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Cambridge Companions Online,delve deeper into the humanities. A major new online resource for the humanities offering students and. lecturers unrivalled access and functionality to over 2000 articles on major. philosophers writers artists topics and periods, Taken from the renowned Cambridge Companions Saved searches bookmark your favourite essays. series of authoritative yet accessible guides and create student friendly reading lists to ensure. maximum benefit from research and study time,Unrivalled multidisciplinary coverage offering. hundreds of titles in literature classics philosophy Boasts a unique Workgroup feature enabling. religion and cultural studies with new titles added easy creation and sharing of research for teaching. regularly and learning, Updated continuously with new essays and Offers reference features such as chronologies. bibliographies taken from the book series as soon to help students to place events in their cultural. context extensive bibliographies to aid,as they become available.
referencing and guides to further reading to,allow the further exploration of key ideas. Take an online tour or register for your free trial now. Visit www cambridge org companionsonline,Cambridge Companions. Used by both students and scholars this internationally acclaimed series. offers lively clear introductions to major writers thinkers artists topics. and periods Each volume contains specially commissioned essays by. international teams of leading scholars therefore offering a variety of. viewpoints rather than a single voice,Philosophy 03. Religion 09,Classics 12,Cambridge Companions to Philosophy. The Cambridge Companion to Kant and,Modern Philosophy.
Edited by Paul Guyer University of Pennsylvania, The philosophy of Immanuel Kant is the watershed of modern thought irrevocably. changing the landscape of the field and preparing the way for all the significant. philosophical movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries This volume. which complements The Cambridge Companion to Kant covers every aspect of Kant s. philosophy with a particular focus on his moral and political philosophy placing. them in historical context It provides the broadest and deepest introduction currently. available on Kant and his place in modern philosophy and will prove invaluable to. those coming to his work for the first time, contents Introduction the starry heavens and the moral law Paul Guyer 1 A priori Philip Kitcher 2 Kant on the. perception of space and time Gary Hatfield 3 Kant s philosophy of mathematics Lisa Shabel 4 Kant on a priori. concepts the metaphysical deduction of the categories Beatrice Longuenesse 5 Kant s philosophy of cognitive mind. Patricia Kitcher 6 Kant s proofs of substance and causation Arthur Melnick 7 Kant and transcendental arguments. Ralph C S Walker 8 The critique of metaphysics the structure and fate of Kant s dialectic Karl Ameriks 9 Philosophy. of natural science Michael Friedman 10 The supreme principle of morality Allen W Wood 11 Kant on freedom of. the will Henry E Allison 12 Mine and thine The Kantian state Robert B Pippin 13 Kant on sex and marriage right. Jane Kneller 14 Kant s theory of peace Pauline Kleingeld 15 Kant s conception of virtue Lara Denis 16 Kant s. ambitions in the third Critique Paul Guyer 17 Moral faith and the highest food Frederick C Beiser 18 Kant s critical. philosophy and its reception the first five years 1781 1786 Manfred Kuehn. May 2006 736pp,978 0 521 82303 6 0 521 82303 X Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 52995 2 0 521 52995 6 Paperback 19 99,www cambridge org companions. The Cambridge Companion to Keynes, Edited by Roger E Backhouse University of Birmingham.
and Bradley W Bateman Grinnell College Iowa, A central figure in the distinguished Bloomsbury Group of writers and artists John. Maynard Keynes 1883 1946 was the most important economist of the twentieth. century as well as an influential philosopher who wrote on ethics and the theory of. probability In this volume contributors from a wide range of disciplines offer new. interpretations of Keynes s thought explain the links between his philosophy and his. economics and place his work and Keynesianism the economic theory the principles. of economic policy and the political philosophy in their historical context. Contents 1 A cunning purchase the life and work of Maynard Keynes Roger Backhouse and Bradley Bateman 2. The Keynesian revolution in economic theory Roger Backhouse 3 Keynes and the birth of modern macroeconomics. David Laidler 4 Keynes as a Marshallian Axel Leijonhufvud 5 Doctor Keynes economic theory in a diagonistic. science Kevin Hoover 6 Keynes and economic policy George Peden 7 Keynes and Cambridge Maria Cristina. Marcuzzo 8 Keynes and his correspondence Donald Moggridge 9 Keynes and philosophers Tiziano Raffaelli 10. Keynes and probability Donald Gillies 11 Keynes and ethics Thomas Baldwin 12 The art of an ethical life Keynes. and Bloomsbury Craufurd Goodwin 13 Keynes between modernism and post modernism Matthias. Klaes 14 Keynes s political philosophy Samuel Brittan 15 Keynes and Keynesianism Bradley Bateman. June 2006 342pp,978 0 521 84090 3 0 521 84090 2 Hardback 40 00. 