not against the cause It is vital air Sunken eyes are often observed There is no tuberculosis. that the causes are identified water pollution effective method of treatment Any surviving fish. fish stocking planting food and oxygen content remain carriers of the virus for the rest of their. should all be checked lives and are therefore infectious. 8 In the garden pond these problems often occur 9, Poisoning water problems absorbed by the water At the same time the C Nitrite poisoning Nutritional problems. warmer the water the less oxygen that can be,External symptoms are similar to those of oxygen.
Identifying why the oxygen level is so low is more. A Oxygen deficiency deficiency with rapid breathing vigorous gill A Head stands. difficult Dead organisms fish algae plants use,movements and hanging around at the surface. Fish breathing heavily at the surface of the water up large quantities of oxygen when they are bro This head down position often occurs in goldfish. of the water Rubbing is also a frequent symp, may be a sign of a lack of oxygen or symptoms ken down by bacteria Measures to combat algae fan tails and other varieties of goldfish for the fol. tom The reason is the toxicity of the nitrite NO2, often lead to rapidly decreasing oxygen levels lowing reason when feeding at the surface of the. measured using a JBL Nitrite Test Set which, which have to be counteracted water they often swallow air causing their body. leads to the fish suffocating internally It blocks. the transport of oxygen in the blood Nitrite levels. above 0 1 mg l are critical,B Metal poisoning and should be corrected.
The reasons for increased,As a basic principle pond water is no place. nitrite levels are an imbal,for metal Many metals release free metal ions. ance in the bacteria in the,charged particles into the water which act as a. aquarium due to bactericide,poison to invertebrates fish and microorganisms. The more acidic the water pH level below 7 the,higher the percentage of soluble metal ions in.
the water An extreme situation occurs with acid,rain when the rainwater is collected from roofs. and is used the low pH level of the rainwater, of poisoning Many pond owners mistakenly dissolves large amounts of copper ions from the. believe that the fish are gasping for air This is not drainpipes which often. correct The fish are snapping at the thin layer contain copper which can. of water directly under the surface because this then lead to symptoms of. layer has the highest oxygen copper poisoning to float upwards Since this is not an illness it is. content Using an oxygen test Using a good water con sufficient to feed the fish sinking food e g JBL. JBL O2 Test you can quickly ditioner JBL CondiPond GoldPearls The fish should not be fed floating. Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment,Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment. and simply establish whether binds chelates the metal food. there is an oxygen problem In ions The water should be. creased breathing activity can be changed when symptoms. observed in most fish only when of poisoning are observed. Care should be taken with B Vitamin deficiency,the oxygen content drops below. 4 mg l Help is relatively simple mains water lead copper It is not only people who struggle with this. The oxygen level can be raised or zinc from the pipes is problem In the case of fish the greatest risk is. within a few hours using an aerating pump and often to be found in mains that they are fed with only one sort of food for a. medications very low or high pH levels below 6, airstones JBL PondOxi Set The oxygen level water Therefore it long period or that the food has been open for a.
or over 8 over stocking with, can also be raised is important long time and the vitamin content has shrunk to. fish insufficient filter capacity, with the aid of the to use a good zero Please check whether the fish are receiving. or overfeeding, water flowback water conditioner when an adequate diet and whether open food cans are. Remedy Immediately change, from the filter As changing the water The use of used up within a max of 3 months Hardly any. 1 3 water never at the same, a basic principle warm water boilers can also be a vitamins remain in a can of food 3 months after.
time as cleaning the filter but, the stronger the problem if there is metal piping being opened Vitamin supplements should be. not until a week later add, movement at the JBL ActivoPond add JBL added to the food with JBL KoiVitol. surface of the BactoPond nitrite eliminating There is no objection to additional feeding with. water the more bacteria to the water vegetables such as lettuce cucumber or peas. 10 oxygen can be 11, Feeding this unaccustomed food too often is it results in fatty livers and death JBL Koi mini. not recommended as deficiency symptoms will midi and maxi have been designed to meet the. eventually appear It has been proved that algae specific needs of koi at different stages of life and. and aquatic plants have a different composition to contain the optimum protein. garden vegetables which are therefore unsuit fat ratio of. able as long term food for fish Gardens are not,the natural habitat of fish. C Over or under feeding,Feeding fish is often so much fun that it is done.
to excess Unlike humans fish continue to feed,4 1 Varieties. even though they have actually had enough food,of sturgeon require special. Regular overfeeding leads to an accumulation of,sturgeon food such as JBL Pond Sterlet. fat recognisable by corpulence The distended,body is often mistakenly diagnosed as dropsy. Pond fish can starve in some,which is incurable Incorrect feeding can also.
circumstances Particularly,cause the same problems Goldfish and koi are. in spring and autumn when,not predators and therefore require the correct. temperatures are still low owners,food for their species Cheap food and large packs. are often incorrectly advised not, from non specialist retailers often contain food for. to feed the fish By feeding your,trout farms This food is cheap but is designed to.
fish with the correct low tem,fatten trout predators quickly Fed to pond fish. perature food JBL Pond Energil,you can give your fish the energy they. desperately need for the beginning of,the warmer season Only give the fish. as much food as they can eat up in a,few minutes It is better to feed small. Pond fish diseases Causes Diagnosis Treatment,amounts three times a day than a large.
amount once a day,Opened abdominal cavity from a Koi who has. suffered from a strong fatty degeneration due to,inappropriate feed. JBL GmbH Co KG This brochure has been given to you by your JBL partner.

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