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Per your latest meeting notes we have included comments and attached the downtown design. guidelines and east Lawrence neighborhood revitalization plan for referencing There were a few. statements in the meeting minutes that we feel were misrepresentations of the guidelines and. ELNAplan We thought it would be most appropriate to respond with clarifications and attach. these documents so that there is no confusion as to which guidelines and what plans to which we. are referring Please let me know if you have any questions. Lauren Davis Associate AIA ldavis treanorarchitects com P 785 842 4858. Treanor Architects P A 110 McDonald Dr Ste 192 Lawrence KS 66044. Dallas TX Kansas City MO Lawrence KS St Louis MO Topeka KS. www treanorarchitects com,From Joy Coleman,Sent Monday September 19 2011 4 16 PM. To lesticia yahoo com,Cc Lauren Davis Josh Davis,Subject ELNA meeting notes. Scott McCullough shared a copy of your meeting notes from the ELNA board meeting at the. beginning of the month I have one correction that I would like to submit to you Item No 8 states. that the developers are talking to Wild Oats about a market on the ground floor I wanted to let. you know that this is not true Wild Oats has not been contacted I believe that confusion came. about in the meeting and the note taker inadvertently wrote it down not hearing that it is not the. case Thanks, Joy L Coleman AIA Principal jcoleman treanorarchitects com P 816 221 0900 x29. Treanor Architects P A 1617 Walnut Street Kansas City MO 64108. Dallas TX Kansas City MO Lawrence KS St Louis MO Topeka KS. www treanorarchitects com,No virus found in this message. Checked by AVG www avg com, Version 2012 0 1831 Virus Database 2085 4543 Release Date 10 07 11.
From Scott McCullough,To Lori Parker Lynne Zollner Anna Nicoletta. Cc Mike Treanor MKimball TreanorArchitects com, Subject FW Marriott Towne Place Development Proposal Commentary. Date Wednesday October 19 2011 10 05 02 AM,Communications for HRC mtg. Scott McCullough Director smccullough lawrenceks org. Planning and Development Services www lawrenceks org. City Hall 6 E 6th Street,P O Box 708 Lawrence KS 66044 0708. office 785 832 3154 fax 785 832 3160,Original Message.
From A Townsend Peterson mailto town ku edu,Sent Tuesday October 18 2011 10 55 PM. To Scott McCullough, Subject Marriott Towne Place Development Proposal Commentary. 15 October 2011,Planning Department,P O Box 708,Lawrence Kansas 66044. To Whom It May Concern, We write to express sincere and serious concerns regarding the proposed use. of the open lots on the southeast corner of 9th and New Hampshire Streets as. a Marriott Towne Place Extended Stay Hotel and Restaurant We are the owners. of the Bromelsick House at 923 Rhode Island Street which backs up directly. to the southeastern corner of the proposed structure Although we appreciate. the commercial interest in further economic development of the downtown. region we have a number of concerns regarding the advisability of this. Imposing structure The huge hulking structure that is proposed. will affect the surrounding area of the city only in sincerely negative. ways Specifically the streetscape of the North Rhode Island National. Historical District will be affected negatively behind the 1 2 story. residential houses that make up the District will be a much higher modern. structure that will change the view and the environment that is perceived. from the District From the other side the Lawrence Downtown Historical. District will similarly be affected the historical structures that make up. this District are 2 3 stories tall with little or nothing as massive as the. proposed structure We point out that the block in question was originally. residential in nature and has never held a large commercial structure. previously until the Lawrence Arts Center was built. Effects on neighborhood The area immediately to the east of the. proposed construction is an extremely active focus of our neighborhood. activities and to a surprising degree on the alley side rather than on the. street side Alley focused activities include the Social Services League. the Percolator and the Simply Bee Massage Therapy salon each of which is. seen as East Lawrence local and endemic With a huge and imposing. structure literally on top of these activities we anticipate that these. activities would end and the vibrant nature of our neighborhood would be. diminished significantly This is not to mention the effects on light and. afternoon illumination of back yards gardents etc, Supermarket for whom The In A Pinch Market that is planned for.