978 0 521 60060 6 0 521 60060 X Paperback 15 99,The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger. Second edition, Edited by Charles Guignon University of South Florida. Martin Heidegger is now widely recognised as one of the greatest philosophers of the. twentieth century He transformed mainstream philosophy by defining its central task. as asking the question of being and he has had a profound impact on fields such as. literary theory theology psychotherapy political theory aesthetics and environmental. studies This new edition of The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger brings to the. fore new works by Heidegger as well as new approaches to scholarship that have. emerged since the publication of the first edition Included here are a new preface. revised versions of several essays and an exhaustive and up to date bibliography. providing guidance for those new to Heidegger s work and for established scholars. contents Preface to the second edition Introduction Charles Guignon 1 The question of being Heidegger s. project Dorothea Frede 2 Reading a life Heidegger and hard times Thomas Sheehan 3 The principle of. phenomenology Taylor Carman 4 Time and phenomenology in Husserl and Heidegger Robert J Dostal 5 Laying the. ground for metaphysics Heidegger s appropriation of Kant William Blattner 6 Heidegger and the hermeneutic turn. David Couzens Hoy 7 Engaged agency and background in Heidegger Charles Taylor 8 Death time history Division. II of Being and Time Piotr Hoffman 9 Truth and the essence of truth in Heidegger s thought Mark A Wrathall 10. Authenticity moral values and psychotherapy Charles Guignon 11 Heidegger Buddhism and deep ecology Michael. E Zimmerman 12 Heidegger and theology John D Caputo 13 Heidegger on the connection between nihilism art. technology and politics Hubert L Dreyfus 14 The fourfold Julian Young. September 2006 456pp,978 0 521 82136 0 0 521 82136 3 Hardback 40 00.
978 0 521 52888 7 0 521 52888 7 Paperback 16 99,www cambridge org companions. Cambridge Companions to Philosophy 5,The Cambridge Companion to Atheism. Edited by Michael Martin Boston University, In this volume eighteen of the world s leading scholars present original essays on. various aspects of atheism The topic is examined in terms of its implications for a wide. range of disciplines including philosophy religion feminism postmodernism sociology. and psychology In its defence both classical and contemporary theistic arguments. are criticised and the argument from evil and impossibility arguments along with a. non religious basis for morality are defended These essays give a broad understanding. of atheism and a lucid introduction to this controversial topic. Contents Part I Background 1 Atheism in antiquity Jan Bremmer 2 Atheism in modern history Gavin Hyman. 3 Atheism contemporary rates and contemporary patterns Phil Zuckerman Part II The Case Against Theism. 4 Theistic critiques of atheism William Lane Craig 5 The failure of classical theistic arguments Richard Gale 6 Some. contemporary theistic arguments Keith Parsons 7 Naturalism and physicalism Evans Fales 8 Atheism and evolution. Daniel Dennett 9 The autonomy of ethics David Brink 10 The argument from evil Andrea Weisberger 11 Kalam. Cosmological argument for atheism Quentin Smith 12 Impossibility arguments Patrick Grim III Implications. 13 Atheism and religion Michael Martin 14 Feminism and atheism Christine Overall 15 Atheism and the freedom. of religion Steven Gey 16 Atheism a theology and the postmodern condition John Caputo 17 Anthropological. theories of religion Stewart Guthrie 18 Atheists a psychological profile Benjamin Beit Hallahmi. December 2006 400pp,978 0 521 84270 9 0 521 84270 0 Hardback c 45 00. 978 0 521 60367 6 0 521 60367 6 Paperback c 17 99,The Cambridge Companion to Early.
Modern Philosophy, Edited by Donald Rutherford University of California San Diego. The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Philosophy explores one of the most. innovative periods in the history of Western philosophy covering the seventeenth and. eighteenth centuries and extending from Montaigne Bacon and Descartes through. Hume and Kant Leading specialists examine the methodological and conceptual. foundations of natural science metaphysics philosophy of mind logic and language. moral and political philosophy and theology A final chapter looks forward to the. philosophy of the Enlightenment This will be an invaluable guide for those interested. in the philosophical thought of the early modern period. Contents Introduction Donald Rutherford 1 Innovation and orthodoxy in early modern philosophy Donald. Rutherford 2 Knowledge evidence and method Stephen Gaukroger 3 From natural philosophy to natural science. Denis Des Chene 4 Metaphysics Nicholas Jolley 5 The science of mind Tad Schmaltz 6 Language and logic Michael. Losonsky 7 The passions and the good life Susan James 8 The foundations of morality virtue law and obligation. Stephen Darwall 9 Theories of the state A John Simmons 10 Theology and the God of the philosophers Thomas M. Lennon 11 Scholastic schools and early modern philosophy M W F Stone 12 Towards enlightenment Kant and the. sources of darkness J B Schneewind,October 2006 480pp. 978 0 521 82242 8 0 521 82242 4 Hardback c 45 00,978 0 521 52962 4 0 521 52962 X Paperback c 17 99. www cambridge org companions,The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith. Edited by Knud Haakonssen University of Sussex, Adam Smith is best known as the founder of scientific economics and as an early.
