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Photoshop Dimensions, An Overview of 3D in Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extended. Kevin Bomberry Editor in Chief,Zorana Gee Managing Editor. Pete Falco Managing Editor,Don McCaughey Copy Editor. Photoshop Dimensions,c o Doppler Publishing Inc,208 Pennsylvania Ave Unit 4. San Francisco California 94107,Visit us on the web at photoshopdimensions com.
Find us on Facebook at facebook com pages Photoshop Dimensions. 374153065954372,Follow us on Twitter at twitter com PsDimensions. E mail us at psd editors photoshopdimensions com,Photoshop Dimensions Issue 1 May 2012. ISBN 978 0 9856067 2 5,2012 Doppler Publishing Inc All Rights Reserved. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extended are either registered. trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and or. other countries All Rights Reserved,Introducing Photoshop Dimensions 5. New Dimensions of Fun for All 6,Photographers 6,Print and Graphic Designers 6.
Web Designers 6,Motion Graphics 6,The New UI 7,Welcome to the New User Experience 8. A Room with a View 8,Integrated Tools 9,Cage and Interaction 10. Getting Started with 3D in Photoshop 12,Making a Postcard 13. Creating a Material on a Preset Objects 15,Making 3D Text 16. Making a 3D Shape 17, Making a Mesh Object From a Depth Mask Greyscale Image 18.
Loading and Importing 19,The World Is Your Stage 20. Working with the Camera 21,The Secondary View 23,Moving 3D Objects 24. Living in a Material World 27,Material Properties 27. Working with Textures and Images 32,Edit UV Properties 33. Materials Presets 34,Working with Lights 35,Basic Lights 35.
Image Based Light IBL 37,Render Settings 38,Preview of 3D Text Layout Tutorial 40. 3D Text Poster Tutorial Excerpt 40,Step 1 Convert Text To 3D 41. Step 2 Merge 3D Layers 42,Welcome to a New Dimension 45. Coming Up Next 45,Talk Back 45,Show Us Your Best 45. The Photoshop Dimensions Team 46,Introducing Photoshop Dimensions.
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Photoshop Dimensions the magazine of 3D in. Adobe Photoshop Whether you are new to 3D in Photoshop or an old hand Photoshop. Dimensions will show you new and exciting ways to add another dimension to your. work Photoshop Dimensions is written by leading authorities and experts who truly. understand Photoshop s powerful 3D features, With the launch of Photoshop CS 6 Extended Adobe has made vast improvements to. the 3D user experience including faster render times a simpler non modal working. environments on canvas controls intuitive interaction models and a better 3D. workspace If you have used Photoshop s 3D features in the past you will find many. exciting changes and additions that make 3D in Photoshop even more compelling If. you are new to 3D we will show you how to make your images pop off the screen or the. In this issue of Photoshop Dimensions we look at the many changes made to. Photoshop s 3D tools in CS 6 that will speed up your workflow and expand your. capabilities In future issues of Photoshop Dimensions we will show you how to use the. 3D tools and features create models and meshes design materials light a scene and. explore advanced rendering techniques Photoshop is an important tool for kinds of. visual creators photographers illustrators graphic designers user interface designers. video game developers and videographers and 3D has important applications for all of. We are very excited to be bringing you the best information on 3D in Photoshop and we. hope you find Photoshop Dimensions fun and useful,New Dimensions of Fun for All. Photoshop CS 6 Extended makes 3D approachable and easy to use for novices. wanting to experiment in 3D as well as seasoned 3D artists The powerful 3D tools in. Photoshop can easily fit into many workflows,Photographers. Photographers can use Photoshop s 3D features to add an extra level of realism to their. works or to add additional elements that were not in the original photograph This also. allows all of your previous images to be reused in a new and exciting way. Print and Graphic Designers, For graphic designers Photoshop has been and will continue to be their go to app. Currently there is a trend of more 3D artwork being used in print and advertising. material from 3D text floating in space or sitting on a counter or shelf to compositing. various 3D elements such as cars or a clients package and artwork into a photograph. Web Designers, The web is an ever changing landscape of graphics and information As a web designer.