the street level of the proposed development meets the needs only of the. residents of the hotel snacks soft drinks and not much more East. Lawrence and North Lawrence badly needs a medium sized supermarket. presently the nearest supermarket is at 18th and Massachusetts far from. this sector of the city The market that is proposed however in no way. meets the needs of the neighborhood and adds nothing useful to the overall. life of the neighborhood This proposal s inward focus illustrates the. degree to which the proposed development is not integrated into the East. Lawrence context and rather is insular and isolated from the neighborhood. that it will affect, Noise pollution The Lawrence Arts Center is already a tax on the. quiet of the North Rhode Island National Historical District its HVAC system. can be heard quite loudly from our bedroom windows which has frequently. woken us up The trash pickup which for the Arts Center is light compared. to that of a hotel and restaurant is also a source of daily early morning. disturbance The mechanical area high on the northeast corner of the. building proposed would further augment these noise pollution problems and. take them right into the upper floors of several additional houses in the. northern half of the 900 block of Rhode Island Street We see this as a. considerable imposition on the Rhode Island Street neighborhood and one. that is negative in every way We are not even mentioning the smells and. potential problems with vermin that a restaurant s trash facilities will. Effects of large scale construction on existing structures We are. concerned that the deep excavations planned as part of the proposed. development may have negative consequences for residential structures on the. Rhode Island Street side In the construction of the Lawrence Arts Center. we saw our carriage house show its first signs of serious structural. problems We brought the changes to the attention of the City of Lawrence. but no action was taken to fix the damage done We are concerned that the. proposed development will similarly take no action to avoid or fix any such. Oversaturation of large high end hotels We are concerned that the. developers who propose this building are overestimating the size of the. Lawrence high end hotel market Lawrence had only the Eldredge Hotel and the. Springhill Suites on the riverfront until recently However just 2 years. ago the Oread Hotel was constructed which is an enormous number of rooms. added to the market Now the present proposal would increase the number of. rooms still more We see considerable risk that the high end hotel market in. Lawrence will saturate and will see significant business activity only on. game weekends Having big buildings downtown is bad enough but having. inviable businesses in big buildings would be much worse To this point we. ask you to consider the empty half of the ground floor of the 7th and New. Hampshire Streets building constructed several years ago quite simply the. Lawrence market may not be large enough to nurture so many new business. initiatives, We are highly concerned that this proposed development will go forward for. the reasons listed above and others Quite simply the proposed development. is a massive structure that will affect negatively much of the matrix in. which it is proposed to be situated We have seen residential proposals for. improving houses on Rhode Island Street in ways that were very respectful to. the neighborhood denied by the Historical Resources Commission those. proposed changes which were denied were nothing short of negligible in. comparison to the proposal that you are presently considering. The East Lawrence neighborhood is a significant element of the Lawrence. community in terms of history culture economic activity and cityscape. This proposed development is we surmise offered to the Planning Department. by people from outside of the neighborhood for their own benefit and with. little thought to or care for the well being of the neighborhood itself. We urge the Planning Department to weigh carefully the need for this. development that is proposed While economic development is always. attractive to a city such as Lawrence we assert that Lawrence can be kept. vibrant and active only by careful and thoughtful development This proposed. development is neither careful nor thoughtful so we urge you to deny the. request that is being made of you, Please do not hesitate to contact us should you desire any further. information or comment,Very sincerely, Andrew Townsend Peterson and Rosa Salazar de Peterson. From Lynne Zollner,Sent Friday October 21 2011 10 31 AM.
To Anna Nicoletta,Subject Fwd 900 New Hampshire St DR 9 151 11. Sent from my iPhone,Begin forwarded message,From John Bowen jbowen sunflower com. Date October 20 2011 4 47 09 PM EDT, To Alan Wiechert weichert ku edu Chad Foster chad foster jocogov org Jody Meyer. jmeyer sunflower com Leslie Tuttle ltuttle ku edu Lynne Zollner lzollner lawrenceks org. Mike Arp meakans sunflower com Sean Williams ilovelawrence sunflower com Tracy. Quillin tracy quillin gmail com,Cc ktwalsh sunflower com ktwalsh sunflower com. Subject 900 New Hampshire St DR 9 151 11, The building proposed is out of line for this neighborhood in height placement and what it will do to the.
businesses and homes that are already in this neighborhood The group who is proposing this building do. not care for the neighborhood or the customers that use this area The building will over shadow the area. in looks and height While building there project to the southwest corner of this intersection they have. blocked the entrance to the business in the ally to the east for unreasonable time even though they have the. area to use for their project As an example I have not been able to get into the Social Service League in a. reasonable time With this attitude I do not thing they would be good neighbors either. Thanks for your time,John Bowen,403 Dakota Street,Lawrence KS 66046 4715. Ph 785 842 9082,Email jbowen sunflower com, file Plan acket 202011 10 October Communications Fwd 20900 20New 20Hampshire 20St 20DR 9 151 11 htm 10 21 2011 1 34 37 PM. From Lynne Zollner,Sent Monday October 24 2011 12 50 PM. To Lori Parker,Subject FW item 8 DR 9 151 11,Importance High. Please add this to communications Thanks Lynne, Lynne Braddock Zollner AICP Historic Resources Administrator.