proponent of the modern market economy Political economy however was only one. part of Smith s comprehensive intellectual system Consisting of a theory of mind and. its functions in language arts science and social intercourse Smith s system was a. towering contribution to the Scottish Enlightenment This Companion provides an. up to date examination of all aspects of Smith s thought containing the latest thinking. on his life and works, Contents Introduction Knud Haakonssen 1 Imagination morals science arts Charles L Griswold Jr 2 Adam. Smith Belletrist Mark Salber Phillips 3 Adam Smith s theory of language Marcelo Dascal 4 Adam Smith and science. Christopher J Berry 5 Smith on ingenuity pleasure and the imitative arts Neil De Marchi 6 Sympathy and the. impartial spectator Alexander Broadie 7 Virtues utility and rules Robert Shaver 8 Justice rights and law David. Lieberman 9 Self interest and other interests Pratap Mehta 10 Smith on history J G A Pocock 11 Adam Smith s. politics Douglas Long 12 Adam Smith s economics Emma Rothschild and Amartya Sen 13 The legacy of Adam. Smith Knud Haakonssen and Donald Winch,May 2006 424pp. 978 0 521 77059 0 0 521 77059 9 Hardback 40 00,978 0 521 77924 1 0 521 77924 3 Paperback 17 99. The Cambridge Companion to Hayek,Edited by Edward Feser Pasadena City College. F A Hayek 1899 1992 is widely regarded as the principal intellectual force behind. the triumph of global capitalism an anti Marx who did more than any other recent. thinker to elucidate the theoretical foundations of the free market economy He. also made significant contributions to fields as diverse as the philosophy of law the. theory of complex systems and cognitive science The essays in this volume by an. international team of contributors provide a critical introduction to all aspects of. Hayek s thought, Conents Introduction Edward Feser 1 Hayek and the Austrian tradition Bruce Caldwell 2 Hayek on money and.
the business cycle Roger E Backhouse 3 Hayek and market socialism Peter J Boettke 4 Hayek and Marx Meghnad. Desai 5 Hayek versus Keynes the road to reconciliation Robert Skidelsky 6 Hayek on knowledge economics and. society Andrew Gamble 7 Hayek and Popper The Road to Serfdom and The Open Society Anthony O Hear 8. Hayek s politics Jeremy Shearmur 9 Hayek the philosopher of law Aeon J Skoble 10 Hayek and liberalism Chandran. Kukathas 11 Hayek and conservatism Roger Scruton 12 Hayek on the evolution of society and mind Gerald F Gaus. 13 Hayek on justice and the order of actions Eric Mack 14 Hayek the cognitive scientist and philosopher of mind. Edward Feser,December 2006 344pp,978 0 521 84977 7 0 521 84977 2 Hardback c 40 00. 978 0 521 61501 3 0 521 61501 1 Paperback c 15 99,www cambridge org companions. Cambridge Companions to Philosophy 7,The Cambridge Companion to Tocqueville. Edited by Cheryl B Welch Simmons College Boston Massachusetts. The Cambridge Companion to Tocqueville contains critical interpretive essays by. internationally renowned scholars on the work of Alexis de Tocqueville and its. relevance in current debates Collections of secondary work on the great philosopher. political thinker and historian have tended to fall into one of two camps either. bringing together only scholars from one point of view or discipline or treating only. one major text This Companion transcends national ideological disciplinary and. textual boundaries to bring together the best in recent scholarship on the subject. The essays not only introduce the major themes and texts but also put forward. provocative arguments that advance the field of Tocqueville studies. Contents Part I Theory 1 Tocqueville s comparative perspectives Seymour Drescher 2 Tocqueville on 1789. preconditions precipitants and triggers Jon Elster 3 Tocqueville s new political science Harvey C Mansfield and. Delba Winthrop 4 Tocqueville political philosopher Pierre Manent Part II Texts 5 Tocqueville s Democracy in. America reconsidered James T Schleifer 6 Translating Tocqueville the constraints of classicism Arthur Goldhammer. 7 The writer Engag Tocqueville and political rhetoric Laurence Guellec 8 The shifting puzzles of Tocqueville s The. Old Regime and the Revolution Robert T Gannett Jr Part III Themes 9 Tocqueville and civil society Dana Villa 10. Tocqueville on threats to liberty in democracies Melvin Richter 11 Tocqueville and democratic religious experience. Joshua Mitchell 12 Tocqueville on fraternity and fratricide Cheryl B Welch Part IV Two Traditions 13 Tocqueville. and the French Fran oise M lonio 14 Tocqueville and the Americans Democracy in America as read in nineteenth. century America Olivier Zunz,October 2006 464pp,978 0 521 84064 4 0 521 84064 3 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 54996 7 0 521 54996 5 Paperback 17 99,The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley.