you are constantly looking at trends in design and offering solutions to your clients Now. you can easily create 3D assets for your website such as banners and buttons complete. with transparent shadows and materials,Motion Graphics. Combining Photoshop s 3D tools with the Timeline provides motion graphic editors a. quick way to comp up wireframes or assemble and produce various motion elements. such as lower thirds with 3D text,The New UI, There are many improvements in the overall interaction design and experience for 3D in. Photoshop CS6 Some features include,Updated look and feel. Easily create new 3D content from layers shapes and text using menus and. Simplified 3D tools 3D Move 3D Eyedropper and Material Drop tools. Intuitive on canvas interaction with 3D objects and views cages and more. Separate Scene and Properties panels, Scene Axis for view navigation no matter what is selected. Tool Option Bar Move Tool active with new 3D Mode tools top on canvas UI elements left. Properties and 3D panels right,Welcome to the New User Experience.
Interaction with 3D objects the scene and properties has been greatly simplified in. Photoshop CS6 Extended making it much easier to get around and saving time in. your workflow While easier to use the 3D Engine has also become increasingly. capable providing both better effects and faster rendering times. To make all this intuitive Adobe introduced new UI elements on canvas such as the. cage and axis widgets as well as improved panels and menus making it easier to. understand without a lot of study,A Room with a View. To better navigate working with 3D in Photoshop there are five distinct areas you will be. working with menus the toolbar the tool options bar panels Layers 3D and. Properties and the on screen UI cage axis widgets and other HUD elements. Some of Photoshop s 3D UI Elements,Integrated Tools. There are now only five 3D Move tools two camera tools the 3D Material Drop Tool. the 3D equivalent of the Paint Bucket Tool and the 3D Eyedropper Tool This is greatly. simplified from CS5 which had more than 25 separate tools. The Move tool s 3D mode become active when 3D Layer is selected. The 3D Mode tools left to right Rotate Roll Drag Slide and Scale. In the toolbar the 3D Material Eyedropper Tool is now in with the Eyedropper Tool top and the. 3D Material Drop Tool is in with the Gradient Tool bottom. Cage and Interaction, The cage is a new on canvas control that allows users to easily and intuitively work with. 3D objects When selecting an object either on screen or in the 3D panel the cage. control presents itself along with the object axis widget The cage provides a user with a. large interaction target making it easy for a user to move slide and rotate a selected. 3D object in the scene, Current View selected in 3D panel cursor hovering over 3D text outlined. The cage allow users to move an object along an axis or within a plane. New to Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extended are the various heads up displays HUDs. used interaction with object properties and providing real time feedback Below is an. example of the 3D extrude HUD elements for deform and cap. 3D Extrusion HUD overlays Deform HUD controls Taper Twist Extrude Bevel Bend and. Shear left Cap HUD controls Bevel and Inflation right. Getting Started with 3D in Photoshop, Getting started with 3D in Photoshop CS 6 is easier than ever with the integration of 3D.
creation into various tools and contextual menus In addition when an image or vector. layer is selected in the Layers panel the 3D panel allows you to quickly create new 3D. objects with the click of a button, When a layer is selected you can create 3D objects using the 3D panel above. We will use the above test image for some of the samples to follow. Making a Postcard, One of the easiest 3D objects you can create is a 3D Postcard It takes the selected. layer and then applies the layer as a material to a flat rectangle Unlike the 3D. Extrusions objects 3D Text and 3D Shapes a 3D Postcard does not have additional. attributes such as Deform and Cap properties, To make a 3D Postcard simply select the layer in the Layers panel then in the 3D panel. select 3D Postcard and click Create,Test image converted to a 3D Postcard. Same 3D Postcard seen from the left notice there is no extrusion depth on a 3D Postcard. Creating a Material on a Preset Objects, Photoshop ships with several shape preset for you to use much like the 3D Postcard.
These shapes include Cone Cube Wrap Cube Cylinder Donut torus Hat Pyramid. Ring Soda can Sphere and Wine Bottle Simply select the layer from the Layers. panel you want to use as the material then in the 3D panel select Mesh From Preset. then choose the shape you want from the drop down list and click Create. Examples of Mesh Presets clockwise from top left Cone Cube Wrap Hat and Sphere.

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