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PHIL 209C Heated Debates Philosophy and Climate Change
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Additional required reading material is posted on Canvas for each module. Course overview, At the same time that the scientific evidence for human induced climate change continues. to increase there continues to be vocal skepticism at least among some groups of people. concerning the sources and even the reality of climate change We will use different. philosophical views on the scientific method and on reasoning under uncertainty to. examine and analyze some of the sources of this skepticism We will learn how we as non. experts can try decide what does and what does not count as a legitimate contribution to a. scientific debate To address these questions we will try to understand various steps in the. creation of scientific knowledge and will aim to develop tools that can help up us to. navigate the often confusing multitude of claims and counterclaims concerning the status. of the science of climate change made in the press in the blogosphere and by politicians. We will also look closely at the interplay of science and public policy and at the role of. values in science Finally we will examine ethical problems raised by climate change. including the following what are our responsibilities toward future generations and how. do we take these into account Who has a right to what emission levels How do we. negotiate between collective and individual self interests. The aims of this course are the following, To provide you with an understanding of the basics of climate science. To use the history of climate science as a case study to introduce you to some of the. ways in which philosophers think about scientific theories. To enable you to use both the scientific and the methodological lessons we learn to. evaluate the arguments of climate change deniers critically. To analyze and understand some of the ethical challenges created by a problem with. global reach such as climate change,Module 1 Introduction. Topic An introduction to the climate problem, Objectives Understanding some of the basic concepts concerning climate change. Readings Dessler ch 1 An introduction to the climate problem. Module 2 Climate Science,Topic The basics of climate science.
Objectives Begin to understand the most basic mechanisms of climate change. Examine the history of climate science with an eye on general features. of scientific theorizing,Analyze some of the claims of climate skeptics. Readings Dessler chs 2 5 recommended background reading ch 13. We will focus mainly on Dessler in class but begin reading Weart for. the discussion in subsequent weeks, Module 3 The Carbon Cycle and our Carbon Footprint. Topic Continuation of our discussion of climate science. How to estimate and calculate your carbon footprint. Objectives To understand human impact on the climate system both on a. global and on a personal scale, Module 4 A brief introduction to the philosophy of science using the history of. climate science as case study, Topic Philosophical views on scientific theorizing. Objectives Examine how our scientific understanding of the climate system. evolved historically, Use the development of climate science as case study to understand.
basic aspects of the scientific method, A first look at how the philosophy of science might help understand. the challenge presented by global warming skeptics and deniers. Readings Karl Popper Conjectures and Refutations,Philip Kitcher Believing Where We Cannot Prove. Weart chs 4 6, Short opinion pieces by climate skeptics and denialists including. Sadar and Cammarata Unforeseen Climate Crisis, http www washingtontimes com news 2009 nov 20 unforeseen. climate crisis,George Will on the summer temperatures.
https www youtube com watch v MzeLPFGPuqI, Senator James Inhofe R OK the lead Republican on the. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, http www youtube com watch feature player embedded v EKd6. Sen Rick Santorum http www nationaljournal com 2012. presidential campaign santorum global warming not scientifically. proven 20120219, Sen Ron Johnson http www desmogblog com wisconsin gop. senate candidate ron johnson says climate change unproven. Module 4 Climate science models and sources of uncertainty. Topic Uncertainty in science and in particular in climate modeling. Objectives Understand sources of uncertainty science in general and in climate. modeling in particular,Readings Dessler chs 6 7,Bradley Scientific Uncertainty A user s guide. Maslin and Austin Uncertainty Climate Models at their Limit. Additional reading Knutti et al A Review of Uncertainties in Global Temperature. Projections over the Twenty First Century,Module 5 Uncertainty and climate change skeptics.
Topic Appeals to uncertainty as skeptical strategy. Objectives Analyze and evaluate strategies and arguments of climate change. skeptics and the role of uncertainty in climate predictions. Readings Naomi Oreskes and Eric Conway Merchants of Doubt. Introduction Chapters 5 6 Conclusion Epilogue,Douglas Bullshit in Science Policy. Dyson The Science and Politics of Climate,Module 6 Climate Ethics. Topic Ethical problems raised by climate change, Objectives Analyze different arguments concerning who has a responsibility to. act and why, Analyze the problem of climate change as an issue of global justice. Critically examine the role of individual responsibility. Readings Gardiner Ethics and Global Climate Change. Singer One Atmosphere,Shue Exit Strategies,The case of the Easter Islands.
Module 8 Ethics and individual responsibility, Topic How to get from scientific predictions to policy recommendations. Objectives Critically examine various strategies such as cost benefit analysis for. arriving at climate policies based on the predictions of climate models. Readings Broome The Ethics of Climate Change,Broome Climate Matters ch 4 5. Michael Pollan, Revised Personal Carbon Footprint Calculation and Discussion. Module 9 Ethics economics and public policy,Readings Dessler chs 8 12 14. Broome ch 6 8, Recommended Lempert Robust Strategies for abating climate change.
Assessment, 1 Ten 10 out of fourteen short online quizzes The first group of quizzes will test. your understanding of the basics of climate science later quizzes will be reading. comprehension quizzes or ask you to write a short paragraph about the week s. reading Quizzes will be due Mondays before class The quizzes have to be. submitted online in response to an assignment or quiz prompt The aim of these. quizzes is to help you to come to class prepared with the week s reading done in. advance and to help you to become active learners Active learning is important. in every discipline but in philosophy it is perhaps even more important than in. some others The only way to learn philosophy is through doing through. actively thinking through the issues we will examine and argue with the texts. with each other When you are asked to write a paragraph on the week s. readings you should summarize what you take to be an especially important. point of the readings ask a thoughtful question about a part that you found. particularly puzzling explaining why and what you found puzzling or perhaps. briefly point to interesting connections you see between the week s reading and. others texts we have examined You can get a maximum of 100 points on the 10. best contributions of yours That is you only need to do 10 out of perhaps 14. assignments in the semester Since there will be many opportunities to make up. missed weeks we will not accept late contributions for any reasons 10. 2 Participation in the face to face discussion sections and on the facebook group. 10 I have set up a facebook group for our course In order to join you have to. join groups in Maryland at,https www facebook com groups groupsatmaryland. You can then request to join our group Heated Debates PHIL209C Spring 2014. https www facebook com groups phil209C spring2014, The aim of the facebook group is to provide a forum where we can all post and. discuss interesting current posts articles or discussions of climate change You. might post a reference to a new scientific finding a policy discussion a skeptical. argument etc For maximum credit you should not merely post but also engage. and discuss posts of others, 3 Calculate and discuss your personal carbon footprint What is your carbon. footprint for a week What is it for a year How does that compare to other. Americans To people in India In a less developed country How could you. reduce your footprint Calculation and discussion to be submitted online 15. 4 A five to seven page paper on an issue in the philosophy of science Due March. 3 12 p m 15, 5 A five to seven page paper on the ethics of climate change Due May 12 12 p m.

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