Edited by Kenneth P Winkler Wellesley College Massachusetts. In defending immaterialism George Berkeley redirected modern thinking about. the nature of objectivity and the mind s capacity to come to terms with it Although. best known for his work on metaphysics he also made highly influential proposals. concerning the psychology of the senses the workings of language the aim of science. and the scope of mathematics In this Companion volume a team of distinguished. authors examine Berkeley s achievements and also his neglected contributions to. moral and political philosophy his writings on economics and development and his. defence of religious commitment and life, contents 1 Berkeley s life and works David Berman 2 Was Berkeley an empiricist or a rationalist Michael Ayers. 3 Berkeley s notebooks Robert McKim 4 Berkeley s new theory of vision and its reception Margaret Atherton 5. Berkeley and the doctrine of signs Kenneth P Winkler 6 Berkeley s argument for immaterialism Anthony Grayling. 7 Berkeley on minds and agency Philip D Cummins 8 Berkeley s natural philosophy and philosophy of science Lisa. Downing 9 Berkeley s philosophy of mathematics Douglas M Jesseph 10 Berkeley s moral and political philosophy. Stephen Darwall 11 Berkeley s economic writings Partick Kelly 12 Berkeley on religion Stephen R Clark. March 2006 468pp,978 0 521 45033 1 0 521 45033 0 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 45657 9 0 521 45657 6 Paperback 16 99,www cambridge org companions. Also Available,The Cambridge Companion to Maimonides. Edited by Kenneth Seeskin Northwestern University Illinois. December 2005 450pp,978 0 521 81974 9 0 521 81974 1 Hardback 40 00.
978 0 521 52578 7 0 521 52578 0 Paperback 16 99,The Cambridge Companion to Foucault. Second edition, Edited by Gary Gutting University of Notre Dame Indiana. October 2005 488pp,978 0 521 84082 8 0 521 84082 1 Hardback 40 00. 978 0 521 60053 8 0 521 60053 7 Paperback 16 99,The Cambridge Companion to Montaigne. Edited by Ullrich Langer University of Wisconsin Madison. May 2005 266pp,978 0 521 81953 4 0 521 81953 9 Hardback 45 00.
978 0 521 52556 5 0 521 52556 X Paperback 15 99,The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy. Edited by Peter Adamson King s College London, and Richard C Taylor Marquette University Wisconsin. December 2004 466pp,978 0 521 81743 1 0 521 81743 9 Hardback 47 50. 978 0 521 52069 0 0 521 52069 X Paperback 19 99,The Cambridge Companion to Anselm. Edited by Brian Davies Fordham University New York. and Brian Leftow University of Oxford,December 2004 338pp.
978 0 521 80746 3 0 521 80746 8 Hardback 45 00,978 0 521 00205 9 0 521 00205 2 Paperback 18 99. www cambridge org companions,Cambridge Companions to religion 9. Cambridge Companions to Religion,The Cambridge Companion to the Qur an. Edited by Jane Dammen McAuliffe Georgetown University Washington DC. As the living scriptural heritage of more than a billion people the Qur an Koran. speaks with a powerful voice Islam has produced a long tradition of interpretation. for its holy book nevertheless efforts to introduce the Qur an to English speaking. audiences have been hampered by a lack of resources The Cambridge Companion. to the Qur an seeks to remedy that situation Jane McAuliffe brings together an. international team of scholars to explain its complexities and provides an accessible. entr e to a text that has shaped the lives of millions for centuries. Introduction Part I Formation of the Qur an Text 1 The historical context Fred M Donner 2 Creation of a. fixed text Claude Gilliot 3 Alternative accounts of the Qur an s formation Harald Motzki Part II Description and. Analysis 4 Themes and topics Daniel A Madigan 5 Structural linguistic and literary features Angelika Neuwirth 6. Recitation and aesthetic reception William A Graham and Navid Kermani Part III Transmission and Dissemination. 7 From palm leaves to the Internet Fred Leemhuis 8 Inscriptions in art and architecture Sheila Blair and Jonathan. Bloom Part IV Interpretations and Intellectual Traditions 9 The tasks and traditions of interpretation Jane Dammen. Mcauliffe 10 Multiple areas of influence Alexander Knysh 11 Western scholarship and the Qur an Andrew Rippin. Part V Contemporary Readings 12 Women s readings of the Qur an Asma Barlas 13 Political interpretation of the. Qur an Stefan Wild 14 The Qur an and other religions Abdulaziz Sachedina. November 2006 320pp,978 0 521 83160 4 0 521 83160 1 Hardback c 40 00. 978 0 521 53934 0 0 521 53934 X Paperback c 15 99,The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels.