lzollner lawrenceks org Planning www lawrenceks org pds P O Box 708. Lawrence KS 66044 office 785 832 3151 fax 785 832 3160. Original Message, From dvevans earthlink net mailto dvevans earthlink net. Sent Tuesday October 18 2011 11 21 AM,To Lynne Zollner. Cc aroncromwell gmail com,Subject item 8 DR 9 151 11. I am wondering if this is pertinent to the HRC discussion for item 8 DR 9. 151 11 900 New Hampshire Street, Lot 72 on New Hampshire Street one lot south of the southeast corner lot was. purchased by the AME church prior to August 21st 1863 Lizzie E Goodnight s. 1903 KU master thesis states that the foundation trenches had been dug for the. erection of their 1st church but instead became a burial site for murdered. troops The unmustered recruits had been bivouacked across the street now the. city s parking garage, Relying on this source of information Dr Tutttle sent me this note last.
From Bill Tuttle,Date Apr 9 2010 2 01 PM,Subject mass grave at 9th and NH. I have heard that just prior to Quantrill s raid the St Luke AME. Church had dug a foundation for its church building at 9th and NH and. that 20 or so Union soldiers perhaps African American soldiers who had. been killed in the raid were dumped into the hole for the foundation and. buried there for all eternity, Researching the records in the Douglas County Register of Deed s office I. discovered that book H p 62 shows lot 72 New Hampshire street was purchased. by the AME trustees with the contract dated August 8 1863 rec d Aug 11. 1863 For a consideration 100 from Joseph D Mary E Rollins. And two letters from Rev J M Wilkerson published in the AME national. file Plan mission Packet 202011 10 October Item 208 20900 20New 20Hampshire FW 20item 20 238 20DR 9 151 11 txt 10 24 2011 12 53 36 PM. newspaper The Christian Recorder give some credence to the facts presented by. Goodnight s thesis, One dated Lawrence Kansas October 24th 1863 published November 7 1863. For the Christian Recorder, Mr EDITOR After my long silence I again seize the present moment to. communicate a few lines to you The church lost 171 cash taken out of the. bank The money was collected towards building our new church edifice Many of. our best colored citizens were shot down like dogs and their houses and. contents entirely destroyed some of them were burned up in their houses. Pray for us,J M Wilkerson,Another published April 16 1864.
For the Christian Recorder,KANSAS CORRESPONDENCE, MR EDITOR We have some sixty accessions to the church since the. fiendish raid made by Quantrell on the 21st of August last At that time the. membership of our charge numbered 139 on our return after the raid I found. 56 members all told The members were so terror stricken that it was by the. greatest effort that I could prevail on them to remain. We had secured a lot and quarried and hauled very near enough stone to. put up the wall of a building 34 by 50 ft secured a very large amount of. subscriptions and had 171 50 in the bank which was taken at the time of the. The St Luke AME church building was finally erected at 900 N Y street. dedicated in 1866 Their lot 70 on New York street was purchased for 150 on. December 11 1865 rec d February 12 1866 The trustees sold the N H st lot. to August Bromelsick on Nov 14th 1865 for 700, If you deem it appropriate please relay the facts to the Historic. Resources Commission So they may, consider whether or not the applicants should investigate appropriate. mitigation procedures of a historical artifact tks Dave Evans. LAWRENCE HISTORIC RESOURCES COMMISSION,AGENDA FOR OCTOBER 27 2011 7 30 PM. CITY HALL 6 E 6TH STREET, ITEM NO 8 DR 9 151 11 900 New Hampshire Street New Construction Certified.
Government Review and Certificate of Appropriateness Review The property. is in the environs of Lawrence s Downtown Historic District and the North. Rhode Island Street Historic District National Register of Historic Places. also in the environs of the Shalor Eldridge Residence 945 Rhode Island. Register of Historic Kansas Places and the Social Service League 905 907. Rhode Island Lawrence Register of Historic Places Submitted by Micah. Kimball of Treanor Architects for 9th New Hampshire LLC property owner. file Plan mission Packet 202011 10 October Item 208 20900 20New 20Hampshire FW 20item 20 238 20DR 9 151 11 txt 10 24 2011 12 53 36 PM.

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