Edited by Stephen C Barton University of Durham, This book on the gospels is an introduction with a difference Whereas the standard. approach focuses only on historical questions authorship date historical setting. and literary genre this book also considers the gospels as texts of Christian scripture. which have inspired the faith and worship of the church down the ages right up. to the present The interdisciplinary and international team of contributors include. theologians and ethicists as well as New Testament scholars They look not only at. what the texts say but also at how they speak from the past to the present. contents Introduction Stephen C Barton Part I Approaching the Gospels Context and Method 1 What is a. gospel Loveday Alexander 2 The fourfold gospel Francis Watson 3 The canonical matrix of the gospels Richard B. Hays 4 The gospels and the historical Jesus Stephen E Fowl 5 The gospels and the reader Sandra M Schneiders. Part II The Gospels as Witnesses to Christ Content and Interpretation 6 The Gospel according to Matthew Stephen. C Barton 7 The Gospel according to Mark Joel B Green 8 The Gospel according to Luke John T Squires 9 The. Gospel according to John Marianne Meye Thompson Part III The Afterlife of the Gospels Impact on Church and. Society 10 The gospels and the development of doctrine Frances Young 11 The gospels embodied the lives of. saints and martyrs David Matzko McCarthy 12 Praying the gospels spirituality and worship Gordon Mursell 13. Living the gospels morality and politics Scott Bader Saye. November 2006 312pp,978 0 521 80766 1 0 521 80766 2 Hardback c 40 00. 978 0 521 00261 5 0 521 00261 3 Paperback c 15 99,www cambridge org companions. The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards,Stephen J Stein Indiana University Bloomington. Long recognized as America s theologian Jonathan Edwards 1703 1758 is seen as. instrumental in the Great Awakening of the 1740s that gripped much of New England. and laid the groundwork for an American Protestant religious identity This Cambridge. Companion offers a general comprehensive and unbiased introduction to Jonathan. Edwards and examines his life and works from various disciplinary perspectives. including history literature theology religious studies and philosophy The. Companion will be an invaluable aid to teachers and scholars and will be imminently. accessible to those just encountering Edwards for the first time. contents 1 Introduction Stephen J Stein Part I Life and Context 2 Biography George M Marsden 3 Personal. writings Kenneth P Minkema 4 New England background David D Hall 5 Transatlantic Enlightenment Avihu Zakai. Part II Roles and Achievements 6 Preacher Wilson H Kimnach 7 Revivalist Harry S Stout 8 Theologian E Brooks. Holifield 9 Philosopher Stephen H Daniel 10 Exegete Stephen J Stein 11 Missionary Rachel M Wheeler Part III. Legacy and Reputation 12 American culture Joseph A Conforti 13 American literature Philip F Gura 14 Gender. and social issues Ava Chamberlain 15 Evangelical tradition Douglas A Sweeney 16 Religious scholarship Stephen. Crocco 17 Abroad David Bebbington,January 2007 388pp.
978 0 521 85290 6 0 521 85290 0 Hardback c 45 00,978 0 521 61805 2 0 521 61805 3 Paperback c 15 99. The Cambridge Companion to Evangelical Theology, Edited by Timothy Larsen and Daniel J Treier Wheaton College Illinois. Evangelicalism a vibrant and growing expression of historic Christian orthodoxy. is one of the largest and most geographically diverse global religious movements. In addition to original and creative essays on central Christian doctrines such as. Christ the Trinity and Justification this Companion breaks new ground by offering. evangelical reflections on issues such as gender race culture and world religions. The volume also moves beyond the confines of Anglo American perspectives to. offer separate essays exploring evangelical theology in African Asian and Latin. American contexts, Contents 1 Defining and locating Evangelicalism Timothy Larsen Part 1 Evangelicals and Christian Doctrine. 2 The triune God of the Gospel Kevin J Vanhoozer 3 Scripture and hermeneutics Daniel J Treier 4 Jesus Christ John. Webster 5 The human person in the Christian story Cherith Fee Nordling 6 Justification and atonement D Stephen. Long 7 The Holy Spirit Terry L Cross 8 Conversion and sanctification Mi Yon Chung 9 The Church in Evangelical. theology and practice Leanne Van Dyk Part 2 The Contexts of Evangelical Theology 10 Evangelical theology and. culture William A Dyrness 11 Evangelical theology and gender Elaine Storkey 12 Race and the experience of death. theologically reappraising American Evangelicalism J Kameron Carter 13 Evangelical theology and the religions Veli. Matti K rkk inen 14 Evangelical theology in African contexts Tite Ti nou 15 Evangelical theology in Asian contexts. Simon Chan 16 British and European Evangelical theologies Stephen R Holmes 17 Evangelical theology in Latin. Amerian contexts C Ren Padilla 18 Evangelical theology in North American contexts Timothy George. March 2007 314pp,978 0 521 84698 1 0 521 84698 6 Hardback c 40 00. 978 0 521 60974 6 0 521 60974 7 Paperback c 15 99,www cambridge org companions.
classics companions 11,Also Available,The Cambridge Companion to American Judaism. Edited by Dana Evan Kaplan University of Miami,November 2005 362pp. 978 0 521 82204 6 0 521 82204 1 Hardback 40 00,978 0 521 52951 8 0 521 52951 4 Paperback 15 99. The Cambridge Companion to Friedrich,Schleiermacher. Edited by Jacqueline Mari a Purdue University Indiana. November 2005 362pp,978 0 521 81448 5 0 521 81448 0 Hardback 40 00.
978 0 521 89137 0 0 521 89137 X Paperback 16 99,The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner. Edited by Declan Marmion Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology Dublin. and Mary E Hines Emmanuel College Boston,June 2005 334pp. 978 0 521 83288 5 0 521 83288 8 Hardback 40 00,978 0 521 54045 2 0 521 54045 3 Paperback 16 99. www cambridge org companions,Classics Companions,The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Constantine. Edited by Noel Lenski University of Colorado Boulder. The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Constantine offers students a one. volume survey of this pivotal emperor and his times Richly illustrated and designed. as a readable survey accessible to all audiences it achieves a level of scholarly. sophistication and a freshness of interpretation that will be welcomed by the experts. The volume is divided into five sections that examine political history religion social. and economic history art and foreign relations during the reign of Constantine who. steered the Roman Empire on a course parallel with his own personal development. contents Introduction 1 Sources for the history of Constantine Bruno Bleckmann Part I Politics and Personalities. 2 Before Constantine Simon Corcoran 3 The reign of Constantine Noel Lenski 4 The dynasty of Constantine down. to 363 Robert M Frakes Part II Religion and Spiritual Life 5 The impact of Constantine on Christianity Harold A. Drake 6 The beginnings of Christianization Mark Edwards 7 Traditional religion A D Lee Part III Law and Society. 8 Bureaucracy and government Christopher Kelly 9 Civil law and social life Caroline Humfress 10 Economy and. society George Depeyrot Part IV Art and Culture 11 Perspective in art Jas Elsner 12 Architecture of Empire Mark. J Johnson 13 Constantine in legendary literature Samuel N C Lieu Part V Empire and Beyond 14 Welfare and. the military Hugh Elton 15 Constantine and the Northern barbarians Michael Kulikowski 16 Constantine and the. peoples of the Eastern Frontier Elizabeth Fowden,Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World.
January 2006 228 x 152 mm 488pp,978 0 521 81838 4 0 521 81838 9 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 52157 4 0 521 52157 2 Paperback 17 99,The Cambridge Companion to the Hellenistic World. Edited by Glenn R Bugh Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. This Companion volume offers fifteen original essays from internationally renowned. contributors on the Hellenistic world and is intended to complement and supplement. general histories of the period from Alexander the Great to Kleopatra VII of Egypt Each. chapter treats a different aspect of the Hellenistic world religion philosophy family. economy material culture and military campaigns among other topics Collectively the. essays provide an in depth view of a complex world The volume also provides the most. recent bibliography on the topics along with recommendations for further reading. Contents Introduction Glenn R Bugh 1 Alexander the Great and the creation of the Hellenistic age A B. Bosworth 2 The Hellenistic Kingdoms Winthrop Lindsay Adams 3 The Polis and Federalism Graham Shipley with. Mogens H Hansen 4 Hellenistic economies John K Davies 5 The Hellenistic family Dorothy J Thompson 6 History. and rhetoric Graham J Oliver 7 Material culture Susan I Roftroff 8 Hellenistic art two dozen innovations Andrew. Stewart 9 Language and literature Nita Krevans and Alexander Sens 10 Greek religion continuity and change. in the Hellenistic Period Jon D Mikalson 11 Philosophy for life Robert W Sharples 12 Science medicine and. technology Paul T Keyser and Georgia Irby Massie 13 Hellenistic military developments Glenn R Bugh 14 Greeks. and non Greeks Erich S Gruen 15 Recent trends and new directions Graham Shipley. Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World,June 2006 402pp. 978 0 521 82879 6 0 521 82879 1 Hardback 45 00,978 0 521 53570 0 0 521 53570 0 Paperback 17 99. www cambridge org companions,classics companions 13.
The Cambridge Companion to Herodotus,Edited by Carolyn Dewald Bard College New York. and John Marincola Florida State University, This Companion provides an up to date and accessible series of chapters examining. the main aspects of the life and work of Herodotus Employing the newest research and. methodologies it incorporates and expands the rich scholarship on Herodotus of the last. thirty years A distinguished international team of scholars provides an introduction to his. life and work as well as discussion of his intellectual background his working methods. and narrative techniques, Contents Introduction Carolyn Dewald and John Marincola 1 Herodotus and the poetry of the past John. Marincola 2 Herodotus and his prose predecessors Robert Fowler 3 Herodotus and tragedy Jasper Griffin 4 The. intellectual milieu of Herodotus Rosalind Thomas 5 Meta histori method and genre in the Histories Nino Luraghi. 6 The syntax of histori how Herodotus writes Egbert Bakker 7 Speech and narrative in the Histories Christopher. Pelling 8 Herodotus Sophocles and the woman who wanted her brother saved Carolyn Dewald and Rachel. Kitzinger 9 Stories and story telling in the Histories Alan Griffiths 10 Humour and danger in Herodotus Carolyn. Dewald 11 Location and dislocation in Herodotus Rachel Friedman 12 Herodotus and the natural world James. Romm 13 Herodotus and Greek religion Scott Scullion 14 Warfare in Herodotus Lawrence Tritle 15 Herodotus. political history and political thought Sara Forsdyke 16 Herodotus and the cities of mainland Greece Philip Stadter. 17 Herodotus and Italy Rosaria Munson 18 Herodotus and Persia Michael Flower 19 Herodotus and foreign lands. Tim Rood 20 Herodotus influence in antiquity Simon Hornblower Glossary Timeline. Cambridge Companions to Literature,June 2006 397pp. 978 0 521 83001 0 0 521 83001 X Hardback 45 00,978 0 521 53683 7 0 521 53683 9 Paperback 17 99.
The Cambridge Companion to Horace,Edited by Stephen Harrison University of Oxford. Horace is a central author in Latin literature whose work spans a wide range of genres. from iambus to satire and odes to literary epistle and he is just as much at home writing. about love and wine as he is about philosophy and literary criticism He also became. a key literary figure in the regime of the Emperor Augustus In this volume a superb. international cast of contributors present a fresh assessment of the poet his work its. themes and its reception, Contents Introduction Stephen Harrison Part I Orientations 1 Horace life and chronology Robin Nisbet 2. Horatian self representations Stephen Harrison 3 Horace and archaic Greek poetry Gregory Hutchinson 4 Horace. and Hellenistic poetry Richard Thomas 5 Horace and Roman literary history Richard Tarrant 6 Horace and Augustus. Mich le Lowrie Part II Poetic Genres 7 The Epodes Horace s Archilochus Lindsay Watson 8 The Satires Frances. Muecke 9 The Epistles Rolando Ferri 10 The Ars Poetica Andrew Laird 11 Carmina Odes and Carmen Saeculare. Alessandro Barchiesi Part III Poetic Themes 12 Philosophy and ethics John Moles 13 Gods and religion Jasper. Griffin 14 Friendship patronage and Horatian sociopoetics Peter White 15 Wine and the symposium Gregson. Davis 16 Erotics and gender Ellen Oliensis 17 Town and country Stephen Harrison 18 Poetics and literary criticism. Richard Rutherford 19 Style and poetic texture Stephen Harrison Part IV Receptions 20 Ancient receptions of. Horace Richard Tarrant 21 The reception of Horace in the Middle Ages Karsten Friis Jensen 22 The reception of. Horace in the Renaissance Michael McGann 23 The reception of Horace in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. David Money 24 The reception of Horace in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Stephen Harrison Dateline for. works and major political events,Cambridge Companions to Literature. February 2007 320pp,978 0 521 83002 7 0 521 83002 8 Hardback c 45 00. 978 0 521 53684 4 0 521 53684 7 Paperback c 19 99,www cambridge org companions.
Also Available,The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus. Edited by Karl Galinsky University of Texas Austin. Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World,December 2005 432pp. 978 0 521 80796 8 0 521 80796 4 Hardback 45 00,978 0 521 00393 3 0 521 00393 8 Paperback 17 99. The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law, Edited by Michael Gagarin University of Texas Austin. and David Cohen University of California Berkeley,Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World.
November 2005 494pp,978 0 521 81840 7 0 521 81840 0 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 52159 8 0 521 52159 9 Paperback 18 99,The Cambridge Companion to Roman Satire. Edited by Kirk Freudenburg University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Cambridge Companions to Literature,May 2005 372pp,978 0 521 80359 5 0 521 80359 4 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 00627 9 0 521 00627 9 Paperback 18 99,The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Justinian. Edited by Michael Maas Rice University Houston,Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World.
June 2005 672pp,978 0 521 81746 2 0 521 81746 3 Hardback 45 00. 978 0 521 52071 3 0 521 52071 1 Paperback 19 99,www cambridge org companions. Forthcoming companions for later 2007 08 15,Forthcoming Companions. Philosophy,Socrates Jung second edition,Spinoza s Ethics Logical Empiricism. Philosophy of Biology Modern Jewish Philosophy,Hegel second edition Plato s Republic.
Hobbes s Leviathan Popper,Hume second edition,The Bible second edition Law and Christianity. The Hebrew Bible Liberation Theology,The Jesuits second edition. Evangelical Theology Paul Tillich,The Virgin Mary Philo. Islamic Theology Puritanism,The Greek and Roman novel. The Roman Historians,Greek Mythology,Greek Lyric,www cambridge org companions.

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piles in transferring the total load to the supporting soil, is widely used in many countries as an economical solution for the foundations of high rise buildings. Many cases of successful application of this concept are reported in the literature (e.g. Poulos [1], Yamashita et al. [2], Khoury et al. [3], El-Mossallamy et al. [4], and Katzenbach and Shmitt [5]). Randolph [6] classi?ed the ...

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Investment and inclusive growth in the OECD org OECD

... with speakers from the region plus OECD and other international and regional ... of globalisation. The OECD ... OECD provides a setting where governments can ...

The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of a Slave

The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of a Slave

By William Lynch Gentlemen, I greet you here on the banks of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in

The Role of Visual Imagery in Social Cognition ... - People

The Role of Visual Imagery in Social Cognition People

People can experience mental imagery in all sensory modalities. In this chapter we focus on mental imagery in the visual modality, the most common modality in which people report experiencing mental imagery in their everyday lives (Kosslyn, Seger, Pani, & Hillger, 1990). Psychologists? views on the role of imagery in cognition have varied widely over the years, ranging from positions like ...

African Americans in the United States Economy: A Legacy ...

African Americans in the United States Economy A Legacy

way to go, scholars such as James B. Stewart, Major Coleman, William Darity Jr, John Whitehead, Peter Bohmer, and Jessica Gordon Nembhard have all helped pave the way for African American economic and labor market justice in the United States. In the quest to examine African American economic inequality and labor market unfairness, this paper will

A Level Step-by-Step Revision Guide Beechen Cliff School

A Level Step by Step Revision Guide Beechen Cliff School

2 A Level Step-by-Step Revision Guide Times are changing. Until this year, all AS Level examinations were taken in January (Unit 1) and July (Unit 2). Now Year 12 students must take both Unit 1 and Unit 2 exams in the summer. The same is true for A2 examinations. Year 13 students must now take Unit 3 and Unit 4 examinations in the summer.